Fantasy Into Reality

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Story Notes:
Originally written in December 2003
Harry Potter couldn't believe that Slytherin had won, again. It was annoying as Hell, to see the smug smile cross Draco Malfoy's pasty face as his team won. Harry was team captain this year, able to focus on Quidditch in a way he never had before since Voldemort's defeat the previous year, yet Gryffindor had lost to Slytherin all three times they'd faced off since seventh year had started. While Gryffindor had better players and strategies, the damn Slytherin, led by their team captain, Draco Malfoy, were determined and motivated to win. Harry ran a hand through his thick black hair, making a face as he struggled with the last of the equipment that needed put away. He could have delegated the activity but found that it relaxed him after the excitement and stress of playing Quidditch. After losing to Slytherin, he'd done some intense flying to work through his frustration and the impulse he'd had to hex that smirk off Malfoy's obnoxious face, knowing that Hermione would not be at all pleased if he hexed her boyfriend. Now, he was sweaty and his uniform smelled rather rank. He decided that he was going to take a long shower before going to dinner. He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a voice cry out.

"Don't! Stop!"

Harry paused on his way to the Gryffindor team changing room and frowned. He knew that voice very, very well. Without thinking, he made his way into the Slytherin changing room, his green eyes narrowing as he prepared for a fight. As he entered to room, his anger was replaced by something completely unexpected: desire. It had definitely been Hermione that he had overheard, but it was apparent that he had misinterpreted her words. His cock hardened as his eyes moved over the sight that greeted him.

Hermione was leaning against the wall, her wild chestnut colored curls framing her pretty face, her shirt hanging open, baring her full breasts and curvy figure. She was staring at the top of the blond head that was kneeling at her feet, her skirt bunched around her waist, her knickers on the floor beside them. And Harry couldn't recall ever seeing anything so erotic in his eighteen years. She was bloody beautiful, her skin flushed with passion, her lips parted as she moaned, her fingers tangling in the pale blond locks of her lover. Harry knew he should leave, knew he should at least close his eyes and not openly ogle his best friend and her gorgeous breasts, but he couldn't look away.

To be honest, he'd often dreamed about seeing Hermione like this. She was his best friend and he had always loved her like a sister, until last year when he'd realized that his thoughts about the curvaceous brunette were not at all brotherly. He'd started fantasizing about shagging her, about seeing her full lips wrapped around his cock, about tangling his hands in her thick brown hair as he fucked her deep. In those dreams, he'd been the one giving her pleasure and causing her to moan so wantonly. She had no idea just how sexy she was, which he found really attractive. She wasn't like the other girls, wearing tight clothes and flirting and promising to do anything he wanted just so they could say they'd shagged "The Boy Who Killed Voldemort". Hermione loved him for simply being Harry and could care less about his image or reputation. He wanted her, but he hadn't said anything because he knew he didn't love her the way she deserved. She was too intelligent, definitely too much of a challenge, and he hadn't been the man to try to tame her. He had his dreams about her and did take advantage of the fact that they were best friends by hugging her more often and touching her as much as possible without drawing attention to his physical desire for her.

After he'd found out that she and Draco were involved, his dreams had become rather perverse and wicked. He'd caught them kissing on the train to Hogwarts on the first day of seventh year, the kiss passionate but tender, and he honestly couldn't remember ever seeing anything so beautiful in his eighteen years. Their kiss had been brief and simple, but he'd not been able to stop thinking about it, thinking about them shagging. There was something about imagining the two of them together that could cause his cock to harden without delay. When he added himself to those thoughts, Merlin, he'd wake up with his sheets wet and his cock still aching. He hated Malfoy, certainly, but that didn't mean he was blind. Pale blond hair that fell to his muscular shoulders, a deceptively angelic face, clear gray eyes, full lips that Harry had, on occasion, pondered kissing once he'd started having sexual thoughts, a slender body that was sculpted from years of playing Quidditch, and a voice that was low and husky and oh so tempting. Harry couldn't believe his luck in discovering the objects of his fantasies shagging, quickly deciding that reality was much better than fantasy.

Hermione was much more vocal than he'd imagined, something that caused his erection to begin weeping. He had always found Hermione's bossy attitude arousing, rather turned on when the Head Girl would be so forceful and commanding. Since Draco was also rather dominant, their relationship had been somewhat of a mystery to him at first. He hadn't understood how they could proclaim their love when they spent most their time arguing and fighting, but even he couldn't deny the passion between the two former enemies that had always been there. Draco didn't want to tame Hermione, he seemed to enjoy her wild spirit and made not attempts at changing her. Harry believed that Draco found Hermione's intelligence and independence attractive, just as Hermione seemed to find Draco's arrogance and ability to best her in an argument arousing. Hermione was Draco's passion, the normally aloof and somewhat cold Slytherin brought to life whenever he was around the brunette witch. Draco was good for Hermione, giving her confidence in other areas of her life outside of schoolwork and loving her unconditionally. Harry wasn't overly fond of Draco, but he couldn't deny that the blond wizard was completely devoted to his best friend.

As for their physical relationship, it was obvious to everyone at school that they were explosive together. Just one look across the crowded classroom could practically heat the space around them, whenever they touched in even the most casual way you could practically see the sparks, and when they kissed it was so full of love and passion that you felt like you were witnessing something that was truly destined. They were in love, but they also loved one another. It was so beautiful and he felt happy that his best friend had found something like that, but it also made him a bit jealous. Hermione had done her best to not neglect her friends just because she was in love, pretty much being the same Hermione she'd always been except now Draco was sometimes around. Draco made no attempts to be overly friendly to any of them. Draco merely tolerated them, at best, because they were Hermione's friends. There was no more hexing, but that was mostly because Draco was Head Boy and couldn't often participate in such pranks, but he still enjoyed insulting them on occasion and playing harmless pranks that caused Hermione to laugh instead of becoming upset.

Harry knew he couldn't really complain because he and Ron tended to be rather rude to Draco just as they always had been, not caring if Ferret was dating Hermione or not. Of course, Ron had no idea that Harry spent most of his nights dreaming the naughtiest dreams about Hermione and Draco. It didn't really help that he'd spent a majority of seventh year so far in the shared common room for the Head Boy and Girl, often studying there and covertly watching Hermione and Draco touch and talk and laugh together. In the common room, Draco wasn't nearly as rude to him, sometimes being polite and even making general conversation. Harry wasn't gay, having no real desire for any bloke he'd ever met, but he had to admit that the idea of being shagged by Malfoy while Hermione watched or even while he was shagging Hermione was rather exciting and arousing. His favorite fantasy involving the objects of his desire, though, was Hermione in the middle, which was the dream he had more often than any other. It wasn't his fault! They were both sexy and sensual and it was obvious to anyone with eyes that they had a very healthy sexual life. It was actually rather convenient for their relationship that Draco was made Head Boy since Harry didn't think the blond had spent a single night in his own dorm room.

