Oh Baby

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Spike looked around the living room of the mansion and had to smile. Who would have imagined he'd one day be giving his home as a slayer and her watcher's headquarters? Of course, it also belonged to Angel and Willow, so he could always place the blame on them.

Thinking of his lovers, his smile softened. His blue eyes found Angel who was arguing with Xander over some point or another. He scanned the room taking in Anya the demon girl of Xanders, Cordelia who had come back to Sunnydale a month before, the slayer and her little soldier boy and the watcher. Willow wasn't home yet.

He and his lovers had been together for three months. Three of the happiest months of his unlife. Their family was tight, extending to the other humans in the room. But, the times that Spike liked the most, were the nights after everyone had gone home and it was just the three of them. He lived for those nights.

His eyes met Angel's and they shared a private smile. Angel glanced around, looking curiously at Spike. "Where's Willow?" he mouthed.

Spike shrugged, "She just said she'd be back in about an hour. It's been almost three."

"OK. What are you guys mouthing back and forth?" Buffy demanded.

"Nothing that concerns you, slayer" Spike said.

Buffy stuck her tongue out at him. "Very mature Buffy" Angel said, laughter in his voice.

"Mature schmature. Hey, where's Willow?" she asked suddenly.

"That's what we were wondering." Spike said.

He heard the door open and smiled. "Guess that answers the questions."

Angel saw the redhead and immediately was on his feet. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Willow sat down, her face pale. She looked at first Spike then at Angel. Her eyes were wide and troubled. "I just back from the doctor...."

Spike nodded, "Right. That flu bug you've had....."

She shook her head, "It isn't a flu bug. I can't believe it. He had to be wrong...there's no way....."

Angel closed his eyes briefly, "What is it?"

She looked at the others then back at them. Laughing almost hysterically, she said, "I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant?" Angel repeated the word as he sat on the sofa, his knees weak.

"How?" was all Spike could manage.

"Willow! You've been with someone else?" Buffy asked.

"No! Good god No!" Willow said shaking her head.

"Bloody hell. Keep the accusations to yourself. We'd have known, slayer. Smell and all. It's just been us with her......" Spike trailed off.

"Holy shit" Xander said, as shocked as the others.

"I haven't read any new prophecies....Good grief.....this is..." Giles sputtered.

"Absurd." Buffy said. "He had to be wrong. Must be some quack."

"He took the test twice. Both times it was positive. The symptoms fit. I just never thought..... "Willow looked at her lovers, fear in her eyes.

Spike moved to her, his arms hugging her tight. "It's all right. We will figure this out. Don't worry..."

Angel went to her other side, taking her hand, "Spike's right, baby. There isn't a lot we can do right now. We aren't mad, though."

Anya cleared her throat, capturing their attention, "It has happened before. A mortal getting pregnant by a vampire. Especially in cases of consorts that are around for more than a few weeks. Most vampires don't take a human and fuck her every night for what? Three months now? Over that amount of time....I've seen it at less."

"I haven't heard of any of those." Giles said sharply.

Anya rolled her eyes, "More common in my early years. You know, NINE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! Damn, what is it with you people and always doubting what I say? I've seen it. It will go as any normal pregnancy. Most of the babies I know of were fine when they were born. A bit stronger than most....heightened senses. A lot of half breeds went on to become excellent vampire hunters or master vampires. Best of both worlds, you might say."

"You said most" Spike said softly.

Anya grimaced, "This was a long time ago. The ones that weren't ok were products of the times. Diseased etc. Not because of their parentage."

"I'll look into it....make sure" Giles said, cowering slightly when the ex-demon glared at him.

Anya smiled brightly as she looked at back at the shaken threesome. She couldn't resist it. She had to ask, "So, which one of you is the lucky daddy?"

"Father?" Willow repeated Anya, her voice confused.

"That doesn't matter" Angel said, truth in his eyes.

Spike nodded, "We'll both be the fathers. Are you ok, luv? Need anything?"

Willow rolled her eyes, "Spike! I'm not an invalid. Good grief. There is a chance he could be wrong."

