Camp Out

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"You ready?" Cordelia asked the girls, loading the piece of luggage into her red convertible.

"As we'll ever be" Buffy remarked dryly.

"Come on, Buffy. This is going to be fun. Perfect thing to get over a broken heart" Willow said, fastening her flannel shirt.

"I know. This will be fun. Sleeping bags and campfire and bugs. Lots of bugs." Buffy made a face, smiling slightly.

"Please! Do you really think I'd be sleeping on the ground?" Cordelia asked, looking at them both. "This is mother and father's cabin. Expect snow and a fireplace with indoor plumbing."

"Sounds better already" Buffy said, smiling.

"See? So dry those tears and come on. We have a lot of miles to cover today." Willow said, starting to get into the back of the car.

"Why don't you ride up front?" Cordelia asked, "Let Buffy have the entire back seat. She needs some rest."

"Ok." Willow said, letting Buffy into the car. She sat down, her mind taking her over the past few weeks.

Angel had come back from hell. He and Buffy had tried to get together again but it hadn't worked. So, they had broken up. A new slayer was in town. A girl named Faith that had fallen heavy for Xander, stealing him away from Cordelia. She was surprised, but the cheerleader hadn't cared. Xander had told her privately that Cordelia has always been in love with someone else. He just didn't know who.

She and her two friends were spending Spring Break in Cordelia's cabin in the mountains. A perfect place to get away from everything and everyone. Giles had given Buffy the entire week off as an early graduation present. She leaned her head against the window as Cordelia began to drive.

Buffy listened to the music from the car radio. She couldn't believe she was on her way out of town for an entire week. It was great. She hadn't told anyone, but she had been the one to break up with Angel. Since he had returned, things just hadn't been the same between them. She hated to admit it, but she had a huge crush on Willow of all people. Angel had guessed her secret, telling her before she left him "If you want it, you have to come and get it." She rolled her eyes.

There wasn't much she could go and get from him. She still loved him, always would in a way. He had been the first person to steal her heart. But, she was smart enough to know that it wouldn't work between them. They could be friends and that was it. They were friends. He had called her before she left and they had spent hours talking. Better friends than lovers. She had to wonder if she and Willow would be better lovers than friends. She had a feeling that with Willow she would have the best of both worlds.

She glanced at the front seat and noticed Cordelia watching Willow. Sitting up, a frown crossed her face. Damn it. She couldn't believe she hadn't seen it before. Cordelia wanted Willow too. She smiled slowly. This was going to be one hell of a week. She wondered if Willow had any idea what was in store for her. Smiling, she sat back and began to hum along with the music. This was going to be interesting to say the least.


"This is the life" Cordelia said, stretching out on the sofa. The fire burned lighting the living room in its orange glow. She watched how the fire light made Willow's hair look and smiled softly.

"I know. This is great...some cabin, Cordy" Buffy said, looking around the six room two story log house.

Willow rolled over onto her back, staring at the high ceiling. "Thanks for asking us, Cordelia."

"No prob. I wanted to get away from Sunnydale for awhile" Cordelia said, making a face.

Willow sat up, putting her head on her hand. She looked at Cordelia carefully, "How are you dealing with it all? Really?"

Cordelia looked into beautiful green eyes and smiled, "You mean Xander and the skanky ho?"


"I'm fine. Xander was just a passing fling. I never loved him." Cordelia said, not wanting to break eye contact.

Buffy watched them both, a smile on her face. They had been at the cabin for two days. Over that time, she had realized that while she loved Willow, the redhead didn't return those feelings. She was almost relieved in a way. Angel was the one for her, it just took getting away and thinking to make her realize it. She would always love Willow. Hell, Willow was the other half of her soul. But, she wasn't blind. She knew she didn't have a chance in hell of moving past that friend category in the redhead's mind. She knew she would never jeopardize that for sex. No matter how badly she wanted the sex.

She watched as Willow turned away from Cordelia. The brunette kept her eyes on the redhead, love in their dark depths. She couldn't believe she had never seen Cordelia's feelings for Willow. She wondered if Willow knew...and if there was a chance she might return them. After the last two days, Buffy thought her friend might. Smiling, she asked, "So...if you didn't love Xander, who did you love?"

Cordelia looked at Buffy, her eyes narrowing at the knowing look in them. Damn it. The slayer knew her secret. She thought she had kept it hidden. Did Willow know? God, she hoped not. She would hate to lose the girl as her friend. "Is it really important?"

Buffy smiled, " could be. Come on, Cordy. We're all friends here. No judgments. Who do you love?"

Willow watched the cheerleader in interest. It would be interesting to know who had stolen the girl's heart. "Please tell us...we'll share a secret with you."

Cordelia turned away from them both. She couldn't tell them. Hearing Willow say please again, she whispered, "You."

