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Story Notes:
“What are you doing here?”

Sirius turns his head quickly when he hears the familiar voice approaching from the right. James looks confused, which means that he hasn’t been caught. If he had, then James would probably already have his wand out. He gives James a lazy grin and shrugs a shoulder. “Figured it might be a good place to pick up birds.”

James snorts. “Yeah, right. Any birds hanging around the library would be too smart to fall for your act, Black.” He glances around and turns pink when he notices Evans sitting at a table nearby. Sirius ducks his head and tries to think of a suitably sarcastic retort but his heart really isn’t in it right now. James coughs and takes the empty seat beside him. “I, uh, think I’ll join you.”

“Brilliant.” Sirius smiles as he looks up and nudges James with his elbow. “Stop drooling, Potter.”

“I’m reading. Leave me alone,” James mutters as he opens a book deliberately.

“I was here first,” he points out. He glances towards the table where Evans is working and stares for a moment too long. She’s off-limits and has been since his best mate declared his feelings bloody ages ago, but he can’t help looking sometimes, even if it means coming to the library.

Of course, now that James is here, Evans has noticed them and looks flustered. He does his best to ignore the frustration that he feels at having been here over an hour without her even noticing until James comes along because she’s not his and never will be.