Teen Angel

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Willow felt the girl watching her and looked up. She frowned, turning her attention back to her locker. She didn't know who this new girl was, but she was rather rude. The slender redhead finished putting her books up and retrieved what was needed for her homework. She glanced at the overhead clock down the hall and sighed. She was running early as it was. She had agreed to meet Buffy at the library for patrol in an hour. She knew her friend would be off either looking for Angel or lusting after Matt, the newest love in her friend's life. Since the slayer had returned from her summer in LA, she and Angel had agreed without saying anything that it would be better to remain friends. So, she had chosen the newest hunk to the school and snagged him before Cordelia had even started walking in his direction.

Willow rather liked Matt. He was good looking, smart and had a great sense of humor. He also knew about Sunnydale's late night activities thanks to dating a slayer. So, all around, he was great for her friend. She wasn't jealous at all. Nope, not her. Xander had started dating Cordelia for some ungodly reason....Buffy was happy with Matt and even Giles had Miss Calendar. Her? Well, she was alone but that was fine. She wasn't bitter or resentful. She had her friends. Yeah, right. She was green with envy. They all had someone and often forgot her. Angel was the only other solo one in the group and he rarely spoke more than five words to her. She finished getting her stuff and shut the locker. She turned, almost running into the unfamiliar girl. "Hey! Watch it."

The girl's eyes widened in surprise then she laughed, the sounds tinkling in the empty halls. "You see me!"

Willow closed her eyes briefly. Why did all the nutty ones come to Sunnydale? "You're right in front of me."

The girl laughed, her blonde ponytail swinging from the action. "This is so super. I am beyond speechless."

"Uh huh" Willow said, chewing her lip. "I have to go now. Buh bye."

"Wait!" the girl shrieked, grabbing Willow's arm. "You can't leave. Not yet. It's been darn near fifty years or so since I've spoken to anyone and they've heard me. Don't go. I'll be nice."

"What are you talking about?" Willow asked, suddenly taking in the girl's clothes. She had a flashback to watching the movie Grease on the late show. The girl had one a long skirt that went past her knees, a sweater and shirt and a letter jacket bearing SH on the front. Her honey blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail causing it to bounce as she moved. She was very pretty and definitely in the wrong clothes.

"Let's start this right. I'm Kathleen Maye Kinrose. You can call me Katie." The girl smiled brightly, her bright blue eyes shining with happiness.

"I'm Willow. My friends call me Wills sometimes" Willow offered, wondering what was happening here.

"Willow? Wow. That's a cool name. Well, I guess you're my mission" Katie said.

"Mission? I don't want to be a mission" Willow said, confusion crossing her pretty face.

Katie's face fell. "You hafta. If you don't agree, I may be stuck here another fifty years. I can't handle that. Please?"

"What sort of mission?" Willow asked, feeling pity for the pretty girl.

She smiled, "To get outta here. I was told that I had to help someone but I had not idea it would be half a century of waiting. But, now you're here. I can help you and then move on. That should be easy enough."

"Are you on medication? Should I call a doctor?" Willow asked, worry in her voice.

Katie groaned, "Quit being so square, Willow. I need you. Let me help you, ok?"

"Sure...help me. After you help yourself" Willow said, starting to walk away.

"Groovy!" Katie said, running to catch up to her. "I can't wait to leave this place. Fifty years in high school." She shuddered, "And they say this isn't hell."

Willow stopped and looked at the smiling blonde. "Where are you going?"

"With you. Until I help you that is. Remember silly? You said I could. Now come on. I haven't left this place since I died back in 1959."

"Died?" Willow asked softly, groaning. Just her luck. She was being haunted by a perky blonde ghost from the fifties. Only on the hellmouth.


Willow looked at the girl and suddenly looked confused. "1959....that was only what? 38 years ago?"

"Really?" Katie asked, doing the math. "Hmm...well, it's seemed like fifty years. AND, Sunnydale High use to be a Junior high too so I've been going here since 1952 which is way too long to be stuck in a school."