Harry wasn't entirely sure how the relationship began, though, looking back, he had to acknowledge that Hermione had always seemed to have a bit of a crush on Draco, even when he was calling her a mudblood and being a rude prick. And, to be fair, Draco had always gone out of his way to get Hermione's attention, whether it be by challenging her in class or calling her names or whatever it took to get her to look at him and stop ignoring him. Harry guessed that they hadn't been able to deny their real feelings once they'd been away from Hogwarts and life was finally calming down. Hermione had spent her summer at Malfoy Manor following Voldemort's defeat, Lucius opening his mansion to the muggleborn in order to impress the Ministry in hopes they'd forget his Death Eater past.

He'd been taken to Azkaban following the battle at the Ministry during fifth year that had resulted in Sirius' death and it hadn't taken long for him to charm his way into immunity in exchange for information regarding Voldemort's operation and a bit of spying. Hermione's parents had been killed by Death Eaters at the beginning of sixth term, leaving her an orphan just like Harry. Their friendship had grown even stronger and Harry had assumed they might eventually start dating because he wanted her and thought she might care about him. He hadn't counted on her spending the summer with Draco and the two enemies realizing that fought so much because they wanted each other. It had been annoying to lose Hermione to Draco, though Harry couldn't really say anything because, while he did want Hermione, he didn't love her in the same way that Draco obviously did.

He had realized fairly quickly upon seeing Draco and Hermione together that they really did share something special, that they were in love and that their relationship might be complex but it suited them both. Draco was still a conceited bastard most the time, but he'd stopped sneering so much and actually seemed happy. As for Hermione, she was still his best friend, spending most her time studying for NEWTs and being Head Girl as well as being his best friend and Malfoy's girlfriend, and, if anything, she was even more beautiful, definitely a woman in love. He cared about Hermione, loving her like a sister even as he did fantasize about shagging her and her boyfriend. Since seventh year had started, Harry had to admit that he was a bit of a voyeur. He liked to watch Hermione and Draco together, liked to imagine what they'd be like when they were shagging each other, and now he'd stumbled upon them doing what he'd fantasized about for months. Harry was pulled from his musings when he heard Hermione moan again, cursing himself for getting lost in thought when they were shagging right in front of him.


"Yes," Hermione moaned as Draco teasingly ran his tongue over her clit. She growled when he chuckled before thrusting his tongue into her, not giving her the attention she desperately needed. His tongue moved along the edge of her pussy, avoiding her clit, taking shallow dips between her wet lips as he lapped at her juices. She hissed when she felt his teeth scrape her clit teasingly, his tongue following suit before he was again burying his face between her legs. "Draco, quit teasing."

"Shh, love. All in good time," Draco muttered huskily before continuing his tasting of Hermione. He loved the taste of her, the feel of her, the sounds she made, even her smell was arousing. He'd wanted Hermione since seeing her at the Yule Ball during fourth year, having to acknowledge that she was not only the smartest witch he'd ever met, but also beautiful and sexy. She challenged him and ignored him and refused to respect him without making him earn it and he loved it. Okay, so maybe he'd had a bit of a crush on her from their first meeting, when she'd blown away all his preconceived notions regarding the worthlessness of mudbloods by showing herself to be intelligent and brave as well as a variety of other fantastic qualities that he'd been too young to fully appreciate. He'd liked her so he'd done everything he could to get her attention and make her notice him.

Looking back, he could see that he'd gone about things the wrong way, but he'd had no idea how to attract someone like her. So he'd teased her and insulted her and challenged her constantly, anything to get her to look at him, to notice him, to not be able to ignore or dismiss him. They'd become competitors in class, enemies outside of class, and he'd had no idea what to do to change her negative opinion of him. In truth, he was basically the boy she had grown to dislike, acknowledging that he was a bit of a bastard, had no particular like for most people he knew, believed the majority of wizards and witches didn't deserve to own a wand, and found that he was often surrounded by idiots who couldn't think for themselves, much less carry on a decent conversation. He was conceited, cunning, intelligent, sarcastic, cynical, confident, emotionally distant, and opinionated. Just because he had chosen to fight against Voldemort did not suddenly turn him into a goody-goody friendly Gryffindor wanna-be. Hermione was similar, though, having the same intelligence, cunning, sarcastic and cynical view of the world, confident and opinionated, though she was much better with the emotional thing and didn't possess the same conceit, which he assumed was due to her muggle upbringing.

Their relationship had finally changed following Voldemort's defeat. When she'd stayed with him over the summer, they'd been forced to spend time together and learn the real person beneath the 'Know-it-all Gryffindor' and 'Arrogant Pureblood Slytherin'. He'd realized that there was far more to Hermione than he'd ever known, falling for her even more once he got to know her. When they'd kissed the first time, he'd known instantly that she was his. They'd both been virgins when they'd finally consummated their relationship, a bit hesitant and uncertain but quickly learning. Another benefit to her presence at his home over the summer was that she'd eventually won over his Father by besting him in several debates that had even left Draco a bit lost. Lucius was now fond of one muggleborn witch, though Draco didn't think his Father would make a habit of accepting mudbloods any time soon. Draco honestly hadn't cared if his Father approved or not because he loved Hermione and had no intention of letting her go once he had her, but he was relieved that he had his Father's approval none the less.

"You taste so good," he murmured against her pussy, his tongue lapping at her flowing juices. His hands moved behind her, squeezing her arse as he shifted her position, giving him better access to her wet folds. He smiled when he heard her impatient growl, "I could taste you for hours, love. So sweet, so intoxicating."

"Gods, I love your voice," Hermione whispered as she closed her eyes and listened to the husky voice of her lover as he began to describe her taste in detail, his tongue teasing her and driving her crazy by not giving her the contact she so desperately needed.

"Open your eyes," he purred, looking up at her as he nibbled on her clit, scraping his teeth against the sensitive bundle of nerves, his eyes catching hers as she moaned softly. He pulled his head back, running his tongue over his lips as he said, "You look so beautiful when you're aroused and consumed by desire, Hermione. Your eyes darken into a beautiful shade of dark chocolate and your cheeks are flushed and you so look so alive."

