Happy Birthday, Hermione

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Story Notes:

An extremely silly little birthday treat for Hermione’s birthday. Pure fluff so consider yourselves warned!

Originally Posted: September 19, 2004

Hermione Granger entered the flat she shared with her two lovers, closing the door while balancing the gifts in her arms. "Boys? I’m home," she called out, surprised to find the sitting room empty. She knew they’d been a bit annoyed that she had met Harry and Ron for lunch, a monthly custom that happened to fall on her birthday this year, but she hadn’t realized they might leave while in a sulk. They’d wanted her to postpone her monthly meeting with her friends so they could spend the day together. She’d been tempted, knowing Harry and Ron would understand, but Draco had insulted her friends, causing her to become annoyed and stubbornly refusing to cancel.

She loved Draco and Blaise dearly, their relationship in its third year, and the three of them recently beginning to discuss the future and even the possibility of children in a few years. But neither of them got along with her friends. They tolerated them, just as Harry and Ron tolerated her relationship with the Slytherins, but they usually avoided contact as often as possible so it was little surprise that neither of her lovers had accepted her previous invitation for them to join her for lunch before they‘d declared she should cancel and spend the day with them.

She had to admit that it hurt a bit, even if she did understand their reasoning and knew they hated being around Ron and Harry and her other friends. She had attended many a party with them where she was the only non-Slytherin and had taken great pains to befriend some of their old Housemates yet they barely managed to be polite to her friends and Draco rarely managed to be friendly for more than half an hour. If she was willing to make sacrifices by accepting their friends, actually becoming rather fond of some of them, why couldn’t they hold their tongues for an hour or two to celebrate her birthday with her friends?

The War had ended several years ago, the last battle taking place right after Graduation, more than a year before she’d even become involved Draco and Blaise, so she just didn’t quite understand why they couldn’t be mature enough to at least be civil to her friends. Blaise wasn’t nearly as bad as Draco, her blond lover still disliking Ron and Harry just as he had during seven years at Hogwarts. Okay, so he wasn’t nearly as awful and rude as he had once been, but he delighted in teasing and insulting her friends whenever the opportunity arose, which he insured was quite often.

There was no sign of them in the kitchen or study, she realized as she listened for them. With a slight frown, she put her presents on the sofa and removed her coat. "Draco? Blaise? Are you two here?" When her query produced no response, she ran a hand through her russet curls and made a face. Where could they be? She decided to check their room and see if they had decided to play without her or were possibly napping, though the former was unlikely because they usually played together, and the latter was not common unless they’d spent the afternoon shagging, which was actually rather often during lazy weekend afternoons.

She started up the stairs when she noticed the package on the fifth step. A pleased smile crossed her lips as she picked it up, reading the tag. "To the most beautiful woman in the world", recognizing Blaise’s handwriting. She went another five steps and picked up another package, this one slim and meticulously wrapped, "To my stubborn know-it-all," written on the tag in Draco’s scrawl. Hermione couldn’t keep the happiness from her eyes as she picked up a third package, this one square and not very heavy, "To the woman that makes us the luckiest bastards on Earth," written in both their handwriting.

It took her little time to reach their bedroom, opening the door with an expectant smile, surprised to find the room empty. However, there was another gift on the bed. She walked towards it, not setting down her other gifts as she picked it up. With a startled gasp, she felt a familiar pull as a portkey went into affect. Before she realized what was happening, Hermione found herself in a beautiful gardens of a restaurant that she recognized from their first official date, back during their first year at University.

As soon as she collected herself, she turned to look for them, her eyes opening wide as "Surprise!" was yelled out by dozens of familiar faces. She was stunned, gawking at the group of people, some of whom she had not seen since Graduation, her eyes finding Draco and Blaise at the front of the group, both giving her very smug and very sexy smiles.

"If I’d known this was all it took to make you speechless, I’d have invited your silly friends around sooner," Draco drawled as he moved towards her. His lips claimed hers in a very passionate kiss before he whispered against her lips, "Happy birthday, Hermione."