"I'll agree with you there" Willow said. "Four years is too much."

"So, where are we going?" Katie asked, thrilled to have someone to finally talk to.

"The library" Willow said, not sure what to make of this ghost. Should she trust her? She hadn't even known how long she had been dead. Willow frowned, listening to the girl chatter. Maybe she should ask Giles.

"Hey, you aren't listening" Katie said, wondering at the confused look on the pretty redhead's face. She had been watching the girl for awhile. That's why she was so surprised when she had finally been seen. The girl had seemed so lonely and lost. Well, not now. She had her. She'd figure out what the mission was and help the girl. Then, she could finally get out of this hell.

Willow entered the library, watching as Katie walked through the door. She sighed, sitting down. She saw that no one was there yet. Good. She wouldn't have to watch the lovebirds act all cooey. She looked at Katie. "You died at the school?"

Katie looked at her, her eyes flashing with sadness before clearing up. "Yeah. But, I'd rather not talk about it. It's over and done. Can't change it. So, what do you think my mission is?"

"Like I should know?" Willow asked. "Sorry, but I'm still reeling from all this. I find out I have my own personal ghost intent on making me happy somehow. Talk about shocks."

Katie grinned, "Yeah, it is rather cool isn't it? Whoa...he is so fine."

Willow looked up at the ghost, confused. She followed the girl's eyes and saw Angel coming from the stacks. She felt a rush of pleasure from seeing him before she blushed and turned her head back to stare at the table. "Shhh" she hissed at Katie.

"Golly, he's dreamy. Those eyes...that body...Wowsers." Katie finished in a pant.

"Hush" Willow hissed again. She jumped when she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. She looked up into concerned brown eyes.

"Everything ok?" Angel asked, wondering who Willow had been shushing. He looked around and saw that the others still weren't there. Sighing in relief, he sat down. He had no desire to watch the happy couples.

"Fine. Just coughing" Willow said, groaning. Coughing? That was some stupid excuse. Well, that answered her question about if anyone could see Katie besides her. Maybe she was just going insane and Katie was just a figment of her imagination. God, was she nuts?

"No one else here?" Angel asked, groaning silently. Duh, idiot. You can see that no else is here. Why must you sound so stupid around her?

"No" Willow said, smiling slightly. "Not yet."

"Oh" Angel said, tapping his fingers on the table. He watched as Willow continued doing her homework, her head bent over her books. He tried to look at anything except her, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She was like a flame drawing his attention every time he was around her. He knew it was her innocence and purity. Well, that and everything else. Gawd, when were the others getting there?

Katie watched the dark haired vampire watch Willow and smiled. As she watched, Willow stole a few glances at him before going back to her homework. She had just figured out her mission. The thing that would make Willow happy. The dreamy vampire. So, it was her duty to get the two together. Then, she could move on from the high school. She smiled, bouncing in the seat. This was going to be fun.


Katie smiled as Willow continued to ignore the vampire. She sighed as she sat down beside said cutie, turning to face him. She let her eyes wander over his face and body before deciding that he was indeed the finest man she had seen in decades. She wondered how she had missed him. From observing her new charge, she had determined that the two knew each other and seemed friendly. In fact, it seemed to her as if both were crazy about each other. She rolled her eyes, wondering why it was so hard for two people to admit to having feelings for each other. Silly humans. She glanced at the vampire and amended that, silly whatever. She began to tap her hand on the table, watching with amused eyes as Willow looked up and glared at her.

"Whatcha reading?" she asked, leaning forward. She had spent so many years with no one to talk to only to be put in charge of a girl that appeared to have taken a vow of silence. She wanted to scream.

Willow heard Katie's question but ignored it. She couldn't answer in front of Angel. He'd think she was crazier than he already did. Talking to the air like a moron. She felt a rush of embarrassment at how idiotic she must have appeared to him.

"Wil---looooooow" Katie pleaded, "Talk to me....please? I hate not having anyone to talk to.....I use to have so many friends.....now there's no one. They're all old now with kids of their own. They forgot about me....don't forget about me, ok? It isn't a pleasant feeling....."

