Baby's on Fire

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Story Notes:

Warning: Slash, threesome
Note: Follows Admit It and Mutual Surrender in this series

Originally Published: August 11, 2004

Hermione Granger made her way down the staircase to the dungeons. Her patrol had just ended, Ernie believing that she was on her way back to the Gryffindor dorm, having no idea about her true destination. Patrol had been dull, though Ernie was better company than some of the other Prefects. Hermione had been checking the classrooms when she’d felt a hand on her back and breath on her neck, inhaling a scent that was becoming all too familiar. Draco had demanded that she go to their room after patrol. There had been no polite asking, no please. The blond boy simply ordered and she, Merlin, she got wet and obeyed.

It had been nearly a month since her twisted relationship with Draco and Blaise had begun. They met nearly every evening, sneaking out of their dorms and meeting in the room that had become theirs. Draco had placed wards on the small space the morning after that first time, insuring that no one would be able to enter without them knowing about it, giving her confirmation that it had not been a one time thing. The two Slytherins brought out something in her that she had never imagined existed. Her life was normally so controlled and mundane, not at all exciting in a pleasurable way, though there had been plenty of adventure before Voldemort’s defeat. Since that time, it had become routine and boring.

Until that night. Even now, a month later, she got wet remembering the events that had occurred, thinking of everything the three of them had done since. Blaise and Draco were willing to try anything, loved to tease her and make her beg, both of the wizards having a dominant streak that aroused her instead of infuriating her. She had done research after that first night, after the realization that she had enjoyed Blaise telling her what to do, reading a few Muggle psychology texts from the library and concluding that she had submissive tendencies.

That had surprised her because she had such a need to control everything in her life, from her studying to her schedule to her meals to her friends. She was bossy and opinionated and hated being told what to do. Yet, in the bedroom, she willing gave up control to Draco and Blaise, trusting them not to hurt her or take advantage. With them, she lost her inhibitions, becoming wild and wanton, free to give pleasure and receive pleasure without over thinking every action. Blaise had surprised her. Hermione had honestly never considered that the raven-haired wizard liked to have power and control, not at all surprised that Draco enjoyed authority in the bedroom as well as other areas of his life. But, she had watched him submit, his eyes flashing with arousal and irritation as he obeyed Blaise. He didn’t enjoy the loss of control like she did, fighting his desires until he finally gave in, enjoying the fight.

She wasn’t always submissive with her lovers, though she had a particular fondness for them giving her instructions and enjoyed letting everything go when they were together. There had been nights that they would just had sex, tasting and touching and fucking. Draco was an extremely possessive lover, liking to mark her and Blaise with bruises and bites but never causing them pain unless it was quickly followed by pleasure. He watched her all the time, his eyes following her through the Great Hall and down the hallways, staring at her in class with that intense passion that caused her body to tingle, pulling into the shadows whenever possible and snogging her until she could barely breathe before smirking and walking away. He had taken to grabbing her during patrol and forcing her against the wall, his cock driving into her until she was begging him for release. He had no problems sharing her with Blaise, but he always got annoyed whenever they were together without him, though he could sneak up on her and shag her any time with no concern for what Blaise might feel about being left out.

Blaise was powerful but gentle, never scaring her in that delicious way that Draco sometimes did but arousing her because he was impulsive and she could never predict what mood he might be in when they met in their room. Most the time he was playful and loving, but there were times that he would be like that first night, his eyes dark with needs and desires as he forced them both to submit to him. He had surprised her during patrol the previous evening, the first time he had approached her outside of the room in a physical way. He’d had her on her knees sucking his cock in the Charms classroom within moments, fucking her hard and deep on the Professor’s desk until she’d barely been able to breathe. He’d slid out of her and smiled, telling her that was exactly what he needed to get through the night before kissing her and returning to the dungeons.

They tried to meet three nights a week, the evenings that Snape was known by the Slytherins to retire early and the risk of them getting caught far less than normal. Tonight was not one of their usual nights, though she knew that neither would risk being found no matter how desperately they wanted a fuck. Over the weeks, their relationship had begun to change, becoming more than just sex. They would lay together afterwards, talking about various opinions and thoughts, Draco usually provoking her because, as she had found out, he thought she was ravishing when she was angry. It was fortunate for him that it took very little of his smug condescending attitude to annoy her.

