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Response to the Quiet Ones Smut Challenge #1: A Scarf

Originally Posted: September 13, 2004

Hermione looked around the large ballroom and frowned when she didn’t see Blaise. They had been at Malfoy’s party for nearly an hour and she was ready to leave. They’d only attended because Draco had insisted, a way to make amends for his reaction upon finding out they were involved is what Blaise suspected. Personally, she could care less if the arrogant git was happy that his best friend was dating her or not.

True, they had formed a truce during seventh year at Hogwarts, but they were not what you would call best friends by any means. They tolerated one another because of their Head responsibilities and now because she had was dating Blaise, but a majority of their time was spent arguing or challenging one another. Okay, so they had become friends, and she did enjoy debating with him and he could be rather charming and funny, but she was pissed at him for being such a prat about her relationship with Blaise.

She had never intended to fall in love with Blaise Zabini. He was a Slytherin and far too attractive for her to even consider dating, but she had learned that love was far from logical and very unpredictable. They’d become close during seventh year at Hogwarts, the quiet wizard spending a lot of time in the Head common room because of his surprising friendship with Draco, the two wizards having very little in common but still best friends. They’d shared a lot of the same classes and had gradually become friends, much to Draco’s annoyance. The blond wizard had been most displeased at their friendship, often inviting himself to their study group and rarely giving them any time alone at all.

After graduation, she had received owls from Blaise, the two corresponding for the entire summer before they’d started University, both attending the University of Surrey, a wizarding college with a fantastic Potions curriculum. Despite Draco also attending the school and constantly being around, she and Blaise had managed to find time alone, getting to know one another and becoming even closer than before. One night while they’d been studying, he’d leaned across the table and kissed her. Needless to say, she’d kissed him back, her crush on him from seventh year having developed into something far more meaningful.

They’d begun dating, making love six weeks after their first kiss, and had eventually told their friends about their relationship several weeks ago after they‘d admitted their love and were both ready to go public. Harry and Ron were accepting, both seeing that Blaise made her happy, but Draco had thrown a tantrum, that being the only word to describe his ridiculous behavior. He’d glared and sulked and made rude comments and finally caused Blaise to lose his temper, the first time she’d ever witnessed her mellow lover angry. Draco had stormed out of Blaise’s flat and refused to have a real conversation with them for weeks, watching and glaring and making snide comments whenever possible, any resemblance of friendship or a truce seemingly forgotten because she dared to date his best friend.

She honestly didn’t know what his problem was regarding her relationship with Blaise but she had given up trying to figure Draco Malfoy out years ago. He had made remarks about her dirty blood and questioned how Blaise could be involved with someone that wasn’t a Pureblood and accepted by his family. Thankfully, Blaise’s parents could care less about such matters as blood and only wanted their son’s happiness, Hermione getting along extremely well with his Mum and sister. When that argument had not persuaded Blaise to break up with her, he’d resorted to his childish behavior of sulking and glaring.

That had lasted a few weeks, causing a bit of a strain between her and Blaise because he missed his best friend and she actually found it odd to not have Draco around arguing with her or being a pompous arse, rather used to him and somewhat fond of his presence. Blaise was convinced it would just take a bit of time for Draco to accept them, the blond not very fond of change in his life. When they had received an invitation to Draco’s family’s Holiday Ball, she’d wanted to refuse, attending a party at Malfoy Manor not high on her list of fun activities. However, Blaise had asked her to go with him, claiming it was Draco’s way of apologizing since he‘d never actually admit he‘d acted like an immature prat.

So now she was stuck at this boring ball with a bunch of Pureblood society that either ignored her completely or fawned over the fact that she was Harry’s best friend, the Muggleborn who helped defeat Voldemort. She wanted to find Blaise and leave, having no particular fondness for such events in the first place and definitely not ones where she felt so uncomfortable. At least she looked rather fetching, she thought with a slight smile as she smoothed a hand down the scarlet dress robe she was wearing.

Because it was important to Blaise, she’d taken a little more time with her appearance that evening, putting her unruly hair up with some Muggle pins and leaving a few curls hanging down around her neck. The robe was flattering, displaying a hint of cleavage and fitting well around her slender waist. Blaise had been aroused when he’d seen her, leering playfully and declaring they should skip the ball and spend their evening shagging, so she felt a bit more confident and sexy than normal. Oddly enough, Draco had greeted them upon arrival, the same sarcastic and conceited prat as always without any indication that he’d been upset with them for weeks, but she’d not seen him since.

Blaise had left her a few moments ago, seeing an old family friend, promising to return to her soon. She’d watched him talking for a bit before wandering off to look around. When she’d gone back to the sitting area, he’d not been there and she’d been seeking him since, assuming he’d found more people he knew from his family’s similar parties. She was walking down the long hallway when a familiar hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into a room. Lips met hers and she moaned softly, her fingers tangling in thick black hair as she found herself pressed against a wall.

