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Story Notes:

Warnings: Slash, threesome, no plot whatsoever
Note: This was intended to be comment porn for Liz. 2600 words later...hopefully someone will like it! Any mistakes are my own.
For satinvalkyrie who asked for some comment porn. I promised you I’d write you Sirius/Remus/Hermione, darlin’, so I hope you enjoy it! Also for schmoo999 who asked for Hermione-centric threesome smut on her Wish list!
This fic was inspired by this beautiful artwork by nassima. You must go look! So lovely!

Originally Posted: Dec 10, 2004

Hermione entered the house, quickly shutting the door behind her before breathing a sigh of relief that the horrid week was over. She was so happy that it was finally Friday evening. Work had been stressful and hectic for the past two weeks with long hours and little free time as she and her team had a deadline to meet. Thankfully, two weeks of work was complete, the project turned in on time and they had received very favorable results.

However, due to the sheer amount of hours spent both at work and doing research while at home, she'd hardly spent any time with her lovers. Tonight they were going to celebrate the end of her project, according to the owl she had received from Sirius that afternoon. Her curiosity as to what his plans for celebrating would exactly entail had kept her excited and aroused all afternoon. Now, she was finally home, ready to surrender herself to what would hopefully be a night of passion and relaxation. She was surprised and slightly irritated to find the sitting room empty, the house so silent it was almost scary. She had anticipated them waiting for her and was honestly disappointed to find the room silent with neither of her lovers in sight.

"Remus? Sirius?" she called out softly as she took off her scarf and coat. Frowning, she wondered if they had forgotten their plans to spend the evening in with a bit of dinner and, hopefully, quite a bit of shagging. After checking both the kitchen, which was empty and had nothing prepared for dinner, and the library, she was scowling and cursing them for not being home.

She stormed up the stairs not caring if she was acting like a spoiled child who lost her favorite toys despite her advance age of twenty-five years. A smile threatened to cross her lips at the comparison of Sirius and Remus to her favorite toys but she was stressed and wanted nothing more than to relax with her lovers. It had become a routine over the last five years that they had been involved to celebrate special occasions, such as finishing a project, by spending the evening in bed.

Okay, so Sirius usually preferred to spend the entire weekend in bed should the special day fall on a Friday, which was often, but she and Remus couldn't stay in bed that long no matter how irresistible Sirius might be. Well, there had been a few weekends that she could recall only getting out of bed to shower, use the bathroom, and get food but that was when Sirius was being particularly persuasive, which might be more often than she wanted to admit.

As she opened the door to their bedroom, the scowl faded and was replaced with a wicked smile when she saw the sight that greeted her. Sirius was laying on the bed in a very provocative pose. His long black hair was over his shoulder, brushing against his hard nipple before curling against his abdomen. He was naked, his body tan from so many days spent in the sun, and she could see the proof of his exercise routine in the defined muscles of his chest, stomach, and legs. His gray eyes were full of mischief as they swept over her body and she could see his lips curving into what was most likely an incredibly naughty smile behind the red rose in his mouth.

“Welcome home, love.” Sirius somehow managed to sound sexy and sinful even while talking with a flower in his mouth. She instantly forgave him for not being downstairs when she got home, deciding this welcome home definitely had its benefits.

“Sirius wanted to surprise you tonight, pet.” Remus’ voice was soft and startled Hermione, causing her to reluctantly remove her eyes from the delectable sight on the bed to find him sitting in a chair with his feet balanced on the bed frame.

“I’m surprised,” she smiled as her eyes moved over his slender frame. He was only wearing a pair of trousers and she noticed as he sat back in the chair that they were unfastened, catching a glimpse of sandy brown curls as they rested low on his hips.

“Ahem.” Sirius cleared his throat, giving them both a scolding look as he removed the rose from his mouth. “I am the one completely naked and looking quite shaggable so could we please focus the attention where it belongs? Besides, this collar is rather uncomfortable!”

“I told you it was too much,” Remus reminded with a smile. “She didn’t even notice the bloody collar.”

“There’s a collar?” Hermione slowly smiled as she saw that Sirius did, indeed, have a collar around his neck. “I think it’s cute.”

“Cute?” Sirius rolled his eyes. “I was trying for sexy and mouth watering. Cute is for puppies.”