Hermione had accepted that she was a dominant personality in practically every area of her life at an early age, comfortable with her bossiness and not often bothered by people’s rude remarks about her need to control the chaos around her. Over the last month, after reading the texts and learning that her desire to be submissive at times during sex was normal, especially for controlling personalities or people who had authority in certain aspects of their lives, she had accepted that as well. The brunette witch was extremely logical and, while her behavior with Blaise and Draco that first night had surprised her, once she understood more about the conflicting feelings of wanting to submit and at the same time resenting being told what to do, she had relaxed. Finding the answer and realizing that she was not alone in such desires had given her the confidence to surrender and acknowledge her needs.

Harry was the only person that knew about her relationship with Draco and Blaise. She had not given him the details but he had correctly guessed by the blush that had crossed her cheeks when he had confronted her about the two Slytherins watching her and him having caught her speaking to one or the other between class when they thought no one had noticed. He had not been pleased at finding out what she was doing, that much obvious from the expression of shock and disbelief that had been on his boyishly handsome face, but he had not judged her nor had he lectured her.

Her best friend had simply given her a hug and told her to be careful, letting her know he was there any time she needed to talk as long as she never gave him details. Harry knew she was old enough to make her own choices, not necessarily agreeing with her decisions but loving her enough to support her choices. He was like her brother, even more than Ron because Ron had family that adored him and a devoted girlfriend, but she and Harry had always just had each other, and she was thankful that he knew the truth and she was not forced to lie to him. His trust in her, however, had not prevented him from calmly telling her that if either Zabini or Malfoy ever hurt her they’d have to deal with him.

Hermione finally reached their room, using her wand to bypass the wards and entering the small room. Her eyes widened as she saw Blaise laying nude on the bed, his arms above his head, appearing to be magically bound to the bed. His cock was hard and leaking, his body flushed with desire, his eyes nearly black as he looked at her. She ran her tongue over her lips as she stared at him, finding the sight of him bound and naked extremely erotic. They played games of dominance but had never actually used restraints, curiosity in her eyes as she wondered why they had started using them tonight.

“You’re late,” Draco said sharply as he moved from the shadows, his nude body looking ethereal in the candle light.

“I had to finish patrol,” she explained angrily, “and I wasn’t aware that I was being timed.”

“Watch that mouth, Hermione, or I’ll have to find other uses for it,” he sneered as his stormy gray eyes focused on her lips before looking into her eyes once again. “Now be a good girl and apologize for keeping us waiting.”

“I most certainly will not,” she glared at him, delighted when he wanted to play rough, finding him even more attractive when he was being a controlling bastard, but she wasn’t about to make it easy for him. Besides, he liked it when she fought him, even how his cock twitching between his legs as she stared him down.

“Say it or leave.”

“What?” Stunned, Hermione just stared at him. Her eyes moved from the blond wizard to Blaise, noticing the scratches on the dark Slytherins chest and the fury mixed with arousal in his dark blue eyes. She looked back at Draco, realizing that he was angry and dangerous, a wave of arousal spreading over her as she realized that he wasn’t simply playing that evening, that he was barely in control and all ready had Blaise at his mercy. She looked into his eyes and softly said, “I’m sorry I’m late, Draco.”

“On your knees,” he commanded huskily, his eyes never leaving hers as she instinctively obeyed his command. Her knickers were soaking and she rubbed her thighs together to alleviate some of the tension as she knelt on the floor in front of him. Draco moved closer, his face a cold mask as he looked down at the proud and beautiful witch so eager to please him and do whatever he demanded.