"Surprise, love," Blaise smiled before kissing her gently. Seeing her confusion, he admitted, "We wanted today to be special for you. Hope you forgive us for our bit of subterfuge earlier, but we had to make sure you met Potter and Weasley so we could prepare this party."

"It was all a set up?" she looked from one to the other, her eyes narrowing as she said, "You sneaky, manipulative, scheming, sexy, wonderful Slytherins! I can’t believe you’ve done this."

"It was my idea," Draco informed her with a smile as he took the gifts from her and handed them to Vince, who was standing nearby, to add to the large table of presents. "And if this doesn’t tell you how much I love you, I don’t know what will. Surrounding myself with annoying Gryffindors and having to play nice with Potty and Weasel. I may very well have nightmares."

"Poor baby," she teased happily, still amazed at having all her friends here.

"Happy birthday, Hermione," Harry greeted as he gave her a hug, smirking as Draco growled at him and deliberately holding his best friend a bit longer because he enjoyed annoying the rude blond wizard.

"Hands off, Potty," Draco finally snarled as he pulled Hermione into his arms.

"Will you two ever grow up and get along?" Hermione asked, laughing as they both said ‘no’ at the same time.

The next two hours were spent talking and hugging old friends, Blaise and Draco by her side as they made polite conversation with everyone she spoke to, making her feel slightly guilty for her earlier thoughts about their lack of tolerance for her friends. She was pleased to see that Pansy and Greg had attended the party, as had Vince, who seemed to be the willing recipient of Lavender’s flirting. She had to interrupt a discussion between Blaise and Arthur regarding advances in Muggle technology, the two getting along rather well with their fondness for such things.

Draco managed to predict a prank from the Twins, turning the tables and causing their faces to become a pattern of Gryffindor colors, the joke they intended to play on him. That had earned him acceptance from the Twins, much to his shock, and she knew he was rather pleased with their smiles and congratulations even if he acted as if he could care less what a Weasley thought about him.

It was one of the best nights of her life, having her lovers and all her friends around, though she was a bit surprised by the arrival of several of her former professors as well as her parents. She couldn’t believe they had invited all the people that meant so much to her, even Snape attending with a slight smirk on his thin lips. When Blaise’s parents arrived with Narcissa and Lucius, she saw the look that Blaise and Draco exchanged and began to realize they had something else planned. She was nervous and excited and happy and a little scared as they approached her, watching as they moved to kneel at her feet.

Draco caught her eyes, smiling slightly as he said, "Well, I think you finally realized that this isn’t just a birthday party. So, what do you say?"

"Bloody hell, Draco. That’s no way to ask her!" Blaise rolled his eyes before taking her hand and smiling, "Hermione Jane Granger, would you do us the honor of becoming our wife?"

"As if that was any better than my way," Draco grumbled, "You didn’t even spout off any of that romantic poetic sappy nonsense you’re always quoting."

"If you two don’t quit bickering, I won’t give you my answer," Hermione threatened with a playful smile, aware of the crowd surrounding them and loving these two men even more for including the people she cared about in this declaration of their intentions.

"Merlin, I do think I may get nauseous," Ron muttered to Harry, though his eyes were shining with happiness for his best friend. He didn’t understand what she saw in the two annoying Slytherins, but he accepted them because they loved her and made her happy, the only two things that really mattered to him.

"Shh, I want to enjoy her torturing them a bit before we’re forced to acknowledge them as her future husbands," Harry grinned before turning his attention back to the trio.

"Damn it, Granger," Draco scowled, "just tell us yes so we can get to the snogging part!"

"Oh, yes, I do see how she’d be unable to refuse such a proposal," Lucius replied drolly, "Merlin, Son, I thought I had taught you better. One must use romance and finesse in such situations. I’d be surprised if she didn’t run off and elope with someone else if that is the best you can do."

"Now, dear, not everyone can be as sensitive and romantic as you," Narcissa winked at her husband before kissing his cheek, "if I recall, you were quite nervous during your proposal to me and even threatened to simply have my Father arrange the wedding should I dare refuse a Malfoy."

"Nervous? Me?" Lucius snorted, "I think not. Perhaps the years have affected your memory."

