Fantasy Come True

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Story Notes:

Warning: PWP and a bit of kink
Dedicated to anyone else who is enjoying this ship and especially to Bex and Lady Draherm for writing me Adrian/Hermione to feed my addiction!

Originally Published: October 26, 2014

A hotel corridor late at night can be a lonely, intimidating place. This one was no exception. A rundown hotel in Knockturn Alley, she felt as if she needed a shower just from walking down the hall. She knew why he had chosen this seedy place for their rendezvous, far from their normal lives. It was dirty and wicked, perfect for her fantasy, adding atmosphere. Trust Adrian Pucey to be thorough. The next question that came to her mind was why was she here? This was a question she had asked herself at least two dozen times since leaving her flat only half an hour ago. She knew why, even if she wouldn’t admit it.

She wanted to do something daring, dangerous, to just give up her infamous control for a short time. And he was willing to take it. Willing? That was an understatement. He was aching to have control over her, watching her and seducing her with his charming smiles, stubbornly refusing to give up his pursuit of her, making her feel desirable and sexy. They’d gone on one date that had led to another and then another. They had shagged on the fifth, passionate and intense and satisfying, he was an amazing lover, attentive and playful. This was one of her fantasies, discovered during the hours following intense shagging that had left her a sated but exhausted witch laying in his arms. He had declared that evening that it was his mission to fulfill all of her fantasies, from romantic and loving to twisted and dark. When he had informed her that he was going to make them all come true, she’d not believe he was serious.

He was known for never becoming serious about anyone he dated, rarely dating any of them more than once. She’d assumed he was dating her to get her into bed because she was a challenge, having resisted his handsome looks and flirtatious personality since they’d met at one of Harry and Pansy’s parties, Adrian asking her out after spending most the evening flirting with her. She’d say no, having heard of his reputation as a lothario and having no desire to be one of many. However, after five dates, she’d given in to her desire and slept with him, having no regrets afterwards, but also not putting much faith in his claims of future fantasy fulfillment.

Needless to say, she had been surprised, albeit pleasantly, when he had arrived at her office the next day for lunch, proceeding to ravish her in the middle of the research reports on new ingredient for memory potions. That had been nearly three months ago, and Adrian hadn’t grown bored with her yet. In fact, he gave every impression that he was enjoying their relationship and didn’t seem to have any interest in ending it any time soon. When she had mentioned what was happening between them and wanted to discuss things logically to figure out if they were in a relationship or simply having a fling, he’d given her the charming smile that made her stomach tingle and assured her that she had enough fantasies to last several years and then they could start on his, that the only indication that he might feel anything for her beyond desire and might want a relationship.

Tonight was going to be a bit frightening. She didn’t even know why she had told him this particular fantasy, the desire to be dominated one of her darker thoughts. When he’d mentioned her meeting him here after work, she’d hesitated, shocked when he had gripped her wrist tightly and coolly informed her that she didn’t want to be late. His green eyes had been burning with desire and need, but she’d also seen the affection that caused her fear to become arousal. As it was, she was going to be a bit early and her knickers were all ready soaking just imagining what he might have planned for her that night.

But that didn’t make the dark hallway any less scary. Hermione felt distinctly uneasy as she walked nervously across its thickly carpeted length with its subdued night-lights between each anonymous door. As she passed one of these darkened recesses where cleaning ladies like to keep their trolleys, she suddenly felt a presence and almost immediately felt herself grabbed from behind, her arms pinned behind her by another, stronger pair of arms. Before she had time to speak or think her assailant shifted position so that she was in an inescapable arm lock. A familiar body pressed against her, breath on her neck as she gasped.

"Don't struggle and do as you're told, Hermione," Adrian purred in her ear, his arms going around her. She didn’t struggle, a tremor of excitement spreading over her as her lover’s teeth nipped at her neck.

Before she had time to form a coherent thought, she was quickly moved through one of the many anonymous doors. He was being rough, something she didn’t usually associate with Adrian. There were times when they both got a bit rough, but it was never anything like this. Merlin, she must be twisted because it was really arousing her. He pushed her to the floor and ordered her to stay there. She was aware vaguely of a bed and several candles floating around the room. The floor was hard, but he’d not used too much force when he’d shoved her to this position. She wasn’t really certain what to do, having never played this sort of game before, knowing only the little she had read. Adrian had confessed that he’d never done this, either, but he’d been eager to learn, assuring her that this would be another fantasy fulfilled for both their pleasure.

