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Willow felt Spike watching her. She looked up and saw not only him but Angel staring at her with lust. Angel? Wow. She felt a rush of feminine pride. She had her best friend's ex boyfriends interest. She turned to them.

"Well, boys. It looks like it is just us tonight. That was Buffy. She can't come. So, what should be do?"

Spike moved closer to his lover. He saw her smile with pleasure as he stalked towards her.

"I'm think, you, me, Peaches. A little three way fun. Haven't had that in a hundred years or so...."

Willow looked at a startled Angel.

"What do you Soulboy? You 'up' for it?" she asked, smiling at him.

Angel felt desire shoot through him. He moved forward, his arm going around Willow. "I'm yours Red."

They headed upstairs.

< OK dear readers. Use Your imagination. It is probably better than anything I could come up with anyway. I mean, you've got Willow and Spike as admitted lovers asking Angel to join them. Think of the possibilities? My mind is racing. Yummy. So I will give a bit more space for the implied smut that is happening upstairs.>

"Wow. I didn't know I could do that" Willow said, taking a few deep breaths.

"You think that was something? Just wait precious. There is plenty more where that came from..." Spike said smiling.

"Ever tried this?" Angel asked, running his hand over his face. He began to demonstrate.

< More implied smut. Imagination, what a terrible thing to waste. Of course, if I encourage this too much, I would have to stop writing because no one would have to read someone else's thoughts. Wait, that is a bad thing. Forget what I said. Just for this story use the imagination. After that, forget about it. You must keep reading all that great fic that is out there. I mean, Dagney is still writing. Carrie is actually going to finish Take Your Time (which she has....LOL). Karen is back from vacation! Kitten is about to finish the orgy...I mean, the prophecy. Elka is doing bittersweet wonderfully. Sammy is still playing with candy. Kylia must finish her christmas story before next year. See? There are so many good fics. Oh they finished. We can go back to the story>

"Geez. Where did you learn that?" Spike asked his sire.

"I don't kiss and tell" Angel said smiling.

"Wow." Willow said. "I'm exhausted. I doubt I could walk even if I wanted to."

Both of the vampires shared smiles.

"Too bad luv. Guess we have to play without you..." Spike said.

"Now, I didn't say I couldn't play. I can play. I just can't walk" Willow clarified.

Angel started to laugh. "Man, I'm glad everyone cancelled."

"Cancelled?" Willow said innocently. "I'm sure they would have showed up if I'd remembered to invite them"

"You little minx. You planned this" Spike said.

"Gulty" Willow said, running her hands over them both.

"Forgiven" they said in unison as they began to......