He had always been somewhat infatuated with Hermione, from the first moment he’d seen her on the train to Hogsmeade first year. She’d been so bossy and snide, dismissing him without hesitation and content to ignore him. He didn’t like being ignored nor did he like some little Mudblood with buck teeth and bushy-hair acting superior to him. That had been the beginning of his fascination with her, watching her and provoking her and doing whatever it took to make sure she noticed him, to insure that she couldn’t just ignore him. When Blaise had invited her to join them, he’d been astonished that she had agreed, thrilled that she was so wild and sexual and enjoyed being with them. Her submissiveness was an added bonus in his opinion, just another characteristic that made her perfect for him.

His infatuation with her had developed over the last month. Perhaps he had always fancied her as more than just a potential sexual partner and just never admitted to himself. Two weeks ago, he’d had to acknowledge that his feelings for Hermione were far more than just sexual. He liked her, found her amusing, enjoying arguing with her, considered her the smartest witch at Hogwarts by far, and could very well love her if given the chance and knowledge of exactly how to love. His feelings for Blaise were the closest thing to love that he’d ever felt, his relationship with the raven-haired wizard important to him and not something he was willing to end, which made Hermione’s acceptance of them being together yet another reason to love her.

He was possessive about the things that belonged to him, though. He had no problems with them being together when he was there, but he was consumed with jealousy at the idea of them together without him. Last night, he had been patrolling and heard a noise in the Charms classroom. He’d been stunned to find Blaise fucking Hermione, the brunette witch eagerly sucking his cock and then spreading her legs and begging him for it, wanting it hard and fast. He’d watched them together, finding them just as erotic as always, but he’d been angry and resentful that they had not included him. Hermione belonged to him, damn it, and it didn’t matter if he found her alone during patrol and pulled her into an empty class to fuck her senseless. Blaise had no right to touch what was his, the blond not blaming Hermione because he knew that the raven-haired wizard had been in a mood last night and had simply taken what he wanted, but he planned to make sure tonight that they both realized to whom they belonged.

“You have such a pretty mouth, Hermione,” he observed as he moved his cock along the curve of her lips. “Taste me. That’s a good girl.” Draco bit his bottom lip as the brunette opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock inside, her tongue caressing the sensitive flesh. She was so good at this, knowing exactly where to touch him to cause the most arousal, her hands moving up to caress his balls as she bobbed her pretty face against his erection. “Do you like sucking my cock, Hermione? Like having me fuck your mouth, having my length in your throat? Are you wet? Do you wish I’d push you back against the floor and spread those gorgeous legs and fuck you so hard you can’t move tomorrow?”

Hermione continued to suck his cock as he spoke, his words sending tingles of awareness all over her body. Merlin, she loved it when he talked dirty. His fingers were tangled in her hair, controlling her movements as he pushed against her face. She didn’t understand what had upset him, didn’t know why he seemed to be angry at Blaise, and she honestly didn’t care at that moment. All she wanted was for him to rip away her knickers and bury his hard shaft deep into her pussy. He kept fucking her face at a rapid pace, her jaws beginning to hurt and her throat becoming raw from the force of his thrusts. She was relieved when he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock, his seed spraying her face before she could move to avoid his release. His seed coated her lips and cheeks and nose, her eyes closing quickly enough to prevent his come from entering them.

“You’re mine, Hermione,” he snarled as he bent down and caught her lips in a punishing kiss, his tongue sweeping into her mouth and consuming her as his hand moved over her breast. Releasing her lips, he turned to glare at Blaise. “Not so much fun to watch, is it? Now you know how I felt last night, watching you fuck my girl without permission. We agreed that she was mine, Zabini. I don’t mind sharing her just as I don’t mind sharing you with Hermione, but you both belong to me!”

Everything suddenly made sense to Hermione. Draco might have been a dominant and arrogant wizard to those around him, but, beneath it all, he was a bit of an insecure little boy. He didn’t know how to love, that much obvious from his actions with her and Blaise, but she knew he was trying, could see him softening and attempting to show how he felt. He had seen them last night, obviously, his actions tonight those of a spoiled child who was scared he was going to lose his toys. Hermione didn’t believe for an instant that Draco thought of them as merely his possessions, knowing that was the only way the blond had to convey how he felt, treating them as objects and making sure they knew they were his, always making sure that they also knew he was theirs. Judging from the looks he was sending Blaise, this was not going to be a playful evening. Instead of scaring her, it aroused her even more.

