Getting Together

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Spike scowled at the bathroom door as he heard yet another round of retching and heaving. His blue eyes went back to the television as he tried to concentrate on the latest courtroom battle erupting. He sat up straighter when he heard the flush of the toilet and the sound of running water. He kept his eyes on the telly but his attention was focused on the bathroom. He saw the knob move as the door opened. His redhead came in, her face pale and her eyes red. Her hair was tangled, obviously having not been brushed in days. He could smell the soft aroma of cherry cough drops and something a bit more mediciny following her wobbly path towards the area where he was sitting.

Green eyes looked up and narrowed as she said, "You're still here. Why?"

"Didn't have anywhere else to go," he said with a shrug, hoping she wouldn't see the truth in his eyes. He had been worried about her. He'd heard from the daft twit that Willow was staying home sick and his mind had gone on overdrive. He knew she was still recovering from her break up with the pasty faced witchy bitch and he was concerned that her defenses were down. The illness might stay longer because she wouldn't bother fighting it.

"Go away," she spat out, not wanting to look at Spike. Why was he there? Hell, she was at fault. She'd been stupid enough to open the door and ask him into her parent's house months before. He'd had an open invitation since, something he delighted in using. That was something else Tara had been pissy about. Spike always being around. Willow frowned as her mind drifted towards her ex-girlfriend. Tara was gone, moved out of Sunnydale before the school term had started. Willow hated seeing her go, but there wasn't that huge sense of loss she had felt when Oz had left. It was more of an ache that really didn't hurt too bad when she thought about it. They had parted as friends, with words of remaining in touch and talking on the phone but Willow knew better. That had been good-bye. Another chapter in her life closed. It had been nearly three weeks without a call or letter. Tara had forgotten her just as Oz had done. She sighed, knowing it was her own fault. She'd never been in love with Tara. Sure, she'd cared about her. They had been good friends and even lovers, but it hadn't been love. Someone had always stood between them. And now that someone was sitting on her sofa and annoyingly eating her last bag of potato chips.

"Ah, I love you too, Red," Spike said while rolling his eyes. They swept over her to make sure she was still alive, still feeling all right. She was decidedly rough looking. She needed a bath and a change of clothes. She needed someone to look after her, he decided. He'd been half in love with the little witch since he could remember, noticing her even when Drusilla had been with him. It was several months before that he'd realized he loved her. The moment he had seen her with that bitchy little twat that detested him. When he saw that she was over the wolf, had in fact moved on. Only, not with him. She'd gone through some silly phase of believing herself in love with some dopey girl. And what really irritated him was that not only was it another girl and not him, it was a shy, quite pasty faced little slip of a thing that wouldn't yell boo at a spider. His Red needed someone with fire, someone that could see the passion she possessed. Little Miss Witchy hadn't been that somebody. Oh, but he had gotten a rise from Miss Submissive, that was for sure. She had hated him. Glaring at him every time he happened to interrupt a romantic evening between her and his Red. Threatening him once, and only once. Even with his implant, he had made it clear that no one pushed him around and that no one touched what was his. After that, he'd noticed a cooling off in her affections with Willow. Did he feel guilty about it? Fuck no. She was gone, away somewhere with her pathetic little life and he was left with his Willow. It was finally as it should have been all along. Now if only the damn slayer would disappear, he'd be one happy bastard.

"Spike, I feel horrible. Please, just leave me to wallow in pain and misery," she whined, moving towards the sofa. It looked so comfortable. She tried to fool herself into thinking that his sitting there had nothing to do with her sudden need to rest.

"Ah, poor pet," Spike said, moving slightly on the couch as she sat down. "Why don't you lay here and let Spike take care of you?"

She sighed as she laid beside him, her head resting on his shoulder. She closed her eyes in contentment as she felt his arm go around her shoulders, bringing her closer to his body. He was so cool against her fevered body. "Hmm, feels good."

Spike closed his eyes at her softly moaned words, his cock straining against his jeans instantly as his mind created alternate scenarios for her words. The silly little witch was gone, had been for nearly a month, yet this was the closet he had allowed himself to be to his Red. He knew he wanted her. He knew he was going to have her. He hated to admit it, but he was a bit scared of her rejecting him. After all, she'd switched sides, finding a lover of her own sex. What if she had enjoyed the gentle caresses of another woman's hands more than she'd enjoy the slightly calloused touch of his own? He was a bigger ponce than Soulboy, waiting and watching for the right moment. He had been to see her every night. Usually falling asleep on her couch so she couldn't kick him out before dawn. He'd wait until she was asleep before going in and watching her. She was so beautiful when she slept. It had been four days though since he'd been to see her. He'd had to go to LA to help the brooding bastard with some demon. Now, he comes back only to find her sick with no one to take care of her. Stupid slayer was too busy with her boytoy to care about anyone else. He should have known not to leave her alone. "How long have you been sick, pet?"

"I dunno," she mumbled. "Couple of days. Xander came by and stayed with me the other night. And Anya brought me soup. She made it herself. I think it made me more sick."

He had to laugh at her words. "That it?"

"Buffy and Riley came by. She came again and spent the night here. Wanted to make sure I was OK. And Giles brought me a book," she added.

"Eh, luv. I'm here now," Spike said, grudgingly taking back a few of his nasty words about the slayer. She'd stayed the night with his Red. She wasn't all bad. Just mostly.

"Glad you're here," she whispered, feeling sleep start to claim her. "Missed you."

"Missed you too, luv," he said softly, watching her eyelids drift shut.

"Spike?" she said quietly as she moved into a more comfortable sleeping position.

"Yeah, Red?" he asked, moving so that she was laying against his chest.

"Don't go away," she mumbled before sleep took her.

"I'm not going anywhere, luv," he whispered before the top of her head. He settled back, his arms securely around her sleeping body as he continued to watch the telly.