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Originally Posted: July 30, 2004


Hermione woke up frustrated and cranky. The brunette witch sat up in bed, her hand moving through her messy hair as she glared at her room. With an aggravated groan, she got out of bed and blearily went into her bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she scowled at what she saw. She looked awful. Her hair was worse than normal, her eyes were sleepy and she could make out the beginnings of dark circles beneath them, her lips were red from where she had been nibbling them in her sleep, and she looked as frustrated at she felt.

It was only Wednesday, for Merlin’s sake! How was she going to survive three more days of this playing at seduction game with Blaise and Draco? Sure, she was having a smashing time teasing the boys and was feeling quite confident now that she realized they did want her and had feelings for her. It was amazing how one simple admission could completely change her outlook on life, but it was true. She had never been what anyone would call sexual, content to remain buried in her books and schoolwork and helping Harry. When other girls her age dreamed of finding the perfect boyfriend and lover, she’d dreamed of becoming Head Girl and graduating at the top of her class. It wasn’t that she hadn’t want to find love, she was actually quite a hopeless romantic contrary to what anyone thought, she just had other priorities to place ahead of romance and sex.

She was average in looks, nothing really special at all, and a part of her had been a bit worried that no one would want her if she did choose to pursue those dreams of falling in love. She was very secure about who she was, knew her good traits and her bad, had no problems acknowledging that she would never be considered ‘a raving beauty’ or have legions of men panting after her like some of the prettier girls at Hogwarts. She was actually okay with that, preferring any man that showed interest in her to want her for who she was inside, accepting her as she was, and not showing interest just because she had a pretty face. To say she was still having a bit of trouble coming to terms with the fact that two of the most attractive and brilliant wizards of her generation wanted her was a vast understatement.

Blaise and Draco were both good-looking in their own ways, though neither was perfect. Blaise was studious and quiet, two traits she admired that many did not. He was more on the skinny side than the muscular side and had a tendency to be blunt. Draco was arrogant and argumentative and spoiled. His features were sharp, though she thought they just have him a distinguished look instead of detracting from his handsome face. He was an average height and slender but she believed that his chest and arms were quite developed beneath his robes.

She had never imagined either of them finding her attractive or sexy or wanting to be with her. She made a face as she looked in the mirror. Okay, that was a big lie. She had had fantasies about them before, but had never believed that either of them, much less both, would pursue her. Their feelings for her had given her enough courage to play the part of seductive temptress over the last few days and that knowledge of their desire for her would give her the strength to last until Saturday. Hermione wasn’t waiting a week to carry out her plan just because she wanted to teach them a lesson for making such a silly bet. No, she was using that time to explore her feelings for both of the wizards. Even if she wanted them both badly, she would never have sex with them if she didn't care. She just wasn’t that kind of person, wanting an emotional connection to whomever she shared her body with.

Despite having a crush on them for over a year each, Hermione wanted something more. It was a bit silly to expect love in a week, but she believed that it had always been there, lurking below the surface of her relationships with them. With Blaise, it had begun as infatuation and become friendship and was now something more. With Draco, it was passion and chemistry and respect. She was more hesitant about her feelings for Draco, the two only becoming friends recently and she was a bit scared of the reaction he caused in her. She wanted Blaise and could very well love the raven-haired wizard, but she needed Draco, needed the arguments and passion and challenge and fight for control. With a roll of her eyes, she turned on the shower, thankful that no one could take a glimpse into her mind at the moment. It didn’t even make sense to her.

Blaise was arousing and stirred her desires and love, but he was safe, in a way. Draco, however, was unpredictable and driven by his passions and focused, a bit dangerous but in an exciting way. She was so glad that she wasn’t forced to choose, knowing that there was no way she could now that she had acknowledged her feelings for both of them. She was logical enough not to call it love, not yet, but what she felt for them was the beginnings of something deep and serious. She’d had enough time since this game began to think a lot, to admit several truths to herself, and she was very glad to have had this opportunity to think and understand what she felt for both Draco and Blaise.