Willow sighed, debating on what she should do. She felt sorry for the ghost but hated the idea of looking foolish in front of Angel. She had had a crush on him since they had first met last year. She had kept it hidden beneath a rambling facade but it was still there. If she acknowledged Katie, she'd either have to explain about having her own personal whatever the girl was or act as if nothing was wrong with her talking to the empty air. Neither choice sounded pleasant. So, she remained silent.

Angel watched Willow. He was finding that this was becoming one of his favorite activities of late. There was just something so soothing about watching the redhead. He loved seeing her eyes as she thought about something. They sucked him in completely. And her pale skin looked so soft. He ached to run his fingers over it to see if it was soft as it appeared. He loved the beating of her heart. Loved how it would speed up just a bit whenever he was in the room. He often wondered if she could possibly be as affected by him as he was by her. He doubted it. Why would someone as perfect as she want him? He was a demon....a killer. No, she would never look at him with passion and love in her eyes. Only in his dreams. He frowned as he listened. Someone was coming. He could hear them. He guessed it was for the best. Having the others around tended to prevent him from simply taking her right there on the table in the middle of the library, but it didn't mean he had to enjoy being around them.

"Willow....I know you hear me. I figured out my mission....bet you're dying to know what it is....." Katie taunted, trying to get a reaction.

"Shhh" Willow hissed under her breath. She did want to know what Katie had decided, since it was about her life, but she couldn't just ask.

"Excuse me?" Angel said, having heard her soft word.

"Uh nothing...just thinking aloud" Willow covered.

Angel smiled slightly, "No problem."

"He wants you" Katie said, watching the vampire's gorgeous eyes sweep over the innocent redhead.

"What?" Willow looked up at the girl's words, her eyes wide.

Angel frowned, seeing her eyes looking beside him. He turned, freezing as he saw the girl. "Who are you?"

Katie's smile froze at the vampire's words. She looked towards him then back to a stunned Willow. "Did he ask me that or am I nuts? I mean, maybe his attraction to you is making him say strange things....you think?"

Angel cleared his throat, a denial on his lips, "It is not making me say anything. I mean, not that I am...or that I don't....damn, that doesn't sound right either...." he glanced at Willow and saw her puzzled green eyes watching him. Raking a hand over his face, thanking everyone he knew that he couldn't blush, he faced the blonde girl. "Forget about that for now....who are you?"

Katie smiled, wondering how he could see and hear her but deciding not to knock it. "The name is Katie.....I'm Willow's guardian angel for the moment. Who are you, cutie?"

Angel took her words in, not sure what to believe. He smiled at the friendly and mischievous look in her eyes and said solemnly, "The name is Angel..."


Willow looked at Angel in surprise. "You see her?"

He looked at her and nodded, "Yes. Though I will admit that I didn't notice her when I came in."

"She was here" Willow said, wondering what had happened to make Angel be able to see Katie.

"I see that now" Angel said, his tone amused.

"Well, this is cool" Katie remarked. "Almost five decades with no one to talk to, and now in one day I have two people."

"Yay for you" Willow muttered, thankful that she was at least not going crazy.

"Be nice Red" Katie said, beaming at the redhead. "I'm here to help you."

"Help her?" Angel repeated softly, his gaze puzzled.

"She's decided that I'm her mission" Willow said.

"Oh" Angel said, nodding. "What is the mission?"

Katie beamed, "I don't know if I should tell you....."

Willow sighed, smiling at Angel. "She appears to like to tease."

Angel grinned, "Is it a secret?"

"Well, since it will involve you both I guess it would be ok to tell you" Katie said with a smile.

"Both of us?" Willow repeated, her face puzzled. "I thought it was about me."

"How am I involved?" Angel asked, curiosity in his eyes.

"The mission silly." Katie said, leaning back in her chair.

"Ok" Willow said, looking at the girl expectantly. "Well?"

"You two are the mission. I have to get you two together" Katie said, smiling.

