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Story Notes:
“Why?” Scorpius doesn’t intend to ask, but he has to know. Maybe then he’ll understand.

Rose finishes zipping up her skirt before she looks at him. “Because I wanted to,” she says after a moment of thoughtful silence.

He looks down at his spent cock and the semen that’s already starting to dry on his belly. “Because you wanted to,” he repeats, reaching down to rub his thumb over scratches she left on his chest. He looks back up at her and frowns. “You don’t even like me much, Weasley. Why would you want to…” He trails off and feels heat flood his cheeks. Being accosted in the prefects’ bath and seduced by Rose Weasley isn’t exactly how he’s imagined his first time. Neither are the bruises and scratches she’s left behind.

“Fuck you?” She smirks when his eyes widen at her use of vulgarity, and he shifts uneasily because the look she gives him makes him feel defenseless. “I’ve seen the way you look at me in the common room, Malfoy. You get hard and blush like some innocent schoolboy before rushing off to the toilets. I think you know as well as I do that ‘like’ has nothing to do with lust. Besides, you’ve wanted me for years, so what does it matter why?”

It’s obvious that she doesn’t expect an answer because her lips are pursed and her eyes are narrowed just so, like they get whenever she’s finished an essay or solved a difficult Arithmancy problem. This is over and done, for her. But it’s not for him. He sits up and reaches for a towel to cover himself. “People are going to notice this,” he mutters, moving his fingers over the mark she left on his neck. When he sees her smug smile, he frowns. “You don’t care if they talk?”

“No one will know who gave it to you unless you tell, which you won’t.” She straightens her shirt before picking up her robe. “But she’ll know that you’re taken. She actually thought she was going to have you, as if you haven’t been mine for years. Silly little--“

“She?” Scorpius interrupts, staring at her closely as his mind tries to catch up with the conversation. “This is about Lily, isn’t it?”

Rose turns her nose up and gives him a look that reminds him of her mum’s expression when his dad spoke to her at the platform last year. “I have a tutoring obligation in twenty minutes. I don’t have time to finish this conversation,” she announces, which is confirmation enough. She looks him over and her lips twist slightly into a smile she’s fighting. “Clean yourself up, Malfoy. A prefect should take better care of themelves.”

“I don’t want her,” Scorpius says to her back when she turns to leave. “She can play those foolish flirty games all she wants, but she’s not the one I want.”

She turns to look at him over her shoulder and smirks. “I know,” she says simply. “Now, she’ll know, too. Good day, Malfoy.”