Hermione finished her shower and got dressed, telling herself that it was only a few more days and reminding herself that the reward would be both of them. She knew they wouldn’t have any problems sharing, having heard them discussing such a thing on Saturday, and she hoped that they were feeling as frustrated and turned on as she was by their game. Blaise was still sleeping when she entered the common room, her mind bringing forth images of his half naked body laying on his bed and the way he had felt between her legs. Shaking her head, she quickly left the room to go to breakfast.

She was surprised to find Draco all ready in the Great Hall, the hour rather early and very few students awake yet. He looked up when she came in and gave her a sexy smile, his gray eyes swiftly moving over her and causing her to feel as though she were naked instead of wearing a shapeless robe. Merlin, how did he do that? With just one lazy look, he had her body heating up and tingling in places that it was far too early in the morning to have tingle. He looked good, she noted as she took a seat at the Gryffindor table. His blond hair was wet from a shower, hanging loose around his face and giving him a tousled and attractive look instead of looking unruly or unkept.

He was still looking at her, the blond wizard taking every opportunity to use his eyes and lips to seduce her since Saturday. Just a casual licking of his lips or a tempting smirk or a heated gaze that was all it took to arouse her. Her desire for both Blaise and Draco was becoming a bit overwhelming for the brunette witch. When she was playing the game and deliberately teasing them, she was in control, even if they didn’t realize it, and she felt secure and confident. In moments like this, when there weren’t many people around and Draco was looking at her as if she was dessert and he was ravenous, well, she found it more difficult to reign in her lust. It was the same with Blaise, the dark Slytherin more subtle in his seduction than Draco but still managing to entice her to a point where she found it difficult to focus on the game.

Draco was planning on coming to her common room that evening to work on their Arithmancy assignment so she knew she had to think of something to do to further her seduction of him. It was so much easier with Blaise because they shared a dorm and she was a bit more comfortable around him so things like a massage or borrowing a towel were not suspicious. In a way, Draco scared her. He was just so focused and determined, just like her, and, when they were together, their was heat and lust and sparks, even before she’d admitted she wanted him as more than just a verbal sparring partner.

In the library the other night, she’d teased him a bit and he’d reacted, his eyes growing dark and she’d wondered if he wouldn’t just pull her against him and take her right there on the table. He was very controlled except when he was driven by passion and then he was a bit of a wildcard. The idea that his feelings for her could make him lose his cool was arousing. She wanted him to let go and be driven by passion and focus all that intensity on her and Blaise, the idea of what awaited them on Saturday causing her cheeks to flush as vivid images went through her mind. A determined gleam entered her brown eyes and she looked away from Draco, focusing on her book as she began to eat her breakfast.


Hermione had never been so happy to see classes end than she was on Wednesday. Everywhere she had gone during the day, Blaise or Draco or both had been there. Draco had leaned against her in Potions, under the pretext of borrowing some ingredients, deliberately moving his hard body against her back, his breath on her neck as he’d whispered that she smelled good before he’d gone back to his table. Blaise had touched her hand several times when handing her things or taking things from her, his fingers brushing against her palm and sending tremors of awareness throughout her body. At lunch, even Harry and Ron had noticed that she was staring at the Slytherin table as Blaise and Draco flashed her sexy smiles and heated looks.

Her friends hadn’t pressed for answers, but she knew that they had figured out something was going on between her and the two Slytherins and it wouldn’t be long until they either figured out she was infatuated or wanted to get some answers. Luckily, neither of her best friends would ever consider the truth, that she was playing a game of seduction with two wizards and that she intended to seduce them both into her bed in three days time. She would be honest with them and tell them the truth, but not until after Saturday, until she found out for certain that they did want a relationship and it wasn’t just about sex.

Lunch hadn’t been the end to their torturous teasing. Draco had taken the seat next to her in Defense, deliberately sitting so close she could feel his leg every time he moved. Hermione might have moved away from him, but Blaise had taken the other seat, his hand touching hers whenever possible. By the time class was over, her face had been far too flushed and she was convinced that everyone must know she was aroused and had wanted nothing more than to shag them both right there, not even caring that it was the middle of class. She’d accepted Harry’s invitation to watch the Gryffindor team practice knowing that neither Slytherin could bother her on the Quidditch field. That had been her first real break all day, breathing in fresh air and getting terribly cold, but it was nice to have a bit of a break from their game.