“I like puppies,” Hermione told him as she began to unfasten her blouse. “Would you rather me tell you it was making me incredibly wet to see you naked and aroused wearing only a collar?”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” Sirius licked his lips as he leaned back against the pillows, no longer pouting now that the attention was again focused on him. He moved the rose along his jaw and neck, his eyes watching her fingers work on the buttons of her shirt.

“I know,” she blushed slightly as she felt his eyes on her. Even though she had been involved with the two older wizards since her twentieth birthday party when she had gotten drunk on spiked punch thanks to the Weasley twins and told Sirius and Remus that she wanted them both to do things to her that she hadn’t been able to discuss while sober, she still got embarrassed when Sirius got really playful and naughty and she still got nervous when Remus got intense and wicked.

They loved that they could still get her to react like an innocent schoolgirl despite the years of passionate sex and debauchery. Of course, Sirius found it very arousing when she was brazen and bold, loving it when she took control and acted on her desires while Remus preferred watching and giving direction before participating when she was feeling confident enough to make Sirius beg. She loved them so much and they loved her. Some people thought it was disgusting that she was involved with two men, especially two wizards who were nearly twenty years older than her and who were also involved with each other, but those closest to her had accepted the relationship and that was all that really mattered to the three of them.

“Let me help.” Remus moved behind her, his fingers finishing unfastening the buttons before he spread the material of her shirt. Lips moved against her neck as his hands caressed her breasts. They were full but not overly large, a perfect fit for his hands. Hermione moaned softly as he nuzzled her neck, the shirt and her bra soon falling to the floor. She looked at Sirius who was watching them intently, the rose brushing over his nipples as his free hand slowly stroked his erection.

“His hands feel so good against my bare skin,” she said huskily, her eyes catching Sirius’. “I love the feeling of his tongue against my neck, his teeth nibbling on my shoulder. I like it when he marks me, when you both mark me. It reminds me that I belong to you just as you both belong to me. He’s so hard, Sirius. I can feel him pressing against my back every time he moves.”

“Is he wet?” Sirius’ voice was thick, his tongue moving slowly along the curve of his full lips as he moved the rose along his abdomen.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I want him to fuck me like this, while you’re touching yourself. I’m so wet.”

“I can smell it,” he growled softly before tossing the rose to the ground and moving quickly. Before she had a chance to protest, she was on her back, her skirt bunched around her waist and her panties ripped off before they, too, were tossed to the floor. Sirius was between her legs instantly, his tongue moving along her wet folds and his fingers teasing her mercilessly.

“Impatient bastard,” Remus muttered in amusement as he pushed his pants off before sitting on the bed beside Hermione. Sirius’ big plan of seduction and playing had lasted all of ten minutes, which wasn’t very surprising. Patience was definitely not one of Sirius Black’s virtues.

“Bugger off,” Sirius mumbled as he gave his lover a quick grin before against feasting on their girl.

“Sirius, slow down,” Hermione said breathlessly, knowing that she wouldn’t last long under such focused attention. It had been over a week since they’d had sex and she wanted the night to last longer, not that she thought that was really going to be a problem.

Remus laid beside Hermione, his tongue moving along her ribs before finding her breasts. Alternating between licking and sucking her nipples, he moved his hand down her stomach to rest on the russet curls covering her sex, deliberately moving his finger against her clit in lazy circles as Sirius continued to lap at her juices. It wasn’t long before she was exploding beneath them, the soft moans of her release bringing a smile to his lips.

“What do you want, love?” Sirius asked as he raised his head, his fingers still moving within her as she gasped for breath.

“You. I want you.”

“Not good enough,” he teased as he moved up her body, licking a trail from her belly button to her breasts before catching Remus’ mouth in a passionate kiss. He removed his wet fingers from her and began to stroke Remus’ cock. Breaking the kiss, he looked at Hermione and smiled devilishly. “What do you want, Hermione?”

“I want you to fuck me. I want your cock inside me, damn it. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow!”

“All you ever have to do is ask, love. I‘m yours,” he purred as he moved between her legs. Positioning himself, he entered her in one deep thrust, groaning as her wet warmth enveloped him. He’d missed this during the last week, being inside her, fucking her. Leaning forward, he caught her mouth in a passionate kiss as he began to move, his hair falling around their faces like an ebony curtain.

