Birthday Spanking

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Willow followed Xander down the stairs into his basement. "So, she doesn't know?"

Xander smiled, "Nope. It's going to be a surprise."

"You know she's going to kill you don't you?"

"Part of life" he said, sitting down on the sofa beside Buffy and taking a handful of jelly bellies and popping them into his mouth.

"Killing might be generous for what she'll do to you" Spike said, shaking his head. Personally, he was only there because he wanted to see some blood. Well, that and Willow had threatened to stake his ass if he didn't show. Not that he was scared of her. Nope. Not him. He saw the redhead raise her eyebrow at him and shrugged, "I can hope, luv. A nice spot of torture always brightens a birthday."

"I am so not asking" Buffy said, making a face.

Willow rolled her eyes and sat down. She tried to avoid looking at Spike, but couldn't. His body was like a magnet, drawing her eyes no matter what she was supposed to be doing. She caught the can of soda Riley tossed her and then looked up as he tossed her something else. She looked at the CD and read it, "The Best of the Village People? What the hell is this?"

Xander made a face, "Put your soda on it. I can't find the coasters and Mom will have a fit if we get rings on the table. I had to sacrifice some of my collection for tonight. She better not torture me."

"You actually paid for that thing?" Spike asked, "Aren't those the wankers that prance around in costumes and such?"

"YMCA" Buffy said, "A classic feel good song."

"Not if your the bleeding bum on bottom" Spike said, watching her try to understand what he was talking about. Finally, he sighed loudly, explaining it to her, "The poof on bottom, luv. The one getting reamed? You know? Ass fucked? Not a feel good song? Oh, why do I bother?"

"Eeew...that song is not about that" Buffy said, "It's about young men staying for free at the YMCA...oh my god....he's right. Eeeww..."

"It's ok, honey" Riley said, patting her arm. "We all have our illusions ruined sometime or another."

"Oh shut up" Buffy said, laughing. "When is Giles bringing her?"

"Should be here soon" Xander said, glancing up the stairs.

As if on perfect cue, the door opened. Xander jumped and turned off the lights. He watched Anya and Giles walk downstairs, his hand ready.

"Why the hell is it so dark?" Anya asked, grumbling. She didn't much like the watcher anyway. Having to be stuck with him for over an hour had not been the high point of her day. "Xander? I can hear you breathing! Turn the damn lights on."

She froze when he switched the lights on and everyone yelled out Happy Birthday. She glanced at the cake and saw one birthday candle. She looked at Xander and smiled, "One?"

Xander shrugged, "One human year. Remember?"

"I remember" she smiled, going into his arms and kissing him soundly. "So, a party. This is my first, you know?"

"Did you suspect?" Willow asked, "I can't believe Xander would be able to keep it a secret."

"He did" Anya said, sitting her purse down. She saw it start to move and could hear the vibrations. She looked up and saw the smirks on the others faces. She groaned, "My God, it's only a cell phone people. I keep it on vibrate. Geesh...and you say I'm the sex obsessed one."

"You are honey" Xander said, checking the phone. "It's an alarm. Why do you

have an alarm set?"

"I don't remember" Anya said honestly. "I may have set it by mistake. Guess it wasn't important."

"So, ready for the presents?" Riley asked, eagerly.

"Presents? There are presents too?" Anya said, clapping. "What fun."

"This is from me and Riley" Buffy said, handing over a box.

Anya ripped it open, not caring about the paper. She looked inside, pulling out lacy thong underwear and matching bras. "Is this considered a polite gift? I mean, I don't plan on modeling this stuff for you...."

"Good God, I hope not" Giles said, grimacing. "Buffy, I must say, that is a bit risqué."

"Well, excuse me. I thought she'd like them" Buffy said, looking at the ex-demon. "Don't you like them?"

"Yep. But I rarely wear underwear. Oh well, may have to start. I suppose it would be rude to just put them in a drawer" Anya said, folding the skimpy scraps and putting them back in the box.

"Here is my gift. I believe it is a bit more appropriate" Giles said.

Anya ripped it open, looking inside, "It's a book. A dusty book. Oh joy. Thanks."

"What about mine?" Spike said, tossing her a box. She smiled at him, knowing she'd get a kick out of whatever he gave her. She saw him looking at Willow and her smile broadened. Those two had been fighting an attraction for months. She wished they would just do it and get it over with finally.

"Thank you Spike" she said sweetly, liking him more than any of the others.

Well, except Red. She could be a kick too. She ripped it open, smiling, "It's great. I've been looking for something like this. Where did you get them?"