"What?" Angel and Willow demanded at the same time.


Katie smiled at their reactions to her statement. She was about to respond when the library doors opened. She saw Willow and Angel glance at the doors, grimacing in unison. She laughed as she realized she would be unable to tell them anything else at that moment.

Willow saw Buffy and the gang come into the library. She looked at Katie, wondering if they would be able to see and hear the ghost. She was still reeling from the girl's seemingly innocent statement. What did she mean that her mission was to get her and Angel together? He wasn't interested in her. Didn't Katie see that? "Hi Buffy. Guys."

"Hiya Wills. Angel. Hope you haven't been waiting long" Buffy said, taking a seat.

"Willow. Deadboy. Anything on the agenda tonight?" Xander asked, sitting down.

"I hope not. I have to make an appearance at the Bronze." Cordelia said.

"Geez, she's a rude bitch" Katie observed, looking at the brunette girl.

Angel snorted, covering it up with a cough. "Sorry...I must have had something in my throat."

Willow felt her lips twitch as she realized that indeed, she and Angel were the only ones that could see Katie. She glared at the empty seat that Katie was perched in, trying hard not to laugh. Seemed Katie thought the same of Cordelia as she did. "Are you ok?"

Angel glared at her, his dark eyes amused, "Yes. I don't know what we plan to research tonight, actually."

"I'm supposed to meet Matt at eight. He said if we were going to be long I could call him and he'd meet me here" Buffy volunteered.

"I don't think we have anything to really to work on" Willow said.

"Great. We can go then?" Cordelia asked.

Willow watched as Katie stood and moved behind Cordelia. She saw the blonde ghost reach up and pull at a lock of Cordelia's hair. Cordy frowned, swatting her hair. "Not yet. I'd wait for Giles to make sure."

Cordelia rolled her eyes and sighed, again swatting at her hair. "Is it just me or is there some bug in here?"

"Bugs in your hair?" Buffy asked, giggling.

"Shut up, Buffy" Cordelia said, again swatting her hair. She finally stood up, looking around for the bug. "Damn it. There is something bothering my hair!"

"Did you get enough sleep, honey?" Xander asked, exchanging looks with the others.

"Shut up" Cordelia hissed. "There is something picking at me."

Angel caught Willow's eyes as they shared an amused look. "Maybe you two should go on....."

Willow saw Katie make a face behind Cordelia's back as she leaned forward pinching Cordy's arm. "Ouch!" the cheerleader exclaimed, looking at her arm. "Did you see it? It just bit me."

"Xander, why don't you and Cordelia go on to the Bronze." Willow said, almost laughing again.

"Why do they get to go?" Buffy whined, her eyes amused at Cordelia's antics.

"Because, some imaginary bug is after her" Willow said, her tone serious.

"It isn't imaginary" Cordelia said. "It's here."

"Come on, sweetie" Xander said, taking her arm. "We'll see you guys soon."

"Bye hon" Katie said, waving as Cordelia left the room, her dark eyes skittering over everything for the bug. "Man, this is fun."


Willow felt Angel's eyes on her. They had left the library with the gang, being coaxed by Buffy into joining them at the Bronze. So, she was now sitting at a table watching everyone except her dance. Well, everyone except her and Angel. The dark haired vampire had been approached by several girls but told them all that he did not dance. So, instead, he was sitting across the table staring at her intently. She saw Katie dancing on the edge of the dance floor, her eyes wide as she took in the sights of the Bronze. This was the ghost's first time to leave the school in who knew how long. She was definitely enjoying the experience. She finally looked at Angel and almost said something. Instead, she turned red and looked at her drink.

Angel smiled as she blushed. He had been watching her for the past hour and actually felt no need to conceal his appreciation for once. She was so beautiful and she had no idea. He knew that helped make her even more glorious. He heard giggling and glanced up, catching Katie's smiling gaze. "Enjoying yourself?"

"This is great" she said, smiling. "Aren't you two having fun?"

