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Story Notes:

Originally Posted: September 10, 2004

Draco watched Hermione eat the sugar quill, licking and sucking the candy, her eyes glancing at his crotch every little bit to indicate that the candy was not what she wished she was sucking. With a nervous glance at his best friend and her husband, he saw that Blaise was watching her with an affectionate and lusty smile.

"You look flushed, Draco," Blaise smirked slightly when he saw his friend looking aroused and far more flustered than he'd probably been in the twenty-four years of his life. His tongue moved over his full lips as he suggested, "Perhaps you should remove some clothing."

"What?" Draco gaped at his former lover, recognizing the look well enough from their casual affair during their last three years at Hogwarts. Looking at Hermione, he noticed she was no longer assaulting the sugar quill, instead looking at him with an expression he'd only ever seen in his dreams. He tried to keep the hopeful smile off his face, wondering if he'd somehow fallen asleep and this was just another fantasy.

"We love you, Draco," Hermione said softly, her words sincere, "and we wanted to invite you to join us, to become a part of our relationship."

"Merlin," Draco was unable to hide his surprise.

"Is that a yes?" Blaise asked lazily, knowing his best friend's answer but not able to resist a little teasing. He'd missed Draco. He loved his wife and she completed him, but he'd always cared about Draco and missed the physical part of their relationship. He'd always wanted both of his loves together but he'd never mentioned it for fear of upsetting Hermione. When she'd approached him with the idea a few weeks ago, they'd spent hours discussing it, having talked about it as a fantasy but she'd never indicated that she really wanted to invite Draco into their relationship.

Once he was confident that she was aware of how things would change and what it would mean to them and their children and Draco, he'd agreed. He knew that it was unusual, a relationship with three people, but Draco had been a part of their lives since they'd begun dating during seventh year and was all ready a huge part of their relationship anyway. He honestly believed that this was right, that they would be good together and Hermione agreed with him, talking about how Draco needed to be loved and deserved to have a family and lovers like them.

Hermione held her breath, hoping that Draco realized they were serious and wanted him to be part of their family and relationship. He looked at her, gray eyes astonished but happy, and she knew that this was right, that this made sense. He belonged with them.

Draco's voice was soft and husky as he whispered, "Yes. Gods, yes. I've wanted this, you, both of you…so very long."

"You've got us now," Hermione stood and walked towards him, straddling his lap and kissing him gently, "You're ours, Draco, and we're yours."

The end.