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Willow reached for the cream to put in her coffee. She watched the white substance and counted until she had her usual dosage. Some way to spend New Year's Eve. Buffy was out with Riley, enjoying a romantic night together. Xander and Anya were no doubt having sex somewhere imaginative. Even Giles had gone off to join his orgasm buddy as the gang called her. Spike had disappeared, probably trying to find some silly twit to screw.

She was alone. On New Year's Eve. Perfect way to start the Millennium. Her glance fell on her lap top. Well, not completely alone. She was planning on getting some research done for Giles. He had been kind enough to allow her to stay at his apartment. Her parents were gone, as usual. The dorms were rather empty, but the few remaining students were throwing a party. She didn't need to hear the loud music and the laughter as others enjoyed the night.

She turned her computer on, relishing in the soft purr it made as it connected. Familiar things would often comfort her when things looked bleak. She typed in her codes and began surfing the web. She chuckled over some mail a friend from England had sent her. She typed her response and sent it, moving on to the next letter.

She typed away for hours. She found the research that Giles needed easily enough. After bookmarking the needed pages, she began to browse some of her favorite sights. She clicked on the icon that would take her to the herbal online store, when, suddenly, the screen started blinking. She hit the side of the machine, trying to fix it. She heard a groan from the inside of it as the screen flickered off, leaving a blank screen. Her mouth fell open, anger coursing through her at the gall of the machine.

* * * * *

Spike opened the door and heard glass shattering. Surprised, he rushed in. He froze, a smile taking over his lips. The redhead was flinging things all over the room. He saw three broken photographs, a pillow, and a chair all laying on the floor.

"There a problem luv?" he said softly.

Willow turned on him, her eyes blazing. "The damn Y2K thing. It knocked off my computer. Damn stupid machine...you'd think after knowing this was might happen, they'd be better prepared for it. Are they? No. They get us dependent on their webpages and their email only to wait until the goddamn Millennium to pull the rug out and say Ha, we fooled you. The only thing I had tonight was the damn lap top. Now, it has even left me." She picked up another picture and threw it to the floor.

Spike started laughing. "You've become this pissed off over a stupid computer? I thought someone must have killed your parents or something. How bloody ridiculous."

The phone rang. Spike reached for it. "Hello, Hell. Devil speaking. Oh, watcher. Yes, things are fine. Nope, lights are still on. Go back to your friend. I've been through one of these already. Don't do anything I wouldn't do" he chuckled as he hung up.

"What?" Willow sputtered. "Everything is NOT fine. I don't have access. I can not live without my email!"

Spike rolled his eyes. He moved forward. "Nothing else has messed up luv. Are you sure it is the Y2K thing and not just a computer problem?"

"You're questioning me?" Willow looked at him in shock. "No one ever questions me about computers. Of course it is the y2k thing, you stupid vampire."

"Stupid? Listen here you silly little girl. I'm not the one throwing a temper tantrum because I can't ski the web or whatever the fuck you call it. You try to act so superior to everyone, so smart. What I wouldn't give for a camera now" he snorted.

"I..I..." Willow fell the the floor. "It's all I have" she said softly. "Oz left me...No one else wants me....It's all I have."

"Great Spike. Way to go. Make her cry. Damn it, why'd I ever come back to Sunnydale?" He knelt beside her, thankful that slayer wasn't going to make an unexpected appearance. "Willow, luv. No tears. I hate tears. You have your friends. Don't you?"

She shook her head. "It's not the same. They have someone else. Even Giles is having sex. I already hate this year" she whined, sobbing louder.

"Bloody hell" Spike said, knowing her words to be truth. He'd watched them the last month. She was always retreating to her silly lap top while the others went out and had sex. "The year just started pet. Give it a chance."

"No" Willow said, shaking her head sharply. "I'm not leaving this room until next year."

Spike sat back on his heels. "Might get a bit tired of the watcher's cooking. He has a tendency to burn things."

Willow felt a smile come, but fought it. "I like Cajun."

"The phone is always ringing, especially in the morning."

"I have an answering machine."

Spike took one last stab. "Then there's me. I sleep on the couch."

"You're ok. You don't try to bite me anymore."

"In the nude" he added.

Willow raised her face to his, her eyes wide. "Does Giles know?" she asked softly.

Spike laughed. "Let's just say, he makes sure I know when he's about to leave his room in the mornings."

"Oh my" Willow felt her face blushing.

Had she known that, she knew that she would have had to make a surprise visit in the morning. Bad Willow. Think about the computer.

"So, you see, you have to leave this room sometime."

Willow ran her eyes over Spike's figure, bringing her eyes back to his.


Spike felt a flicker of arousal at the girl's bold appreciation of him. He had never really thought of her as anything other than the slayer's little friend. His eyes roamed over her, his cock hardening.

"Want me to make you forget about that silly computer?" he offered, his voice husky.

"What computer?" Willow asked breathlessly, leaning closer to him.

His hand grabbed her head, his mouth claiming her lips.

Willow felt his cold lips on hers. A fire started in her mouth and spread lower. She moved, knocking him off balance and onto his back. She pulled away and giggled as he glared at her.

"Not funny pet."

"Well, I guess you could say that I knocked you off your feet" Willow replied, standing. She was in much better spirits after that kiss.

"Humans and your cliched little sayings." He muttered as he stood. His lips were still burning from the brief contact. He eyed her predatorily as he moved towards her.

Willow saw the look in his eyes and felt arousal sweep through her. No one had ever looked at her with such blatant need before. She felt slightly amazed that she could cause that. He backed her up against the table, bringing her in closer to him. She gasped as he slid his hands up her shirt. He was in a hurry. She knew suddenly that this would be pure sex, needy and wanted. She felt his lips travel down her neck, biting softly. Briefly she wondered why he wasn't getting a headache. She decided it must be because he wasn't meaning to harm her.

She felt his hand on her wet panties.

"Lift up" he commanded, his blue eyes burning into hers.

She arched up allowing him to pull down her jeans and panties. She sat on the edge of the table, clad only in an opened shirt, her bra hanging loose. She saw his eyes wander over her, burning a trail as they made their way back up to her face.

He moved closer. She felt his mouth on hers, his tongue claiming her as she heard his zipper lowered. He entered her, capturing her gasp of pain. He was much larger than Oz, filling her completely. She began to move against him, grinding herself against him. She felt her head explode from the intensity of it all. She laid back, her arms flailing as he began to pound faster. She distantly heard a crash but ignored it. She needed to cum. She felt his teeth bite her nipple as she arched up, screaming his name as her orgasm overtook her. He entered her deeply, spilling his seed.

Willow looked at him, her eyes smiling.


"Better now pet?" he asked cockily.

"Ummm....much." she said sighing a satisfied smile. She turned her head and started laughing. "Look!"

He looked beside the table and saw her lap top laying on the floor. The picture on it showing some webpage for Herbs R Us.

"I won't say I told you so" he said, smirking.

"Oh hush. I thought it was the bug. Look where it brought us?"

"I admit....I am grateful to the damn thing. Want to try the couch?"

"Sure....we have all year" Willow said, sitting up and taking his hand.