Xander's eyes widened slightly, looking at the heavy iron shackles. He gulped, "Great.....shackles."

"They're for me, not you" Anya said, smiling. "Aren't they marvy?"

"Maybe we should move along" Giles said.

Willow had her eyes frozen on the shackles, wondering where Spike had gotten them. Wondering if they had been his. Visions of him using them on her flooded her mind as her face flushed softly. She looked up and saw several eyes on her. She smiled weakly, handing Anya her box. "This is from me. I didn't know if you'd like it but...."

Anya didn't wait for more. She ripped the package open, pulling out a beautiful necklace. She touched it softly, looking at Willow in surprise. "It's fantastic."

"I know it isn't the same as the one you lost, not having those nifty demon powers and such, but I thought it was pretty."

"I like it more than the old one" Anya said, surprising the girl by hugging her. She had felt the remains of magic on the necklace and knew the girl had put a bit of a protection spell on it. Willow had gotten better at her spells, but she always kept them hidden since the huge fiascoes most of them had turned out to be. Anya had been able to tell the girl had been practicing though. And she was getting better. "Thanks Red."

"That just leaves Xander" Buffy said, looking expectantly at the teen.

Xander flushed slightly, "Well, mine is actually two parts."

Anya looked at him, "Yes?"

"The first part is well um...well, Will you marry me?"

Anya froze, looking at his shaking hand that was holding a small velvet box. "Are you serious?"

"How sweet" Willow said, sighing softly.

"Yes" Xander said, opening the ring box.

"Yes" Anya said, hugging him before looking at the ring. "This is nice. Oh, what's the second part?"

"A birthday spanking of course" Xander said, smiling in happiness.

"Oooh" Anya beamed, running her hands over the shackles, "A birthday spanking?" She glanced at Willow and Spike then got a crafty look on her face. She was getting married. Everyone should be as happy. "Since it is my birthday, can I pass it on?"

"What?" Riley asked.

"The spanking. Can I elect someone else to receive it for me?" Anya asked.

Buffy caught the girl's glance to Willow and Spike and laughed, "I think that can be arranged. But who ever would you elect?"

"Wait, you can't do that" Willow said, never having heard of a spanking being passed around.

"It's my birthday. I can too" Anya said, grinning. She tossed the shackles to a surprised Spike. "Spike, would you do me the honor of spanking Willow for my birthday?"

Spike slowly smiled, his blue eyes looking toward the redhead. He could hear her heart racing and smelled her arousal thick in the air. He arched an eyebrow, "Just one year?"

Anya shook her head, "I've been around for over a thousand, remember?"

"No" Willow said, shaking her head. Her panties were already becoming wet from the visions of Spike spanking her. How was she to control herself in front of her friends?

"You can just settle on a hundred I guess...for now. Maybe owe her a thousand or so" Anya said, winking.

"I think I can handle your request" Spike said, glancing around. "But I don't perform for an audience."

Anya groaned, "Well, there. Go and ruin all my fun." She picked up the scraps of lace Buffy had given her and tossed them to a surprised Willow. "Wear those, Red. Someone can get some use out of them. Spike, you can take her back to your place. Remember though, this is part of my present from can't weasel out of it."

"Do I not get a say in this?" Willow squeaked, not liking the exact idea of being a present from Xander. She twisted the lacy thong in her hands as she glared at the others.

"No" Spike said, pulling her to him and kissing her roughly. He pulled back, his cock already hard just from a kiss. He lifted her chin and smiled, "Come along, pet. We have to finish Anya's birthday present."

Willow gulped, noticing that her body was still pressed against his. Damn, betrayed by her own body. She nodded, "Fine. But if it starts hurting, you better stop."

Anya watched them leave, smiling as they argued but remained touching. She saw Buffy look at her and shrugged, "What?"

"You are evil. Those two have been hot for each other for months! Now, we are going to have to listen to Spike all the time. He's going to be Willow's beau and we'll have to be nice...."

"Quit whining" Xander said, "I'm getting married and Willow is finally going to get laid by Fang. Overall, I'd say things were going well."

Giles rolled his eyes, "How do I put up with you all?"

"Just lucky" Anya said, smiling. She looked at the others, "You know, I could used to this birthday party thing. We have one of these once a year?"

"Yes sweetie" Xander said, kissing her.

Anya leaned close to his ear, whispering, "We'll work on that spanking later, honey."

Xander beamed as he turned back to the others. Overall a good birthday surprise.