“Stand up, Hermione,” Draco watched her stand, taking great pleasure in seeing his release on her pretty face. He was still hard despite his recent release, having prepared for this evening all day. He had no intention of hurting Blaise, having a fondness for being in control but no desire to cause either of them pain unless it was to heighten their pleasure. He moved behind his witch, looking at Blaise over her shoulder and smiling as he saw the dark wizard straining at his bonds, his body taut and aroused. There were far more enjoyable ways to punish Blaise, forcing the handsome Slytherin to watch him slowly tease and fuck Hermione was definitely at the top of that list.

“I love the way you smell,” he muttered as he kissed her neck, “jasmine and vanilla and a scent that I can’t identify but I recognize as you.” He shook his head slightly as he remembered his objective for the evening, sappy words not being part of it at all. He unfastened her tie and tossed it to the floor, his fingers deftly unbuttoning her shirt, his knuckles brushing against her heated flesh. Once he was finished with the buttons, he pulled her shirt down her arms and it joined the tie. Her skirt was next followed by her socks and shoes. She was now standing before them wearing a blue lacy bra and matching knickers. Her panties were soaking wet, her nipples pressing against the material of her bra.

The blond Slytherin hooked his fingers into the waist of her knickers and slowly pulled them down her legs, his tongue licking a path down her body as he moved. Standing back up, he unclasped her bra and pulled it down, freeing her full breasts to their hungry eyes. Moving past her, he laid on the bed beside Blaise, his gray eyes lazily moving over her naked body. “Touch yourself, Hermione.”

Hermione licked her lips as she brought her hand up to her breasts, squeezing them gently as she looked from Draco to Blaise. Blaise was drenched with sweat as he moved on the bed, struggling at the magical bonds, his cock was erect and swollen and she wondered if he might come without even being touched, the idea intriguing her. He was breathing hard, his hair falling across his forehead, his eyes focused on her. He winked slowly, letting her know that he was okay and enjoying what Draco was doing, making sure that the blond didn’t notice his action. She moved her hand to her mouth, licking her fingers before playing with her nipples. For some odd reason, Blaise and Draco both seemed to love watching her play with herself, often wanking as she masturbated. She had gotten rather good at performing the normally private act for their viewing pleasure, aroused at the idea that just watching her was enough to make them hard and needy.

“Sit down,” Draco told her, his eyes moving to the chair and then back to look at her face. She did as he said, his lips curving into a smile as he lazily stroked his cock, “Spread your legs for us, darling. Good girl. Now touch yourself. Move your fingers along your wet pussy lips. If you touch your clit before I say, I’ll spank you until you can sit down. Oh, you like that idea, don’t you? You like being bare assed over my knees with my hand caressing your cute little arse, spanking you as you writhe around and beg me for my cock. You like it when it hurts just a little don’t you, Hermione?”

“Yes,” she whispered honestly, her fingers sliding into her pussy as she caressed her breast, unable to look away from Draco’s knowing eyes. “I like it when you’re both fucking me hard and deep, your hands kneading my breasts and twisting my nipples. I can’t even describe how it feels to have you both buried inside of me.”

“Add another finger,” Draco commanded, “What else do you like, Hermione?”

“I like it when you’re fucking me from behind and I’m sucking on Blaise,” she said softly, “I like it when you grab me during patrol and fuck me against the wall, your desperation and desire is so arousing. You make me so wet, Draco. Just a look from those pale eyes is enough to soak my knickers. I love tasting you and touching you, feeling both of you around me, skin against skin. It makes me so hot, knowing that you both want me as much as I want you.”

“Come here,” Draco’s words were husky, watching as she stood and walked towards him, her fingers glistening with her juices. When she reached him, he kissed her passionately, his hands moving along her body and pulling her against him. Releasing her lips, he smirked as he moved to sit on the bed facing Blaise. He caught his best friend’s eyes, seeing the desire in their indigo depths as he continued to struggle to free himself. Draco leaned over and ran his tongue over Blaise’s cock, feeling it twitch as he lazily licked the salty precum from the swollen head. Looking back at Hermione, he patted the bed between his legs, “Sit down, Hermione.”

