True Confessions

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Willow looked around Xander's basement at her friends. They had gotten in from patrol early, things in Sunnydale being rather slow lately. Since it was summer and they had nothing to do, it had been decided they would go hang out at Xander's. So, she was now lying on a huge pile of pillows beside Buffy and Riley. Spike was seated in the large armchair while Xander and Anya shared the sofa. She loved these nights. Everything was fun and friendly and they argued but in a good-natured way.

"So, what are we doing?" Anya asked.

Xander shrugged, "I dunno."

"Truth or dare seems rather juvenile" Buffy said, thinking about it.

"What about I never?" Riley suggested.

"I never?" Spike asked, frowning. "What the hell is that?"

"It's perfect" Buffy said, looking at Xander. "You got some of that private stash?"

Xander grinned, moving to the shelf over the washing machine. He pulled out several bottles of alcohol, passing them to Anya. "Now for cups. I'll be back!"

"Thanks for the warning" Spike said, making a face.

"What is I Never?" Anya asked, echoing Spike's question.

"It's this stupid game" Willow said, making a face. She hated any games that she was forced to confess things to. She liked having secrets. That was part of the fun of having secrets......they were secrets.

"Someone says something that they have never done. If anyone playing has done it, they have to take a drink. It's a lot of fun" Buffy said.

"Sounds rather silly" Anya remarked.

"It's fun" Riley said, seeing the look of disbelief on the vampire and ex-demon's faces.

"It is if you're drunk" Willow said, smiling slightly.

"And here are the glasses" Xander said, coming down the stairs after shutting the door. "We can get started."

"See my excitement?" Willow said, making a face.

"I'll pour and we can start playing." Buffy said, laughing at Willow's reaction to the game.


"I'll start" Xander said, thinking. He smiled, "I've never had a period."

Willow rolled her eyes as she, Anya and Buffy took a drink.

Buffy said, "My turn. I've never peed standing up."

The guys groaned, taking a drink. It was Riley's turn. "I've never been to Disneyland."

Buffy, Xander and Willow took a drink. "See why I hate this game?" Willow said, rolling her eyes. "My turn. I've never been to Europe."

Spike and Anya took a drink. Spike grinned, getting into the game. "I've never fucked a slayer."

Riley and Xander both took a drink. Riley narrowed his eyes at Xander, asking, "Who exactly did you fuck?"

"It was Faith, so don't worry" Xander said.

Anya snorted at Riley's relieved expression. "I never played I never before."

Willow, Riley, Buffy and Xander took a drink. Xander leaned back, feeling a small buzz already. He loved this game. It was the best way to get drunk. "I never danced naked in the rain."

Spike, Buffy and Willow took a drink. Xander raised an eyebrow at Willow but kept his mouth shut. Buffy thought about it, saying, "I've never made an A on a test."

"Buffy!" Willow groaned, glaring at her friend. She took a drink, again cursing the stupid game.

Riley laughed, saying, "I never went to prom."

"You didn't go to prom?" Buffy said, smiling as she took a drink along with Anya, Willow and Xander.

"Nope. I broke my leg two days before prom" Riley said, smiling.

"My turn?" Willow said, sighing. "I never saw my parents having sex."

Buffy and Xander made faces as they took a drink. "Thanks for bring back that memory."

"My pleasure" she said sweetly.

"I never" Spike paused, thinking, "wore a dress."

The girls plus Xander took a drink. Xander looked at them, rolling his eyes, "Don't ask. Just don't ask."

Anya laughed, having heard that story before. "I never" she looked at Spike who still had most of his drink. She smiled, "I never fucked a vampire."

Buffy and Spike both took a drink, missing the subtle sip that Willow took.

Xander laughed, "That's the way honey. You're learning. My turn. I never ran away from home."

Buffy glared at him, taking a drink as Spike did the same. "I owe you Harris." The slayer threatened, settling back to decide on her next statement.


Buffy smiled, "I never dated a cheerleader."

Xander and Riley both took a drink. Riley looked at Buffy then looked back at his half filled glass. "I never did a strip tease."

Buffy laughed as she took a healthy drink from her glass. Anya, Xander, Spike and Willow also took a drink. Willow sighed, thinking about it. She smiled, looking at Spike's still almost full glass. She knew that Xander and Buffy had already refilled theirs once. She was curious so why not ask? She was going to have to word this one carefully to keep it true but it would be worth it. "I never had an orgasm from a man's touch."

Buffy looked at Willow in surprise, "Never?"

Willow grinned ruefully, "Oz was nice but he wasn't very good....Now drink."

She saw Spike take a healthy gulp and smiled slightly. So, he and Angelus had been very close. She had always wondered. She saw Anya and Buffy take a sip too. Her eyes widened slightly as Riley took a sip. She saw Buffy look at him, the slayer's eyes opened in surprise, "Riley?"

"It was when I was thirteen" he said, making a face, "My best friend and I got into some of my dad's liquor and we well you know."

"You fucked him at thirteen?" Buffy asked, shocked.

"No!" Riley said, "I've never fucked another guy...."

"They wanked, you stupid chit" Spike said, not seeing the big deal. "My turn. I never fucked a human guy."

Anya, Buffy and Willow all took a drink. Willow refilled her glass, wondering if this was ever going to end. She listened as Anya said, "I never had sex on a refrigerator."