"Denial. Such a human emotion" Anya said.

"I do think I'd like a nap" Willow said, glaring at the ex-demon.

"You heard her. Everyone, out" Angel said, his hands rubbing her neck. He could feel the tension radiating from her.

"I'll call you" Buffy said, her eyes concerned. She exchanged a look with Giles and both knew that they would be researching for the remainder of the evening.

"A mother. You. Amazing." Xander said, kissing her cheek, "You'll make a great mother, Wills."

Willow smiled, "Thank you."

"If you need to talk, call me" Anya said, her eyes sincere. Willow nodded and smiled.

After Spike locked the front door, he came back to the living room. "So, we're going to be parents. Why does that strike more fear in me than any demon I've ever faced?"

Willow laughed softly as he sat down, a stupefied look on his handsome face.

"A father. Me. This is too unreal" Angel said, shaking his head slightly.

"You're telling me!" Spike agreed. "I hope he gets my eyes."

"What if it's a she?" Willow said, a smile crossing her lips for the first time in hours. She put her hand on her stomach. She was pregnant with one of their's child. She was going to have a baby...


"Damn it" Willow said, getting to her feet. She moved to the sink, washing her mouth out. She brushed her teeth, fighting another wave of nausea.

She was definitely pregnant. The doctor had confirmed that. So far, all signs pointed to a healthy baby. But, it was still early. She had checked her journal and been in denial. She had had her period the month before. The doctor explained that that sometimes happened. The results were definite.

She hated it. She wasn't very far along and already she couldn't make it through a day without throwing up. She had the munchies constantly. What really worried her was that Anya told her that her pregnancy would be different than a normal one. Her symptoms would be on their own schedule. So, she was already feeling fat. She could see Spike and Angel watching her, love in their eyes.

Yeah, right. See if they still loved her when she was big as a house. They wouldn't be able to sleep together anymore. She would lose them to each other. Damn vampires. All their faults. Them and their constant horniness and too accurate dead sperm. She still didn't get how dead sperm could make a baby but on the hellmouth who knew.

"Here you go luv" Spike said, bringing her a cold glass of orange juice. He saw her eyes brighten at the sight of him. Smiling, he watched her drink. She was so beautiful. The knowledge that she was carrying his child was almost too much.

"Do we have anymore Chips Ahoy?" Willow asked, gulping the juice down. She felt her stomach settle and smiled brightly.

"Angel is getting some more. You ate the last bag this morning."

"Oh" Willow said, her face falling. "I"m a pig."

"You're eating for two, pet." Spike pointed out. He hated this part of it. She was weepy all the time. One little thing would set her off. He hadn't thought this phase came till later in the pregnancy. Trust Willow do things her way.

"I'm fat. You don't love me anymore do you?" Willow asked, her lower lip


"Luv, you aren't fat. You have barely gained any weight. Besides, I"d love you if you were the size of Moby Dick."

"I'm a whale?" Willow said, tears in her eyes.

Spike sighed, wondering where Angel had run to. He couldn't deal well with hysterics. "No, pet. You are my Willow."

"You said I was a whale...you don't want me anymore..."

Spike sighed, reaching for her. His mouth caught hers, his tongue sweeping inside her mouth. She whimpered and moved closer. He moved them to the bed and began to prove her statement wrong by showing her how much he did want her.


Willow looked at her watch then around the club. She wondered where they were. Trust them to be late. She hated this place yet in a way she was rather fond of it too. It was the place where she had first confessed her love for Spike and Angel to Buffy. It was also the place where she had become so intoxicated she confessed those feelings to Spike and Angel upon returning home.

"Well. Well. If this isn't a familar sight."

Willow glanced up, her eyes widening in recognition. It was the jerk from that other night. The one who not believed she would have one man much less two. She glared at him as he took a seat. "Go away."

He laughed, "What? Are your two men going to beat me up?"

"Actually, I am leaning more towards castration myself" a cocky voice said.

The man looked over, the smile leaving his face.

"Is this jerk bothering you, Willow?" Angel asked, kissing her deeply.