“Blaise, we can’t. Not here,” she reluctantly protested, a bit excited by the danger of possibly being caught as well as the idea of shagging in what appeared to be Lucius Malfoy’s study.

“I want you,” he whispered as his dark blue eyes caught hers, an intensity and need in their depths that caused her to lean forward and kiss him. His large hands moved along her body, unbuttoning her robe and sliding it from her shoulders. With a wicked grin, he removed a scarf from his pocket.

Hermione arched a brow as she asked, “What’s that for, Mister Zabini?”

“What do you think, Miss Granger?” he smirked as he moved the scarf over her eyes, fastening it behind her head. His hands removed the pins from her hair, muttering, “I like your hair down. It’s so wild and free, just like you.”

“You said it looked attractive like this,” she reminded as his fingers brushed through her hair.

“You always look attractive, but I like it down,” he replied softly, his lips brushing against her cheek and neck.

Hermione hated not being able to see him. He knew she wasn’t fond of blindfolds, the two having used one weeks ago and she’d been annoyed not being able to watch him make love to her. Before she could suggest removing the scarf, he moved her away from the wall, pushing her back onto the sofa in the middle of the room.

His lips moved along her jaw, kissing and licking, his hands caressing her breasts. She felt him fumble to unfasten the clasp of her bra, his knuckles brushing against her chest as he finally got the front clasp loose. Smooth palms moved over her bare breasts, his lips blazing a trail down her throat to envelope her hard nipple.

“You’re so beautiful, Hermione.”

Her hands moved through his hair as he licked and sucked her breasts, giving each equal attention, hearing him mutter how beautiful she was and how he loved her breasts before his lips moved along her ribcage and lower stomach. Her wet panties were soon removed, his tongue entering her pussy deeply, feasting on her as if he was ravenous. She moaned as she rubbed against his face, the excitement of possibly getting caught causing him to be a bit more wild and rough than normal. She had to admit that she was enjoying it, heat spreading over her as he lapped at her pussy, his fingers thrusting into her, familiar tension building.

His tongue moved over the lips of her pussy, teeth nibbling at her clit, sending shockwaves of arousal through her at this new trick. He chuckled at her whimper, his nose brushing against the sensitive bud as he licked her flowing juices, “You taste so bloody delicious,” muttered against her wetness before he was against licking and tasting her. His fingers moving inside, curling slightly, touching her in the spots that had her pushing against his hand, needing more.

“Come for me,” he demanded as he added a third finger to her tight pussy, his thumb brushing against her clit as he licked her stomach, “I want to watch you come, Hermione.”

“Blaise,” she cried out his name as she came, her juices flooding his hand, her body arching off the sofa. With a low growl she couldn’t recall him ever making, he shed his clothes and thrust into her, his long cock penetrating her deeply.

“Don’t say my name,” he snarled as he fucked her hard, his hands squeezing her breasts, his lips claiming hers in a possessive kiss that left her breathless. Her hands moved along his back, nails digging in deep as he pounded into her. The scarf concealing her eyes seemed to heighten her other senses. The feel of his body against hers was electric, he tasted of wine and something she couldn’t quite place, he smelled of mint and vanilla. Her breath caught when she thought she heard the door open, the sounds of the party loud before again becoming dulled, her anxiety over being caught making her paranoid.

“Please,” she begged as he roughly pushed her into the couch, his cock going deep with every thrust, grinding against her clit, her body meeting each stroke.

“So fucking beautiful,“ he groaned as he kept entering her, her legs wrapping around his, the air thick with the scent of sweat and sex. “You like having me fuck you, don’t you? So passionate, so alive, so sexy. What do you want, Hermione?“

“You,“ she moaned as his hand tightened around her breast, “Gods, yes. Faster, deeper.“

“That’s right. You want me,“ he growled as he fucked her with deep thrusts, his hand tangling in her hair as he pulled her head back, bruising her lips with the ferocity of his kiss. When he released her lips, he whispered softly, “I’ve wanted this for so bloody long.”

Hermione gasped for breath as the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed throughout the room, feeling his hand on her breast again, a rough palm brushing against her nipple. When she felt the rough fingers twist her nipple, awareness penetrated the lust and desire clouding her mind. Her hand was gripping his thick hair, feeling as it suddenly changed beneath her palm, becoming softer and more fine and longer. His arms moved against her, muscles rubbing against her flesh that were not supposed to be there.

