Various Drabbles (Star Trek)

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Story Notes:
September/October 2009
Prompt: Kirk/Bones - Kirk: Do you think I'm going too fast? Maybe I should put on the brakes?
Bones: Fast or slow, I like the direction you're going. (Brokeback Mountain)

This isn’t the time or place for declarations. The ceremony has just ended, and there are hundreds of people milling around, congratulating each other and mourning those who are missing. Jim figures that this will earn him a swift kick to the ass or at least a slap upside the back of his head once he lets go of Bones, but it’s worth it. He knew when he was on stage and looked out at the sea of red searching for one particular face that he’s done enough running and hiding from all this emotional shit.

They almost died, life’s too short, he has to take a chance or live in regret, and dozens of other horrible clichs echo through his mind as he presses Bones against the wall. They’re somewhat hidden, since Jim values his life, and his dick, enough not to do this with an audience, but he’s still surprised that Bones doesn’t push him away and grumble about hormones or stupid decisions or any number of things that Bones likes to bitch about whenever Jim gets too close, too personal, too intimate.

Instead, Bones gives him a knowing look, one that says ‘it’s about damn time, asshole, and, yeah, I feel it, too’ with just a quirk of lips and narrowing of eyes. Jim grins and feels much more confident, not that he’s been nervous or anything, of course not because he’s James T. Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise, and this is just showing his best friend that he wants more, wants it now even if it’s too fast, or maybe it hasn’t been fast enough since it’s been three years of this build-up to this one perfect moment.

Perfect might not be the right word. Their noses bump, they knock their foreheads together, there’s too much teeth and dry lips, their hands are shaking and sweaty, both of them are fighting for dominance and control. But, finally, they get it right, and it’s passion and aching and feels more right than anything he’s ever felt, even better than being in space, not that he’s going to tell Bones that. Jim grips the back of Bones’ neck and deepens the kiss, closing his eyes and surrendering to this, to them, as Bones follows him down this new path