As she lay there lost in thought, she heard him start to undress. She heard the sound of a zipper and then garments being tossed onto a chair. He began to walk around the room, moving objects, making rustling sounds. As he walked past her prone position, he crossed her line of sight revealing that he was barefoot. Presently the movements ceased and Adrian ordered her to her feet. She looked up, eyes widening when she saw him, her knickers becoming uncomfortable as she took in the vision before her. He was seated in a large leather armchair completely naked.

Adrian wasn’t much taller than her, but his body was lithe and muscular. Still possessing a tan from their recent trip to Italy to visit his cousin, his nude body was gorgeous. He leaned back in the chair, deliberately posing, his full lips curved into a knowing smile as he let her have a look before the game officially began. His light brown hair fell across his forehead, the candlelight illuminating the golden strands streaked from the sun.

Green eyes were gleaming with a lust and passion that caused a wave of heat to spread over her body. Long fingers moved over his chest, playing with his nipples, brushing against his lower abdomen before his hand briefly touched the erection nestled in light brown curls. She looked into his eyes, watching as he gave her the opportunity to stop the game if it was too much, nodding slightly when she licked her lips and remained standing.

"Get undressed, Kitten," he said sharply, his tone did not invite disobedience. His eyes scorched a path down her body as he began to caress his cock slowly, fingers wrapped around the flesh as he watched her.

Taking orders was never something she found easy, even now a part of her rebelling at the idea. But another part of her was incredibly aroused, wanting nothing more than to let her lover have control for the evening. She unfastened her blouse, letting it fall from her shoulders before she tossed it to the ground. She was glad she’d worn her sexier undergarments, feeling as if she had a bit of control from his reaction to her bra covered breasts. It was little surprise that her nipples were hard and pressing against the lace of her bra, the heat in his gaze sending the temperature in the room up several degrees. When her skirt fell to the ground, she nervously chewed on her bottom lip, watching his hand stroke his cock. She jumped slightly when he suddenly spoke, the words harsh and rough, reminding her they were playing a game, acting out her fantasy.

"I meant everything!" he snapped, emphasizing the word ‘everything’, the edge in his normally friendly voice exciting her as she quickly unfastened her bra and then slid her knickers off.

"Hermione, you are mine,” he informed her softly, his voice possessive, “Do you understand?”

"Yes " she replied softly, the inner independent spirit remaining silent during this exchange, possibly too aroused to bother protesting his words. Or maybe she just knew they were true, despite the atmosphere of the fantasy.

"Yes, master!" Adrian drawled, a mischievous smile on his handsome face as he watched her eyes flash with annoyance at the word. His grip tightened on his cock as he said, "Say it, kitten."

"Yes, master,” she finally said, knowing that he might end the game if she refused. Besides, it was part of the game, the act. Was she horribly depraved for finding it stimulating to be temporarily submissive to the man she was beginning to love?

"For the remainder of this game, I shall either call you nothing or kitten, is that also clear?"

"Yes, master" she said meekly, relieved that he was using a familiar term of endearment, though that pet name sometimes irritated her.

"Now, kitten, walk over to the foot of the bed, stand facing the wall and lean forward with the palms of your hands on the bed."

She did as she was told, curiosity flashing in her eyes as she leaned forward. A slight blush crossed her cheeks as she realized how open she was to him in this position, biting her lip as she waited to see what he had planned. She felt him approach her, realizing the heavy breathing was coming from her.

"Spread your legs, kitten," he instructed quietly, not needing to raise his voice to show his power and control.

She spread them without hesitation. She felt his hand between her legs, examining her as if he had never seen this intimate part of her. Long fingers slid along her wetness, hands squeezed the globes of her ass, his thumb probed the rosebud between her cheeks, his fingers moving into her cunt. It seemed to go on forever, him simply touching and looking, never touching her where she was desperate to feel him, teasing her, torturing her.

By the time he pulled away, she was moaning softly, juices leaking down her thighs. She heard him move, crossing to another part of the room. There was the sound of a drawer opening then closing before he returned and began to stroke her buttocks very gently. Then, without warning, he brought the palm of his hand down hard making her yelp with pain.

"Did you like that, kitten?" His voice was knowing, his tone seductive.

"Yes, master." It was the honest answer, the slap of his hand startling her, hurting at first contact but sending a tremor of pleasure throughout her body after the initial shock. Merlin, she was getting wet from being spanked. Who was she and what had happened to Hermione Granger, brave Gryffindor who helped defeat Voldemort? When his palm hit her ass again, she moaned, pushing all thought from her mind as she gave in to the sensations and desire consuming her at the moment.

