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Story Notes:
“Hermione, you have to come to the match!”

“Ron, I’m trying to study for Potions,” Hermione said patiently as she looked up from her book to look at her best friend. She gave him a smile as she added, “I don’t think I’ve missed a single match since first year so I think I‘ve earned a break of freedom so I can finish this reading tonight.”

“Hermione!” Ron gaped at her, his hand pushing his red hair from his forehead as he said, “This is one of the most important games of the season! We’re undefeated and we’re against Ravenclaw tonight. If we win, we’ll be on a winning streak.”

“Yes, I understand,” Hermione resisted the urge to hex her annoying friend to get him out of the library sooner, “and I am sending you my support and cheering mentally as we speak! Don’t you feel the ‘go team’ vibes that I’m sending to the entire Gryffindor side?”

“Is that some new sort of spell?” he asked with a curious frown, “Cause I’ve never heard anything like it before.”

“Ron,” Hermione started before shaking her head and laughing, deciding it just wasn’t worth it, “it’s just an experiment, something I read about. I decided tonight was the perfect time to test it out.”

Ron studied her for a moment before grinning, “You’re not trying out some new spell. You just don’t want to go to the game”

“Darn it,” she smiled sheepishly, “you caught me.”

“It’s really going to be a great game,” he told her, “sure you won’t change your mind?”

“I’ll be at the next one, Ron. I promise,” Hermione assured him.

“I’ll hold you to that,” he warned with a playful smile before saying, “I’d better get. Games going to start soon. Don’t study too hard!”

“I’ll try not to,” Hermione laughed as he left the library. Before she could count to twenty, she felt hands on her shoulders.

“Didn’t think he was ever going to leave.”

Hermione turned her head, brushing her lips against Draco’s as Blaise sat next to her, her eyes shining at the sight of her lovers as she admitted, “Me either!”

*the end*