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Willow Rosenberg looked at the outside of the bar, wondering if she had gotten the right place. She saw the name, Serendipity, on the outside, recognizing it as the club that one of the women in the coven she'd practiced with nearly two years before had told her to visit if she were ever in London. Maybe over the course of those two years the club had new owners or something, she decided, not at all believing this old warehouse could house a club worth bragging about. Of course, she had learned long ago not to judge a book by its cover. Finally, she decided to give it a try. Paying her cab fare, she got out and went to the door. She could feel magic in the air, a smile crossing her face as she realized that this was the club Tabitha had mentioned to her. She paid the cover charge and walked inside, green eyes looking around with curiosity and surprise.

Willow wasn't much for clubs, but this was her last night in London before she reported to her new job in the country so she'd decided to be reckless and go out, have a drink, maybe dance a little. After she'd made her decision to go out, she'd remembered the club and figured it was as good a place as any to spend her evening. Tabby had said it was a great place to meet people, her favorite club in all of London because it was frequented by wizards and witches. Willow felt a little awkward being there alone, moving towards the bar as she made her way around several groups of people. She was used to being alone, but not so much in festive situations. Since Sunnydale had been destroyed, she had split her time between traveling around the world seeking the new slayers and setting up training programs for Giles and the others back at the Council headquarters outside Chicago.

Things were going smoothly for her friends, everything having worked out extremely well following the defeat of the First. She'd spent a year taking care of them, making sure they were going to be okay, before she finally focused on herself. That had meant acknowledging that she no longer felt the same sense of belonging with her friends that she once had, having not really felt a part of them since her foray into the dark arts. They loved her and she loved them, but she hadn't really belonged. She'd stayed to help defeat the First, channeling magic so pure that it still lingered, giving her even more power and strength than she had ever imagined possessing. When she had received a job offer involving the use of her gift, she'd accepted. She'd arrived in London three days prior, spending two days acting the part of tourist and the other preparing her trip to the country. This night was her chance to relax, to be a little daring, to enjoy herself before starting over.

She sat on a stool by the bar, smiling when the bartender flirted with her. She wasn't overly fond of alcohol so she ordered a ginger ale before turning to look around. The place was fantastic. She didn't recognize the music but it was lovely. People were dancing and laughing and just having a good time. It was nice, she realized as she paid the flirt bartender and sipped her drink. She almost didn't mind being alone. She watched the people dance for several minutes, a soft smile on her face as she leaned against the bar. Her red hair was longer than it had been in years, falling down her back and brushing against her butt. Tonight, she had left it down, simply brushing it and letting it fall around her face. She was wearing a simple dress, one of the only things she had packed for such an occasion as this. It was dark green, a color that looked good on her because it showed off the vibrant color of her hair, and fell below her knee. There was a slit on the side that went up her thigh, showcasing a hint of the stockings and garter she wore that evening to feel sexy. The front was tight across her breasts, dipping between them and molding her soft curves. She knew she looked pretty good, but wasn't arrogant to imagine that she'd be worthy of a second look.


"Quick, give me a napkin. Malfoy's drooling on the table," an amused voice said from behind the blond wizard.

Draco Malfoy reluctantly looked away from the object of his concentration to glare at the smirking man opposite him. He arched a brow as he loftily said, "Malfoys do not drool, Potter."

"Then what were you doing?" Harry Potter asked the handsome blond innocently. He couldn't keep the amused smile off his face, enjoying this chance to tease his former enemy and now good friend.

"Yeah, Malfoy. Harry's right. I'd say there were some distinct signs of drool," Ron Weasley said as he moved forward as if to wipe the corners of Draco's mouth.

"Do not touch me, Weasel," Draco sneered, his eyes narrowing as he looked at the three grinning faces of his friends. Damn it. He'd been caught and they were definitely not going to let it drop.

"Ah, Draco, don't be so mean. I think it's sweet," Hermoine Granger said with a playful smile.

"Sweet?" Draco shuddered, grimacing as he said, "Malfoys are not sweet, Granger."

"Malfoys don't drool, they're not sweet," Harry ticked off on his hand, "what exactly are Malfoys good for, then?"

"To amuse us," Ron suggested with a wink at Harry.

"Why am I here?" Draco muttered, unknowingly looking back at the siren that had captivated him since she had entered Serendipity. She was still sitting by the bar, near the corner, watching the dancers. She was still alone, something that surprised him. He wondered if she was meeting someone, a slight flash of jealousy in his gray eyes.

