First Snowfall by inell
Summary: Hermione and Draco watch the snow fall
Categories: Harry Potter > Hermione/Draco Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger
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Response to Quiet Ones Drabble #12

Originally Posted: November 16, 2004

Chapter 1 by inell

“It’s too bloody cold to be outside.”

Hermione smiled as she turned to the sullen blond beside her. His cheeks were flushed pink and he was shivering despite his best intentions to appear unaffected by the temperature. He was wearing a scarf and a hat that covered his hair and ears. She had to admit that he looked absolutely adorable.

“I know I’m handsome, Granger, but you must be careful about drooling in such freezing temperatures.”

“Smug prat,” she muttered affectionately as he forgot the cold long enough to smirk. Rolling her eyes, she said, “If you’re too cold, you can go back inside, Draco. It's okay.”

“I will do no such thing,” he informed her loftily, though his brave words were betrayed by a slight quiver as he pulled his coat tighter around his slender frame. Gray eyes moved over his wife’s face, dwelling on the look of happiness in her pretty brown eyes and the smile on her lips, a burst of wind causing him to shiver again.

Instead of retreating inside, he moved closer to Hermione, wondering how she could tolerate the cold so easily when all he wanted was to go back inside, curl up in front of the fire with some warm cider and his beautiful wife and not leave until spring had arrived. Winter was definitely not his favorite season.

He’d never been fond of the harsh cold, though he had built up quite a tolerance playing quidditch and he had been really fond of snowball fights when he was a youth. That tolerance had faded over the last decade, since he’d graduated from Hogwarts and quidditch had become a pleasurable way to spend the spring and summer days instead of battling the elements of a harsh winter day.

Hermione moved into his arms, her glove clad hands moving over his and squeezing as she snuggled closer. There were other benefits to the winter, he realized as he held her close, his breath against her neck as she sighed happily, warming him as they stood together and watched the first snowfall of the season.

The End

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