"Ahem," Draco cleared his throat and glare at his parents, "First, I find it very disturbing to see you two acting romantic and kissing in public so please refrain from confirming you actually shagged to create the wonder that is me because I would rather not think of such things. Second, this is about *me* so shut the bloody hell up!"

"I knew we spoiled him," Lucius muttered, though his lips curved into a very slight smile that displayed his pride in his son. Since he had chosen to turn on Voldemort to get out of Azkaban and save his family nearly a decade ago, he had built up some tolerance for Muggleborns. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He still loathed the pathetic creatures and believed himself far superior to most, but he did like Hermione Granger, and knew that she was good for his son so he was pleased about the upcoming ceremony. He had little doubt the girl would say yes if the boys would just shut their mouths and let her speak.

"Blaise, perhaps you should give her some flowers?" Elisabeth Zabini suggested helpfully, "Or say something romantic."

"He doesn’t seem to have inherited my passion," Andres Zabini observed, watching his son’s eyes narrow and smiling, "A Zabini would have her moaning yes by now."

"I am very romantic!" Blaise defended with a glare at his interfering parents. Looking at Draco, he grimaced, "I do believe we’d have been better off simply eloping with our witch."

"You know, I could have saved you all this grumbling if you’d both hush and let me speak," Hermione smiled as she looked from one to the other. With a wink at her Mum, she said, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Draco asked suspiciously, wanting confirmation before he got too excited.

"Hmm," Hermione grew thoughtful, " I don’t recall the question."

"She’ll make a wonderful Malfoy," Lucius whispered to Narcissa as he watched his son growing more annoyed, finding it very amusing.

"Will you marry us?" Blaise repeated with a warning in his voice, letting her know he was about ready to simply grab her and elope if she continued playing.

"I suppose I must say yes. After all, who else would put up with you two?" she asked sweetly, laughing as Blaise stood up and swung her into his arms, kissing her soundly.

"I knew you’d say yes," Draco smiled smugly, "After all, I’m quite the catch and Zabini isn’t that bad."

"Of course you did, darling," she said indulgently before she kissed him. Pulling back, she whispered, "I love you both so much."

"Oh, my eyes! My eyes!" Ron covered his eyes as Hermione kissed Draco and Blaise, laughing when Draco glared at him. "No snogging in front of your brothers, Hermione! It’s just not right!"

"Do we have to invite him to the wedding?" Draco muttered crossly, looking at Hermione hopefully, "I’ll let the other Weasels attend if we can ignore him."

"Oh, a wedding!" Narcissa smiled happily as she realized that meant an event to arrange, "We must start planning immediately!"

"We can have it during the spring, possibly outside," Elisabeth suggested excitedly, "that gives us plenty of time to make the arrangements."

"Hermione has always loved the spring time," Catherine Granger volunteered, "we can have lots of pretty flowers."

"I can help with the menu," Molly offered as she walked towards the three older women. Hermione had been like a daughter to her for over half the girl’s life so she definitely intended to be part of the planning.

"Possibly the cake?" Elisabeth decided as she looked at the witch she had known back at Hogwarts many decades ago, "You always were so adept at baking, Molly!"

"Merlin, what the bloody hell is going on?" Draco whispered as he watched the three witches and the Muggle discuss things like decorations and dresses and food.

"I think they might be possessed," Blaise said thoughtfully, "You mention ‘wedding’ and they all start acting like crazy people."

"My Mum just told your Mum that she had a good idea," Draco looked at Hermione, "this is frightening."

"Very disturbing," Hermione agreed with a slight smile, the smile fading as she listened to the four women, with suggestions from the crowd of her friends, begin to plan *her* wedding. "I’m not wearing white! Bloody hell, I’ve been living with two men for years so I don’t believe white is appropriate at all."

"Perhaps scarlet," Draco winked at her, "or maybe nothing at all so there is less to remove after the ceremony."

"I’m not having a nude wedding, darling," Hermione tried to glare but couldn’t stop giggling at the playful leer on his face.

Blaise looked at the two people he loved the most in this world, a smile crossing his handsome face as he asked, "What do you two think about eloping?"

*the end*