Anniversary Party

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"What do you mean it won't grow back?"

"What part do you not understand?"

"Where do we go from here?"

"Why do ask me so many questions?"

"Why do you never give me any answers?"

"What makes you think I know the answers?"

"Why do we continue to play this game?"

"Why won't you admit you want me?"

"Where did that come from?"

"How can you ignore what you really feel?"

"Why can't I ever win this game?"

"Why is winning so important to you?"

"What makes you think it is?"

"Why do you deny what you feel?"

"Why can't you just answer my question without asking another?"

"Does it make you angry?"

"Do I look angry?"

"When are you going to stop being scared of what you want and feel and just shag me?"

There was silence greeting the question before a curse, "Bloody hell!"

"Oh, and the redhead wins again," Xander spoke up as Spike growled.

"That's not fair," Spike said, running a hand through his bleached blond hair before glaring at the smirking redhead. "You cheated."

"How did I cheat?" Willow asked innocently before turning to her team mates and doing a brief dance of triumph, "Another point for us, team."

"You are the Queen of Questions," Buffy declared with a smile as she bowed at Willow's feet.

"She cheated!" Spike said as he moved to sit in a chair beside the sofa. His blue eyes were narrowed as he watched Willow, his mind still dwelling on her question that had won her the silly game.

They were at Buffy's house, celebrating the fourth anniversary of Anya becoming human, having used the event as an excuse to have a party and just relax. They'd started playing games a couple of hours before, starting with Charades before everyone had soon grown tired and they'd moved on to Questions, one of Anya's favorites. Willow had won every round, scoring numerous points for her team. This time, he'd nearly won, finally having his chance to face her. Then she'd had to go and mention shagging. His mind had instantly been flooded with vivid images of them shagging and he'd not been able to remember what they were talking about much less come up with a question in which to keep the game going.

"Quit whining," Anya rolled her eyes, deciding, "Enough with the games. Our team won, thanks to Willow and her talent at Questions. Now, I'm hungry. Xander, go get the ice cream."


"Yes, dear," Xander said with a smile as he stood up and moved to his fiance. He kissed her on his way to the kitchen, asking, "Can someone help me? I've got a lot of food."

"I'll help, X-man," Faith said as she followed him into the kitchen. Her eyes widened as she looked around, "Okay, there's enough food here to feed an army!"

"Just grab something and take it back to the living room," Xander said as he moved to the freezer.

Meanwhile, back in the living room, Buffy was playing with Willow's hair. She loved the shampoo that the redhead was using, making a mental note to ask her best friend what brand it was later. She could smell jasmine and something else, though she couldn't place the other scent. She leaned down and inhaled before straightening up and realizing how weird it was that she was smelling her best friend's hair. She saw Willow glance at her and smiled sheepishly, "Sorry. You're shampoo smells really good."

"No problem," Willow laughed, "I'll let you borrow it, if you want."

"Let's listen to some music," Dawn suggested as she moved to turn on the radio, flipping through stations until she heard something good. With a smile, she turned it up and smiled, "I love this song! They have it on that flashback music channel a lot."

"Okay, guys. Here are snacks galore," Faith said as she walked back in to the living room and put down several bowls of assorted sugar filled foods. She straightened up and smiled when she heard the song playing, "Man, I love this song!"

"That's what I just said!" Dawn beamed at the slayer. She started to dance, singing along with the radio, "You spin me right round, baby, right round..."

"Like a record baby right round round round," Faith sang along too before falling beside Buffy on the sofa. She still found it hard to believe that she was not only back in Sunnydale, but that she was part of the group now. She'd gotten out of prison about six months before, going back to the Hellmouth to try to make amends. When she'd gotten there, she'd found herself welcomed back, though there had been some trust issues and she'd had to prove that she was sincere and reformed. Now, though, she was living with Buffy and Dawn and considered Willow one of her best friends.

"Make it stop," Spike muttered, sharing a grimace with Giles.

"I'm too old for this noise," Giles said as he listened to the horrible music, deciding that music was not the appropriate word to use. Noise was definitely more suitable.

Willow laughed as she watched Giles and Spike make faces at the music Dawn had chosen, her green eyes staying on Spike's face far longer than they should have. Goodness, he was gorgeous. Even when he was whining about losing a game or grimacing about bad music, he was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She reluctantly moved her eyes away as she leaned over and grabbed a handful of Tropical Fruit lifesavers, pulling out the pineapple and tossing the rest back in the bowl. She put one in her mouth as she listened to Spike and Giles began to argue with the others about whether or not most music from the eighties could even be considered music, her eyes again straying to Spike's face.