"I hate you," she cursed softly, her eyes shining with affection and desire as she squirmed against the wall, her legs barely holding her weight, her thighs gleaming with her juices, her clothes askew, her breasts aching, her nipples hard. The bastard was playing with her, loved teasing her and making her beg, happy to spend hours bringing her to brink only to pull away and then repeat his actions. On their three month anniversary, he had spent five hours making love to her without even considering his own need for release, teasing her and tasting her and loving her until she was a sweaty and satisfied mess, exhausted and convinced that she wouldn't be able to have another orgasm because she'd lost count of how many she'd already had, and then he'd given her that look of devotion and love and desire and she'd been instantly aroused. He'd shagged her then, rough and wild and desperate and she'd loved that just as much as she'd loved his teasing patience. She'd kissed him when they came, wrapping her legs around him and keeping him inside her for as long as possible before they'd finally separated and fallen asleep.

In all her dreams about Draco Malfoy, she'd never believed they would be as well suited as they were. She had honestly begun dreaming about being involved with him at the beginning of third year after they'd had an argument and she'd had the impulse to kiss him for the first time. She'd been horrified at her reaction to him, angry at herself for wanting someone that hated her and her friends and was considered an enemy, guilty because she realized that she had a bit of a crush on him even though he called her mudblood and was disgusted with her because she wasn't a Pureblood and was probably going to become a Death Eater, and unable to stop herself from watching him more closely, paying more attention to him, dreaming about him.

She'd assumed it was some passing fancy, brought on by the stress of her third term with Sirius Black escaping and going after Harry and her studies being so involved and consuming, fantasizing about her enemy being some mental escape of some sort. Of course, the dreams had continued and she'd begun to pay more attention to him, studying him covertly and developing a ridiculous crush that was destined to remain unrequited. She'd attempted to move beyond it by accepting Viktor's invitation to the Yule Ball during fourth year, but she'd spent the majority of the time thinking about how handsome Draco was becoming and wondering what it would feel like to share a dance with him, to have him look at her and want her. Instead, he made some snotty remark about mudbloods that she couldn't even recall anymore.

Over the next two years, there had been tragedy and danger and loss. Sirius had died, she and numerous others had been injured during the battle at the Ministry, Draco had blamed Harry for Lucius' being sent to Azkaban, the situation with Voldemort had grown even more intense and she'd known it wouldn't be long before there would be a final confrontation. During sixth year, her parents had been killed by Death Eaters, causing her to focus more on killing Voldemort than ever before. She had loved her parents and even now blamed herself for their deaths, knowing that they would not have been targeted if she wasn't involved with the Order and wasn't Harry's best friend. They'd had protection, but Voldemort had still managed to get to them, and she had to admit she was thankful that they had at least died quickly instead of being tortured first. After Voldemort's death, she'd finally had a chance to properly mourn, to cry tears for the parents that she really didn't know that well, and she'd accepted the guilt she felt for their deaths. She'd expected to spend her summer at the Burrow with Harry and Ron, but Dumbledore had told her of Lucius' offer to take her in for the summer.

She'd been hesitant to accept the offer, not trusting Lucius Malfoy as far as she could throw him, but she'd decided to accept it for the opportunity to study for her NEWTs. And, honestly, she'd wanted a bit of time alone, enjoying studying and not being constantly surrounded by people. True, there was also that voice in her mind that kept reminding her that she wouldn't be entirely alone since Draco would also be there, but she'd never expected him to actually spend time with her. She wasn't stupid. She knew Lucius made the offer because of political reasons, his loyalties still questioned despite his assistance in defeating Voldemort, and how better to show he was a 'changed man' than to open his home to a mudblood? When Draco had welcomed her to his home and proceeded to spend the majority of his time with her, whether it be exploring Malfoy Manor, studying for NEWTs, arguing over various topics, or simply silently reading in the gardens, she'd begun to suspect he might return her feelings. After a few weeks, they were having a silly argument over a Charms theory and he'd kissed her. Within a month, they'd admitted they loved each other and had made love for the first time.

They'd been together ever since, their relationship growing with every passing day. They were young in age, but they were both extremely mature. What they shared was not some silly infatuation that would fade over time. Marriage had been discussed as had children, the former being considered following graduation from Hogwarts, the latter waiting until they were finished with University and older. Draco was the perfect mate, in Hermione's opinion. He was bloody gorgeous, sexy as sin, extremely intelligent, had a wickedly snarky sense of humor, wealthy beyond belief, and they were more than compatible sexually. They'd both been virgins, but they were quick learners and both had a thirst for knowledge and trying new things. They experimented sexually, playing games and attempting different things to find out what they liked and what they didn't, both open to exploring their sexuality together, learning what brought them pleasure. She liked it when he surprised her on patrol at night and they'd have a quickie in the shadows of Hogwarts. He liked it when she woke him up with her lips wrapped around his morning erection.

She liked to hear his voice when they shagged, finding his voice one of his most sexy qualities, finding it especially arousing when he talked dirty because he tended to be haughty and prim, the perfect Pureblood lacking emotion and passion, whenever they were in class or surrounded by others. She loved seeing him lose control, causing him to lose himself in pleasure and love and passion, being the one that brought him to life. He liked that she was verbally responsive, her moans and whimpers and especially her growls and purrs. She played with him sometimes, growling softly when they were in Potions class as she brushed against him, loving his reaction to her. Of course, he'd then play with her, casually touching her leg and whispering all the things he planned to do to her when they retired for the evening, the annoying bastard able to prepare perfect potions while talking naughty while she was barely able to think of anything except having him inside her, which the teasing bastard knew and loved.

Today had been a Quidditch match, Slytherin versus Gryffindor. There was something undeniably sexy about watching him fly around in his uniform, focused on winning, his lips curled into a determined smile, getting all sweaty and frustrated from playing the silly game. Hermione's knickers were always soaking by the end of the game, and he'd given her the look after Slytherin won, her body instantly wet and ready. She'd gone to the Slytherin changing rooms, waiting until he appeared in the door, still in uniform because he knew she got a bit of a kinky thrill shagging him when he was sweaty and still wearing the Quidditch uniform. Every match ended with her meeting him in the changing rooms once everyone else had gone back to school. Slytherin had won every match so far, leaving him in a playful and triumphant mood. Should they lose, she had little doubt he'd be a bit more rough and that would be okay, too. She liked it a little rough, not minding the occasional bruise from a night of rough shagging, leaving her own marks on his flawless body. This evening, since he'd won against Gryffindor and was always even more smug after defeating Harry, he was in a mood to tease and torment her, driving her insane as she leaned against the wall and wanted nothing more than for him to thrust into her and fuck her senseless.

"No you don't," Draco smiled smugly before he moved his left hand from her arse to slide it between her legs. He got his finger wet before moving it along her arse, his eyes looking into hers as he brought his right hand around from her back, pushing his pale blond hair from his face before suddenly thrusting two fingers into her tight wetness.