"He was going away" she said, smiling as she leaned into Spike.

"Yeah...just leaving." The man stood and stumbled away. He couldn't believe she had been telling the truth.

"My heros" Willow said, smiling. Suddenly, she frowned, "You're late."

"A few minutes, pet. Took longer to eat than we thought." Spike said, sitting down.

"Forgive us?" Angel asked, giving her puppy dog eyes.

She had to laugh, "Just don't let it happen again. I can't predict how I'll react when my hormones are all screwy as the pregnancy continues."

"Uh oh...screwy hormones. Why does that not sound good?" Spike asked, taking a sip of her water.

"Shut up, Blondie." Willow said, hitting his chest.

"Don't upset Willow" Angel scolded playfully. "She might sit on you."

"Why you!" Willow smacked him then looked down at her still thin form. "I am not fat."

"Didn't say where you would be sitting, did he luv?" Spike said, wriggling his eyebrows and causing her to blush.

"There will be none of that if you two continue pestering me" she warned.

"Oh" Angel said, "No pestering then. Nope. None at all."

"Let's dance" Willow said, rolling her eyes as they smiled.



"Oh, how about Lizzerio?"

Willow glared at them both.

"Atticus? That's a cool manly name" Spike said, winking at Angel.

Angel scoffed, "I'm not naming my son Atticus. Should have expected something like that from someone names Spike."

"As if Angelus is any better." Spike grumbled. "Sides, my name is William."

"I know...I know...if it's a girl, we can call her Mabel." Spike said.

"I like Anastasia myself" Angel said, purring the name.

"Prudence? Chastity? Ethel?' Spike spouted the names rapidly.

Willow closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

"Elinor, Susanna, Miriam, Margaret." Angel added.

"ENOUGH!" Willow finally yelled. The two had been spouting names for the last half hour non stop. She was going insane.

"Did we say something wrong?" Spike asked, his eyes hurt.

"We're trying to help think of a name" Angel said defensively.

"I know....just not now. We don't have to know right now." Willow said, sighing. She was tired.

"We're just trying to think of the best name for our child" Spike said, moving to the couch beside her. He began to rub her back, smiling when she moaned.

"I'm sorry...it's just, some of those names are horrid." Willow said, smiling as Angel began to rub her feet.

"We were trying to make you laugh" Angel said.

"You succeeded." Willow said dryly.

"Well, luv. What do you like?"

"I don't know....I'd always planned to name my son Colton and my daughter Alexandra. Colt and Andi. But, now that it is actually a time to choose, I don't know."

"After that moron?" Spike asked, trying not to sound jealous.

Willow shook her head, "Not really, I just like that name."

"Colton or Andi? I like it. Not as good as Thackery or Percival, but they'll do." Angel said, smiling.

"We can still think about it" Willow said. "Not like we have to know tomorrow. Colton William sounds good...."

Spike beamed, "I actually like that one. Now, we may have to negotiate about that girl's name... don't fancy naming my daughter after that moron...."

"It could be worse" Angel said, winking at Willow.

"How?" Spike asked, moving his hand down to cup Willow's tender breast.

"She could insist on Buffy." Angel said deadpan.

He chuckled as Spike threw a pillow at him. He leaned forward and caught Willow's lips as Spike began to kiss her neck.


"It won't fit."

"Turn it around."

Silence. "Bloody hell. I told you, it won't go in!"

"Spike, try it this way."

"You think you can do better? You have at it."

"Fine. Damn stubborn moron."

"Not so easy huh?"

"Shut up. Give me some of that liquid soap. I think if I get it wet, it will slide in."

"Here you go Peaches. It won't fit. It's too big."

"Damn it! I can make it fit."

"Heard that one before."

"Spike...don't go there."

"Where? I'm merely stating that that phrase is familiar."

"Go play in traffic."

"Frustrated huh? I told you it wouldn't fit."

"Would you guys shut up? I can hear you all the way in the kitchen. What are you doing?"

"Trying to get that stupid thing in there."

"Angel, lover. Look at the drawing. That piece goes on the other side."