Not good, Willow, she scolded herself mentally. She'd nearly blown it during their game of questions, flirting with trouble by asking him things that she had often wondered, adding just enough amusing questions so that her friends would not get suspicious and realize that she had a crush on the blond vampire. Crush? Ha, that was a laugh. She was head over heels in love with the vampire, had been since he'd returned to Sunnydale all those years before. Did he realize it? No, of course not. He was completely oblivious to her feelings for him, considering her a friend in a strictly platonic sense. Only in her wildest dreams did he look at her with love in his eyes and whisper words of adoration and lust and make promises of a future together.

"Who wants ice cream?" Xander asked as he walked back into the living room. "Going once, going twice...sold to the beautiful woman that is going to be my wife!"

"Xander, that's enormous!" Anya said as she saw the huge bowl of ice cream he had brought her.

"Bet he's never heard *that* before," Spike snickered, earning a slap from his redhead. The smirk faded from his lips at that random thought. His redhead? Since when did she become his? He sat back in his chair, awareness slowly entering his eyes as he watched Willow laugh at Xander's response to Anya, his blue eyes moving lovingly over her face. The question wasn't when had she become his, but when hadn't she been his? He shook his head slightly, knowing this wasn't the time or place to suddenly realize that his feelings for Willow went beyond friendship. He was playing with fire by letting himself become such close friends with her, knowing that it was tempting fate by hanging out with a slayer and falling for her best friend. He grabbed a handful of gummi bears and began ripping their heads off as he became lost in thought. He loved Willow. When the hell had that happened?

"Oh, can I give Anya her present now?" Dawn asked excitedly.

"Go ahead," Buffy agreed with a smile as her sister went to the closet and removed the vase of white roses that they had purchased for Anya's anniversary of becoming a human. She looked around the room at her friends, enjoying the evening of just hanging out and being silly. She froze when she looked at Spike, her eyes widening. The slayer sat back against the couch, her hazel eyes noticing that Spike was staring at Willow with an _expression in his blue eyes that spoke of love and lust. It was about damn time, Buffy decided with a slow smile. Those two had been in love for years, or at least in intense lust, but it had taken them forever to finally acknowledge their feelings. She'd never expected it to take so long. Once they had become roommates and moved into Willow's house nearly two years ago, well, she'd expected them to begin a real relationship.

"We got you white roses because they're so pretty," Dawn told Anya as she handed over the vase. "I wanted to get you a wild rose that the store had, but it was pretty expensive and they only had one so we decided a dozen of the white was better."

"They're beautiful," Anya beamed, blinking away the moisture that was threatening to spill. She smiled at Xander, "They got me flowers."

"I see that, honey," he smiled back as he took them from her to put them on the table. Sitting down, he reached for some gummi bears before tossing them back into the bowl. Glaring, he said, "Spike! Quit playing with the junk food!"

"What did I do?" Spike asked innocently, his lips curved into a smirk.

"You put their heads on different bodies," Xander whined, "they look like Frankenstein got hold of them now."

"Just eat some goobers or one of the other numerous choices of candy," Faith said as she looked at the new and improved gummi bears. She winked at Spike as she said, "They look better now. I hate those things. Always feel like they're staring at me or something."

"So, what now?" Buffy asked as she looked at her friends. She was torn because she wanted to spend more time hanging out with her friends but she also wanted Spike and Willow to get out of there in hopes that they would finally admit they were in love and meant to be followed by much shagging.

"Well, Giles is griping about the music because he's too old to enjoy it so maybe a movie," Dawn suggested.

"He's not that old," Willow said with a smile quoting from one of her favorite movies, "He's older than the Beatles but younger the Rolling Stones."

"Oh, I know that one!" Buffy said in triumph. "Pirate Movie! I've got one. What's happening, Hot Stuff?"

"Sixteen Candles," several voices replied in unison before laughing.

"On that note, I think I will be going home," Giles said with a smile as he stood up. "I'll be seeing you."


"Bye Giles. Thanks for coming," Anya said as she waved at her boss.

"And again I must ask, what now?" Buffy asked with a smile.

"Why doesn't the silly chit just turn around and tell the wanker to shut his trap?" Spike asked suddenly.

"Huh?" Willow asked, arching a brow as she looked at him.

"This stupid song. He's going on and on about her turning around. Why doesn't she just tell him to shut the fuck up already?" Spike asked as his eyes caught hers.

"Oh, God. Not this song!" Faith moaned when she heard what was playing. "That's it. I'm haunted by it for the rest of the night. It will stay in my head for hours and hours now!"

"You guys are crazy," Anya smiled as she stood. "I think Xander and I are going to go home now. We have some unfinished business involving many orgasms and cuddles. Thank you for the party and the roses."

"Have a great night, you misfits you," Xander leaned over and hugged the four girls before giving Spike a wave.

"Happy anniversary, Anya!" Willow called out to her friend.

"I guess the party is over," Buffy said with a sigh as Xander and Anya left.

"Only until next time," Willow reminded with a smile. "I'm sure we'll find something else to celebrate soon."

