I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus

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Story Notes:

This is a reworking of a fic I wrote last Christmas upon request from a Draco/Hermione fan. It's just a little holiday fluff.
To Lisa, here is the Draco/Hermione version. Hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!

Originally Posted: December 18, 2004

The manor was quiet on this Christmas Eve night, a large fire burning in the sitting room, showcasing a large tree covered in ornaments and lights surrounded by dozens of brightly wrapped packages. A small figure slowly crept down the stairs, pausing to look around for fear of being caught, gray eyes sparkling happily as the brunet boy moved to the sitting room. Alexander Malfoy wanted to see if Santa Claus had eaten all the cookies that he, his brother and his two sisters had left out before going upstairs to bed. He'd helped his Mum make the cookies that morning especially for Santa. He knew he should be in bed sleeping, but he had woken up and decided to see if the cookies were gone, and to see if he might catch a glimpse of Santa.

Alex moved to the doorway of the sitting room, his eyes finding the plate of cookies, smiling when he saw that several were missing. His eyes noticed movement beside the tree and he looked over, seeing his Mum putting a gift by the tree. His eyes widened when he saw a man in a red suit and hat move behind her. Santa Claus! The seven-year old couldn't see Santa's face, but he knew the suit and hat.

He'd visited Santa three weeks earlier with his younger sisters, Emma and Catherine, when they'd gone to London. His older brother, Damien, had not visited Santa, instead helping Father select a gift for Mum. The redhead thought his Mum looked even prettier than normal, believing her to be the most wonderful Mum in the world, just as Father was the best Daddy in the world. He watched her turn and smile before she hugged Santa and kissed him on the cheek. Alex gasped as he saw his Mum kiss Santa, hoping that Daddy wouldn't be upset. The boy saw his Mum look in his direction, quickly running up the stairs before he got caught trying to see Santa Claus.

Alex ran down the hallway until he reached Damien's room, going inside and seeing that his brother was sleeping. He just didn't understand how the ten-year old could sleep when Santa was downstairs leaving them gifts. He moved to the side of the bed, tugging Damien's hand as he asked, "Damien, are you sleeping?"

"Alex, go to bed," Damien mumbled sleepily, moving his hand away from his little brother.

"Damien, guess what? I went downstairs to check on the cookies and I saw Mummy kissing Santy Claus!" Alex said excitedly.

That woke Damien up, causing the blond to sit up, his brown eyes widening as he said, "You saw what?"

Alex nodded, "She was helping him put out our gifts and then hugged him and kissed his cheek!"

"You saw Santa?" Damien said, trying to keep the amused smile from his face. He remembered a night four years ago when he had snuck downstairs himself and seen a man wearing the red suit helping his Mum put out their presents. He'd been delighted that his Mum had been asked to help Santa, thinking that she was the most special Mum and that Santa had known that.

It had been two years later that he'd begun to realize that the man in the red suit was his Father, and that Santa Claus was a lovely story that his parents did their best to keep alive for their children so that they could enjoy every aspect of the holiday. It had made him realize that he had the best parents in the world, that being something in which he did agree with his little brother.

"Yes, he had eaten some cookies and he was putting out so many gifts!" Alex beamed, "I can't wait until tomorrow. Do you think Mummy helps Santa Claus every year with our gifts?"

"I don't know," Damien smiled slowly, "but perhaps we shouldn't ask her so that you don't get into trouble for sneaking downstairs instead of sleeping as you should be."

"It can be our secret?" Alex smiled at his older brother.

"Just our secret," Damien smiled, moving over and saying, "Come on, you can sleep with me tonight."

"Really?" Alex didn't wait for Damien to change his mind, crawling into bed beside his older brother. He made himself comfortable and asked, "Do you think Father would be mind that Mummy kissed Santa?"

"I think Father would say that Santa Claus was a very smart man," Damien smiled into the darkness.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"Because, Santa knows that a hug and a kiss from Mum is much better than a plate of silly old cookies," Damien laughed. "Now, quit talking and get some sleep. Good night, Alex."