The cock thrusting into her became thicker, stretching her in a way she’d never been stretched, causing her to moan from the pleasurable pain. The body moving against her was more muscular, not as tall, her feet moving over legs that were not as long and had soft hair covering them. Her eyes widened beneath the scarf as she panicked, tearing it from her eyes to find herself looking into the intense gray eyes of Draco Malfoy. Before she could scream or push him off of her, his lips caught hers in a deep kiss, his hand moving between them and twisting her clit.

She came with a cry of dismay, his lips catching the sound as he sunk deep into her and groaned, his seed spilling into her grasping pussy. He came hard and long, his release leaking from her as he continued to enter her shallowly until his cock was spent. When he finally released her lips, she pushed against his chest, “What do you think you’re doing, you bastard?”

“Taking what I want,” he smirked as his hand roughly kneaded her breast, “you wanted me, Granger. I didn’t do anything you didn’t ask for.”

“Fuck you,” she snarled as she squirmed beneath his nude body, “I thought you were Blaise!”

“You knew I wasn’t,” his eyes narrowed as he studied her, “I might have looked like your handsome Prince Charming, but you had to know the difference. You didn’t care because you wanted me. I was the one that made you feel like that! It was me, damn it!”

“Why, Draco?” a soft voice spoke up from beside the oblivious lovers, causing them to turn. Hermione felt guilt spread over her as she saw Blaise sitting in a chair beside the bookcase, eyes widening slightly when she noticed his open robe and the spent cock in his hand. Their eyes met and he gave her a loving smile and a wink to let her know he wasn’t upset with her before focusing back on Draco, his expression hardening as he glared at the blond wizard he called best friend.

“Blaise?” Draco smugness faded as he saw the dark-haired wizard, sitting up and pulling out of Hermione as he nervously ran a hand through his hair. “How? When did you come in?”

“You should have locked the room before your little game, Draco,” Blaise sighed, “I was looking for Hermione and the door wasn’t latched. Imagine my surprise when I find her on the sofa being shagged by, well, me.”

“I didn’t, I mean,” Draco suddenly looked like a scared lost little boy as his eyes moved from Blaise to Hermione and back again. In a soft voice, he said, “I’m sorry.”

“Why did you do it?” Blaise asked again, his voice sharp as he resisted the urge to forgive his best friend for anything, knowing this was borderline unforgivable.

“I wanted her,” Draco sulked as he glared at the floor, “I’ve always wanted her and you had her and it wasn’t bloody fair! We used to be close and she took you away from me and you took her before I ever had a chance to have her.”

“So you polyjuiced yourself into me so you could have her? Did you think this would make us close again? Really, Draco, what the bloody fuck were you thinking?” Blaise’s voice was low and dangerous, his hand itching to find his wand and hex the spoiled brat that was sitting naked before him.

“I wanted her, damn it!” Draco turned his glare towards Blaise, “And I missed you! We used to shag and spend hours talking and I missed it…I miss you.”

“You want him to break up with me so you can have him back?” Hermione laughed dryly, fully aware of the sexual relationship her lover used to have with Draco, her hand moving through her hair as she shook her head, wishing now that she‘d insisted they decline the invitation. She should have known he was going to try something, but she’d have never expected him to do something so devious and cruel.

“No!” Draco looked at her, his eyes flashing with several emotions before they became their normal cold gray. His pale cheeks turned slightly pink as he mumbled quietly, “I want you both.”

“Oh,” Hermione’s eyes widened at his confession, exchanging a look with Blaise and seeing that her lover was just as surprised as she. She knew of his past relationship with Blaise, having been a bit surprised when Blaise had first told her but then realizing that it made sense and was somewhat arousing to think about at times, but she’d never thought he might like her, the two of them just becoming friends during the last year.

“There. Now you know,” Draco glared again, “Go ahead and laugh. ‘Poor little Draco, always wants what he can’t have. No one ever wants him back. Isn’t it funny how pathetic he is?’ Bloody hell, this wasn‘t supposed to happen! I had everything planned perfectly. I was supposed to shag you and then tell you who I was and you were supposed to be overwhelmed from the pleasure we shared that you eagerly accepted me as your lover and convinced Blaise that he wanted to shag me again.”

“So that was the big sneaky plan?” Blaise couldn’t keep the amused smile from his face as he watched Draco sulk like a first year. “How Slytherin of you.”

“Sod off,” Draco pouted as his arms crossed in front of his chest, waiting for them to laugh at him and then tell him they never wanted to see him again.

Hermione studied Draco for several thoughtful minutes, her mind thinking back over the last year and a half as if pieces of a puzzle finally fit together. She looked at Blaise, seeing the affectionate smile he was giving Draco before he looked at her, his eyes softening as he mouthed, ‘I love you’, her body still reeling from the two orgasms that Draco had given her. She mouthed the words back before her eyes moved over the sullen blond beside her.

