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Willow looked around in surprise. Everything was in Technicolor. Very bright and happy. She turned, her eyes widening as she saw the house. She looked down and saw emerald slippers. Slippers that suddenly appeared on her feet.


She looked and started laughing. A wolfed out Oz was kneeling beside her, jumping around and barking.


"Woof. Woof."

"I see he's good at conversation."

She heard titters and looked around. Suddenly, a ball of white floated towards her. The ball became a woman.


"I am Cordelia...The good witch of the North. Welcome to Giles, Willow."

"What the hell is going on?"

"The people are happy. You killed Anya, the wicked witch of the East."

"Anya? A witch?"

"Yes. A bad witch. I'm a good witch. Come out, munchkins. Welcome Willow."

Willow watched as hundreds of little people came out staring at her. "Larry? Jonathan? Oh my god, that's Harmony and Aurora. Why am I here?"

"You must go see the great and powerful Wizard of Giles to find that out. The shoes will guide you. Only after seeing the wizard will your questions be answered. Then, you may return home with your little dog."


"Yes. But be careful of Dru, the wicked witch of the West. She will not like hearing of the death of her sister. She will do everything to keep you from finding your answers."

Willow sighed. "Where is the Wizard?"

"Just follow the yellow brick road" Cordelia said smiling.

The little Larry's, Harmony's etc began singing a song and dancing. Willow called Oz and ran down the road before they could finish the song.

"Ok. Willow. No more Taco Bell before bed. This is one fucked up dream..."

She began to make her way down the road, Oz panting and barking beside her.

Willow walked for awhile. The dream world of Giles was very pleasant. She stumbled upon a field and stopped in surprise. This had to be the 'scarecrow'.

"Hello? Who's here? I know someone has to be waiting for me...."

"Hello luv."

"Spike! You need the brain?"

"Brain? Not that I know of. I was having this nice peaceful dream about killing the slayer and suddenly I'm here. In the sun. Wait, I'm in the sun. It's warm. Hey, where is here?"

"Giles." Willow said, wondering what was happening.

Suddenly, a ball of white appeared.

"Good, you found Spike. Now the journey can begin."

"Isn't that the cheerleader?"

"Don't ask. She thinks she's a good witch."

"Humans" Spike muttered.

"Journey?" Willow said to Cordelia.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "My God. Don't you listen? To see the fucking Wizard, you geek."

"That's the Cordelia I know and hate."

Cordelia shook her head, "Sorry. I forgot my role. Yes, you must go see the wizard. He will answer your questions and you can return home. But weary of the wicked witch of the west. She'll be trying to stop you."

"Bloody hell. I've fallen into the damn Wizard of Oz."

"Woof Woof." Oz said at hearing his name.

"Pray tell, who is the wicked witch?" He asked Willow.

"Drusilla." She saw him glare at her, "Hey, Anya got smooshed by the house. I'd much rather have seen Dru there than have to face the loony bitch."

"That's the love of me after life you're talking about..well, used to be."

"Would you two just go down the damn road? I have an appointment at Six at the hairstylist."

"Yeah, sure." Willow said, moving down the road.


"What Spike?"

"I refuse to sing."

Willow laughed as the unlikely twosome headed to see the Wizard, unaware of a dark haired witch watching their every move.

* * * * *

"So, why are we here again?"

Willow glared at the blond, noticing the way the sun brought out his eyes. "I don't know."

"This has to be your dream. I mean, I would never dream about this silly movie."

"Oh...Bambi more your speed?"

"No, his mum died. That made me cr..never mind."

Willow laughed as Oz ran up ahead. "It's ok. I won't tell. Makes you a bit less scary to know that Bambi brought tears."

"That damn wolf is going to have a heart attack. What do you feed him?"

"I don't feed him. He and I are just friends and have been since we couldn't make it work back in high school."

"So, this wizard answers our questions and we get to go home. Is that right?"

"Yep. That's what Cordelia said."

Suddenly, a bright light shone. They looked up and saw Dru in the sky. "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too" she cackled before disappearing.

Willow sighed. "That wasn't expected" she said rolling her eyes.

The two continued walking and talking. Since there was nothing else to do, they had kept a lively conversation going the whole way. Spike stopped and listened.

"Someone's out there."

"The tin man" Willow said, smiling. "It's about time he appeared."

Suddenly, Angel walked out of the forest. "Are you two headed to see the Wizard?"

Spike started laughing. "Peaches is the one without the heart? I can see that. This is bleeding rich. He doesn't know it's a dream...."

"Appears not. Yes, Angel. We're going to see the Wizard. I'm Willow. This is Spike. Come with us."

He smiled. "I need a heart. I can't love without a heart."

Willow and Spike started laughing until tears fell down their cheeks as Angel broke into a lively song and dance routine.

"I didn't know Angel could sing" Willow said in between laughs.

"He can't" Spike said holding his ears.

The three started walking down the road toward Giles. Willow and Spike still talking while Angel watched them smiling.