It was obvious from their behavior today that they were stepping up their seduction. She had hoped to have the week to play with them and not have to worry about resisting their efforts. After all, the first few days had been rather normal, though she’d had an understanding of their feelings that caused her to notice things she’d previously overlooked or not realized meant something more. If they continued this way, people were bound to start noticing and begin talking about what was happening between the three of them.

She honestly didn’t care what anyone said or thought, but she was rather surprised that they had begun teasing her in public, having believed they’d keep their game private and away from gossiping students. In a way, it made her feel more secure even as it surprised her since they were making no efforts to keep their interest a secret. Though there were only slight changes in their behavior so most people probably wouldn’t even notice or would just decide they were trying to annoy her or something typically Slytherin.

The brunette witch made it back to her room, not surprised to find Draco sitting on the sofa with his books spread around him. He might not be Head Boy, but he treated the room as his, having a tendency to be overwhelmingly possessive about things. She shivered slightly as she imagined that possessiveness directed towards her. Draco looked up when she entered the room, his eyes moving over her school robes lazily, his lips curving into a sexy smirk before he looked away.

“Hermione,” he greeted, covertly watching her eyes widen as he used her first name. He’d thought that would surprise her, pleased that he knew her well enough to know how to unbalance her. Besides, as much as he enjoyed calling her by her last name to irritate her, he had no intention of using it when he was shagging her rotten.

“Mal-Draco,” she shook her head slightly, glaring at the back of his head for messing with her plans for the evening. She’d hoped to get back before him, wear something tight and revealing, and then pretend he didn’t exist. Hermione looked around, “Where’s Blaise?”

“He’s helping Crabbe and Goyle with their Potions assignment,” Draco replied, a bit grateful to his lover for giving him this private time with Hermione. It was decidedly unSlytherin like to play fair and not utilize every opportunity to win, but he and Blaise were friends, as well as lovers, and that friendship allowed them to trust one another. He had given the dark Slytherin the lotion the night before knowing that it would probably further Blaise’s seduction of Hermione, displaying a moment of weakness because he did care about Blaise and he did care about Hermione.

“Oh, well, I’m going to get my books and change,” Hermione informed him as she went to her room.

Draco waited until her door was closed before he sat back and rested his head on the top of the sofa, staring at the ceiling as he sighed. Several things had happened since Saturday, since this game had started. He’d been forced to acknowledge that he wasn’t overjoyed at the idea of Blaise and Hermione being together without him. Jealousy had reared its ugly head when he’d been laying in bed Saturday evening, stroking himself to images of the three of them together. He’d come, his seed coating his hand, and then the images had changed, the two of them pushing him out of the bed and ignoring him. He’d been angry at them and even more determined to be the one to win the bet so that he could have Hermione and possibly seduce her eventually into letting Blaise join them.

Yes, he was a greedy bastard and didn’t give a knut what anyone thought about it. He wanted Blaise and Hermione. It was as simple as that. No, nothing about this situation was simple. Along with the jealousy and realization that he couldn’t stand the idea of them being together without him, he’d had to admit two things that had scared him to death. The first wasn’t overly surprising. He loved Blaise. They’d been shagging for years and had been best friends since they were children and he always wondered if the strange feelings he had for the raven-haired wizard might be something close to love. He’d not had anything in which to compare it so he hadn’t been sure until recently. The idea of losing Blaise, even to Hermione, had forced to examine the pain in his heart and the feeling as if someone had hexed him terribly. The second thing had been somewhat surprising, though, looking back, he should have expected it. He loved Hermione.

From the first time he’d seen her on the train to Hogwarts when she’d been looking for Longbottom’s toad, he’d been captivated by her. She’d given him the most scathing look when he’d made some insulting comment about her hair and hadn’t given a damn about his family’s name or his blood or anything, completely dismissing him as if he weren’t good enough for her instead of it being the other way around. He had spent his life to that point being spoiled rotten, treated with respect and admiration even if he hadn’t earned it, people wanting to be his friend because of who his family was. It was the first time he’d been rejected so quickly. Even Potter had hesitated when they’d first met, contemplating being his friend before he’d made the rude comment about Hagrid. Hermione, though, had looked at him and seemed to make up her mind and determine that he wasn’t anyone she cared to know. It had been galling, some buck-toothed, bushy-haired, prissy Mudblood believing that she was superior to him!

