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For florahart

Originally Posted: Apr 22, 2006

“Are you sure it’s Muggle?”

Hermione licked the parfait from her spoon and rolled her eyes when her blatantly sexy move was ignored by Charlie. “Yes, it’s Muggle.”

“It’s so ugly,” Charlie observed as he stared at the large wildebeest. “I thought Muggles had normal pretty looking animals.”

“Oh, yes, because giraffes are so lovely,” she said with a scowl as she dipped the spoon back into the parfait.

“You don’t think they’re pretty?” he asked as he arched a brow and looked at her, finally turning his attention away from the bloody animal.

“They have long necks and little heads. They’re creepy,” she told him with a shudder. She tried again, lazily licking her spoon in a very obvious invitation for something far more enjoyable than discussing a nature program on the telly.

“Creepy? Hermione! They’re an amazing creature. How can you not appreciate the grace of their movements and how interesting they can be?” He shook his head and pushed his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose. “Are you finished eating that? It’s starting to melt.”

“No, I’m not finished!” she snapped as she glared at him and took a bite, snapping her teeth against the spoon in a manner that would feel very bad for him if she’d been sucking what she’d rather have in her mouth. She licked the parfait from her lips and stared at the telly. “You just called that wildebeest ugly. How can you possibly say that when they’re such an amazing creature?”

“Why are you sulking?” he asked as he reached over and tugged on a loose curl. “You’re being all sharp and the nerve in your temple is starting to throb so what did I do to annoy you?”

“Nothing,” she said dryly. “Just watched your silly telly program while I finish my treat.”

He took her bowl from her and smirked when she looked at him. “You know, it’s pretty adorable that you’re jealous of that ugly animal,” he mused as he took her spoon and dipped it into the parfait.

“I am not jealous!” she denied even as her cheeks flushed as she realized she was, indeed, annoyed that he was ignoring her.

“Yes, you are,” he said as he dragged the spoon against her lips before she parted them to take the bite. “Trying to seduce me by assaulting your spoon and doing incredibly wicked things to it while I’m trying to behave and respect the fact that you wanted to spend quality non-snogging and non-shagging-until-you’re-exhausted time together is just so very wrong.”

“Is it?” she asked as their gazes met and held while she gave it a third try and licked the spoon in a way that made her blush deepen.

“Very,” he said solemnly as he licked his lips. “In fact, it’s punishable behavior.”

“Punishable?” Her voice was breathless by the time he removed the spoon.

“Uh huh,” he whispered as he lowered his head. “Ready for your punishment, Hermione?”

Hermione smiled. “Uh huh,” she murmured as she leaned up to kiss him.