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Story Notes:
It’s somewhat frustrating to learn just how much she’s been taking for granted. Rose prides herself on being knowledgeable and always having the answer. It annoys her cousins, too, which is an added benefit, but that’s behavior unbecoming a Ravenclaw, which means she focuses on her own selfish desire to be the best. While arrogance isn’t the best quality to possess, she finds it excusable because it involves knowledge. Dad always says that sometimes a situation requires thinking about it in different ways, after all.

Her current realization is going to require some of that thinking, she figures, because it’s snuck up on her without her even noticing. Scorpius Malfoy is her best friend, has been since first year, and he’s seen her at her worst as well as her best. She’s never questioned his intelligence or his loyalty, never had to because he’s always been there any time she needs him. Now that he’s not here, she’s had an awakening of sorts. She’s been forced to acknowledge just how poorly she’s behaved by assuming he’s always going to be there waiting for her to get her head out of her arse.

The latter descriptive comes from Al, who got the bollocks to actually confront her about the strained relationship with Scorpius in recent weeks. She’s rather proud of him for it, even if he’d let his Puff sensibilities draw the conversation out in a stammering bit of nonsense when he really just needed to smack her upside the head. Sometimes it takes that. Verbally, of course, as they’re all much too old to indulge in violence now. Still, she’s glad that Hugo manipulated Al into forcing her to face what’s happening, as Rose has no doubt her baby brother is the responsible party because he’s sneaky and cunning that way.

It’s been sixteen days since The Kiss. Rose has tried forgetting it because it complicates things, but all she’s done is push Scorpius out of her life by pretending it meant nothing. Right after he kissed her, she did honestly believe it had been a mistake of some sort. They had been revising Astronomy, so they’d had a starry sky overhead and the circumstances had been romantic, easy to get carried away in a moment. In retrospect, she knows she retreated because it did affect her and she assumed it hadn’t mattered to him.

Now, she knows better. He’s been avoiding her, is never around anymore, uses the pathetic excuse of revising for NEWTs despite the fact that they’ve got months to go, and he isn’t even sitting next to her at meal time. Rose isn’t sure how it’s taken something this drastic to make her see how important Scorpius is to her and how much of her life includes him. After her chat with Al, she’s also figured out how much more she wants from him, and she’s been unable to stop thinking about kissing him again.

Obviously, this has to stop before irreparable damage is done.

Rose might not have been sorted into Gryffindor, but that doesn’t mean she lacks courage or rash behavior. Not when she comes from a line of brave people who are known for doing reckless things. That’s going to be her excuse, at least, when she gets the expected howler from Mum and Dad regarding what she’s about to do. With that thought in mind, she stops lurking at the doors to the Great Hall and crosses the room to the Ravenclaw table.

When she reaches where Scorpius is sitting, she straightens her shoulders and glares at him until he looks up at her. For a second, she thinks about telling him that she misses him and she wants him around as more than just her best friend, but words are pointless sometimes. Instead, she reaches down, grips his tie, and leans over to kiss him right there in front of everybody. When she feels his fingers in her hair and he starts kissing her back, that’s when she relaxes and knows everything’s going to work out alright.