Hermione moved to sit between his legs, her eyes on Blaise’s face as he stopped struggling and simply watched them. Draco reached for his wand, which had been resting on the bed beside Blaise. With a word, he ended the silencio spell, wanting to hear Blaise’s moans and begging. He moved his elegant fingers down Hermione’s breast, “She has beautiful breasts, doesn’t she, Zabini? They feel so good in my hand, so full and tender, so responsive, her nipples are so sensitive. Baby‘s on fire, she‘s so hot and wet and ready for it.”

“Draco,” Blaise moaned as he twisted on the bed, his cock harder than it had ever been. He’d had nearly an hour of Draco’s torturous teasing before Hermione had arrived, the blond never telling him why he was so upset, just fucking him so hard that his arse still hurt and fucking his face until he’d nearly gagged. He now knew what had caused Draco’s actions, unaware that the blond had caught him with Hermione the night before. He had known better, of course, but he hadn’t been able to stay away from her.

It had been worth it to have her without Draco even for that one time, to know that she found him as exciting and arousing as she found the blond wizard. He wasn’t exactly jealous of the obvious connection between Draco and Hermione because he had his own connections with them both. It was more of a need to push Draco a bit, to test the limits of the relationships and see how much freedom he had in this twisted trio of theirs. It seemed he had as much freedom as he wanted when Draco was there, but very little when the blond was not. He had little doubt that that would change over time, once Draco became more secure about Hermione’s feelings towards him and realized that he wouldn’t lose either of them.

“She has such a pretty pussy,” Draco observed as his fingers moved between her legs. He spread her lips so that Blaise could see the leaking juices, “so tight and wet. Like velvet around your cock as you fuck her. She tastes so sweet, doesn’t she? I could lick her for hours and never grow tired of her taste. I bet you’d do just about anything to taste her right now, wouldn’t you, Blaise?”

“Merlin yes,” Blaise muttered, licking his lips as he watched Draco’s finger slide into Hermione, her juices dripping freely, her breathing erratic and her face flushed. She was leaning against Draco, her head on his shoulder, her eyes watching his face.

Draco thrust three fingers into her pussy, arching them and caressing her as he got them soaking with her juices. He removed his hand and leaned forward, Hermione having to shift to let him reach Blaise. He traced his fingers along his lover’s lips, gray eyes flashing with desire as Blaise opened his mouth and sucked his fingers in much the same way he sucked cock. Blaise suddenly moaned, Draco noticing that Hermione’s position allowed her to run her tongue over their lover’s erection. With a scowl, his wet fingers tangled in her hair and he pulled her head up, “I didn’t tell you to do that, Hermione.”

“I’m sorry, Draco,” she stammered, having assumed that his game with Blaise was complete and finding it too tempting to be so close to his leaking shaft without tasting.

“Someone’s been a naughty girl,” he declared, watching her eyes widen before a gleam of lust entered their dark brown depths. His anger and jealous had slowly faded as they night wore on, his rough shagging of Blaise earlier enough to dispel the majority of it, his game with Hermione assuaging the rest. There was something about the pretty brunette that calmed him down even as she riled him up, a strange way she had of bringing a balance to his world, making him feel desired and loved and secure. In a little less than a month, she had made her way into his heart and his life and he honestly couldn’t imagine not having her, not having either of them.

Draco moved her over his lap, his cock pressing against her stomach, his hand moving over her arse. He caressed her cheeks before raising his hand and slapping them. She gasped at the force of his blow, not hard enough to cause pain but hard enough to sting. She squirmed on his lap, his eyes unknowingly tender at he looked at her face. He slapped her again, his hand rubbing the flesh where he had hit as his other hand brushed through her hair. “Suck him, Hermione. Make him come and then I’ll make you come hard and fast, just like you love it, my wicked little vixen.”

