Flower by inell
Summary: It reminds him of Luna
Categories: Harry Potter > Other Het Pairings Characters: Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom
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Chapter 1 by inell
There were too many colors to choose from. Neville didn’t know which one she’d like the most so he finally selected a pale pink iris. It was the only one they had that particular shade and he liked it best of all because it was like Luna: unique and different but also beautiful and delicate. The roses were too formal and the carnations were too common.

Luna seemed to like it because she immediately put it behind her ear and told him a story of good luck coming to those who wore flowers in their hair on the night of a full moon. He didn’t really understand a lot of the stories she told him but he loved to hear her talk and to watch her face as she became passionate during her storytelling so he didn’t mind at all. When she kissed him after her story was finished, Neville thought that perhaps her story was wrong. It seemed good luck was brought to those who gave the flowers because he couldn’t think of anything better than kissing Luna.

Then her hand drifted past his belly and he realized he was wrong.

The End
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