"Loads" Willow said, looking at the girl. She smiled wryly, glancing at the dance floor.

"What about you, Angel?" Katie asked.

"So much fun I can barely control it" he said, his lips twitching.

"You two are such downers" Katie said, laughing. "Just sitting here and watching. Why aren't you out there dancing?"

"I don't dance" Willow and Angel said in unison. They looked at each other and started to laugh.

Katie smiled as she watched them. She saw a good looking boy walking by and moved quickly, knocking him into Willow's table. "Sorry" the guy said, looking at the pretty redhead he had bumped into. "I'm Mike. You want to dance?"

Willow's eyes widened in surprise. "Dance? With you?"

Mike smiled, "Yeah, with me." He wondered why he hadn't seen this girl before. She was cute. Real cute.

"She doesn't dance" a voice said.

Mike glanced at the dark haired man sitting at the table with the redhead. "She can't speak for herself? I haven't heard her refuse."

Katie clapped her hands in glee, watching Angel stare the teen down. This was better than she had hoped for. She saw Willow look at Angel in surprise and laughed, sitting back to watch.

"She does not dance" Angel repeated, his tone threatening. Anyone else would have gotten the hint. But not Mike. No, Mr. all American had to shoot him a cocky challenging grin. "Go away now."

"Angel!" Willow said, staring at him in amazement. "Quit being rude."

"Yeah, Angel" Mike said, stressing the older man's name. He saw the guy flinch and smiled. This was fun. He looked at the redhead and said, "So, about that dance?"

Willow looked into the boy's face and felt nothing. He was attractive but he did nothing for her. She smiled softly, about to refuse him. Her mouth closed suddenly as she felt Angel's arm around her shoulders. She looked at him in surprise. "Angel?"

Angel ignored Willow, instead staring at the boy. "She's taken. Got it? Now run along, boy" he stressed the latter word, seeing Mike flinch slightly. "I have to dance with my girl."

Willow knew her mouth had to be hanging open at Angel's words. His girl? Since when? And why did he care if she danced with Mike? She glared at him, saying, "You don't dance. Remember? If I want to dance with" her words were caught by his mouth as he swiftly claimed them. She whimpered as she felt his tongue slide into her mouth, moving against his hard body.

Katie smiled, sitting back with a satisfied look on her face. She knew they belonged together. They heated up the entire place. She glanced over and saw the blonde girl that was Willow's friend watching them, a small smile on her face. Seems she wasn't the only one that thought they belonged together, she realized. She turned back to them, seeing Mike finally leave, giving up when he realized that the redhead indeed was Angel's girl.


Willow couldn't believe she was sitting at a table in the Bronze being kissed by Angel. And not just kissed. Completely, passionately, meltingly kissed. She felt his hand on her face, his fingers brushing against her skin as the kiss deepened. She moved closer to him, feeling his strong thighs brush against her as she practically slid into his lap. She never wanted the kiss to end, knowing if it did there was a chance this was just yet another dream.

Angel was drowning in the taste of her. He hadn't tasted anything as intoxicating for as long as he could remember. She moved forward against him and he felt her warmth come closer. He deepened the kiss, pulling her against his chest. This was so much better than any of the dreams. This was real. And he didn't intend on letting it go. He heard her heart beating against his chest, reminding him that she had to breathe. He pulled away, running a hand through his hair as he looked at her swollen lips. He felt a rush of pleasure as he realized that he had caused them.

"Uh" Willow stuttered "What was that?"

"If you have to ask that, you're more innocent than I thought" he said, slightly amused.

Willow glared at him, "You know what I meant. What happened?"

"The inevitable" he said simply, brushing a strand of her red hair from her face.

"But...you don't want to kiss me" she said softly, her pulse racing at the touch of his fingers. "You've never wanted to before."

Angel laughed softly, "Shows what you know, sweets. I've wanted to for quite a long time."

"You hid it well" she said quietly.

"I had to" he said.

"Why?" she asked, moving her face towards his hand.