Hermione eagerly took Blaise in her mouth, her lips wrapping around the head of his cock as she sucked and licked his swollen member. He was arching off the bed into her mouth, watching her suck him as Draco continued to spank her, earning a moan with each slap of his hand against her arse. Her hand moved to caress Blaise’s balls, her hand moving beneath him and brushing against his arse. She could feel the sticky signs of Draco’s release, her mind full of images of what must have happened while she’d been completing her patrol, the wetness flowing steadily from her pussy now.

Draco had fucked Blaise while angry, probably fucked him hard enough to bruise the Italian’s golden skin, the brunette witch knowing exactly how annoyed Draco had been when she first arrived and that had been after shagging Blaise. He really had been angry about their stolen moment the previous evening, she realized, lashing out in his own way at being excluded. It was just like Draco to not care if he had each of them separately but to sulk like a spoiled child if they were together without him. She realized that she was starting to have feelings for the blond because, instead of annoying her, she found his behavior endearing and it made her want to be with him all the more.

Blaise gripped the covers in his hands as Hermione teased him to the point of release. He bit his lower lip as he tried to keep control, knowing that he couldn’t come until Draco gave him permission or he’d risk being tied up and teased all bloody night, the blond Slytherin having done exactly that in their dorm to repay him for his trick that night Hermione had joined them. Draco had been grateful but he had quickly reasserted his dominance in their relationship, making sure that Blaise knew who was in charge when they played those games. Of course, the raven haired wizard didn’t mind a little punishment along those lines so he tended to take control when the urge stuck. His eyes found Draco’s watching him, an affectionate and lusty gleam in the blond’s eyes. “Please, Draco.”

“Yes,” Draco consented, watching as Blaise arched off the bed, a low moan coming from his lips as his head fell back on the pillow.

Hermione sucked the head of Blaise’s cock as he came, gulping down his seed and licking his shaft as she moved back against Draco’s hand. The blond had stopped spanking her and was now playing with her pussy, his hard cock pressing against her belly and his fingers moving inside her. She heard Blaise mutter the contraceptive charm right before Draco pushed her back against the bed and entered her deeply. His lips caught hers as he began to fuck her hard and deep, just like he’d promised. Hermione had discovered that she enjoyed a variety of different sexual positions, loving it when they teased her and went really slow but finding it extremely exciting when Draco just lost control and fucked her senseless.

His mouth left hers, brushing kisses all over her face before moving down her neck. It didn’t take her long to feel the tension snap, ready to come almost from the moment he entered her. She cried out his name as her fingernails scratched his back, her body moving against his as she came, her muscles tightening around his cock. Blaise’s lips met hers in their first kiss of the evening, Draco’s tongue licking her nipples before sucking them into his mouth. The blond wizard moved her leg over his shoulder, changing positions to penetrate her deeper, rubbing against her clit with each downward thrust. His hands moved along her back, caressing her arse and stroking the skin he had just recently spanked.

Draco increased the speed of his strokes, feeling his balls tighten before he entered her deeply, grunting as he came. He continued to thrust into her as she whimpered beneath him, another orgasm soaring through her body, her muscles milking his cock. He kissed her passionately, possessively, finally releasing her lips and looking into her eyes as he growled, “You’re mine.”

“I’m yours,” she agreed breathlessly before lifting her head and kissing him, her fingers moving through his blond hair as he finally stopped thrusting into her. She felt a body moving to lay beside her, lips brushing against her shoulder and arm as Blaise snuggled against them. Draco released her lips and turned his head to kiss Blaise, the wizards sharing a rough but tender kiss before he slid out of her and curled up against her side.

Draco’s arm was around her waist, pulling her against him, giving her a look that meant she’d, once again, be sneaking into the dorms shortly before dawn. They had discussed spending the upcoming summer holidays at Blaise’s family estate in Italy, being able to shag and talk and sleep together without having to sneak around or be worried about being caught. She was looking forward to that, loving to sleep between them with their arms around her, finding it difficult to sleep alone anymore. Blaise rested his head on her shoulder, his hand on Draco’s stomach, the three of them entwined and sated as they drifted off to sleep.

*the end*