"Fuck!" Hermione cried out softly, a bit surprised at the sudden move. She'd been staring into his beautiful gray eyes and hadn't even realized his intentions, her eyes widening as she felt his left hand moving between her arsecheeks. He smiled mischievously before he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her clit, his two fingers pushing into her, the wet finger of his left hand slowly moving into her. Hermione gasped as she felt him add a third finger to her wet cunt, her right hand moving to his head and tangling in his hair as she began to push against his fingers. She knew some people might find her depraved or pervy, but she found it very arousing when he played with her arse. The first time he had taken her in her arse, it had been a bit uncomfortable, taking a little time for her to adjust to his width, and he'd told her she was tight and hot and had given her little doubt how much he'd enjoyed the experience.

It was almost amusing that losing her virginity had not been painful at all, a little discomfort just because his cock was wide, though his length was about average, but she'd quickly adjusted and soon been thrusting against him for more. Her arse, however, had been somewhat painful. They'd used lotion that she had bought in a muggle store, which made things easier, but it had been shocking to feel something so enormous stuck up her bum. When he'd pulled out, she'd whimpered at the sensations that went through her body, gasping as he'd plunged back inside. Soon, she'd been pushing against him, his lips on her back and neck before he'd pulled her head back so he could kiss her, his other hand playing with her pussy, causing even more tremors to spread over her.

After they'd come, she'd been a bit sore, finding it an odd sensation but very pleasurable. When she'd felt his tongue on her arse, she'd been a bit stunned, telling him that he didn't need to do that, finding it a bit gross that he was licking her back there. He'd given her that sexy smirk before licking his lips and telling her that he loved the taste of her, his tongue soon burrowing its way into her as he tasted her mixed with his seed. Luckily, Draco was also a pervy bastard when it came to her and sex so he didn't judge her badly at all for enjoying his attentions on her arse. There were things she preferred more, of course, loving nothing more than simply having his cock buried inside her as they kissed, that act alone being enough to make her happy and satisfied, but she really did love feeling his finger inside her arse when he was eating her pussy.

She had surprised him not long ago by snaking her own finger into his arse while sucking his cock, sending him into a orgasm that had flooded her mouth with his seed. He had a great arse, firm and tight and she'd wanted to taste him like he'd tasted her. When she mentioned her desire, he'd arched a brow and looked into her eyes before simply nodding and flipping onto his stomach. He'd enjoyed her exploration, moaning softly as she'd touched him, licked him, fucked him with her fingers. Eventually, he'd given her a look over his shoulder, his gray eyes stormy with desire and need, her hand falling away from his arse as he'd moved quickly and fucked her into the mattress. It seemed that Draco also enjoyed a bit of arse play, though he hadn't let her use anything on him except her fingers. He told her it wasn't the feeling of having something stuck up his bum that he found exciting, it was having *her* touching him in such an intimate place that he found arousing. His arse was hers, as he'd told her with a sexy smirk, and she had no complaints about that!

"You like that, don't you, love? Feeling my fingers up your arse and your wet cunt?" Draco drawled huskily, feeling her pushing against his hands. She was so wet, her juices coating his hand and dripping down his arm. He could hear the soft squishing his hand made as he pushed his fingers into her, finding the noise nearly as arousing as the sounds she made, knowing he was the reason she was so wet and aroused.

"Bastard," she cursed lovingly as she felt her release approaching, "please, Draco."

"Come for me, baby," he urged with a sexy smile, his thumb brushing against her clit as he watched her face.

"Yes," she hissed softly as she exploded against his hand, her body arching from the wall, her knees weak, her clothes sweaty and tangled against her body.

"That's my girl," Draco smirked as he slowly removed his fingers from her, bringing his right hand to his face as he lazily licked his fingers clean, moaning as he tasted her juices. "So fucking good."

"My turn," Hermione smiled slowly after she had a chance to catch her breath, a mischievous gleam in her brown eyes as she leaned over and caught his full lips in a kiss. Pulling back, she ran a hand through her thick chestnut colored curls, brushing them away from her sweaty face as she looked him over. "Have I told you how turned on I get watching you play Quidditch?"

"I hadn't noticed," he smirked as he held up her soaking knickers.

"Brat," she rolled her eyes as she took the panties from him and tossed them on the ground. She turned her attention back to him as she said, "I love seeing you so focused and intense, even when it's not on me. You're so fucking sexy, Draco. I love seeing you like this, sweaty and smug and smelling of sex. There's something about you in that uniform that just makes me so unbelievably wet. I think it's because I like taking it off you following the match. Removing each piece of material and baring your gorgeous body to my hungry eyes."

"Who's the tease now?" he asked with an arched brow, trying not to alert her to just how aroused he was by her soft words. He knew she found his voice arousing during sex, but she seemed to have no idea that he was just as turned on by hearing her talk during sex.


Draco's sexy smile turned into a frown as his eyes narrowed, "What?"

Hermione's gaze was focused behind him, a shocked _expression on her face as she demanded, "Harry, what the Hell are you doing here?"

Draco turned and saw Potter standing by the wall, his hand in his pants, his cheeks red with embarrassment and an apologetic _expression on his face. Draco quickly figured out that the annoying prat must have been watching them and was obviously wanking. While a slight part of him was rather aroused at the idea of someone watching him and Hermione and being turned on enough to wank, the rest of him was focused on the knowledge that said wanker, the word being oh so fitting considering the circumstances, was Harry Potter and that said bastard had not only seen Hermione partially naked but had also witnessed her explosive orgasm, as well as listening in to their private moments.

"I'm sorry," Harry stammered, not believing he'd been caught. Merlin, this had to be some kind of nightmare. Hermione was looking at him with an angry and confused _expression and Draco just looked angry and pissed off. He'd be lucky if they just hexed him for this!

"Damn it, Harry, what did you think you were doing?" Hermione glared at her best friend, seeing the red flush to his cheeks and suddenly realizing that his hand was in his pants. Her eyes widened slightly as she whispered, "You were wanking!"

"I didn't mean to!" Harry defended weakly as he looked at her, "I was walking by and heard your voice and thought you might be in danger and then I saw you and I couldn't look away. You, you're both so bloody sexy and I, fuck, just hex me and get it over with! This has to got to be the most humiliating moment of my life!"


"I'm rather enjoying it," Draco snarled as he saw Potter turn even more red, looking very much the color of Weasel's hair. His first instinct had been to hex the black haired wizard, not at all happy that he and Hermione had been watched. Okay, so the watching part was a bit on the exciting side but he was a possessive bastard and had no problem admitting that the idea someone else had seen Hermione in such a way without their consent or knowledge was tempting him to start hexing without worrying about his position as Head Boy.