"Night Damien," Alex said as he closed his eyes, agreeing with his brother that a hug and kiss from his Mum was the bestest present anyone could ever receive.

Downstairs, Hermione pulled back from her hug and smiled at her husband of twelve years, "I think we got caught."

"Alex?" Draco Malfoy asked, amusement in his eyes as she nodded. "I knew it wouldn't be much longer before he got curious."

"Yet another reason why I love you, darling," she said smugly, "you're not only gorgeous but you're also intelligent."

"Nice to know you didn't just marry me for my body," he smirked, his gray eyes moving over her slender figure, thinking that she got even more beautiful with every passing year. She was thirty-seven and still youthful, attractive and sexy as sin. Of course, he looked damn good for his own thirty-six years, but the men in his family always aged well, that one of the few positive aspects to being a Malfoy. Even after fourteen years together, his love for the beautiful witch that had once been his childhood nemesis had never weakened, growing stronger every day. She was his life, his happiness, his entire world. She'd given him four beautiful children, a home full of laughter and smiles and joy, a friend that he could talk to about anything, a lover in which to share pleasure and affection.

"Well, that was the main reason, of course," she teased, "but it doesn't hurt that you're one of the smartest people I know."

"Hmph," he pouted, "and to think it was your intelligence that first attracted me to you."

"I thought it was my arse," she smiled, "and then you looked into my eyes and felt as if you'd found your other half. Then you realized it was me, Hermione bloody Granger, and had to curse yourself for being such a pompous snob during our years at school since I wanted nothing to do with you even if you were an attractice snot. I don't recall you mentioning my witty banter or intelligent debates when you tell of your love at second sight during that chance meeting in Diagon Alley all those years ago."

"You do have the most delectable arse, Mrs. Malfoy," Draco leered as he moved his hand to cup said arse.

"As do you, Draco," she squeezed his rear before reminding him, "we need to finish putting out the presents. There shall be no groping until we finish."

"Agreed," Draco smiled mischievously as he got his wand and muttered a few words. Looking at the now expertly placed gifts, he smiled innocently, "Appears that all the work is done. So, can we get to the groping now, wife?"

"You prat! You used magic when you know I enjoy putting out the presents myself," she scolded before slowly smiling. "However, I'll allow it this time since you did promise me some groping, husband."

"You're absolutely beautiful," Draco said softly as he moved his hand over her cheek, outlining her lips with his thumb.

"Have I ever mentioned how sexy you look in red?" she asked innocently as she moved her eyes over the slender frame that was presently covered in a Santa suit, something completely unattractive except when Draco was wearing it.

"I do recall you mentioning it occasionally," Draco smirked, his gray eyes darkening as he leaned over and kissed her deeply, not having to worry about the children coming down since they'd already had a visit from Alex and the girls were still too young to get curious enough to try to 'catch' Santa, the possibility of one of the children getting inquisitive the only reason he wore the ridiculous suit. Of course, Hermione did love him in red.

"I love you, Draco Malfoy," Hermione whispered after he ended the kiss, a loving smile on her face as she looked at her husband.

"And I love you, Hermione Malfoy," he replied with a gentle smile as he took her hand and started towards the stairs. His smile turned wicked as he grabbed a couple of candy canes from the tree and said, "Let's go upstairs and learn about some of the more entertaining uses for candy canes."

She watched him leer playfully and run his tongue over her lips, laughing as she said, "Why, Santa, you're such a naughty man!"

"And you know you love it," he said as he pulled her closer for a kiss before lifting her into his arms and carrying her upstairs to their room. He walked inside and tossed her in the middle of the bed, his eyes moving over her as he smirked, "Perhaps we can also come up with some creative places to hang mistletoe if you're a really good girl."

"Draco, quit teasing and come kiss me," Hermione demanded, her brown eyes gleaming with desire and love for her husband as he removed the Santa suit and joined her on the bed. She brushed her lips against his, whispering, "Merry Christmas, love."

"Merry Christmas, darling," he whispered as they fell to the bed together.