Pampering Hermione

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Story Notes:

Warning: Pure fluff. We're talking cotton candy, sugar rush, teeth hurting fluff! You've been warned! *grin*
Note: I may write a smutty second part to this if anyone thinks I should *grin* but I wanted to test myself to see if I could answer the challenge in 15 minutes and less than 500 words. I hit 800, I think, but made the 15 minutes! I’ve had a horrid last few days and don’t have my own Blaise and Draco so I had to let Hermione enjoy some pampering! Lucky darn girl!
Answer to the 30 Minute Challenge #4: Must Include: A clock, An apple, Fog, A kiss, A conversation

Originally Posted: August 20, 2004

Hermione walked through the fog as she made her way from the apparition point to her flat. It had been a horrible day and the thick fog just topped it all off, she thought crossly. She had missed lunch because of a special project, having to stay late to finish it before the weekend. She’d looked at the clock and realized she was nearly an hour late, not surprised when an owl soon arrived with a concerned note from her lovers.

She had quickly written a note whining about her horrible day before sending it off and getting back to work. Nearly two and a half hours past the normal ‘end of the work day’, she finally left the office. Thankfully, her boss had said she could come in late on Monday to make up for the extra hours she’d had to work. She liked the idea of sleeping in after a very lazy weekend with Blaise and Draco.

The brunette witch finally reached the flat she had shared with the two wizards in her life for the last four years, the three moving in together soon after their relationship had moved from platonic to romantic less than a year after graduation from Hogwarts. It had taken some adjustments from all three of them for their relationship to work and there was still a bit of jealousy at times, but she loved both of her Slytherins and they loved her so the little problems were easily overlooked. They balanced each other perfectly and her home life was happy and loving and satisfying. Besides that, they were both gorgeous and sexy and intelligent so she was a very lucky witch indeed.

Hermione entered their house, dropping her bag on the table and walking into the sitting room. Draco was sitting by the fire reading a book and Blaise was laying on the sofa playing a handheld Muggle video game she had bought him for Christmas. Her lips curved into a loving smile as she looked at her boys, waiting for them to realize she was home. Draco noticed her first, looking up and smiling in greeting as he put the book on the table and stood. He walked towards her, his gray eyes swiftly moving over her before he declared bluntly, “You look horrible, love.”

“Thanks, honey,” she said dryly as she walked into his arms, hugging him tight and sighing, “I’m so glad to be home.”

“Poor baby,” Blaise said sympathetically, moving behind her to give her a hug before saying, “What’s this about working through lunch? You know that you need to eat something. I’ve told you before that skipping lunch isn’t healthy.”

“I had an apple,” she defended, a smile on her face as she found herself all ready feeling better just from having them around her.

“Yeah, that’s healthy,” Draco snorted, his fingers moving beneath her chin as he brushed a kiss against her lips. With a soft groan, he deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping into her mouth and stroking her tongue before he finally released her lips. He smiled gently, “You’ve had a busy week, Hermione. Let us pamper you tonight.”

“I think I could handle being pampered by two gorgeous wizards,” Hermione kissed him gently before turning her head to kiss Blaise. His fingers tangled in her hair as he kissed her deeply, pulling her body back against him as Draco moved closer, the blond nuzzling her neck, brushing soft kisses against the pale column before he nibbled her ear.

“No more of that or we will forget that we’re being patient and spoiling you tonight,” Draco scolded playfully, pulling Hermione away from Blaise and grinning at the disgruntled look on her pretty face. He removed his spectacles and tucked them into the pocket of his shirt before taking her hand. “I will have you know that part of our plans for this evening were my idea. See if you call me an unromantic prat again.”

“Draco, I called you *my* unromantic prat,” Hermione reminded with an affectionate smile, “and you know that I love you even if you’re not as creative as Blaise when it comes to romance.”

“Not as creative my arse,” Draco muttered as his lips curved into a sulk.

“What can I say? My middle name is Romance,” Blaise smiled smugly as he moved ahead of them into the dining room to make sure everything was set up for Hermione. With a wave of his wand, the candles were lit and floating around the room. Content that the setting said relaxed seduction, he turned to face his lovers.

“And here I thought it was ‘Whipped Wizard Boy,’” Draco smirked as Blaise stuck his tongue out at him, “Don’t show it if you don’t plan on using it, Zabini.”

“Not now, Malfoy,” Blaise winked, a hint of promise in his voice as his indigo eyes darkened. He pulled out a chair for Hermione and helped her sit down. Once she was seated, he placed a plate of spaghetti in front of her, moving to sit beside her and instructing in a husky voice full of promise, “Now eat up, darling. You’re going to need energy for what we have planned for you tonight.”

*the end????*