"What?" Buffy asked, knowing that Willow hadn't heard.

Cordelia opened her mouth to repeat it, knowing she would have kill Buffy for this, but there was suddenly a loud knock on the door. The girls jumped scared.

"I'll look out" Buffy said, standing. She went to the door, smiling suddenly. She opened it, hugging the man that stood there. "Angel!"

"Saved by an angel" Cordelia said softly to herself. She glanced up and saw Willow's eyes still watching her.

"What are you doing here?' Buffy asked, remembering their last conversation.

"I felt that we left some things unsettled. Besides, what man could resist three beautiful women in a romantic cabin in the snow?" he asked, smiling slightly. His eyes watched her warily, waiting for her response.

"I agree. We are beautiful" Buffy said, smiling at him. She motioned him into the room.

"Hey Angel" Willow said softly. She was still trying to figure out who Cordelia could possibly be in love with.

"Willow. Cordelia. I hope you don't mind my intrusion."

"Couldn't have been a better time" Cordelia said, smiling her welcome. "We have plenty of room. Besides, this evens things up a bit." She broke off, her face red as she realized what she had said.

"I see" Angel said softly, looking between the three girls. He had interrupted something, he knew suddenly. He looked at Buffy, his eyebrow arched.

"What?" she asked, her eyes innocent.

"Nothing. Have you girls been having fun?"

"Yes. It's great to be away from Sunnyhell. Even for a week. How is Faith doing with patrols?" Buffy asked.

"Fine. She and that moron are keeping the streets safe."

"No wonder you came to us" Willow said, grimacing.

The three looked at her and then each other. Suddenly, they started to laugh. "Will, I'm proud. That was a very bitchy comment."

"Guess you are rubbing off on me" Willow told Cordelia.

Buffy nudged Angel in the ribs and motioned to the girls. He looked at them, suddenly seeing it. The damn cheerleader was in love with Willow. First Buffy and now Cordelia. Did everyone love Willow? Smiling slightly, he had to admit that he could see why they would. She was special. Too bad she couldn't see it.

"So...shall we play poker now that there are four of us?" Willow asked.

"That's cool. Hey, do you have any wine? I feel like just getting drunk and acting reckless while I have a chance" Buffy said.

"My parents have some alcohol in the bar. I'll get us some. Are you sure you want to get drunk?" Cordelia asked.

"Definitely. Besides, Angel is here to watch out for us."

"I'm the designated babysitter?" he asked, his eyes playful.

"Lucky guy...three girls all plied with liquor...what will you do?" Buffy asked softly.

He smiled suddenly, "I have some ideas..."

She laughed, "I bet you do...probably the same as mine...."

"Hey, are we going to play or talk?" Willow asked, getting the cards set up.

The two exchanged grins, "Play...definitely play...."


"New rules" Buffy said, pulling a small stack of poker chips towards her.

"What new rules?" Willow asked. She hated this game. She never won.

"The loser has to answer a question from the winner." Buffy said, smiling at Angel. "Gives you added incentive to win doesn't it?"

"No way" Cordelia said. She had seen the knowing little looks Buffy had been sending her. She wasn't about to let the blonde force her into talking. She twisted on her diamond earrings, a nervous gesture she had picked up earlier in the evening.

"Come on Cordelia. You've been winning the most. What do you have to lose?" Buffy taunted.

"I don't like this much either, Buffy. I've lost every round so far." Willow added, chewing her bottom lip.

Cordelia glanced at the very small amount of chips that the redhead had left. She smiled suddenly. This could be her chance to see if Willow had ever imagined her as anything other than a friend. "I changed my mind. I'm in."

Willow looked at Cordelia and then back at the other two. "Fine. But I quit when I'm out of chips."

"I can't wait to see you lose, Cordy." Buffy taunted.

Cordelia laughed, "Yeah...whenever you think you can beat my ass."

They began to play another round. Angel actively pursued a win. Up until then, he had allowed Cordelia to beat him, wanting to build up her confidence. Now, it was time to move in for the kill.

"I won" Angel said, smiling softly.

"Fuck" Cordelia said, wondering how she could have lost so badly. She knew other things were now occupying her mind. Stupid slayer and her pet vampire.

"So, Cordelia. I've heard that you are in love with someone. Who is it?" Angel asked innocently. He received a glare from the cheerleader.

"You are both going down" she threatened, staring Angel and Buffy down. "Willow. There. Are you happy? I'm in love with Willow. Have been since we were eight and in Miss Devlin's class."

"What?" Willow said, her mouth dropping open.