He alternated the slaps. Some were hard and painful, while others were soft and teasing. In between spanking, he would caress her arse, fingers thrusting into her wet cunt, thumb brushing against her clit, then another slap of his hand. It went on this way until she was covered in a sheen of sweat, the scent of her arousal heavy in the air. Her breasts were tender and aching, her pussy wet and far too empty, her curly brown hair falling around her flushed face as her hands gripped the blanket.

When the spanking stopped, she was on the edge, about to come even without having him inside her. There was silence and she knew he was looking at her. What next?

“You are still liking this, kitten?"

"Yes, master,” she cringed at how breathless her tone was, thick with lust.

"Well, we'll see about that! '' He teased, the sound making her even more wet as his tongue ran along before back before he moved away from the bed. She crawled onto the bed, no longer able to stand, kneeling on the end of the bed as she waited for Adrian.

There was the sound of a drawer being opened again before he came back to her. She gasped as he reached underneath her to grasp her dangling breasts and attach what appeared to be a heavy metal clasp to each nipple. Where had he found these? She had seen them in a naughty magazine she had borrowed from Pansy one time, finding them erotic but scary, and hadn’t mentioned the dark fascination she had had for the nipple clamps or any of the other risqué items in that magazine. How had he known?

Biting her lip, she tried to keep from crying out as the clamps closed around her nipples. The sensation wasn‘t really that painful, not like she had imagined, and it shot from her breasts straight to her cunt. She felt her clitoris tighten as fresh juices began dripping down her legs to pool on the blanket beneath her knees. Standing by her head, Adrian grabbed her hair, twisting her head around so she was forced to stare at his thick cock. Unconsciously, Hermione licked her lips as she found herself staring at the swollen, leaking head of his erection.

"I think it is time to stop your fun, kitten!" he said, winking at her, pleased at her reaction to his game. With that, he released her hair and gave her breasts a slap causing them to sway into each other, the weights pulling them, down causing her juices to flow even more. She thought he was going to let her taste him, her mouth watering for the taste of essence, bitter and salty and oh so sweet, but he walked away from the bed, her eyes moving over his back and arse as he walked to another part of the room, returning to the bed with a candelabra and wicked smile.

Adrian removed one of the candles, holding it above her arse. As the first drops of hot wax fell onto her unprotected flesh, she whimpered from the sensations of pain and pleasure. Bloody hell, that smarted, but it feel good, too. The candle wax cooled quickly, hardening against her skin. "Want more, kitten?" he asked, amusement in his husky voice.

"Yes, master" she begged. The pleasure was intense, unlike anything she‘d ever imagined. He moved the candle along her back, letting the wax fall, then his breath warm against her heated skin as he blew on the melted wax. Her ass was covered in piles of melted wax, her breasts sore from the weighted nipple clamps, and she was about to come even without him touching her intimately.

Suddenly, he blew out the candle and she felt the blunt end between the cheeks of her ass. She tensed, eyes widening as she inhaled sharply, not sure she liked the game if he planned that, not yet accustomed to even having him take her there. Adrian applied a gentle pressure, as if to penetrate her ,and then, without warning, changed target and plunged the candle deep into her soaking cunt. She gasped, her head going back at the feeling of the hard candle within her, crying out as he moved it so it would hit her in the exact spot to cause the most pleasure. She whimpered as she felt it pressing against her clit, feeling the sticky wax that had yet to melt, a part of her mind knowing this had to be unsanitary and could be dangerous but trusting Adrian to not do anything that would hurt her in any way, pressing back against the candle he was using like a Muggle dildo.

"Does it feel good, kitten?" he whispered, his cock throbbing from the look pleasure on her beautiful face. When she merely moaned, he smiled tenderly before moving the candle inside her again. He had to thank Pansy for showing him that catalogue, having bought many an interesting thing to enjoy with his lover but thinking these candles might be a favorite. They were real candles, but they were also edible, made of some special wizarding wax that heightened sensation and were created entirely for naughty reasons. He refused to considering how Pansy knew about them, not wanting to even imagine Potter and Pansy playing these sort of games, but he had to enjoy anything that caused that look of pleasure to cross Hermione’s pretty face.