He’d not been able to stop thinking about her. True, at that age, he’d not realized why she had caused him to be so angry and aware of her, justifying his obsession as hatred and a desire to make her admit that he was worthy of her time and attention and that he was the superior wizard. It had been fortunate when she’d befriended Potter, her alliance with the Boy Who Annoyed the Shite Out of Him providing him the perfect opportunity to constantly insult her and argue with her and attempt to gain her attention. Before that, he’d had to be content with watching her answer every question in every class correctly and sit alone as she read. He’d almost felt pity for her because it was obvious she was more brilliant than any of their classmates yet she was ostracized for her intelligence instead of being detested for her weak blood. His pity, however, had not prevented him from taking every chance to gloat over her lack of friends and know-it-all attitude.

It was during third year that he realized just how confusing his feelings for Potty’s Mudblood were. She’d stood up to him, her eyes blazing with passion and that bushy hair wild and untamed. When she’d slapped him, his first impulse had been to kiss her. Not to hex her or slap her back or even insult her. He’d wanted to pull her against him and snog her breathless. He’d been fourteen at the time, just starting to appreciate the female form, and he’d been stunned at his reaction. He’d done nothing, simply glaring at her and walking away, returning to his rooms where he had fumbled with his pants and closed his eyes, stroking himself as he’d replayed the fire in her eyes and the way her lips had sneered, coming with visions of her in his mind. From then on, he’d made it his mission to argue with her as often as possible, wanting to see that fire and passion and know he was the cause. He and Blaise had started playing together by that time and Draco had come repeatedly just from Blaise’s hands on him and visions of Granger in his mind.

He had always excused his feelings for her by classifying them as lust and curiosity. They’d never even had a civil conversation until seventh year so it couldn’t have been more than simply desire that caused him to watch her constantly and deliberately go out of his way to try to gain her attention, just as he had at age eleven. He could remember so many moments involving the brunette witch throughout the years. The Yule Ball during fourth year when she’d shown everyone what he had already known, that she was truly beautiful in a natural and sexy way. The constant arguments over everything from house elf rights to what potion ingredient belonged in the cauldron first to what color the bloody sky was to whether Pureblood meant more than Muggle blood. The way she looked in the mornings at breakfast on Sundays, sleepy and pretty and not quite awake.

Draco had never bothered to analyze these thoughts or feelings beyond the initial lust and desire he felt for the brunette Gryffindor until the bet with Blaise. He’d done more thinking about emotional nonsense during the last few days than he had his entire life. And his conclusions forced him to admit that he did care about Hermione in a way that was far more than sexual attraction. Oh, the attraction was definitely there, the sight of her enough to cause his cock to stir, but it was more than that. He loved arguing with her, challenging her, spending time with her, looking at her, talking to her. He loved her.

It was rather annoying that something could scare him, the blond Slytherin priding himself on being brave and fearless, but the thought of loving someone, actually two someones, terrified him. He was a bit lost at what to do, having no experience at such things. Plus there was the fact that he wasn’t entirely sure Hermione could ever forgive him for his past actions, having spent years tormenting her and enjoying it, their friendship rather tenuous and he didn’t know if she trusted him yet. He couldn’t very well declare his love, though he wasn’t entirely sure he could even speak the actual words yet, to someone that distrusted him. In the library the other night, she’d seemed to be flirting with him, that giving him hope that he would be able to at least seduce her and then gradually work at making her fall in love with him.

“You’re not studying,” Hermione teased as she entered the common room. She was back in control now, having taken time to change and collect her thoughts before facing the tempting blond again.

“I’m absorbing what I have already read,” Draco replied lazily, lifting his head and looking at her. His gray eyes darkened as he saw the tight white shirt that was molded to those delectable breasts and the short pleated skirt that he couldn’t remember ever seeing her wear before. She usually wore long skirts that fell past her knees, leaving very little uncovered skin between the skirt and her knee socks. Today, she’d removed her socks and the skirt was barely reaching her mid-thigh. Merlin, she had gorgeous legs, his eyes moving over the long limbs and easily imagining them wrapped around his waist as he fucked her.