"You're here because you're going back to Hogwarts tomorrow and couldn't imagine going back to work without spending another evening with us, your bestest friends in the entire world, and getting yourself pissed before facing all your students again," Ron answered Draco's question. Used to, he would have paused at calling Draco Malfoy a friend, finding the idea absurd even as they were working together and fighting together. Now, he had to acknowledge that the Slytherin bastard was one of them, though Draco denied liking them every time they got together.

"Draco, why don't you quit staring and go ask her to dance?" Hermione suggested as she watched the blond openly ogle the pretty redhead that had come into the club earlier.

"I am not staring," Draco denied, "I am merely perusing the club."

"And staring at that cute redhead at the bar," Harry added, receiving a glare from his friend. "If you keep sitting here staring at her, someone else is going to ask her to dance. If I weren't already engaged to the smartest, prettiest witch in all of London, I'd ask her to dance, so I know someone else must be thinking about it."

"Just in London?" Hermoine asked with a smile, laughing when Harry gave her a worried look.

"I think I might be ill," Draco said dryly as they flirted.

"Something we agree on, Malfoy," Ron said as he made a face. "If you two start kissing, I'm out of here!"

"Finally, we know a way to get rid of Weasley," Draco smirked, "you two go ahead and kiss. I'll look the other way."

"Back at the stunning redhead with whom you could be dancing," Hermoine said.

"You know, Malfoy, I'm surprised at you. I never thought I'd see the day that Draco Malfoy, pompous prat and all around arrogant shite, would be too scared to even ask a girl to dance," Harry teased, watching as Draco glared at him, seeing the spark of pride in the blond's eyes and knowing that he'd succeeded. "Don't suppose Malfoys get scared either, huh, Draco?"

"You're finally learning, Potter. Only took you twenty-four years to have an intelligent thought," Draco said mockingly, a smirk on his full lips as he saw Potter about to throw out another taunt. He held up his hand, "Uh uh, Potter. I'm quite bored with your mundane conversation. I think I need another drink."

Ron watched the blond gracefully walk towards the bar, having to smile when he saw the normally confident wizard hesitate as he neared the pretty redhead. Leaning forward, he asked, "Do ya think he's going to talk to her?"

"Malfoy? Do something as simple as just ask her to dance? Ha," Harry snorted, rolling his green eyes, "he'll probably pose and simper and flirt. You know how he loathes rejection. There's no way he's going to risk his pride by approaching her outright."

"She's not from around here," Hermoine said thoughtfully, "obviously has never been here before judging from the way she's looking around so curiously. I'd wager that she doesn't even know who he is, which means she's probably foreign. She's quite stunning, and I can feel power from her. Not used to that, but it's true. Even from this distance, I can sense her strength. Draco is very handsome and very charming, even if he can be a bit of a prat, and I can't recall ever seeing him this besotted before so I'd put my money on him doing whatever it takes to get her attention."

"You think Malfoy's attractive and charming?" Harry gave his fiance a skeptical look, rolling his eyes as she nodded and smiled a purely female smile of appreciation, "Women."


Willow covertly watched the guy approach the bar. She'd felt eyes on her earlier, having been shocked when she'd followed the feeling to encounter the gaze of a very gorgeous man that had been sitting with two other men and a woman. He was about her age, she figured, and did she mention he was gorgeous? His hair was so blond it was nearly white, and it didn't look like it was bleached. Natural hair that color was just amazing. She'd looked away before he'd caught her staring, knowing she'd had to be wrong. There was no way a guy like that would have been staring at her. When she'd had the sensation of being watched again, she'd noticed that it was indeed the attractive blond. She'd rather sneakily kept an eye on him, watching his friends laughing and him turning to face them and then looking back at her. She wasn't close enough to see the look in his eyes, but she did know that he was the one staring.

She had watched him get up from his table and walk towards the bar, struck by how effortlessly he moved. He had a confidence and awareness about himself that was appealing, and she found herself attracted to this unknown stranger. Her heart nearly stopped when he came up beside her and flashed her a flirtatious smile, able to clearly see the look of desire in his beautiful eyes. She'd never seen eyes that color before, a pale gray that sparkled with lust. Lust for her. She wasn't much for flirting, having no real experience at it, and she wasn't the type for one night stands, which was what such flirting tended to lead to, but she found herself responding to his smile. It had been over two years since Tara had died, two years for her to move accept that her love was gone.