Angel looked at the instruction sheet then back at Spike, "You didn't read the instructions?"

Spike shrugged, "How hard can putting a crib together be?"

"You miserable...."

"Angel! Leave him alone. You know he isn't patient enough to take that much time out." Willow said softly.

"Always defending him. Fine. He's the perfect one. I know when I'm not wanted."

"Oh no...you aren't pulling that one mister poof man. You and that self pity. Always have to be number one don't you? First with Dru and now with Red. It eats away at you that she loves me more doesn't it?"

"Shut up! Both of you!" Willow cried out. She held her head, the throb growing. They both rushed to her side.

"You ok pet?" Spike asked, forgetting his argument with Angel.

"Come on Willow. Let's get you in bed." Angel scooped her into his arms, realizing that she was getting heavier. His eyes looked at her rounded tummy and he felt pride. She was carrying his child. He looked at Spike, his eyes apologetic. "Sorry."

Spike shrugged, knowing he wouldn't stay angry for long. "Whatever. Let's get her upstairs. She looks tired."

"Not too tired" Willow protested, her eyes looking at them in lust.

Spike laughed as he kissed the top of her head, "Come on tiger. We'll see how tired you are when we get upstairs."

Willow nodded, a smile on her face. They were starting to argue more lately. She knew part of it was her fault. When her hormones were going crazy, Angel was suffering from her symptoms. When she felt hungry or nauseous, Spike was the one going through it with her. Anya had told her it was all part of the nature of this pregnancy. The father, or in this case fathers, would have to go through it with her. So, to avoid any maimings or fights, she had to play weak and sickly to stop them before they started sometimes. Oh well, she ended up getting pampered in the end so that was a plus.


"You look healthy" Buffy said, smiling at Willow.

"And you look thin" Willow said, glaring at her friend.

Buffy laughed, "Wills. You aren't that big."

Willow had to laugh, "A great friend to the end, Buffy. I'm huge. I've grown out of all my clothes. I think I've gained like thirty pounds or something. I refuse to stand on a scale."

"Where are the happy fathers to be?" Buffy asked, sitting back. It had been awhile since they had left Willow long enough for her to visit. They were more worried than her friend was. She had to admit that she envied Willow. Her friend was radiant. She had a glow that made her even more beautiful.

"I talked them into going out for a bit. They're driving me insane." Willow said. She rubbed her stomach, "The baby gets agitated when they fight. The latest one was over the color of the nursery. Spike wants green, Angel wants blue. They're like little kids fighting over a toy. Except, in this case, I'm the damn toy."

"It's got to be hard for them. Not knowing who the actual father is....never thinking they'd ever have a child. I mean, this whole situation is like some twilight zone episode."

"I know. I'm being careful with them both. Most of the time they are fantastic and completely in agreement with it all. It's just once in awhile that they fight." Willow said. "I can't wait until I have this kid. I love the baby and all, but I'm so tired of being pregnant."

Buffy laughed, "Yeah, but think of all the sleepless nights that await you. The school functions. The teething. The first steps and first words...ok. I'm a bit jealous. I can admit that."

"You can be Aunty Buffy. Besides, you're going to be its godmother."

"I know. I thank you all for that. It's sweet. Even if the godfather is going to be Xander. That's a scary thought." Buffy said laughing.

"OH...Did I tell you? We finally settled on a girl's name."

"It's about damn time. What?"

"Well, the boy's is still Colton William. If it is a girl, we decided on Angeline Elisabeth. Spike wouldn't let me have Buffy so I got him to agree to Elisabeth."

Buffy laughed, "He has no idea that's my real name does he? Sneaky Wills. So, still using the midwife that Anya knows?"

"Yes. Haven't been to the hospital since that first visit. She's very good. She's even handled another half breed delivery before. She says that things are progressing very well. I have about four weeks left. I won't let her tell me if it is a boy or a girl. I want to be surprised."

"For its sake, I hope it isn't a girl almost. She'd go crazy with those two over protective fathers." Buffy laughed as she imagined Spike and Angel giving the third degree to the girl's prom date.

