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"Why are you back?" Buffy demanded.

"I said I'd come back. I just needed to think."

"Just go away."

Oz looked at her in surprise. "Why?"

"We've moved on. Willow has moved on. She's happy. Just go. It's been
six months."

"I missed her" he said softly. He saw Buffy shake her head.

"Too late" she said. She smiled at someone behind him. He turned and saw
Willow. She was more beautiful than she had been. Her eyes were shining
with happiness.

(What did you expect Oz. You've been gone a long time.)

His welcoming smile died on his lips when he saw the man behind her, his
arm possessively around her shoulders.

Oz sat at the bar watching Willow and Spike. Spike. How could she have
given up on him for that blood sucker. He couldn't believe it. He still
loved her. She was friendly to him, but it was as if there had never
been anything between them.

He heard her soft laughter and saw her put her head against Spike's
shoulder. The demon ran his hand over her face and kissed her softly.
When did Spike join the group? He couldn't believe Buffy and the others
had accepted that relationship. She was with a god damn demon for pete
sake. He watched them as they talked. Spike's hands always touching
her...showing her how loved she was.

She actually told me that she still wanted to be friends. Friends. After
all that I meant to her, she wants to be friends. What does he have that
I don't? Besides that fact that he didn't fuck around on her. He also
didn't leave her alone. I still love her.

She loves him. I have to accept that. I had a chance and lost it. He was
waiting to scoop her up. He does love her. I saw that tonight. He was
upset when she disappeared. I am very glad that I wasn't the vampire
stupid enough to attack her. He ripped him apart. I could see how deeply
they are devoted to each other. I fucked up. She moved on. I guess it's
time for me to do the same. She belongs with Spike now. He'll take care
of her. Lucky bastard.

***************THE END*****************