She'd not been involved since, though Kennedy had done her best to nearly force her into sharing herself and her bed. She'd not felt anything for the young slayer, though, and not even the thought of the world ending had weakened her resolve to keep things between them platonic. Now, here in this club, she was feeling something again. For this beautiful blond man with the flirty smile and radiant eyes. Willow decided for once in her life to be reckless, to just go with the moment and do something rash and not worry about the consequences. She returned his gaze, fully aware that desire burned in her green eyes, her tongue running along her bottom lip before she smiled back at him.

Draco felt himself harden as the redhead licked her lips, giving him a blatantly lustful look. Her eyes were green, brilliant and expressive and he felt as if he could very well drown in their depths. She smelled of apples and vanilla and spice, intoxicating. He'd only meant to come flirt with her, to prove to his friends that he wasn't frightened by an intense attraction to the woman at the bar. Now, though, he knew that he was not going to be able to walk away. He wanted her, wanted her more than he could remember wanting anyone, and he intended to have her. Tomorrow, he'd return to Hogwarts where he had been teaching Potions for the three years since Snape had retired, but tonight he was going to shag this lovely creature into exhaustion. He leaned closer to her, bringing his thumb up to brush against her cheek as his lips curled into a sensual smile, "You're beautiful."

"Does that usually work?" she asked as her lips twisted into what she hoped was a playful grin. "Tell a girl she's beautiful and she's yours?"

"You're going to be mine," he whispered huskily, loving the way she was teasing him. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to have her, seeing a similar look in her pretty green eyes, knowing that she felt the same undeniable attraction and need that he was feeling. She was American, explaining why he'd never noticed her before and why she hadn't at least recognized Potter. He knew she wasn't a muggle, sensing the magic and power in the slender redhead, so he wasn't surprised to hear the foreign accent.

"I don't even know you're name," Willow protested softly, wondering why she was acting so wantonly. Flirting was one thing, willing to do whatever this gorgeous man asked her was something else entirely. She'd never felt like this before, not with Oz or Tara, knowing it did not betray the memory of either of her loves to acknowledge this intense sexual attraction she felt for the blond in front of her. She now could understand what was meant by lust at first sight, trying to keep images of the two of them naked and doing a vast array of naughty things out of her mind.

"Draco," he said with a knowing smile, pleased that she was obviously as affected as he was by this desire between them. He was not in the habit of going to clubs and picking up strangers to take home. Had never done so, in fact. He preferred owling one of the willing women that he knew that did not expect or want commitment that he was unwilling to give, share a little mutual satisfaction, and then walk away before morning came. It was satisfying and uncomplicated. This attraction he felt for the pretty American was not simple and uncomplicated and it rather scared him.

"Willow," she smiled back, wondering if he looked as good naked as he looked wearing the dark blue shirt and black jeans, deciding that she wanted to find out. Oh God, she wanted to see him naked in her bed. Definitely beyond the flirting, Willow my girl. Could she do this, though? Spend the night with this attractive English guy, Draco she corrected mentally, and just give herself over to pleasure? Had she really had any choice from the moment he'd smiled at her?

"You feel it, too," he said softly, his eyes catching hers. He watched her nod slowly, a slight flush crossing her cheeks as she admitted that she wanted him. Without thinking, he leaned forward and brushed his lips across hers. She gasped in surprise, allowing him access to her lovely mouth. His tongue swept inside, his hand moving behind her head to bring her closer. She started to kiss him back, the response immediate. She whimpered as she pushed against him, her body sliding from the stool to fit perfectly against his. They were made for each other, a voice whispered inside his head.

Willow's hands were not idle, moving behind his back and clutching at his broad shoulders. She could feel the muscles in his arms, his toned body melting against hers as everything else faded away except for the feel of him, the scent of him, the taste of Draco. She felt the bar behind her back, his hand on her leg, moving underneath the skirt of her dress. She could feel his arousal against her stomach, knew that he wanted her, felt the dampness between her thighs soaking her silk panties, knew that she wanted him. She gasped for breath when he released her mouth, seeing the astonished look in his eyes, knowing that he had not expected such an intense passion. She moved against him, no longer caring if she was being wicked and reckless, wanting to feel him inside her. She whispered, "I feel it, too, Draco. I want you. Can I have you?"