Cordelia looked at her, smiling softly, "You were so pretty....all that red hair and those big green eyes. You wore a ribbon in your hair one looked so perfect. I realized that I would be happy if I could just sit in class and look at you forever. After that, I began to tease you. I loved your reaction to my words...I was making you flushed and excited....Of course, at that age, I had no idea that I was doing things the wrong way. I mean, all the boys teased the girls they liked. Why shouldn't I? I fucked hated me and you never even wanted to be my friend. It wasn't until Buffy came here that I had another chance. I even dated Xander to stay close to you....."

Buffy looked at Cordelia in surprise. She hadn't realized the girl's feelings were that deep. She knew she loved Willow, but she hadn't imagined that Cordelia had loved her since she was eight. She felt almost bad for making the girl talk. Her face was red and she was looking at the floor. She glanced at Willow and saw her friend looking at Cordelia almost tenderly. Smiling, she realized that she might have made the right decision after all.

"Next round" Willow said quietly.

She was trying to deal with Cordelia's confession. For some reason, knowing that the girl loved her made her happy. She began to play the next round, trying to sort out her feelings.

Angel made sure Buffy lost the next round. He couldn't pick on Cordelia again. She was still embarrassed over her confession. "Guess it's you this time Lover."

"What is the damn question?" Buffy asked, hating that she lost.

"How long have you wanted to fuck Willow?"

"What?" Willow was brought out of her thoughts by this question. She looked at Buffy's red face and knew that Angel had spoken the truth. "No way. There has to be something Hellmouthy happening here. No one wants me. I'm just Willow. You can't tell me that two girls, two of my best friends, have been harboring some sort of secret lust for me. It isn't possible. This has to be a dream."

"Willow. Just accept it. We want you. Why should that be hard to believe? I mean, you're so pretty and smart....and nice. Why wouldn't we want you?" Buffy asked.

"Well...I don't know. This is just too much all at once. I'm not gay."

"Neither am I. Look. Angel. Hello. He's definitely a man. Doesn't mean I don't want you too. Hell, even he thinks you are attractive. So, deal with it. There are at least three people who want you and care for you."

"It's not a dream" Cordelia said softly. Willow looked into her brown eyes and saw the emotions in them.

"It has to be. This is to unreal even for me." Willow said quietly.

"It's not.."

"Prove it" Willow said, closing her eyes and running a hand through her hair. Her eyes flew open when she felt lips on hers. Cordelia bit her lower lip, letting her tongue run the length of her lips. "What are you doing?" Willow asked, staring at her but making no move to stop her.

"Proving it" Cordelia said, taking her lips again. Buffy moved from her place and went behind Willow. Her hands cupped the girl's breasts as Cordelia kissed her senseless. She twisted a nipple, laughing softly at Willow's whimper.

"See, I pinched you and you didn't wake up" she said in Willow's ear before kissing her best friend's neck. Angel sat on the couch watching.

Willow felt Buffy push her back on the bed. She watched wide eyed as both her friends began to strip. She saw Cordelia and drew in a breath. The cheerleader was beautiful. High firm breasts, a trim stomach, and long legs. She turned her gaze to Buffy, watching the smaller girl undress. Buffy was just as beautiful as Cordelia. Her breasts not as large, but her body more muscular from her slaying. Not a spare inch of fat on either of them.

Buffy couldn't believe this was happening. It was like some erotic film on Showtime or something. She was about to make love with her best friend and another friend. She was so excited. She had dreamed of this moment for years. She let her eyes wander Willow's nude form. So pretty. She looked at the small breasts, knowing they would be more than enough to fill her hand. Her blue eyes wandered down the flat stomach to rest on the damp red curls between the girl's legs. She licked her lips in anticipation.

Cordelia looked at Buffy and smiled slightly. She had never considered the slayer attractive, but she now knew she was. Her dark eyes settled on Willow. Her love. She was so eager to finally taste the object of her affections for the last nine years. She moved to the bed, crawling up from the bottom. She settled between Willow's legs, spreading them to accommodate her. She tentatively licked the girl's soaking slit. She was rewarded by a low moan from Willow. Smiling, she began to lick move.

Buffy moved to sit beside Willow. She leaned over, letting her mouth tease the rosy pink nipples. She let her tongue swirl around the peaks as moved from one to the other. She sat up, taking one in her hand as she kissed Willow deeply. She moved her thighs together trying to alleviate the tingling between them.

Willow pulled her mouth away, gasping as she felt one of Cordelia's fingers slide into her. She looked at Buffy, love on her face as she brushed a blonde hair from the girl's sweaty face. "I have to taste you."

Buffy smiled, moving to straddle Willow's face. She groaned as the girl tasted her wet pussy. She moved a hand up to cup her breast, letting her thumb and finger twist her nipple as she began to move against Willow's face. She let her other hand drift down to play with Willow's breasts. She let her eyes catch Cordelia's as the redhead began to write underneath her. She heard Willow scream out as Cordelia licked her clit rapidly. Willow's fingernails dug into her upper thighs as the redhead came loudly.

