Housework by inell
Summary: Blaise sulks and Hermione gloats [Note: Pre-HBP]
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Note: Yeah, this one is a bit silly! LOL...
For Icystormz who requested Blaise/Hermione, housework

Originally Posted: November 1, 2004

Chapter 1 by inell

"I’m not going to do it."

"Excuse me?" Hermione looked up from her book, her lips twitching slightly when she saw the look on Blaise’s face.

"It’s absolutely disgusting and I’m not going to do it!" Blaise declared, cringing slightly when he realized that stomping his foot and pouting would have fit far too well with that display. Reminding himself that he was nearly twenty-five, he cleared his throat and smoothly continued, "Where did you hide my wand, Hermione?"

"Hide is such a negative term," she mused thoughtfully, her eyes flashing with amusement when he glared at her, "I prefer to think of it as concealment. That’s a much more pleasant term."

"You stole my wand, hid it somewhere, and are now forcing me to do disgusting, revolting things! How is that pleasant?" he arched a brow, trying to continue being angry at his wife but finding it increasingly difficult when she was gloating. She was looked smashing with that smirk on her lips and gleam in her eyes.

"If I recall, you were the one that claimed it was easy and simple," she reminded sweetly, "I believe your exact words were, and I quote, anyone could do that in no time even without a wand so why must Muggles bitch and moan constantly about cleaning, end quote."

"I never said," Blaise rolled his eyes when she gave him a look that said ‘you‘d better not even try to lie to me, Zabini‘, finally admitting, "Fine, I may have said something similar to that but I refuse to believe I actually used the term ‘bitch and moan’."

"Creative license, darling," she laughed softly, "I honestly can’t remember exactly what you said following the Muggles comment because I was too busy resisting the urge to hex you."

"Hmph," his eyes narrowed at her innocent expression, "resisting the urge, my arse! You were too busy plotting to steal my wand to force me to do menial work that you don’t even want House Elves doing."

"It is a rather nice arse," Hermione commented as she deliberately ran her tongue over her lips, "if you were finishing your work instead of whining and sulking, we could spend the rest of the evening in bed."

"I am a Zabini," he said loftily, his indigo eyes darkening as he watched her pose provocatively as he forgot what he was saying, focusing on her.

"And?" she leaned back, stretching so her shirt lifted to flash a bit of her tummy, watching him stare at her with a lust that never failed to arouse her.

"Um, right," he cleared his throat, trying to remember what he had been saying, "Bribery won’t work."

"First you accuse me of hiding your wand, then stealing it, now you’re accusing me of bribery?" she sighed dramatically, "One would think you didn’t love me from the way you accuse me of such wicked things."

"Would you like for me to show you just how much I do love you?" he asked huskily, pleased when her cheeks flushed and her nipples hardened beneath her shirt. "I can be very wicked myself, love."

"You’re just trying to distract me so you won’t have to clean the bathroom," she gave him an accusing look, forgetting that she had started this game as he moved closer, her body reacting instantly to her husband‘s closeness.

"May I remind you that you were trying to bribe me into following through on your ridiculous punishment by distracting me from my anger with glimpses of your delectable body?"

"You weren’t angry, you were just annoyed," she pointed out before defending, "and it wasn’t bribery. It was merely a promise of what you had waiting for you once you cleaned the bathroom the Muggle way."

"And you don’t call that punishment?" he snorted, "You don’t even clean the Muggle way, love, so I don’t think it’s very fair for you to be so offended."

"I cleaned that way when I was younger and every vacation from school, Mister!" she snapped, "And I don’t take kindly to spoiled Purebloods claiming that such a task is easy and no reason for complaint. You’ll notice that you’ve not even started cleaning and you’re all ready whining!"

"I was not whining," Blaise denied before finally growling, "Fine, I’ll clean the bloody bathroom but, afterwards, I’m shagging you until you can’t move!"

Hermione watched him storm out of the sitting room with a determined gleam in his indigo eyes. Her body was heating up from the look of desire in his eyes and the promise he had made, knowing full well that she would be thoroughly shagged by morning, she muttered, "And he says that like it’s a bad thing! That silly, sexy, adorable man."

The End.

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