"God yes," he murmured before his lips again caught hers, not caring that they were surrounded by club goers, not caring that he was acting so shameless, not caring about the Malfoy name and his expected image of being unemotional and detached. He wanted this gorgeous creature underneath him, begging him for more, crying out with pleasure until she was too exhausted to move. Not here, though, a logical voice finally penetrated his lust-induced mind. Somewhere private, where he could enjoy her for hours. He pulled back, taking in her swollen lips and the need in her eyes, giving her a sinful smile as he said, "I'm yours, Willow. Let's get out of here."

"My hotel is close," Willow said softly, her hand moving over his chest as she rubbed against the erection pressing into her. He was hers, at least for tonight, and she wanted to start enjoying him. "Do you have a car?"

"No," he replied, his hands moving to her hips to prevent her from rubbing so sensually against him before he came in his pants like some immature child. He saw the pout form on her lips, having to kiss her again, finally stopping as he said, "I can get us there fast. What hotel? What room?"

"Room 313 at the Mariato," Willow said, gasping as he pulled her tight against him and smiled.

"Get ready," he warned before he thought of her hotel room, apparating them out of the club and into her room.


"Wh?" Willow looked around in surprise, having not expected him to use teleportation. She'd felt the magic around him when she'd first looked at him, but this confirmed her beliefs. With a soft smile, she said, "You're a wizard."

"Yes, I am," he said before kissing her again, making her forget everything except him.

Willow felt his hands on her dress, heard the zipper being lowered, decided that it wasn't fair that she was about to be undressed but he was still fully clothed. She went to work on the buttons of his shirt, never breaking the kiss as she finally unfastened it, her hands moving over his bare chest. She heard him gasp when she moved her nails along his breast, rubbing her fingers over his nipples. He pulled back from the kiss, his gray eyes flashing with need as he pulled her dress down. She slid the dress from her shoulders, feeling slightly embarrassed that she wasn't wearing a bra. She felt his eyes move over her, blazing a trail over her heated skin. She shyly looked up at him, her hair brushing against her right breast. She inhaled sharply when she saw the look of pure hunger in his eyes, feeling more aroused by that look than by anything he could have said. She pushed the dress down until it gathered in a pile at her feet, standing before him wearing her stockings, undies, and garter belt, feeling sexier than she'd ever felt before.

Draco had never seen anything more beautiful in his life, knowing that this was an image that would never forget. She was stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, alluring, and she was his. He took his shirt off, his eyes never leaving her body, his hands moving to front of his overly tight jeans, needing to free himself before he exploded. He moaned softly when her hands joined his, slapping his hands away, a sexy smile on her face as she overcame her shyness and unfastened his jeans. Their eyes met as she lowered the zipper, her hands pushing the jeans down, taking his boxers with them. She was so bloody hot, the smell of her surrounding him. He gasped when she seized his cock in her hand, an impish smile on her face at his reaction, her strokes tentative and explorative as she looked away to take a peak. He watched with satisfaction as her eyes widened at her first sight of him, seeing the slight bit of fear in her eyes before she looked back at him. He finally moved, pushing her back against the bed, smiling as she laughed when she landed. She looked up at him, her hair around her face, a slight sheen of sweat covering her body, wetness evident on the front of her knickers. He moved between her legs, ripping her knickers off, watching the arousal flash in her eyes at his act. With a sly smile, he lowered his head to the cinnamon curls between her thighs.

"Yesss," Willow cried out as his tongue lapped at her juices, feeling herself grow even more wet from his talented fingers and tongue. She was glad, having seen the size of him, knowing that he was at least two inches bigger than Oz, the only man she'd ever had in her bed. She didn't know if she could take him, her experiences with Tara having never included toys, knowing that she was tight and scared that he wouldn't fit. She knew he would, that he'd make it fit, and that it would probably hurt a little, but she was excited at the idea of him stretching her, taking her places she'd never been. She cried out again as he slid a third finger into her, his nose brushing against her clit, his tongue teasing her. She began to push against him, feeling her release approaching, moaning his name as she came against his face.