"I'll love it, whatever it is. I can't tell. I think it's a girl, but sometimes I dream of a baby boy. I don't know. Anyway, tell me about Riley. How is that all going?"

Buffy laughed as she began to catch her friend up with the events in her life. Willow listened, her hand rubbing her stomach the entire time. She smiled as Buffy spoke of the latest slayings and demons that she had missed. Spike and Angel would be home soon. She wondered if Buffy wanted to stay for dinner. She'd have Spike cook tonight. He was better in the kitchen than Angel was. She drew her attention back to Buffy.



Willow hissed, "Shut the fuck up!"

Angel looked at Spike and both looked at the panting girl between them.

"Luv, squeeze my hand. It's almost over" Spike said, taking her hand.

She glared at him, "I'll squeeze something if you step closer. I am never having sex again. Never. OW!"

Angel wiped the damp cloth over her forehead. The midwife chuckled as she adjusted Willow's legs. She was used to hearing things like this from her patients. Poor boys, she thought.

"Bloody hell, don't crush my hand" Spike said as she held his hand as another contraction hit her.

"Don't talk to me about pain. I want you to pass something the size of a watermelon. Then we can compare pain" Willow said, glaring at him.

"I see the head" the midwife said. "Push."

Willow grunted as she pushed. She was in pain but it was her own fault. She had refused any sorts of medication fearing it might affect the baby. "Ugh!"

The midwife removed the baby, snapping the cord. "It's a girl."

Willow felt tears on her face as she looked at the messy little thing the woman was holding. She cried out suddenly as she felt pain shoot through her.

"Good grief" the midwife said, handing the squalling baby girl to a stunned Spike. He smiled at her, making coochy noises.

Angel looked at the woman in concern. "What's wrong?"

"I see another head" Madeline said. "It's twins!"

Willow screamed as she pushed again. This was not fun. Why did people willingly go through this? Adoption was the only answer. She saw the little bundle in Spike's hands and smile softly before another pain hit her. She heard more crying as Madeline removed the other baby.

"This one is a boy" she said, cleaning it off. She handed it to Angel who looked at the baby in surprise.

"He's so tiny" Angel said smiling.

Willow lay her head on the pillow, sweat covering her face. She was exhausted. She drifted off to sleep as Madeline cleaned her up. How perfect. Twins.


"They are so precious" Buffy said, smiling at the babies.

"I know" Willow said proudly.

"Going to be completely spoiled though" Xander said dryly.

"Yep, they are" Willow agreed. "Lina is Spike's little princess and Colt is Angel's pride and joy. They love them both, but I can tell the preference."

"Could that have anything to do with Lina having bright blue eyes and red hair and Colt having dark hair and green eyes?" Anya said, smiling.

"Well, maybe. It's strange but it's almost like they each fathered one of them. I am glad in a way to have twins. No more fighting and bickering...at least with my boys." Willow said, watching the babies tenderly.

"I hate you" Buffy said, smiling. "Two perfect men and two wonderful babies."

"And three wonderful friends" Willow said, smiling at them.

"Quit sucking up, Red. You know we'll babysit" Anya said, laughing.

"Of course we will. My little Lina and Colt are going to have the best godparents in Sunnydale. Isn't that right my precious little pets?" Buffy said to the babies who were waking up.

"Don't do that!" Spike said, walking into the room. He picked up Lina, sitting beside Willow. "You'll scare the poor things. Did that ugwy woman frighten my little girl?"

Lina looked at him and yawned then turned her attention to playing with Willow's hair.

"You're going to spoil that child" Angel said, picking Colt up. He kissed the baby on the top of its head before sitting down on the other side of Willow. "You don't listen to Daddy Spike, Colt. Buffy is not an ugly woman...."

Willow looked at them both and then back at her friends. She laughed, "Impossible."

"Lucky bitch" Buffy said, laughing as Colt climbed over Angel and onto Willow's lap. Such a perfect family. She was glad to be a part of it, she realized. She laid her head back, watching the babies move to Willow's lap as Spike and Angel kissed Willow gently. A damn happy family.