Just This Once

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Story Notes:
There were some things that just went way beyond the call of friendship. This happened to be one of them. Surely they were joking? Perhaps they’d had more wine than she had and were a bit inebriated. Was it possible she’d misunderstood their request? There was no way that Harry and Ginny had just asked her if she wanted to have sex with them.

Hermione looked from Harry to Ginny and back again before she finally laughed. “That was very funny, you two You nearly had me.”

“We’re not joking, Hermione,” Ginny told her earnestly. “We both want you to join us. It can be just for one night, just this one time, of course, but we’ve talked about this for months. ”

“You don’t have to say yes,” Harry assured her with a sheepish smile. “We know it’s a bit weird but we both decided on you.”

“Lucky me,” she muttered as she shifted on their sofa and took a drink of her wine. What did one say when they were asked to have sex with their best friend and his wife? Well, actually, they’d asked if she’d shag Ginny so she guessed it was just his wife while he watched but he’d still her naked and---she took another drink of wine.

“We want you, Hermione. It took us months to get up the nerve to bring this up but I’m glad we finally did.” Harry was sincere and looked rather hopeful in the puppy dog way that always convinced her to do things she knew she shouldn’t and that she usually ended up enjoying.

“We have things,” Ginny said eagerly. “I went shopping and bought chocolate sauce and strawberries and whipped cream and---“

“Ginny,” Harry whispered and shook his head slightly. “She’s freaking out and I don’t think she wants to hear what you bought at the market.”

“I’m not freaking out,” Hermione denied even as she was, indeed, rather freaked out. She looked at them and blinked rather stupidly. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I, silly,” Ginny pointed out. “However, I’ve wanted to be with another woman, with you, since I was younger. Curiosity, you know? Haven’t you ever been curious?”

“Well, uh,” Hermione stammered as she recalled several evenings in the Prefects bath with Pansy Parkinson during her sixth year as well as a few times with Katie Bell a couple of years ago. She could feel her cheeks heating up as she suddenly found her wine very interesting.

“Hermione!” Ginny gasped before she laughed huskily. “You naughty minx! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t discuss my sexual partners with anyone,” Hermione reminded her primly. Not that there had been many lately. She was too old, now, to just have sex for the sake of physical release and required a bit more commitment before sharing her body, which meant she’d been celibate since she and Zacharias had drifted into casual friendship after dating for a few months shortly after her affair with Katie ended.

“Was it Fleur?” Harry asked eagerly, taking on a typical male’s dazed and drooling expression at the thought of two women having sex. “She always looks at you like she wants to shag you rotten.”

“Harry!” This time it was Hermione’s turn to gasp. “She does not. No, it was not and I’m not going to discuss this with you!”

Ginny studied her a moment before she stood and walked over to sit beside Hermione. “What’s it like?” she asked curiously.

Hermione put her glass down, annoyed that she was far too aware of how close Ginny was sitting, and ran her hand through her hair. She glanced from Harry to Ginny, two people she loved and trusted more than just about anyone in the world, and she made her decision. “It’s nice,” she said honestly. “Curves and soft skin instead of sharp angles like blokes. A woman seems to know exactly where to touch without needing a map and instructions.”

“So it’s gentle and soft?” Ginny asked as she casually moved her hand to rest on Hermione’s upper thigh.

“Not always,” she said as she remembered how rough and desperate it had been with Pansy. “It’s the same as being with a man except different in the way it feels, skin against skin. It’s breasts against breasts and no dangly bits in the way down there when you’re rubbing against each other.”

“Can Ginny kiss you, Hermione?” Harry asked quietly. He was still sitting in his chair, his spectacles nearly falling off his nose, and his gaze was intense as he looked at them. A glance at his lap showed the evidence of his growing arousal and Hermione shuddered slightly as she realized this was actually going to happen.

“No,” Hermione replied as she met his gaze. She smiled slightly before she turned her head and met Ginny’s curious gaze. She shifted on the sofa to face Ginny and lightly touched her cheek. “I’ll kiss her.”

She leaned down and brushed her lips against Ginny’s softly. It still felt rather awkward to be doing this with one of her best friends but she’d be lying if she denied ever thinking about being with them, both of them, at different times in the past. Ginny’s lips parted and she felt a hand in her head as Ginny tried to take over and deepen the kiss. Hermione pulled back and licked her lips.

“More,” Ginny demanded breathlessly as she looked at her husband and grinned. “She has such soft lips, Harry, and she tastes like wine and peppermint.”

“If we do this, I don’t want things to be weird,” Hermione spoke up. “I mean, after. We’re still best friends and this is just chalked up to a bit of wine and curiosity.”

“Agreed,” Harry said sincerely. His lips curved into a mischievous smile after Ginny echoed his agreement. “Best friends even after you shag my wife.”

“Hmph,” Ginny said with a teasing smile. “Maybe I’ll be the one shagging her, Mister Potter!”

Hermione relaxed slightly at the familiar teasing. Instead of focusing on the slight awkwardness, she focused on the rather amazing shag she was sure to get tonight and the fact she was somewhat making her friends’ fantasy come true. She leaned over and kissed Ginny again, far more confidently and just a little rough to see what the redhead preferred.

Ginny whimpered and returned the kiss eagerly; her hands no longer idle as they moved over Hermione’s breasts and squeezed experimentally. When Hermione pulled back from that kiss, she smiled wickedly and looked at Harry. She arched a brow and asked, “What next, Harry?”

The End