"Draco," Hermione got his attention, seeing that he was holding his wand tightly and had little doubt he was just trying to figure out what hex to use on Harry. She smiled slowly, "Harry thinks we're sexy."

"That doesn't make me feel any less like hexing the bastard," Draco muttered crossly.

"I think the fact that he just admitted to finding you sexy is worse than hexing him, love," Hermione said, "though he does have excellent taste. You are undeniably the sexiest man I've ever met."

"If you think you're going to flirt with me to distract me from hexing him, well, damn it, it's working," he said as his eyes flashed with desire. His cock was aching, not even softening upon discovering their voyeur, and he really wanted nothing more than to sink deep inside his girl and shag her senseless before dinner.

"I want him to watch us," Hermione confessed softly, not speaking loud enough for Harry to hear. Her best friend was leaning against the wall, his face still red from being caught, his hand no longer in his pants giving her a clear image of the bulge pressing against his uniform trousers. She looked into Draco's eyes and saw the thoughtful _expression in their gray depths. He was thinking about her request and she loved him even more for not immediately saying no. She smiled slightly, "I was surprised and upset when I first saw him, but then I realized that he was aroused from watching us, that he liked seeing us together, and, Merlin, it makes me wet to think about shagging you while my best friend is watching and wanking. It's exciting to think that we gave him that erection, and I like the idea of him being aroused by us."

"Why'd it have to be Potter?" Draco asked as he rolled his eyes, finally saying, "He can watch, but it stays between us."

"I don't think he'd want anyone to know about this, Draco," Hermione smiled slowly, "Are you sure about this? You really wouldn't mind him watching us? I don't want to do anything that you might regret later. I know I won't regret it because he's my best friend and I love you and have no problem letting him see us show that love for each other. I'm by no means an exhibitionist, but I have to admit that I'm soaking just thinking about him watching you fuck me."

"There won't be any regrets," Draco told her softly, finally admitting, "I have to confess that I don't find the idea of Potter watching us shag all that distasteful. While I might not like him all that much, it's somewhat exciting to think that he finds us arousing and sexy. Besides, I have no problem with us being watched as long we are aware and have consented to such an activity. Now can we quit talking and finally shag?"

"You're so cute when you're whining," Hermione smiled widely before she looked at Harry. She moved towards him, removing her shirt and skirt along the way, leaving her nude. She said softly, "Harry, you don't have to be embarrassed. We have no intention of hexing you for finding us arousing. If you'd like, you can stay and watch us. We don't mind at all. In fact, we rather like the idea of you watching us. It stays between us, of course, but you can stay if you want."

"Bloody hell, Hermione," Harry whispered as he looked away from the floor and stared at her, "you're not mad?"

"I'm angry that you watched without asking," Hermione said honestly, "it was a violation of our privacy for you to just stand there and listen to us and watch us share such an intimate act without our knowledge and I trust that you will never do that again."

"I never meant to stay," Harry said, his green eyes trying to remain on her chocolate brown eyes without looking down at her nude body and not being overly successful.

"When you're finished ogling my breasts, we'll continue this conversation," Hermione said, amusement flashing in her eyes. She laughed when he looked up quickly, a fresh blush coloring his cheeks. Turning serious, she said, "Harry, I understand if you'd rather not stay. We're best friends and I don't want us to be awkward around one another, but you've already seen me naked and watched me come all over Draco's face so I think the moment for awkwardness has already passed. Draco and I love each other and we both enjoy experimenting when it comes to our physical relationship. The idea of you watching us is something we both find exciting and would like to try. Do you want to watch us?"

"Yeah," Harry nodded slowly, "I've wanted to watch you two since the train to Hogwarts when I saw you kissing. I've dreamed about that and so much more, Hermione. I'd love to watch you and Draco make love."

"Then sit down and make yourself comfortable," Hermione smiled before turning back to Draco, who was sitting on a bench and sulking.

"That took long enough," Draco muttered, "was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me."

"Never," Hermione whispered as she caught his eyes, "he wants to watch."

"Of course he does," Draco said as he noticed the dark wizard transfigure a sock into a chair and sit down. He knew that Potter had wanted Hermione for over a year, having seen him giving her a lusty stare one day in DADA during sixth year. Thankfully, nothing had come of that because Hermione had no interest in dating Potter. She found him attractive, with his thick black hair and bright green eyes and mischievous smile, but she didn't want to have a relationship with him. Draco had to agree that Potter was one of the more attractive wizards in their year, and, to be honest, he'd occasionally entertained the random fantasy of shagging the Gryffindor seeker while Hermione watched even before he had become involved with the brunette witch.

He didn't like Potter, couldn't stand him most the time actually, but he was an attractive bloke and the idea of shagging him wasn't unpleasant. He knew from one of his many discussions with Hermione that one of her fantasies was to have another man join them for sex, to shag her and for her to watch Draco shag. She had gotten so wet talking about it and Draco had decided that one day he'd set about making that fantasy come true for her. He wasn't one for sharing normally, just as possessive as she, herself, was, but he'd be willing to let someone join them for sex in order to give her that fantasy. He wasn't threatened at all by Potter, found him fairly attractive, knew Hermione wouldn't mind shagging him, and he wouldn't mind shagging the annoying prat for her enjoyment. Draco slowly smiled, deciding that he liked this decision. He looked at Hermione and said, "Let's take this to our room."

"Why?" Hermione asked, "I'd have to get dressed and people might notice that you're so hard you can barely walk!"

"We'll be careful and no one will see us. You can wear my robe and carry your clothes," Draco smiled sexily, "You know you prefer shagging in our room to shagging on this bench."

"Of course I do, but we always shag here after a match," Hermione reminded, "it's tradition."

"You just like it rough and quick against the wall, my cock buried deep inside your tight cunt, the hard wall against your back, your legs wrapped around my waist," he watched her eyes begin to glaze over, a knowing smile crossing his handsome face. "I love our traditions, Hermione, but today is a special event. We've got Potter here and it would be much easier to give him a memorable performance in our bed."

"I don't care where we are, I just want you inside me," Hermione muttered as she rubbed her legs together, feeling the fresh juices that were beginning to drip down her thigh.

"Potter, we're taking this to our room. You know the password," Draco said without looking away from Hermione.

"Okay," Harry said softly, leaving the changing room and running next door to get his stuff from the Gryffindor room. He didn't even care that he'd not had a shower, pinching his arm once more to make sure this wasn't a dream. He was actually going to watch Draco and Hermione shag, at their invitation, and he had to admit he was glad they'd be in their room because they'd be more comfortable. He pulled his robe on to conceal his erection and then hurried into school to wait for them.

