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This archive houses all fanfic written by Inell. Inell has written primarily in the BTVS/Angel, Harry Potter, Star Trek XI, Avengers MCU, and Teen Wolf fandoms. She began writing in 1999, so the work archived here spans over a decade. Some was beta read. Some was not. Fic for BTVS/Angel & Harry Potter was written while canon was open, so there's a good chance those fics aren't canon compliant.

Please heed any ratings, pairings and warnings when reading. The back button exists for a reason so don't be afraid to use it if you start reading something that doesn't interest you.

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Hello anyone out there! I went through and did a little tweaking to the categories in HP. I separated Het and Slash/Femmeslash Other Pairings to make it easier to navigate, and I broke out a few more separate pairings based on number of fics. Let us know if there are any other things we can do to make the archive easy to navigate!

by Inell on 04 Sep 2014 07:05 PM

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