The candle went in easily, her cunt soaking wet, natural lubrication flowing freely as the slurping sound confirmed as he worked the candle in and out of her, seeking her orgasm. He had a bit more fun planned for them that evening, but he wanted her to come now before he began something else. It didn‘t take long for her to whimper in release, her body clenching around the candle before her head fell forward to rest on the mattress. Adrian ran his tongue over the candle, tasting peach mixed with Hermione’s unique flavor, rather intoxicating, he had admit as he licked the candle free of her juices, his hand stroking his cock as he inhaled her scent and tasted her.

When the candle was free of her juices, he tossed it on the ground before removing the nipple clamps. His hands massaged her breasts, loving that they fit perfectly within his hands, as if she was made for him. Gently caressing her nipples, he instructed her to lie spread-eagled on the bed. She looked at him, her smile full of lust as she laid down and spread her legs. Reaching for his wand, he said a spell and her legs and arms were secured to the bed. Merlin, she looked gorgeous. He couldn’t resist lowering his head and taking a lick of her sweet pussy before he reached into the bedside cabinet and produced a soft leather cat o'nine tails.

She tensed as the first blow fell across her breasts. To her surprise, it was not a hard blow, more of a caress. A very erotic caress at that. Soft leather moved against her breasts, stomach, and thighs. She moaned as the leather hit her wet cunt with one blow, arching off the bed as she watched Adrian with passion dazed eyes. When he at last laid the whip aside, he mounted the bed and straddled her across her middle, facing her feet. In this position, he reached forward to part her dripping wet cunt. After pausing briefly to study the effects of their game, he began to touch her. She moaned as she responded to his caresses, so aroused she could barely think, not believing that giving up control could be so arousing. Suddenly, he changed positions, his knees on either side of her head.

"I need you" he said softly, his green eyes staring into hers as he looked over his shoulder. She nodded, knowing the game was over and that they both just needed release. He smiled affectionately at her before moving slightly. In this position, he lowered his cock into her mouth. Hermione was relieved when he ended the charm and her hands and feet were free. She began to suck his cock, knowing exactly what to do to pleasure him. Her tongue ran along his shaft as she sucked, her hands gripping his firm arse as she moved her head.

Adrian lowered his head, burying his face in her cunt. He licked and teased, his fingers pressing into her, his tongue lapping at her juices. “Merlin, Hermione, yes,” he hissed as she took him deep, her hand caressing his balls as her other played with his arse. Not wanting to come in her mouth, needing to be inside her, he removed his cock from her mouth when he felt his orgasm approaching. Before she had time to question him, he was thrusting into her.

Her legs moved around him, one around his waist and the other tangled amongst his own, as she arched up to meet his thrusts. Their lips met, tongues stroking one another, the scent of sweat and sex thick in the air. The room was filled with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and soft moans coming from both of them, the arousal from their playing sending them both over the edge quickly. He came with a growl of her name, his fingers finding her clit and twisting roughly, feeling her convulse beneath him as he spilled his seed inside her.

Hermione fell against the bed, gasping for breath. Her hands were moving along his back, brushing through his hair, his lips nuzzling her neck as they both came down from their explosive orgasms. Her body was sore and aching, utterly spent and sated. She would have bruises in the morning where the clamps had been and where had he spanked her ass, of that she had little doubt, but she didn’t care. This had been beyond anything she had fantasized. He had been dominant, yet gentle, never doing anything she was uncomfortable with and not causing any real pain. It had been playing, exactly what she wanted, nothing so serious it scared her.

“You look tired, Hermione,” he told her as he reluctantly pulled his spent cock from her, moving the blanket to cover them as he pulled her into his arms.

“I wonder why?” she gave him a pointed look, her lips curved into a sleepy but happy smile.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you?” he asked as he touched her breast, noticing the marks from the clamps and realizing she would be bruised, wondering if he had gone too far. He knew he hadn’t gone nearly as far as many in that scene did, but he had done what he felt comfortable doing and what he felt like she would find pleasurable.

“You were wonderful,” she brushed a kiss against his lips, nibbling on his full bottom lip before snuggling against him. “It was better than any of my fantasies, Adrian.”

“It was rather fun, wasn’t it?” he smiled smugly, watching her cover a yawn as she made herself comfortable.

“Yes, it was,” she agreed, her eyes closing as she muttered, “I really need to start working on making some of your fantasies come true, Adrian.”

Adrian smiled as he brushed a lock of hair away from her face, holding her close as he whispered, “You all ready have, Hermione.”

*The End*