"Let's go," Hermione said as she reached for Draco's robe. She gasped when he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, sliding into her easily.

"Not yet," he purred before he caught her lips in a deep kiss, his hands holding her arse as he fucked her against the wall. He pulled her down to meet his thrusts, his lips moving along her cheek and down her neck before latching onto her breast. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her body moving down to meet his thrusts, the muscles in her cunt tightening around him as he pulled out of her. Her fingernails dug into his back as she moaned, her hair brushing against his shoulder and back as she leaned forward to kiss his neck, sucking his flesh into her mouth. It didn't take long for him to find his release, his fingers twisting her clit roughly and sending her over the edge, as well. He grunted as he came, her soft groan of his name signaling her own release. They kissed again before he released her, his cock not completely soft. He had something special planned for her in their room and he'd wanted a quick release so that he could last long enough to fulfill one of her fantasies.

"Merlin, I love when you do that," Hermione smiled a sated smile, feeling their combined juices dripping down her thighs, her breasts tender from his sucking and biting. She saw the wicked look in his stormy gray eyes and felt a fresh wave of arousal spread over her. He was planning something, recognizing that sneaky _expression and the smug 'I know something you don't know' smile that crossed his delectable lips.

"I know you do," Draco smirked before kissing her passionately, squeezing her arse before pulling back, "let's get to the room. Potter's waiting."

"You're getting into this, aren't you?" Hermione mused thoughtfully, trying to figure out what he was planning.

"Stop thinking, love," Draco warned as he removed his robe from his locker and assisted Hermione in putting it on. He then gathered her clothes and wrapped them in her robe, tucking them under his arm as he took her hand and headed to the school. She didn't ask him why he'd dressed her in his robe, knowing fully well that he found it sexy when she wore his robe or his shirt, often greeting him after Quidditch practice wearing nothing but one of his shirts. They kept to the shadows of the hallways, stealing kisses and touching as they made their way to their room. Fortunately, everyone appeared to be busy elsewhere so they were not observed. When they entered their room, they found Harry nervously pacing in front of the fireplace, giving them a relieved look when they came inside.

"Why don't you go clean up a bit, love," Draco suggested to Hermione, knowing she was covered in their release from their quick shag.

"That sounds like a good idea," Hermione smiled as she walked towards their room, the other room belonging to the Head Boy but only being used for the storage of Draco's items in case one of the professors or Dumbledore visited their rooms. She paused in front of Harry and gave him a brief hug, brushing her lips against his cheek as she said, "Thank you for saying yes."

Harry watched her disappear in their room and then glanced at Draco, green eyes narrowing slightly when he caught the blond Slytherin giving him a thoughtful look. Defensively, he asked, "What?"

"We're not friends, Potter," Draco said slowly, "in fact, I don't really like you all that much."

"You want me to leave," Harry sighed as he ran a hand through his thick black hair.

"Not quite," Draco smirked suddenly, "Hermione's got this fantasy about having another bloke join us. It's her favorite fantasy and I've been intending to make it come true one day and, well, today seems like as good a day as any other, don't you think?"


"Huh?" Harry cringed slightly as he realized how stupid he sounded.

"No one could ever accuse you of being smart, Potter," Draco rolled his eyes, "let me use small words so you'll understand. Do you want to join me and Hermione?"

"You're joking!" Harry shook his head, wondering if another pinch might cause a bruise.

"I rarely joke," Draco said truthfully, "I know that Hermione finds you attractive and wouldn't mind shagging you. I also know that I don't find the idea of shagging you entirely unpleasant so you seem a logical choice for her fantasy."

"You'll be shagging me, too?" Harry arched a brow as he realized that he rather liked the idea of Draco shagging him, his cock hardening so much at the idea of acting out his own fantasies that he thought it might explode.

"It is part of her fantasy," Draco shrugged before impatiently saying, "do you agree or not? She'll be finished washing up soon and I'd like to surprise her."

"I think she'll definitely be surprised," Harry slowly smiled, "I agree, but, um, well, I've never been with another man before. When you shag me, is it gonna hurt?"

"What is pleasure without a little pain?" Draco asked with an arched brow, knowing that Hermione had felt some initial pain when he'd first fucked her arse and he'd been extremely gentle and slow with her because he loved her. Potter would definitely feel some pain, Draco realized, slowly smiling. He rather liked that idea.

"Yeah," Harry looked away from Draco before he did something stupid like start to drool since the blond wizard was even sexier than he'd realized. Especially when he was talking about pleasure and smirking that sensual smirk and, Merlin, the way he said pleasure caused even more hardening of the cock. He looked towards the bedroom and asked, "What do we do?"

"Come along, Potter," Draco instructed as he entered the room. He lit more candles, casting the room in lovely glow that was perfect for the events he had planned. Glancing at Potter, he said, "Leave your uniform on. She's got a kinky fondness for the uniform."

"Yeah, I heard," Harry recalled as he moved to sit on the edge of their large bed.

"Hermione, love, you nearly finished?" Draco asked, watching as the door opened and she walked out.

Hermione had washed quickly, not bothering with a shower because she knew she'd just need another one before Draco was finished with her anyway. As she entered the room, she saw Draco standing by the door, a smug smile on his face. Turning away from him, she smiled shyly when she noticed Harry sitting on the bed. She'd had enough time now to think about what was happening and start to have a few doubts regarding the idea of her best friend watching her and her lover shag.

"I have a surprise for you, love," Draco smiled as he moved towards her, pushing his robe off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. He moved his lips against her ear, his tongue moving along the shell of it before he whispered, "Do you remember our discussion about fantasies?"

"Uh huh," Hermione said as she inhaled his scent, peppermint and sweat and sex and spice. She would never get tired of smelling him, she decided as her concerns regarding Harry watching dissipated as soon as Draco started talking in that sexy voice of his.

"Harry has agreed to help me make yours come true," Draco said as he pulled back and looked into her eyes, watching them widen as she realized what particular fantasy she was talking about, his lips claiming hers possessively before she could say anything. He moved her backwards until they reached the bed. He released her lips and glanced at Harry, gray eyes narrowing slightly before he leaned forward and caught the startled Gryffindor seeker's lips in a rough kiss.