"Young love" he said softly.

"Woof. Woof." Oz said.

* * * * *

"Lions and tigers and bears Oh my" Willow and Spike sang, laughing as they entered the dark forest.

"Wonder who the coward will be?" Willow said.

"Woof. Woof." Oz barked.

"Easy pet. It's Chubs."

"You know he hates being called that."

"I know" Spike said grinning. He looked into her laughing green eyes and froze. He began to move closer towards her, leaning down closer to her, his hand holding her chin.

Willow held her breath waiting for the kiss. She closed her eyes. He was so near.


Willow jumped back from Spike. "Xander! Damn it, I'm going to kill you!"

Spike glared at the moron that had halted his kissing the redhead.

"Are you going to the Wizard? I need courage."

"You're going to a need a neck once I rip that one off." Spike said angrily.

"Let's get to this damn wizard so we can wake up." Willow said walking ahead of the men.

Spike watched her saucy backside as she walked away. He glared at the others who were watching the same thing.

"Mine" he hissed before catching up to her.

"We're off to see the wizard" the other two started to sing as they skipped down the road, arm in arm.

"Woof. Woof." Oz said running to catch up.

"Ok. We have the entire gang now. What comes next?"

Willow tried to remember. She had never been very fond of the movie and hadn't seen it in years. "I think it's time for Dru to get me and my little dog. Y'all try to rescue me and then I kill her."

"Sounds like fun." Spike said, rolling his eyes. He glared at the other two. "If they don't stop singing, I'm going to rip them both open."

"Xander, Angel. Stop the music."

The two men stopped singing and smiled at her. "Where is the wizard?"

"We have to defeat a witch first" Spike said. "Then we get to wake up and get out of this damn dream."

Suddenly, they heard laughter. "Not that easy, Spike."

"Dru. Lovely to see you again. Not. Wait, you aren't part of this damn thing?"

Dru laughed, "I'm the one that started it. Wanted to see your new love. Pretty thing isn't she?"

"Love?" Willow squeaked, "He doesn't even like me."

Again Dru laughed, "So naive. She's charming. Now, my dear, you know the story. I get to take you prisoner now. I am changing things a bit though. I don't wish to harm you. In fact, I want to help you. Spike deserves to be happy. So, I'll allow him a chance."

"A chance?" Willow said hesitantly.

"To make you love him. If you do, I'll deliver you to the wizard myself. If you don't, well, I've always wanted a sister."

Willow looked at Spike and saw the confusion in his eyes. "You'd better get that cute ass in gear and work some magic. I do not have any wish to spend the remainder of my life in this hellish dream."


"Find me, save me. Got it?"

"Yeah, sure. Wait, how can I make you love me?"

"Ask your ex-girlfriend." Willow said, reaching for Dru's hand. "Can we leave the mutt?"

Dru smiled, "Yes. He can entertain the others while you and Spike have naughty fun." With that, the two women disappeared.

"Naughty fun?" Spike repeated softly. A sexy smile crossed his lips. "I get her now. Ok, Willow. I'll save you."

He told the others to stay put and keep singing. He ran off in the direction of Dru's castle. It was time to demonstrate to Willow just how he felt. Leave it to Dru to fuck with them like this.

* * * * *

Willow watched in amazement as Spike entered her. She cried out, clawing at his back. He began a steady rhythm that had them both moaning.

She felt her orgasm hit and tightened around his thrusting cock. He bit into her neck as he came. She sat up quickly at the pain in her neck. She glanced around. She was back in her dorm room. No silly slippers.

She ran her hand over her neck, remembering the last part of the dream. Getting out of bed, she threw on her sweats and a shirt. She went towards Giles' apartment. She had to know if Spike had had the same stupid dream.

Spike was waiting for her on Giles' steps.

"Hello pet. What brings you here?"

"We never saw the wizard" she said quietly, waiting for his reaction.

He laughed, "I don't think we needed to. Seems Dru set it up so we'd come home if we both came."

"Oh...sort of like a smutty Wizard of Oz."

"You're blushing." he observed.

"I don't really like the idea that we just had sex, which we both remember, in a dream. Also, I was wondering what would have happened if Dorothy just fucked the scarecrow and came home that much sooner. I can't believe I just verbalized that thought."

"Wondered it myself pet. Trust Dru to mess with a classic."

Willow giggled, "I don't think I can see Xander or Angel without singing that silly song."

"What about Dog boy?"

"Don't have to worry about that one." She reminded him.



They both looked at each other for a few minutes, both remembering what they had just done in the dream.

"Need someone to tuck you in?" Spike asked, grinning.


"Worth a shot pet. Worth a shot. I could use a bedtime story...."

She smiled and took his offered hand. "I can handle that. I know lots of stories."

He caught her words with a searing kiss. The door opened and Giles peered out.

"Oh, my. Sorry." He went back inside.

Willow and Spike looked at each other and then laughed, "Guess we saw the wizard after all" Willow said softly, capturing his lips again.