Her feelings for him were confusing and complex, nothing simple and easy to understand. She considered him a friend and rather liked him at times, but he annoyed her and was obnoxious and arrogant the rest of the time. She’d always found him attractive, but never once considered the possibility of having a relationship with him. It was obvious from the way her body had reacted to his rough and wild shagging that she wanted him even if she did love Blaise and his tender and passionate love making.

Could she love Draco? Remembering the words he had whispered while they were having sex, the wonder in his voice as he’d whispered about her beauty, the look of love that had been in the familiar indigo eyes had been his despite him wearing her lover’s body and face. Without over thinking it and simply following the complicated feelings in her heart, she made a decision that would definitely change their lives.

She looked back at Blaise, giving him a questioning look as she smiled softly, seeing his eyes widen surprise as he realized what she was silently communicating. He mouthed ‘Are you sure?’, looking with concern at the blond he considered his best friend, obviously not wanting to hurt someone he cared about before looking back at her. She nodded and winked before turning to Draco, “And you couldn’t simply come out and tell us what you wanted?”

“Ha!” Draco snorted, “And have you hex me with things I’ve never even heard of? Not bloody likely.”

“We might have saved you having to drink that nasty old potion,” Hermione wrinkled her nose as she recalled her own experience with polyjuice potion and the less than satisfactory results during her second year. She leaned closer and moved her hand over his shoulders, hearing his sharp intake of breath as he looked at her, gray eyes suspicious but desperate. She gently stroked his arm, watching his reaction, realizing suddenly that he was not at all cold and unemotional like he projected, instead passionate and craving affection in a way much like herself. He just wanted to be loved.

“What are you doing?” he stared at her for a moment, his eyes narrowing as she touched his bare shoulder and arm.

“You know, I found it incredibly erotic to watch you making love to Hermione, Draco,” Blaise’s voice was husky as he made that confession, deliberately using that phrase to test his best friend, relieved when Draco simply looked at him and waited for him to continue, “When I first walked in and saw myself, I was angry but I knew it was you and it all finally made sense. The reason you were so bloody pissed about my relationship with her, the reason you never left us alone the last year at Hogwarts, even the reason you followed us to the same university. I sat down and started watching, relieved when the potion wore off, wanking as I watched the two people I love make love.”

“Is this some kind of scheme to get me back for the potion?” Draco asked suspiciously, the nineteen year old wizard nervously nibbling on his full bottom lip as he waited for the inevitable hexing or laughter.

“While I’m not pleased about what you did,” Hermione sighed softly, “and actually should hex you for playing such a deceitful trick like that, I understand why you did it and I can’t be mad at you for wanting us to love you.”

“Love?” Draco’s eyes widened as he looked at the brunette witch denying far too quickly, “I never said anything about love.”

“You didn’t have to say it, Draco,” Hermione smiled tenderly, her fingers moving along his cheek, “it was in your eyes, in your caress, in your voice. It won’t be easy and I’m sure it’s going to take some time for us to figure out how to make it work, but it feels right somehow, the three of us together. If you’re still interested, Blaise and I would be willing to include you in our relationship.”

“If you agree, Draco, that means you’re ours. We won’t share you,” Blaise informed him with a smug smile as he saw the shock the blond was unable to successfully conceal. “And we’ll be yours.”

“You’re not going to hex me?” Draco looked at his best friend with confusion, “You want me to join you?”

“He’s not overly bright, is he?” Hermione observed with a soft laugh.

“I think we’ve stunned him,” Blaise decided, “He’s a spoiled brat with all these cunning plans to get what he wants but then the silly boy doesn’t know how to act when they work out.”

“I am not spoiled,” Draco denied suddenly, his lips curving into a familiar smirk, “I’m merely privileged and accustomed to obtaining what I want.”

“Without considering the consequences!” Blaise rolled his eyes, “I must say, this plan of yours is nearly as foolish as your plan during second year to charm all of Snape’s robes to be all the colors of the rainbow because you decided he needed more color in his life! I thought we were going to be hexed for certain when he caught us.”

“He praised our initiative, if you recall,“ Draco reminded smugly, his eyes flashing with shared affection as he remembered that event.

“And then gave us detention for a month,” Blaise laughed, “I hate to be the one to tell you this, Draco, but your plans are always mischievous and rarely work.”

“I think this one worked out rather well,” he objected before glancing at Hermione and asking quietly, “Did you really mean it? About me joining you two?”

“Of course,” she nodded slowly, watching his lips curve into a triumphant smile before he leaned over and kissed her passionately, his hand moving into her hair.

Blaise stood up and removed his robe, placing a spell on the door to keep it from being opened before he joined his lovers, a smile on his handsome face as he kneeled beside them, his hands moving along both their cheeks as he declared, “I believe that’s a yes.”

*the end*