"Oh God," Hermione whispered as she watched Draco kiss Harry, something she had imagined but never expected to witness. Draco had not released his hold on her, his left hand resting on her back above her arse, his right hand tangled in Harry's thick black hair as he roughly kissed her best friend. Merlin, she'd never imagined that seeing two men kiss could be so damn erotic, her body heating up as she watched the man she loved devour her best friend's mouth. Instead of feeling jealous or threatened, she was aroused and excited. She couldn't wait to see them naked, their bodies similar but Harry was still tan from the summer, his hair dark, while Draco was pale, his hair white gold. They were nearly the same height, Draco just a little taller and muscular, Harry more lanky and thin. She felt Draco's hand pushing her forward, watching as he broke the kiss and looked at her, his eyes gleaming with love and desire for her as he caught her lips in a kiss, his hand still tangled in Harry's hair, bringing him towards them. Hermione felt lips on her cheek, moving her head to meet Harry's lips in a tentative but exploring kiss.

Kissing Potter hadn't been that awful, Draco decided, but it was nothing compared to kissing Hermione. She was enjoying the surprise judging from the fresh wetness he felt between her thighs and the look of intense lust that had been in her eyes just from seeing him kiss Potter. He nibbled the side of her lips as she kissed Harry, moving his tongue to join theirs, the kiss soon including the three of them as they moved between each other's mouths. Hermione pulled back and smiled a wicked smile that he was all too familiar with, her chocolate brown eyes catching his as she spoke.

"I want you both to enjoy this, too," she said huskily, gesturing to the bed, "you've spent over six years competing and fighting, let the hatred go and just enjoy the passion."

Draco hesitated a moment, frowning as he looked from her to Harry and then back again. Finally, he shrugged and decided to just enjoy the experience, knowing she wanted to watch. He looked at Hermione and silkily ordered, "Undress us, love."

"With pleasure," Hermione moved her hands underneath his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the ground. Her fingernails moved down his bare chest and she leaned forward and licked his nipples as she traced her way past his flat stomach, brushing along the blond curls on his lower abdomen before her hand disappeared into his uniform pants. She stroked his cock, causing him to moan softly as he arched forward into her hand. She motioned for Harry to come closer, catching his green eyes and winking as she deliberately scraped her teeth over Draco's hard nipple.

She watched as Harry paused for a moment before obviously deciding to just throw caution to the wind and do what he wanted. He leaned forward and moved his lips across Draco's neck, causing her lover to gasp. Harry's hand moved along Draco's chest and stomach, tracing the contours of his muscular body as he moved his lips lower. Harry was a bit shy at first, licking and then stopping, as if he expected Draco to suddenly push him away. When Draco did no such thing, instead looking at them both with gray eyes that were dark with passion and desire, he became more assured in his motions. He followed Hermione's example and scraped his teeth over Draco's nipple, noticing that Draco's nipples were a pale pink. His own nipples were darker, more of a peach color, while Hermione's nipples were a lovely dark pink.

"Bloody hell," Draco muttered when he felt a large, slightly calloused hand join Hermione's on his cock. His uniform pants were lowered and he watched as Harry and Hermione kneeled in front of him. Hermione pushed him back to sit on the edge of the bed, smiling impishly at him as she began to instruct Harry on how to suck cock.

"You taste so good, Draco," Hermione told her lover, feeling his eyes on them as she stroked his cock. She ran her tongue over the swollen head of his cock again, capturing a drop of his pre-cum before turning to Harry and sharing the taste in a kiss. Pulling back, she smiled and told Harry, "Sucking cock isn't that difficult. Use your tongue to run along his length as you suck, be careful of your teeth, though Draco likes a little pain so scrape them along his length occasionally to drive him even more wild. He's really thick so take your time so your mouth can adjust."

Harry did as she said, not believing that he was kneeling in the bedroom of the Head Girl while she was giving him instructions on how to suck her lover's cock. This was definitely going to remain their little secret, he decided as he began to suck Draco's cock. The blond was thicker than he was, but they were about the same length. He watched Hermione as he sucked Draco's cock, making sure he moved his tongue and moved slowly. He was surprised by how excited she was watching him do this, watching her hand move up to knead her breast as she watched, leaning forward and moving her tongue over Draco's length when he was pulling back, her hand moving to caress her lover's balls as Harry sucked his cock. Harry moved his hand between her legs, finding her soaking wet. He slid a finger into her, earning him a soft moan before she went back to kissing and licking Draco's cock. He soon had two fingers thrusting into her, releasing Draco's cock when she pulled his head back, kissing her and then watching as she took all of Draco's length into her mouth and throat, her hands moving behind the pale blond and grabbing his arse. Harry watched as she pushed a finger into Draco's arse, the blond moaning softly before he grunted and sent his seed into her mouth. Hermione kept bobbing her head up and down, her finger buried inside Draco's arse as she waited until he was completely spent before releasing his cock.

Hermione smiled at Draco and said, "Good to the last drop, my love."

"Brat," he smiled slowly, catching her eyes as he said, "that's twice now, love. Only have one more in me for a while so let's make that one count."

"Harry's still dressed," Hermione declared, knowing exactly what Draco meant. He'd already come twice and still hadn't shagged her or Harry. She looked at her best friend and smiled as she began to undress him, taking her time and exploring his body with her lips and hands. He smelled good, like sweat and cinnamon and vanilla. He had a good body, a scattering of black hair on his chest, and contrasted brilliantly with the pale, muscular body of her lover. She motioned for Harry to lay beside Draco before she removed his pants, revealing a hard cock that was thinner than Draco's but possibly a bit longer, nestled in black curls. His cock was aching, obviously needing release, and she realized that they'd caught him wanking before he had come. She ran her tongue over his length, tasting Harry for the first time. He was slightly bitter but rather yummy, her mouth opening and taking him inside as she got him wet and ready for her. She was ready to shag.


Draco watched Hermione undress Harry, his hand stroking his spent cock as he tried to get himself ready to fuck. He was honestly a bit jealous when she began to lick Harry, but he assumed any normal person would be jealous to see someone they loved tasting someone else, even if they had consented to such an arrangement. It wasn't an overwhelming jealousy because he knew she didn't love Harry and had no plans of ever leaving him, but it was an honest emotion to have when she began to suck Harry's cock. Her eyes caught his when he growled softly, her lips curling into a loving smile as she whispered I love you. He smiled sheepishly and sat up, moving his hand to join hers on Harry's cock.

Harry moaned when he felt both hands on him, looking down to see Draco kissing Hermione before they both ran their tongues over his length. Draco sat up and looked at him, giving him a smirk as he said, "It's time to shag."

Hermione crawled up the bed, her juices running down her thighs as she put a pillow behind her head and made herself comfortable. She spread her legs and watched Draco move between them. He entered her quickly, coating himself with her juices before pulling out, causing her to groan as she was again empty. It wasn't long because Harry quickly took Draco's place, thrusting into her and sighing as he felt her wet warmth envelope him. Hermione watched Draco move behind Harry after grabbing a bottle of their lotion. He squirted some into his palm before he rubbed his hands together, letting the lotion warm before he began to spread it over Harry's arse. Her best friend froze inside her when he felt Draco's fingers on his bum, his eyes widening with fear as Draco began to prepare him. She tightened her muscles around him, giving him a kiss before whispering, "It only hurts a little and then it feels so bloody good!"