"No more questions" Angel said, watching her chew on her bottom lip. How was he supposed to tell her that his feelings for her scared him? He moved his head forward taking her lip into his mouth. He chewed it delicately before running his tongue over it. He slid his tongue into her mouth, claiming any further questions she was going to ask.

Katie moved from the table, leaving them in peace. She went to the dance floor, keeping an eye on them while she began to dance. She was happy that they had found each other and that she was responsible for them finally getting past the block that had kept them apart. She had done well, she thought, listening to the music. She grimaced wondering how people could really dance to this mess. They definitely didn't know good music. But, it was something. She began to move again, smiling as Willow moved onto Angel's lap, their lips still locked as hands began to run through hair.


"So, you and Angel looked pretty chummy last night" Buffy said, watching her friend.

Willow turned red as she looked up, wide eyed at Buffy. "Huh?"

"Well, when you both came up for air long enough for me to see" Buffy added, laughing as Willow blushed. "Don't worry, Willow. I'm happy for you both."

"It was just a kiss" Willow said, a small smile on her face.

"But what a kiss" Buffy said, "He cares about you."

"You think?"

"I know" Buffy said, smiling. "So, do you care about him?"

"Yes" Willow said softly. "I think I love him."

"Good. You both need love" Buffy said, standing. "So, patrol with me tonight?"

"What about Matt?" Willow asked, surprised that she had been asked to go.

"What about him?" Buffy asked, "Will, you're my best friend. I'm not married to Matt or anything. He can stay at home alone for a few hours while you and I patrol."

"Sounds good" Willow said, glad that her friend approved. She knew that at one time Buffy had thought herself in love with Angel. She had been rather worried that the slayer might be upset if she got together with the dark haired vampire.

"Come on. We can get some ice cream along the way."

Katie smiled as the redhead left with her friend. She started to follow her charge, stopping when she felt a slight change in the air. She turned around, not seeing anything. She shrugged, deciding she was imagining things. She faded away, finding Willow easily. She listened as the slayer encouraged Willow to be open with Angel and let him know she was in love with him. Personally, Katie agreed. She knew that they were in love but had decided her mission would not be over until they declared their feelings. Soon, hopefully.


"We need to talk" Angel and Willow both said. They looked at each other and smiled.

"You first" Willow said. She saw Katie hovering near by and smiled at the ghost. It had been a little over a week since they had first met the girl. Willow was actually getting used to her being around.

"I'm not good at this" Angel said, making a face.

"Good at what?"

"Emotions and things" he replied, looking at her face.

"Just spit it out" Willow urged, hoping he wasn't telling her that he was tired of hanging around with her. The last week had been the happiest of her life because of him.

"I love you" he said, groaning as he added, "That's real good. I had planned to give this romantic speech and I knew exactly what I wanted to say....."

"I love you too" Willow said softly, a large smile on her face.

"What?" he asked, wanting to make sure he had heard her correctly.

"I love you. The last week has been amazing" she started, glad to see the happiness in his dark eyes. "I think I fell long before that though."

"Yay!" Katie sang out, clapping.

Both of them turned towards the ghost, having forgotten she was there. "Guess you did."

"Yep, I sure did" Katie said, looking around the school. "Well, I assume I will be leaving soon. I'm so happy for you guys. You make a fantastic couple."

"Thank you Katie" Willow said softly. She knew if it hadn't been for the girl that she and Angel would have continued dancing around their feelings.

"Welcome Willow. Just remember, life is too short to spend at the table alone!" Katie said. She looked at Angel, "Take care of her Mister."

"I will" Angel said, smiling at the ghost. He looked back at Willow, "Would you like to go for ice cream or something?"

"Sure" Willow said. "Bye Katie."

"Bye" Katie called out. She watched them leave, a smile on her face. She turned, finding herself in a beautiful place. The sun was high overhead and there were flowers all over. She heard footsteps and faced a beautiful dark haired angel. "Hello."

"Katie" the angel said softly, "You have done so well. Exactly as you were told."

"Thanks" Katie said, "It was pretty easy. They were already in love. They just needed someone to open their eyes to it."

