Lazy Afternoon

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Story Notes:

For sundeygirl who wanted Her!Seamus/Hermione and butterflies. Hope this doesn’t disappoint! By the way, the Seamus I used is Sundey's in appearance (eyebrow ring and such) because that was her request! Tee hee hee. He's a sexy one, 'eh? Just wait until she finally starts posting her Seamus/Hermione fics. *gah* *drool* I have a crush on her Seamus!

Originally Posted: Oct 8, 2004

Hermione woke up when she felt something soft move against her cheek. One eye opened and a lazy smile crossed her lips as she met his eyes. She stretched, feeling exactly like she’d just taken a nap on the hard ground, both eyes now open and looking into his. He was resting his chin on his hand, arm propped against the blanket, his other hand moving a curl of her hair against her face. She blushed slightly at the look in his eyes, still somewhat new to being loved and desired. “Hey.”

“Hey,” he grinned the crooked smile that caused her stomach to tingle

“I, um, guess we fell asleep, huh?” she asked, wondering if that sounded as stupid as she thought, cringing slightly at appearing foolish in front of him of all people.

“Ye know, it’s a good thing you’re sexy and beautiful,” Seamus drawled lazily, his eyes flashing with mischief, “because you’re not nearly as brilliant as people think.”

“What?” she gawked at him, her eyes narrowing when he laughed.

“Gotcha,” he winked before he caught her lips in a deep kiss, knowing it was the only way to stop her from feeling awkward after their afternoon together. He knew that she was still a bit insecure about their relationship, new to such things and not at all confident when it came to being loved or to receiving compliments that were not based on her intelligence or school work. He’d fancied her for years, watched her grow from a bossy little girl with too much hair and a smug attitude to a beautiful girl with intelligence and compassion.

She still had too much hair and a smug, bossy attitude, but he was older enough now to appreciate it, finding it rather arousing when she got forceful and superior. As for her hair, it felt fantastic brushing against his bare skin and he loved tangling his fingers in it as he snogged her senseless so there were definitely no complaints from him about the lush chestnut curls that spilled down her back.

He’d always assumed she’d end up with Weasley or Potter, never believing he had a chance at all of attracting the smart, gorgeous creature that was far too good for a git like him. He was far from serious, liked a laugh more than doing homework, rarely worried about anything unless it was impossible to avoid, was too carefree and a bit wild and he was luckier than any wizard he knew because she loved him.

“You’re just trying to distract me with kisses,” she arched a brow and smiled slightly as she moved her hand across his forehead, tracing the curve of the piercing in his eyebrow and feeling a tremor of lust spread over her as he gave her the ‘I’m starving and you’re dessert’ look as he ran his tongue over his lips.

“You like when I distract you, love,” he reminded with a wink before he kissed her again. Her tongue tangled with his, flicking the piercing that still tasted of her essence, her low moan causing his cock to harden as he moved his hand along her side to caress her bare breast.

“Seamus,” she gasped when she felt his leg brush against her growing wetness, her nails digging in his back as she tried to remember what he had said to annoy her, unable to think of anyone except the feel of his slender body pressed so intimately against hers.

“So bloody beautiful,” he murmured as he kissed her neck, rubbing his leg against her cunt as his erection pressed against her leg. He was hard again, despite having spent the afternoon on a picnic, with Hermione as dessert. His fingers brushed against her curls, finding her wet and ready, playing with her, teasing her, kissing her again as he got her ready for him. She’d given him her virginity just last month, following their graduation from Hogwarts, and was still getting used to the physical aspects of their relationship so he was careful and slow. Of course, he also enjoyed teasing her and loved to hear her growl and demand for him to take her, finding her even more sexy when she was aroused and bossy.

“You’re a tease,” she scolded playfully, loving the way he made her feel. It had surprised many of their friends when she had accompanied him to Hogsmeade that Saturday in late January, the idea of them together not making sense to anyone except themselves. Together, they were balanced, in a way, and she knew that being with him felt right. He made her happy and made her feel beautiful and sexy and loved. They were too young to discuss a future yet, having only been able to start thinking about such things in the last year following Voldemort’s defeat, but she wouldn’t be at all surprised if their futures weren’t shared.

“That I am,” he smiled as he moved his lips down her neck and found her breast, his tongue brushing against her nipple as he slowly eased into her. She moaned as he stretched her, her fingers gripping his short hair as she arched up against him. They began to move together, hands touching, lips against skin, their actions no longer teasing as the pleasure began to build. He came with a soft grunt, her body exploding beneath his as she cried out his name.

Seamus stayed inside her after their orgasms, her arms holding him as they kissed gently. This was her favorite part, not that the actual sex wasn’t just brilliant because it was, but she loved snuggling with him and just kissing him, touching him, feeling him inside her. When he reluctantly ended the kissing and pulled out of her, she sat up, a sated smile on her swollen lips.

She watched him pull his jeans on, fastening them halfway and not bothering with his shirt. Merlin, he looked sexy like that, looking away with a blush when he caught her ogling him and smirked before winking. She watched the butterflies fly around the flowers surrounding their blanket, sighing happily when he moved behind her and held her against him, his lips against her neck as they both watched the butterflies and enjoyed the remainder of their lazy afternoon.

The End.