Waking Up

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Story Notes:
The scent of jasmine and vanilla surrounded her, combining with the musky scent of arousal. Inhaling deeply, she savored the unique smell of her lover, an intoxicating fragrance that never failed to make her wet. Moving her fingers along Hermione’s upper thigh, Ginny smiled before she lowered her head, running her tongue along her lover’s wet folds.

“Ginny,” Hermione moaned softly as she spread her legs, giving the redhead better access to her body. Looking into teasing brown eyes, she ran her tongue over her lips, her hand moving to caress her breast as Ginny began to lazily lick her cunt. They’d been lovers for five years, since the summer after her sixth year when Ginny had crawled into bed with her during her visit to the Burrow and had hesitantly kissed her after admitting she had fancied her for over two years. They had become a couple after a very serious conversation and some more snogging, when Hermione realized that what she felt for the younger witch might very well be love.

They’d been together ever since, dealing with the reactions of their friends, classmates, and families, not all of which were supportive or favorable. They had learned who their true friends were, making some new and surprising ones during the last few years. The War was now over, ending with Voldemort’s defeat three years ago. They were both out of college, Ginny working as a Mediwitch and Hermione doing research for a private company.

They‘d been living together since Ginny’s graduation from Hogwarts in a small but nice flat in London, perfect for the two of them with two bedrooms and a library that Hermione used for work. She was pulled from her musings when Ginny finally decided to stop teasing her and started to touch her. Hermione focused on the feeling of her lover’s touch, watching Ginny’s pretty face as the redhead moved her tongue inside her.

“Taste so sweet,” Ginny told Hermione before she plunged her tongue deep into the brunette’s cunt, her fingers spreading her lover open as she lapped at the flowing juices. Curling her tongue, she began to thrust it inside Hermione, her nose moving against her clit as she fucked her with her tongue.

Hermione gripped the blanket at Ginny tasted her, moving against the redhead’s face, her hand squeezing her breast as she made the noises that always excited Ginny. She gasped when she felt Ginny’s lips around her clit, two fingers moving inside her. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to hit her, her eyes rolling as her body arched off the bed, Ginny eagerly lapping up her release. Before she could calm down, Ginny was kissing her, sharing her taste. Hermione eagerly sucked her lover’s tongue, her hands moving along Ginny’s lean body as the redhead began to ride her leg.

She moved her hand between Ginny’s legs, finding her swollen clit and squeezing, twisting the nub as the redhead whimpered softly. With a low moan, Ginny came, her juices coating Hermione’s leg. She smiled before she moved to lay beside her, one hand possessively holding Hermione’s breast as she nuzzled her neck. Hermione sighed happily as she admitted with a loving smile, “I love how you wake me up, darling.”

The End.