"You're right. Besides that, we've got our Vegas vacation coming up in a few weeks. Two days away from Sunnydale to enjoy bright lights and no patrols," Buffy stood and hugged the redhead. "Now, I've got to get this mess cleaned up. Faith, you and Dawn want to do a quick patrol?"

"Sure, B," Faith nodded, noticing the smirk on Buffy's face as she looked away from Spike and Willow. A smile of understanding crossed the brunette slayer's face as she saw the way Spike was looking at the redhead, resisting the urge to exclaim that it was about damn time. She grabbed Dawn's hand and said, "Let's go on outside, Brat, and wait for your sister."

"I can clean this up, Buffy," Willow volunteered, not noticing the silent exchange between the slayers and having no idea that Spike was eating her alive with his eyes.

"No, it's fine, Willow. You two go on home. I'll get this cleaned up in no time once we get back from patrol," Buffy said as she headed towards the front door.

"Slayer can handle it, Red. Let's go home," Spike said softly as he stood and put on his coat. He was out the door before Willow could stop him, his blue eyes thoughtful as he continued to think about his feelings for Willow and wonder if it was time to tell her. When he'd come back to Sunnydale all those years ago, he'd never imagined becoming friends or falling in love with the pretty redhead. Definitely an unanticipated future, but one that he couldn't complain about. He could have left Sunnydale and gone back to Dru, but he'd chosen the road less traveled and remained in Sunnydale, learning to adapt to the implant and reluctantly becoming friends with the slayer and her group. And, best of all, he'd met Willow. He was happy when he was with Willow, he wanted to seduce her and love her for eternity.

Willow gave her friends a hug before rushing off to catch up to Spike. The blond was waiting for her at the corner, a lollipop in his mouth. He'd decided to quit smoking months ago, using the lollipops as a way to keep himself from getting nervous and needing a cigarette. Goodness, what she'd give to be that lollipop, she thought with a sigh. Feeling the wave of arousal go through her body, she shook those thoughts out of her head. She joined him and smiled, "So, that was fun."

"Guess so," he shrugged as he pulled himself from thoughts of seducing her to look into her green eyes. He ran his tongue along the peach lollipop in his mouth, wanting nothing more than to kiss her. Looking away, he started to walk, thoughts on whether he should just kiss her.

Willow walked beside Spike, her own thoughts on the same topic of discussing as his thoughts. She was tired of just being his friends, sharing a house and having a relationship that consisted of everything except the loving words and tender caresses and wild shagging. Darn it, she wanted the wild shagging. But, was she brave enough to tell him how she felt? What if he laughed at her? What if he didn't feel the same way? What if she lost her best friend? As they walked, she leaned over and picked up a buttercup, her fingers moving along the petals of the small wildflower. She smiled softly as she removed the petals, performing the game of childhood, he loves me, he loves me not. When she got to the last petal, she was on he loves me. She dropped the stem, venturing a glance at Spike and wondering if it was true. Did he love her?

"What are you looking at?" Spike asked as he finished his lollipop and tossed the stick to the ground, catching her green eyes on his face.

"Nothing," she muttered, deciding that she wasn't brave enough to be honest and that she was too scared of losing him.

"Don't lie to me, Red," he said softly, wishing he could read her mind. She was avoiding his eyes and mumbling to herself. She was hiding something from him, and he didn't like secrets. With a sigh, he said, "I don't like secrets, Willow. What's wrong?"

"I um well, it's really nothing, Spike. Just drop it," Willow finally said.

"I don't want to drop it," he said as he noticed the way her heart beat sped up when she looked at him. He could smell the soft scent of her arousal, knew that she wanted him, but did she love him? He wanted to kiss her, to have his own taste of heaven, to touch her and hold her and love her forever. Realizing that his feelings for her could no longer be ignored, having a good idea that she felt the same way, he finally had the courage to take action. He moved forward, his fingers moving along her cheek, causing her to look at him with surprise and hope. He leaned over, his lips moving gently over hers.

He was kissing her. Spike was really kissing her. Willow moaned softly as the kiss deepened, his hand moving behind her back and pulling her against him. She could feel his hardness against her stomach, knew that he wanted her. From the look in his eyes before he had kissed her, she knew that he loved her. She kissed him back, letting him feel the desire and passion that she felt for him. She was glad that they were close to home because she didn't think they'd be stopping with just this kiss. Though, what a kiss! Her entire body was aroused and they'd only just kissed. Together, they were going to be happy forever. No secrets, plenty of surprises, and an eternal love that continued to grow with every passing day. She loved him so much and it was finally time to tell him. Pulling back, she smiled shyly as she admitted, "I love you, Spike."

"I love you, too, Willow," Spike said before swinging her into his arms, his mouth finding hers again as he carried her home. And they lived happily ever after.