"I trust you both," Harry whispered, groaning as Draco's finger found a spot that sent a fresh wave of arousal and sensation throughout his body.

Once Draco was sure that Harry was ready, he kneeled behind the wizard, lips quirking slightly as he realized he was about to shag the "Boy Who Defeated Voldemort Twice Blah Blah Blah". He caught Hermione's eyes as he began to push the head of his cock into Harry. He'd intended to just shove himself inside, not caring if he ripped Potter up a bit, but Hermione was watching and looked very excited and turned on so he decided to be a little less rough so she'd enjoy it. He still didn't quite understand why the idea of him shagging another bloke got her so hot, but he was finding the experience rather enjoyable because she was sharing it with him. He grunted as he pushed into Harry, the wizard extremely tight, muttering, "Relax, Potter, I'm almost there." Thankfully, Harry did relax and Draco was finally buried inside him. The blond wizard began to move slowly at first, his hands resting on either side of Harry, pulling him back against his cock and then pushing him into Hermione.

He couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling from having Draco inside him. It was unbelievable and, while it did hurt quite a bit, it was also fucking amazing. Draco was completely in control of the fuck, pushing him into Hermione with each thrust as he seriously began to fuck him. Harry's mouth moved over Hermione's breasts, licking and sucking her nipples as he shagged her and had his arse fucked by her boyfriend. Twisted, yes, but arousing beyond belief. He was trying to hold his orgasm, having nearly exploded from the first time her lips touched his cock, something that he'd imagined so often. They fucked that way for a while, Hermione kissing him and then kissing Draco as the blond leaned forward, going even deeper inside his bum. Harry felt Draco pull out of him, ordering him to flip over, which Harry did. He found himself excited by how easily Draco and Hermione ordered him about, both of them bossy in bed as well as in the other areas of their lives. The submissive part of him that he tended to keep under control was flourishing with them, eager to do whatever they instructed. Soon, he was laying on his back, his arse sore and aching, Hermione moving up and down on his cock. He watched as Draco thrust into Hermione's arse in one push, green eyes widening as Hermione cried out in pleasure, her muscles clamping down on his cock, her body arching back as Draco began to fuck her.

It was incredible, the feeling of having a cock in her pussy and another in her arse. They'd used a toy before and it was enjoyable, but this was much better. It was slightly painful, feeling herself stretched in such a way, but the pleasure was far greater than the pain. She knew Harry was close, was surprised he hadn't come yet considering she knew how enjoyable it was to have Draco buried deep inside your arse. She began to move against them both, leaning her head back to kiss Draco, tightening both sets of muscles, wanting them to come with her. It didn't take Harry long after she set about inducing his orgasm. He began to moan softly, arching up into her pussy, gasping her name as he finally came, his seed spilling into her. She again said a thank you to whatever smart wizard or witch created the contraceptive charm, loving the feeling of seed flooding her, knowing it wouldn't be the same if they had to use a muggle condom. With Harry taken care of, the poor boy panting and looking thoroughly fucked with his cheeks flushed from passion and his hair sweaty around his face, his body glistening with sweat and saliva and sex, and she knew his bum was sore after having Draco's width, but he was smiling happily and looked perfectly content to watch her and Draco finish their shag. She was going to tease him about his voyeuristic habits later, she decided as she smiled playfully at him before kissing him.

Draco began to fuck her harder, his hand moving between her thighs, letting her know he was ready. She met his thrusts and tightened around him, moaning his name as another orgasm swept over her. Her juices coated Harry's cock and Draco's fingers as she came, her lips caught by Draco's as he buried him inside her and came, his seed filling her and spilling out as he withdrew, stroking his cock as the rest of his seed spilled onto his back, his lips curling into a satisfied smile as his arm went around her waist and he fell to the bed with her curled against him.

"Merlin, that was amazing," Hermione laughed softly once she was able to form coherent words.

"Bloody hell, you wear me out, woman!" Draco smirked as he kissed her neck, gray eyes looking into green as he asked, "You okay, Potter?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely," Harry grinned, "exhausted but satisfied. My bum is a bit sore, but it's okay."

"Thank you for helping Draco turn my fantasy into reality, Harry," Hermione smiled fondly at her best friend, "I love you."

"Love you too, Mione," Harry smiled as he snuggled against the pillows.

"You two are so touching that I think I might be ill," Draco said dryly as he rolled his eyes.

Hermione turned to face him, a loving smile on her face as she kissed him deeply, her hand caressing his cheek as she whispered, "Thank you, my love."

"Welcome," he smirked, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

"That's an understatement," Hermione laughed softly as she snuggled against her lover. "Thank you for shagging Harry."

"It was somewhat enjoyable," he admitted, "though mostly because you were so bloody aroused by it."

"Well, guys, this was beyond amazing but I'm in desperate need of a shower," Harry declared as he sat up and gave them a smile. "I had fun but I think you two want to be alone now."

"You can use this on your arse," Hermione reached over Draco and grabbed a small tube of ointment that she tossed to Harry. She smiled, "It helps alleviate some of the soreness."

"Thanks," Harry laughed, "You know, this isn't awkward. I expected some awkwardness since I just shagged you and got shagged by your boyfriend, but there isn't. I'm still not too fond of Malfoy and you're still my best friend. If anything, I feel like we're closer now because of what we shared. I don't even dislike Malfoy as much but that might be because it's rather difficult to dislike someone after they've given you a right proper shagging."

"I still dislike you," Draco spoke up with a slight smile, "but thanks for helping me do this for Hermione."

"My pleasure," Harry smiled, "if you ever need help along these lines again, well, I definitely wouldn't say no."

"I'll keep that in mind, Potter," Draco declared, "now run along and take your shower. We'll see you at breakfast tomorrow."

"Good night, Harry," Hermione smiled, a bit surprised when he leaned over and gave them both a brief kiss and hug before getting off the bed and gathering up his uniform.

"Sweet dreams," Harry called over his shoulder as he finished getting dressed and left.

"We'll take a shower later," Hermione decided as she laid her head down on Draco's chest, "after we take a nap. I'm exhausted."

"Sounds like a good idea, love," Draco said as he pulled her closer and closed his eyes, a happy smile on his face as he whispered, "Love you, Hermione."

"Love you too," Hermione replied as she snuggled against him.