“Oh really?” she arched a brow, giddy at the look of desire in his eyes and loving the way his pale eyes darkened when he looked at her. She’d shortened her skirt and tightened her shirt before joining him, wanting to look seductive but subtle. “I thought you were staring at the ceiling. Silly me.”

“Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold wearing that?” he asked gruffly, his eyes moving from her face down her body and back, not sure where to focus. How was he supposed to seduce the sexy witch when she had him hard and desperate just from displaying her legs?

“Thank you for your concern about my health, Draco,” Hermione said sweetly, walking to the fireplace and bending over, giving him a perfect view of her arse. She heard him groan softly and smiled triumphantly, deliberately taking her time preparing the fire. The Head Girl had no idea that the shortness of her skirt and her position caused her knickers to show, the scarlet material of her panties visible to the blond wizard.

She was wearing red lacey knickers. Merlin, the room was hot. His eyes lingered on the soft swell of her arse and the way her panties barely concealed the tuft of chestnut curls between her legs. His lips curved into a smile as he stood, deciding to give the teasing witch a taste of her own medicine. Oh yes, he had no doubts now that Hermione was deliberately teasing him. For what reason, he had yet to determine, but he knew something was different. She was confident and seductive and flirty and seemed to know the effect she was having on him. He moved right behind her, pressing his erection against her bum and hearing her soft gasp as she wiggled against him. Draco leaned forward, his chest against her back and his hand moving over hers, whispering huskily, “It looked like you needed some help.”

“Y-y-yes,” she managed to stammer, her eyes fluttering as he pressed against her arse, his erection moving against the knickers that were growing damp. His hands were rough, which surprise her. Blaise’s hands were smooth and soft so she had assumed Draco’s would be too. It was Qudditch, she realized, his hands holding the broom and all the flying he did, that was the reason they were just slightly rough.

“You want to light a fire, don’t you, Hermione?” he asked teasingly, making sure to thrust against her bottom as he spoke, his fingers moving over the back of her hand.

“The room was a bit cold,” she explained, refusing to look at him.

“You’d better be careful, little girl,” he purred as he lit the fire, watching the flames begin to dance. His mouth moved along her ear, his tongue teasing the lobe, “You might get burned.”

“Merlin,” Hermione whimpered as she pressed back against him, wondering how she had lost control of this, needing to get the control back.

“Unless you want to get burned,” Draco continued, his hand moving to her waist and pulling her sharply back against his pelvis.

Hermione quickly moved away from him, her face flushed and her body overheated. Fuck, fuck, fuck, she cursed mentally. How had the bastard done that? He’d taken control of her game. He wasn’t playing fair, she thought crossly. She was supposed to be seducing him, not the other way around. Why didn’t he and Blaise just sit back and let her do this? Why did they have to be so bloody sexy and tempting and wicked? After several deep breaths, she looked at him. He was leaning against the fireplace, his hand on the mantel, just staring at the flames. Good. It served him right to be as aroused as she was, stupid insufferable git. With a calm smile, she said, “Let’s start studying, shall we?”

Draco looked at her, a bit annoyed that she looked so collected and unaffected, giving him a friendly smile and acting as if it was common for her to rub her arse against his erection. With a scowl, he sat back down and they began to study. After finishing the work that required the most attention, Hermione decided it was time to play. She removed a jar of peaches from her bag, having put it in there while in her room. She loved peaches, the scent being a favorite and the fruit being one of her healthy study snacks. Hermione knew she could play with Draco a bit just by eating her favorite food and drawing his attention to her lips and tongue.

The blond Slytherin looked up when she got something from her bag, watching as she opened a jar and removed a piece of fruit. She kept her attention on the book, her tongue leaving her mouth to catch a drop of juice from the slice of peach. He watched as she nibbled on the fruit, her tongue licking the sweet juices and her lips wrapped around the slice as she read her notes. Bloody fucking hell! The teasing little wench, he thought somewhat proudly, was assaulting the fruit and seemed entirely too pleased at his complete attention being on her. With a wicked smile, he leaned forward, snagging a peach slice from the jar, “That looks rather good. Hope you don’t mind sharing.”

