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Story Notes:

Originally Posted: September 2, 2004

"Did you miss me?"

Hermione froze when the sensual voice washed over, eyes widening as she looked up and saw the large man leaning in her doorway. She hadn’t seen him in six months, since she’d whispered I love you following a very exhausting session of fucking. He’d been gone when she woke up, not even bothering with a note. "What do you want, Marcus?"

"What do you think?" he leered as his eyes looked over her, noticing that she was wearing the scarf he’d gotten her for the holidays the previous year. His eyes flashed with pleasure at the knowledge she’d obviously been thinking about him, missing him. Merlin, she looked good enough to eat, and he was definitely ravenous. For her.

"Just leave," she said curtly, not wanting to deal with him. She knew why he was there, of course. Their entire relationship had been about sex. Just sex was their motto and had been since they’d met at a Ministry ball two years go. Neither had wanted a relationship, she was focused on her job and he traveled with his Quidditch team.

She’d believed him when he said that he was faithful, trusting him to be honest had he been shagging groupies, and the sex had phenomenal. It had been good for a while, but she’d changed it by falling in love with him. Now he reappeared after six months assuming she’d be so eager she’d forget about emotion and simply fuck him, but she couldn’t do that, not anymore. Things had changed.

"No," he replied as he entered her office, shutting the door behind him. Stubborn damn witch, let’s see if she could resist him so easily when he was kissing her and touching her. He knew exactly how to touch her, what gave her the most pleasure, what caused her to come apart in his arms. He needed her back in his life, the last six months the most horrible he’d experienced, comparing every woman he met to her and finding them all inferior to his witch. "C’mon, Hermione. You know you’ve missed fucking me."

"I’m warning you, Marcus. Just leave," her voice was soft, her eyes watching him move closer. She looked into his eyes, whispering, "It can’t be just sex anymore."

"Why not?" he arched a brow, knowing he couldn’t admit that he’d missed her and had thought about her every day and wanted nothing more than to sink deep inside her and never leave. She’d mentioned love, scaring him to death, so he’d run. He couldn’t say he loved her because he didn’t really understand love and wasn’t sure if what he felt for her was love or not, but he could say he needed her and wanted her, thinking that should be enough for now.

Hermione stood up slowly, her hand moving to rest on the swell of her stomach, watching his eyes widen as he looked at her round stomach. She sighed, "Because everything is much more complicated now, Marcus."

The end.