One of These Days

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Story Notes:
“Bloody hell. How do you deal with her?” Spike is shaking his head, and Hermione has to fight the urge to giggle.

“What? She seems pretty impressed with you.” Hermione shuts her door and wonders when it became habit for him to follow her home.

“She’s made me feel like nothing more than man candy. You should come sit on my lap and pamper me to make me feel better, pet.” He winks at her as he sits on her sofa.

“I’m not the one who kept responding to her innuendos and encouraging her.” Hermione ignores his invitation because that, too, has become a habit over the past few weeks. “I warned you when you wanted to meet my friends that Ginny’s a firecracker, but you didn’t listen.”

“Firecracker my arse. She’s the queen of innuendos. How does that Harry bloke stand it?” Spike makes a face. “Nevermind. I could smell it on them so thick that it made me gag. I know why he tolerates it.”

“If you hadn’t been behaving like a Victorian nun, she’d have probably stopped.” Hermione has to give in and does giggle. “You’re always making suggestive comments to me, but you can’t handle it when it’s dished out by someone else, can you?”

“You’re single and an attractive bird that I’d like to shag. She’s married and expecting a baby, so I’d assume she wasn’t flirting around with everything in tight jeans.” Spike gives her a dirty look when she giggles again.

“Well, they are rather tight. I could see why she and some of the others were a bit distracted,” she points out, looking away before he can catch her ogling him. “They’re used to blokes in robes or Muggle clothing that isn’t necessarily the height of fashion. Besides, you were doing your vampire sexy thing, so it’s your own fault.”

“My vampire sexy thing?” he repeats slowly, amusement evident in his voice. “And what exactly is my vampire sexy thing, pet?”

“That whole thing you do.” She makes a motion towards him before she finishes putting the kettle on. “The eyes and staring and pouty lips. I thought Neville was going to introduce you to the leg of a chair if Hannah had simpered over you much more.”

“Ah, the eyes and staring and pouty lips thing.” Spike is watching her when she turns to glare at him, smirking as he stretches out with his boots on the top of her table. “Does it make you simper, too, pet?”

“It makes me consider turning my wand into a stake,” she says sweetly, glad he can’t tell that she’s lying. “Now, do you want a cuppa or do you want me to get experimental with sharp objects?”

“You had at me experimental, but then you had to continue.” Spike sighs dramatically, leaning his head against the back of her sofa and staring at the wall. “One of these days, you’re going to realize you fancy me, Hermione. Until then, I’ll take a cuppa. With honey and lemon.”

She rolls her eyes but gets a second cup down from the cabinet. “Right. One of these days,” she mutters, sneaking a look at him before focusing her attention on the kettle.