“I like to share,” Hermione purred softly as she looked at him, not believing she’d actually purred in such a seductive voice. What was happening to her? She was becoming a wanton sex fiend!

“Hmm,” Draco moaned in pleasure as his tongue licked the peach slice, his eyes catching hers as she stared at him. Her eyes were dark brown with just a few specks of green and they were blazing with lust. He smirked knowingly, his tongue moving over the end of the slice in a similar way that he’d love to be tonguing her clit instead of studying. Rubbing the peach against his lips, he licked the juice from his hand, nibbling his hand slightly, his eyes never leaving hers, giving her every indication that he’d prefer feasting on something besides this damn peach. He groaned softly, imagining her pussy over his face, her sweet juices dripping into his mouth as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm just from his tongue and fingers.

Hermione should have been far more upset that Draco was taking over control of her game but she couldn’t think clearly when his tongue was doing deliciously naughty things to that slice of peach. She was soaking wet, her thighs rubbing together as the blond continued to stare directly into her eyes as he gave her a show. Her voice was breathless as she asked, “How is it?”

“Not as good as some things I could be tasting,” he said bluntly, his eyes moving over body and dwelling at the area between her legs before looking back into her brown eyes, “but it’s sweet.”

Hermione licked her lips as she moved from her chair, reaching him far faster than she would have thought she could move. His gray eyes widened with surprise as her lips came crashing down on his. The peach was dropped as his sticky fingers tangled in her curly hair, his mouth opening beneath hers. Tongues battled for dominance, the Head Girl straddling him as she devoured his mouth, tasting the peach and a unique flavor that was entirely Draco. She moaned when she felt his hand on her breast, squeezing her flesh as they kissed passionately. Alternating between nibbling on his lips and licking his tongue, she moved against his lap, feeling his erection pressing at her panties. Her first kiss was rough and passionate and desperate and she never wanted it to end. She wanted to feel him inside her, feel his tongue lapping at her and driving her wild.

There was the knowledge that this was not what she planned in her mind as they continued to kiss. She had honestly expected her first kiss to be with Blaise because he was the gentle one, the one that she had cared about longer. But she had wanted Draco longer, not caring about him until recently but having desire for him for years. His fingers moved between her legs, rubbing at her soaking slit through her panties. Merlin, that felt good. She moved against his hand, ignoring the voices that reminded her that there were still two more days until she won the game, that she had meant to tease and seduce but not actually touch in this way until Saturday, that Blaise was not here.

Reluctantly, she released Draco’s mouth and moved off of him, smoothing her skirt down and taking several deep breaths. She finally looked at him, seeing the same needy and surprised look on his face that must be on hers. Her hand went to her hair, brushing through the curly locks and feeling the sticky residue from his peach-juice coated fingers. Her voice was not nearly as calm as she’d have liked as she said softly, “I need to go do my patrol.”

Draco moved his fingers to his lips, inhaling the scent of her sex, teasing his tongue along his finger as he moaned, “Tastes delicious.”

“Patrol. Yes, I must patrol,” Hermione was talking to herself, her breathing ragged as she watched him lick his finger, knowing that it was the one that had pressing so intimately against her just a few moments before. “Um, Draco, about what just happened.”

“Run along and do your patrol, love,” Draco smiled smugly, “we can talk some other time. It was just a snog between two friends. Don’t worry about it. Though, I will say, you surprised the Hell out of me by attacking me like that. A bit frustrated are we, darling? You know, I could be excellent at helping you with that particular problem.”

“You’re such a bastard,” Hermione glared at him before her lips curved into a smile and she finally laughed, smiling sheepishly, “That was some snog, huh?”

“Yeah,” he muttered, his eyes catching hers as the shared a silent moment, neither speaking but seeming to understand how the kiss had affected them both.

“Good night, Draco,” Hermione smiled softly before brushing her lips against his forehead, her fingers moving through his pale blond hair before she stood up. The brunette witch collected her robe and wand and left for patrol, her mind thinking about everything that had just happened.