We're Back in the Locker Room Again

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Story Notes:
“This place hasn’t changed at all,” Fred observed as his eyes looked around the familiar Gryffindor locker room before focusing on the man sucking his cock. “Ollie, you should really update this place. Been eight years since we graduated and I don’t think anything’s different.”

“Fred, shut the hell up,” Oliver muttered as he released the cock in his mouth and glared up at the redhead before once again wrapping his lips around the wizard’s large shaft. He moaned as he felt a tongue licking his arse, spreading his legs slightly as he kneeled on the floor of the locker room. He had returned to Hogwarts two years prior as the flying instructor, replacing Madame Hooch who had died in the War.

He’d been tired of playing professionally, longing to just settle into one place and still enjoy the game he loved. He was now coaching Gryffindor and loved his job. The fact that George and Fred Weasley happened to live in Hogsmeade had been added incentive. He and the twins had spent many a night shagging during their years at Hogwarts and he would often meet up with George whenever he could while traveling. You might even say they were in a relationship.

“Must be slacking, Ollie,” George observed as he squeezed his lover’s tight arse, “Gred is bored enough to be playing interior designer.”

“Nah, Ollie’s got a great mouth. Always has,” Fred grinned as he winked at his brother. “Just haven’t been back here in a while, unlike some people who have an open invitation.”

“Do you both always talk this much during sex?” Neville smirked at the twins as he watched Oliver sucking Fred and George tonguing the Keeper’s arse. He moved his own tongue across Fred’s pucker, his fingers gripping his lover’s arse.

“If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on that cute arse on the way out,” George arched a brow as he looked at Fred’s boyfriend. The Herbology professor just laughed before focusing his attention on Fred’s bum

“Quit talking and fuck me, damn it,” Oliver demanded as he wiggled his arse, thinking how great it was to be back in the locker room again, missing these impromptu get togethers that he and the Weasley twins had had quite often during their years at Hogwarts. When he’d returned to the school, he’d been surprised to find Longbottom teaching. The younger wizard had become rather attractive, something that Fred had noticed, the two having been involved for three years now and really quite happy together.

George smiled when he heard the low growl in Oliver’s voice, taking one last lick of his lover’s arse before moving behind him. He noticed Neville standing behind Fred, the two exchanging a wink before they thrust into their lovers. His cock slid in easily, the redhead having spent the last twenty minutes licking and stretching Oliver so the slender Keeper would be prepared for him. He began to fuck the Scottish wizard, his eyes watching Oliver’s lips wrapped around his twin brother’s cock. Fred was groaning as Neville fucked him hard, the redhead liking it a bit rough.

Oliver loved this, having a cock up his arse and another in his mouth. The only thing missing was a mouth wrapped around his own aching cock. Oh, it wasn’t something he wanted to make routine, instead enjoying it as a victory celebration of sorts. They’d often had these ‘celebrations’ following a Gryffindor win during his last three years at the school and, since his return, they’d started the tradition again, though this was the first time they’d taken the risk of doing it in the locker room again.

Fred thrust into Ollie’s warm mouth, the brunet wizard knowing exactly what he liked. He felt Neville’s lips on his back, his lover just a little shorter but a perfect height to hit his prostate on every single stroke. He twisted his head back and caught Neville’s mouth with his, clenching his muscles around the younger wizard’s cock as he thrust into Oliver’s mouth and came, the Keeper swallowing every drop and licking his shaft clean. Neville pushed his down to his knee, thrusting into his arse deeply before grunting as he came.

Oliver pushed back against George, a hand moving around his cock. He looked over and saw Fred grinning as the redhead began to stroke his shaft. Oliver pushed forward against the hand, George burying his cock into his arse and coming with a low moan, leaning forward and continuing to thrust into Oliver until his cock was spent. The brunet wizard felt a tongue snaking its way into his bum as Fred continued to squeeze his erection. With a sigh, Oliver came, his seed spilling onto the floor of the locker room.

George smiled as he pulled Oliver against him, kissing his lover before declaring, “I do believe Gryffindor is going to have a winning season, my friends!”

*the end*