She tasted delicious. Draco would have been content to spend hours tasting her, but he was hard and aching. Tasting her and teasing her could wait until later, he decided as he moved his face from between her legs, kissing his way up her stomach, licking and sucking her pale flesh, teasing her nipples as he rubbed his body against hers. Finally, he was at her mouth, kissing her, sharing her taste with her. She was so passionate, verbal with her pleasure, unashamed by her desire. He moved his left hand down between his legs, stroking himself, rubbing the pre-cum along his cock, getting himself ready for her. He broke the kiss long enough to mumble the words of the contraception spell before kissing her again. He could kiss her forever, he decided, loving the feel of her mouth against his. If not for the need to breathe, he'd have never released her mouth. He felt her move against him, her stocking clad legs wrapping around his waist as she tried to show him what she wanted. He stopped the kiss, wanting to look into her eyes when he entered her for the first time. A wicked smile crossed his handsome face as he teased her with his cock.

"Draco, please," she begged, needing him inside her.

"I'm yours, Willow," he said softly, catching her eyes, surprising himself with the sincerity of his words, before he began to push into her. He groaned at the tightness, nearly coming just from feeling her warmth envelope him. Finally, he was inside her, giving her a moment to grow accustomed to his size. When he felt her begin to squirm, he started to move. He kissed her again, thrusting into her, slow and deep. He wanted her to come with him, knowing it wasn't going to take him long, his hand moving between them and rubbing her clit, kissing her face and her neck and her mouth and her breasts as she cried out, moaning his name over and over. He increased his speed, pushing her into the mattress as he fucked her, his right hand moving behind her, pulling her against him, caressing her ass as the only sounds in the room were bodies slapping together and moans coming from both of them. He felt his release nearing, rubbing her clit, listening to her sounds of pleasure, burying himself inside her as he came, groaning her name before he kissed her again, his seed spilling inside her grasping cunt.

The redhead was unable to believe she'd experienced something so intense and amazing, her body aching in places it never had before, and she wanted more. She kissed Draco, her fingers moving along the scratches she'd made on his back. When the kiss broke, she gave him a tentative smile, seeing the need still burning in his eyes, licking her lips before she kissed him again.


Willow finished packing her suitcase, her green eyes looking over the sleeping figure in her bed. She sighed softly, a content smile crossing her face as her body reminded her of the hours of pleasure she'd shared with the blond wizard. They'd played all night, not falling asleep until after dawn. She was exhausted and would have loved nothing more than to strip off her clothes and crawl back into bed with him. But, she couldn't. Last night had been amazing, but it had also been a one-time thing. Okay, more like a whole lot of times. She had to leave, to go to the country to start her new job. Nothing had ever been said about the future, but she knew that they had both known it was a one night only arrangement.

She'd woken and showered, being as quiet as possible. She didn't want the awkward morning after type of thing she'd heard about, wanting to remember their night together without any unpleasantness. Draco looked peaceful when he was sleeping, relaxed and handsome and boyish. She knew he was only twenty-four, having learned that much during one of their rare conversations between sex, a year older than her, but he looked younger in sleep. She looked away from him, not wanting to get started on doubts or regrets. She'd made a memory last night, that was all. Finally had herself a one-night stand. Faith would be ever so proud, the redhead thought dryly, a slight smile crossing her face, not that the slayer would ever find out. This was her secret, something to keep her warm during the cold nights. She'd had sex with a gorgeous hunk that had found her attractive, that had wanted her, many times. It was unbelievable and completely thrilling.

Willow moved closer to the bed, pulling the sheet over his nude body, her green eyes taking one last look at her lover. Leaning over, she gently brushed her lips against his cheek, whispering, "I'm yours, Draco," before she straightened up and turned away from him. She had to leave now if she was going to catch her train. She was expected at the station in a little under an hour. It would not make a good first impression to be late her first day of work. The redhead picked up her suitcase and opened the door to her hotel room. Taking one last look at the sleeping man in her bed, a wistful smile crossed her face as she hoped that he didn't forget her before she walked away, shutting the door quietly behind her. Willow checked out and caught a cab to the train station, leaning back and sighing as she looked out the window. She could still taste Draco, his scent surrounding her even after showering. She moved her finger over her lips as she thought of him, of what they had shared, hoping he knew how much it meant to her to feel so wanted and attractive, so alive and aroused. She'd never forget him or the night they shared together. She glanced at her watch, noticing the time. With a nervous look at the traffic, she hoped it thinned out soon or that they were close to the station. She had to hurry to make her train to Hogsmeade, where she'd then catch a coach to Hogwarts where she was to begin her new position as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.