Buffy felt a tongue swipe her clit, sending vibrations through out her body. Her legs tightened around Willow's face as she gave a guttural moan. She felt her juices spilling as she came, soaking her best friend's face with her release.

She smiled at Cordelia, a sleepy little satisfied smiled, "Trade you places."

Angel felt his cock throb as Buffy and Cordelia traded places. He had never in two hundred years witnessed anything like this. The three girls were beautiful. So different. The red, brunette and blonde colors of their hair just added more to the entire experience. He ran his fingers over the tip of his cock, feeling the wetness. They were so involved in each other, they had forgotten him. He could smell the thick scent of sex as he moved closer to the bed.

Buffy ran her tongue in swirls over Willow's perfect little pussy. She loved the taste of the girl. So exotic. She had never tasted another girl before. It seemed only fitting that Willow be the one. She let her tongue delve deep into Willow, her nose rubbing the girl's aching clit. She felt someone behind her and smiled as she licked. Angel had decided to play finally. She brought her head up, moaning, as he plunged into her. She felt his cold finger on her clit as he began to move. She went back to Willow's wet pussy, wanting to taste more.

Willow tasted Cordelia, comparing the taste of the cheerleader to the slayer. Up until an hour ago, she was a virgin. Now, she was tasting her second woman. She couldn't believe how things could change so suddenly. She felt such love for everyone in the room. Even Angel had a piece of her heart. These were her friends and lovers. She felt as though everything had finally slipped into place for them. She let a finger slide into Cordelia, feeling the warmth of the girl. She tasted so good.

Cordelia let her hand caressed her breasts, her eyes on Angel's dark gaze as he moved into Buffy. She closed her eyes, letting her emotions take over. She moved against Willow's fingers, feeling her stomach tighten. She came loudly, screaming out Willow's name. She heard Buffy cry out as she too came. Willow whimpered underneath her, reminding her that the girl hadn't cum again.

Buffy moved from between Willow's legs. She looked at Angel and then back at her wide eyed friend. Smiling, she spread Willow's legs. "Fuck her."

Angel let his dark eyes catch Willow's. He saw fear and desire in their green depths. He had her permission. He moved onto the bed, getting between her pale legs. He let his hand rub over her wet pussy, surprised that she was so wet. Smiling, he brought a Willow covered finger to his mouth. He sucked the finger inside, moaning at the taste. He heard Willow whimper again and knew it was time.

Willow watched as Angel moved his still hard cock to her slit. She couldn't believe she was about to be fucked by her best friend's boyfriend, while said friend watched playing with herself. She screamed as Angel entered her tight virgin passage, breaking her barrier smoothly. She felt a mouth on each breast and looked down at Cordelia and Buffy. The pain eased and soon she was moving to meet his thrusts. She watched as her two friend's mouths met over her breasts.

Cordelia kissed Buffy, tasting Willow on the girl's tongue. She groaned when she felt fingers slide into her. She pulled back, exchanging a look with the girl. She moved over Willow, to Buffy's side of the king-size bed. She laid over Buffy, her pussy over the slayer's ready mouth. She leaned over, tasting her second girl of the evening. She cried out as Buffy's long fingers slid into her tight cunt. She began to lick faster, rubbing her juicy slit over the slayer's face.

Willow watched her two friends fuck each other. She felt Angel's mouth on her breast and looked back at him. She saw the playful look in his eyes and smiled. She met his lips, concentrating on her own release. Soon, she felt her cunt tighten around his cock. She pulled her mouth away, her cried of release mingling with those of Cordelia and Buffy. Angel moved his position, thrusting deeper. Soon, he grunted as his seed spilled into her waiting passage.

The girls collapsed from exhaustion. Cordelia moved to Willow's other side, her hands possessively kneading her lover's breasts. Smiling slightly, she said, "Thank you."

"I think I should be the one saying that" Willow said, laughing slightly as Angel nuzzled her stomach.

"How many days do we have left on this little camp out?" Buffy asked, letting her fingers dance over Willow's flushed, sweaty flesh.

"Several. How ever do you think we'll spend them?" Willow asked innocently, letting her own fingers delve between the slayer's cum soaked thighs.

"I think we can think of something" Angel said, licking Willow's belly button.

"Yeah, after all, we're a bunch of smart people. Something may come up" Cordelia said, looking at Angel. She knew before she went back to Sunnydale that she had to have his cock buried inside her. She looked at Willow, "I love you, Willow."

"Me to Wills. This was beyond my imagination..." Buffy echoed.

"Well, I love all of you." Willow said, smiling slightly.

Angel laughed as he moved his tongue over Willow's slim stomach. Everyone loved Willow, it seemed. He now definitely knew why.