Remus watched them, still finding the two of them together one of the most beautiful and erotic sights of his life. When he felt Sirius’ hand tug at his cock, he smiled as he reached for the bottle of lotion they kept in the drawer of the bedside table. Moving behind Sirius, he ran his tongue along his lover’s ass, nipping at his cheeks before opening the lotion and pouring some into his palm. Breathing on it to warm it, he began to work first one then two fingers into Sirius. Once he was confident that Sirius was ready for him, he moved his hand over his erection. His cock was wet with Hermione’s juices but he stroked his lotion covered fingers along the rigid flesh before positioning himself at Sirius’ entrance.

“Now, Moony,” Sirius urged as he looked over his shoulder. Hazel eyes caught gray as Remus slowly penetrated him. Sirius stopped moving, groaning in pleasure as he felt Remus inside him as Hermione’s muscles squeezed his cock. Call him a selfish bastard, but there was very little he loved more than being between the two people he loved. Once Remus was completely sheathed inside him, they began to move. Each thrust sent him deeper into Hermione, her eyes nearly golden as their eyes met. “So bloody beautiful,” he muttered before kissing her again.

Remus tangled his fingers in Sirius’ long hair and pulled, earning him a growl of pleasure as Sirius released Hermione’s lips. Leaning over his lover’s shoulder, he kissed their girl as he slowly fucked Sirius. He was deliberately taking his time, ignoring his own desire to just fuck him hard and fast, wanting to enjoy the sensations as long as possible. They moved together, touching and tasting as their bodies fit together perfectly. He could feel Hermione’s foot moving along the back of his leg, her fingernails digging into his back, Sirius’ hair brushing against his face. Turning his head, Sirius’ tongue moved to join the kiss, not wanting to be left out. Remus tightened his grip on his lover’s hip and began to make fast, deep strokes.

Sirius began to meet Remus’ thrusts, knowing his lover was close. Each thrust sent him deeper into Hermione, her moans of pleasure and Remus’ soft gasps filling his head as he felt his release approaching. Remus came first, pulling and stroking his cock as he grunted his release, his seed spilling onto Sirius’ back before he laid on the bed beside them with a sated smile on his lips. He felt fingers pulling his hair before Hermione’s lips were on his face.

She nibbled his lip as she moved beneath him, her muscles clenching around his erection, her free hand moving along his back, scratching him in the way she knew aroused him. When he tried to move his head lower to play with her breasts, one of his favorite toys, he felt her fingers curl into the collar he’d forgotten was around his neck and pull. She used his momentary surprise to push him against the bed. Somehow managing to keep him inside her, she straddled him and began to ride him.

Hermione groaned as she felt him hitting spots he hadn’t been before, her body raising and lowering itself quickly. She was flushed with arousal, sweat dripping between her breasts and down her back, her lips swollen from their kisses, and she was ready to stop the teasing games and find release. Besides, she rather liked being on top. Running her fingernails down his chest, she twisted his nipples, feeling his body buck beneath hers. She cried out in pleasure when she felt Remus’ tongue lash against her clit, licking Sirius’ erection every time she raised her body. It was too much. She came with a soft cry, Sirius’ hands on her breasts, squeezing the flesh, his fingers playing with her nipples, and Remus’ tongue against her clit.

Once her orgasm subsided, she smiled as she looked at Sirius and saw the need in his eyes. He hadn’t come yet, poor baby. She moved off his cock, scooting down until she was able to take him in her mouth. Her eyes never left his as she began to lick and suck his shaft, tasting herself on him as she moved her mouth. Her hand caressed his balls as she sucked, watching Remus kiss him deeply before laying back against the bed and watching her. Sirius’ body tensed and he came with a low growl, his seed spilling into her eager mouth. She swallowed his release and licked him clean before crawling to lay between her lovers.

Satisfied and exhausted, she snuggled against Sirius as Remus held her from behind. Twining his hair around her fingers, she made herself comfortable. Looking at Sirius, her lips curved into a naughty smile as she decided, “I think we should keep the collar.”

“You would, you kinky vixen,” Sirius teased as he rested his hand on her hip. “You look tired, love. Try to get some sleep. I have every intention of keeping you in bed all weekend.”

“Next time,” her eyes began to close as she declared sleepily, “I get to be in the middle.”

The End.