The angel laughed softly, "Their eyes are definitely open now. Such a sweet little girl."

"Yes, she's swell" Katie said. "She loves him a lot."

"Good. That love will help them both open their eyes to everything around them. Go, now, sweet Katie. Your help is appreciated."

"Good day" Katie said, closing her eyes and finding herself in a happy place.

The dark haired angel smiled as the ghost faded. The vision of Angel and Willow leaving the room together made her smile as she said softly, "Very well done, sweet Katie."


"I wonder where Katie is" Willow said, moving closer to Angel on the couch.

"Probably somewhere better than that school" Angel said, inhaling the scent of her hair.

"Oh God. I know...can you imagine anything worse than being trapped in high school for more than forty years?" Willow asked, her fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt. Her head was laying against his chest as they sat in his apartment.

"Being trapped there with Xander?" he said innocently. He heard her giggle and looked down into her smiling face. He brushed his fingers against her cheek, his eyes serious, "I love you."

Willow smiled softly, "I know. You've told me just about every half hour since we left the library."

He chuckled as he brushed his lips against hers. The kiss deepened as Willow pressed against him. She felt his hands in her hair, brushing it as they kissed. She loved kissing him. The coolness of his mouth on hers, the unique flavor that was so addicting.....She whimpered as he finally pulled away. She looked into his eyes, seeing the arousal in their dark depths.

"Willow, if we keep on, I don't think I can stop" he said, his voice soft.

"I don't think I want you to stop" she said quietly.

His eyes flashed at her statement, "Are you sure? We've only been together such a short time..."

"I've loved you forever" she said simply, leaning up to kiss him.

He accepted her invitation, standing and pulling her into his arms. He carried her into his bedroom, never breaking the kiss. He couldn't believe this was real. He really hoped that wherever Katie had been sent, it was nearly as perfect as being in Willow's arms. They fell to his bed, laughing softly as hands explored and clothes were removed. He held her gently as he began to take her places she had never been before.


Willow woke up to an empty bed. She sat up, running a hand through her hair. She glanced down at her body and saw the bites and marks that he had made during their repeated couplings. Making love with him was just like kissing him. Completely addicting. She heard a noise coming from the kitchen and smiled as she smelled the scent of coffee. She swung her feet over the edge of the bed, picking up the sheet and pillow that lay there. She pulled his shirt over her head as she walked into the bathroom.

She left the bathroom feeling a bit more awake. She had washed her face and brushed her hair, as best she could with no mirror. She brought her fingers to the deep bite on her neck, her body heating up as she remembered the intensity with which he had made it. She walked into his living room, her eyes lighting up as she saw him standing at the sink. He turned, his eyes possessively sweeping over her. She sat on the stool and looked at him. She smiled as she blushed slightly at the heat in his gaze, "Morning."

"You look beautiful" he said, his tone husky.

She looked up, laughing softly, "Thank you. I need a shower though."

"Later" he said, moving towards her. He pulled her against him, his upper thighs hitting the stool she was on, ripping the shirt open and seeing his mark. He heard her gasp and chuckled, "Mine" he said, his eyes on hers as he licked the bite. He smiled when he saw her acceptance. She was his.

"Angel" she whispered, need spreading through her at his touch. She felt the leather of his pants rubbing against her throbbing core. He was pushing against the black material and let out a sigh of relief when she felt his hand unzip his pants, freeing himself. "Angel...please!"

His eyes darkened slightly as he wound his hand into her thick red hair. He pulled her head back, his mouth against hers, "Call me Angelus, baby" he said before kissing her and entering her in one deep stroke.


Across town a dark haired angel smiled as she looked at the stars. She listened to what they told her and she clapped. She stood up and began dancing around the courtyard of the mansion, her long skirts twirling around her pale legs. A husky laugh sounded from the blonde haired man watching her. She laughed, pulling him into her carefree dance. "Daddy's back....." she sang, her laughter joining his in the cool night air as they danced together underneath the stars.