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Story Notes:
March 11, 2012
Bones is gone when Jim gets back to the table. His glass of iced tea is still there, which means he’s probably coming back, but one can never be sure when it comes to Bones. He isn’t really that predictable. Well, Jim knows him well enough after six years to guess correctly a lot of the time, but this isn’t really a normal situation. All bets are off in terms of estimating Bones’ behavior, basically, so Jim doesn’t know if he should sit and wait, go out and dance some more, or go hunting for his doctor. It takes him all of three seconds to decide that hunting is the way to go. He’s not one for waiting, there’s been enough dancing, and he really just wants Bones. Easy choice.

Jim leaves the ballroom, enjoying the quiet that follows the closing door. While he’s always one to enjoy a party, this one has been loud and festive enough that he needs a break. Besides, there’s so many people there that it’s impossible for him to sneak any time alone with Bones. They were trying to grab some food when Bones’ aunt Edna had asked for a dance and that had just led a line of ‘can I cut in?’ that had his feet aching and his Bones pulling a disappearing act.

After searching the first floor of the hotel, Jim still hasn’t found Bones. He considers going upstairs to check their room, but the sound of rain hitting the window near the reception desk changes his course. Instead of going to the staircase, he goes outside and inhales the smell of fresh rain in the air. He hadn’t heard it raining from the ballroom, not with all the music and chatter being so loud, but he’s glad he noticed it before he headed upstairs. It doesn’t take long before he finds Bones sitting on the railing of the wrap around porch watching the rain. His dress uniform is mussed, the jacket open and his shirt untucked, and there’s a peaceful expression on his face.

Since his eyes are closed, Jim thinks maybe he can sneak up on him, but he should have known better. He hasn’t even taken three steps before Bones slowly smiles and says, “Finally finished dancing, Jim?” without even opening his eyes.

“I hate how you do that,” Jim grumbles, rolling his eyes as he stops trying for stealth and just crosses the porch. “It’s your fault I was dancing so much. You could have cut in to save me from your billion relatives. Your aunt Edna even pinched my ass. I feel so violated, Bones.”

Bones snorts and finally opens his eyes, looking at Jim with that soft look that’s been on his face all day. Jim can’t help but preen when Bones looks at him like that. “Don’t worry, darlin’. I’ll kiss it better later.”

“Yeah?” Jim licks his lips and reaches up to loosen the collar of his uniform. “I’m not sure exactly where she pinched. Might have to kiss all over, just to make sure you get it.”

“Fluttering those lashes at me doesn’t work, kid.” Bones reaches out to take Jim’s hand and tugs him closer. “Edna needs to keep her hands to herself, though.”

“Liar. It so works.” Jim smirks as he settles between Bones’ legs. He can feel the dampness in the air as the rain keeps falling down, but he doesn’t have a chance to get cold because Bones is so hot. In more ways than one. “All your relatives have pinchy fingers. I know my ass is irresistible, but you McCoys are a handsy group. I think that’s the only reason they all wanted to dance.”

“We Mccoys have got good taste,” Bones says, shrugging a shoulder even as he grins. “’sides, they’re all just jealous that I get to touch any time I want. I can’t really blame them for not being able to resist the urge to pinch that fine ass of yours.”

“Hmph.” Jim sticks his tongue out. “You’re supposed to defend my honor, Bones, not encourage a bunch of old Southern ladies who want to pinch the wrong pair of cheeks. Anyway, they were so busy monopolizing my time that I didn’t even get to dance with you.”

“You only want to dance with me to pinch my ass.” Bones rubs the nape of Jim’s neck and strokes that one spot that makes it difficult to think about anything except melting into a puddle of goo. When he whimpers, Bones chuckles and kisses the tip of his nose. “C’mon.”

“I don’t wanna go back yet,” Jim says, not caring if he’s whining. Bones just winks at him and tugs on his hand, so he follows Bones to the back of the hotel. When Bones starts to walk down the stairs to the path below, Jim figures maybe he needs to point something important out. “It’s raining.”

“Really? I hadn’t realized.” Bones barks out a laugh and pulls Jim into the rain. “It’s fitting, isn’t it? It was raining that first night.”

Jim blinks rainwater out of his eyes and slowly smiles. “Yeah, it was.” True, the rain had been bright green on the planet they’d been on that night, but he could still remember the damp wet against his skin when he’d pushed Bones against a tree and kissed him that first time.

Before he can say anything about Bones being a big old softy romantic, Bones is kissing him. Jim guesses that maybe he's a big old softy romantic, too, because he can’t really remember ever being quite as happy as he is at that very moment as he wraps his arms around his new husband and returns the kiss.