Spike took a drink, seeing their surprised looks. "Been around as long as I have and you'll find there isn't much you ain't done."

Xander thought about it, "I never fucked a musician."

Willow glared at him as she took a drink. She waited as Buffy said, "I never lived in the eighteen hundreds."

Anya and Spike took a drink, noticing that their glasses were empty. They refilled them, listening as Riley began, "I never cheated on anyone I've dated."

Xander almost took a drink before saying, "Define cheating."

"Having sex" Riley said. Xander lowered his glass.

Willow watched Spike take a drink, a moody look in his eyes. She nibbled her bottom lip before taking a drink. This one did not go unnoticed.


Willow looked at Buffy and grimaced, "What?"

"You cheated on Oz? When?"

Willow shrugged, "It wasn't a big deal. He never found out."

"Not cool" Xander said, wondering who Willow had slept with.

"So, wolf boy wasn't the only man in your life" Spike said, raising an eyebrow. He had drunk knowing that he had fucked Angelus several times while still involved with Drusilla. Or was it that he had fucked Dru while involved with Angelus. The lines often blurred for him.

"My turn" Willow said, hating the look she saw in Buffy's eyes and the others. They thought she was a tramp. They just didn't understand. "I never had sex while someone videotaped me."

Buffy blushed as she took a drink. Xander and Anya also both took a drink.

Spike frowned as he tried to think of something to say. "I never went to high school."

The other five people glared at him as they took a drink. Anya smiled, "I never drank blood."

Spike rolled his eyes, taking a healthy gulp. Xander said, "I never rode on an airplane."

Spike, Buffy, Riley and Anya took a drink. Willow shrugged, "You know I hate flying."

Buffy refilled her glass, still not believing that Riley had been masturbated by another guy and that Willow had cheated on Oz. She wasn't even thinking about the things she had learned about Xander and Anya's sex life. "I never had sex outside."

Everyone in the room took a drink, causing Buffy to laugh. Riley glared at her, smiling as he said, "I never died."

Buffy and Spike both took a drink, looking at Anya. She finally took a drink, grumbling. Willow looked at the ceiling, wishing now she had just gone on home. "I never dated the person I loved."

Spike glanced at the girl and saw the melancholy look on her face. He took a drink as did the others. "You ok, pet?"

She glanced at him, feeling guilty. "Yeah, fine."

He nodded, saying, "I never took a driver's test."

Everyone except Anya took a drink. Anya smiled, "I new that one. Based on your driving...."

"Eh, sod off" he said, rolling his eyes.

"Just for that one...I never had sex with Angel or Angelus or whatever he calls himself." Anya said, laughing as Spike and Buffy both took a drink.

"I never went to college."

Buffy, Willow and Riley all took a drink. Buffy looked at Spike, smiling a sinister smile. "I owe you, Blondie. I never had sex with Drusilla."

Spike groaned, "This is getting personal now, you bastards." He complained as he drank.

Willow took a large gulp from her drink, finishing her third one with a soft sigh. Buffy looked at her friend, her mouth falling open. "What the fuck?"


"Buffy, just let it go" Willow said softly.

"Let it go? You shagged my princess and you want to let it go?" Spike said, looking at her in surprise.

"Well, since you were shagging Angelus at the time, I don't really think you can talk" Willow shot back at him, glaring.

"You and Drusilla?" Xander said, "Why?"

Willow shrugged, "It was before Oz and I were really dating and it happened. I did care about her...."

"She's the one you loved?" Buffy asked, slightly drunk but suddenly getting sober.

"Yes" Willow said softly, hating this game. "I love her even now. She was my first....before Oz. Can we please forget this? It's the past....talking about it doesn't make it easier."

"She left you too" Spike said, not sure what he thought about this. Before hearing her words, he had to confess that he had been falling for her. Now, things were different. She had been with Dru.

"Yes, she did. You took her away, remember?" Willow said, sighing. "Like I said, can we drop it? It isn't near as juicy as you possibly think. We never dated. It was purely sexual. It only lasted a couple of months. She left, going to Brazil. She never came back....."

"Sorry" Buffy said, seeing the tears in Willow's eyes. "I just can't believe...ok. We'll drop it. It was years ago after all. I mean, I had sex with Angel. Xander had sex with Faith. I'd say we all had some mistakes."

"Thanks" Willow said softly, her eyes looking at the floor. "But it wasn't a mistake. I wouldn't chance it for anything."

Spike shook his head, still not believing it. Sure, it made sense. He had felt the change between him and Dru. He had just assumed it was Angelus. He had never anticipated it being Willow. "I need a smoke. Come with me."

Willow looked up, seeing the look in his eyes. She nodded, standing, "Fine. I hate this game anyway."

Spike followed her out of the basement and outside. He took a drag from his cigarette, "So, you love her?"

"I do" Willow said, looking at the sky. "But, I also cared about Oz. I miss Dru but she is happy. I got a call from her a couple weeks ago...."

"She calls you?" he said, jealous that she hears from Dru while he was ignored.

"Once in awhile. We're friends, after all." Willow said, walking with him. "She knows my secrets and she does love me."

"I can't believe she talks to you but she ignores me" Spike said, glaring the sky. "I loved her for more than a hundred years yet she forgets about that."

"She doesn't forget" Willow said softly, "She asks about you often."

"She does?" he glanced at her, surprised.

"Yes. She's always asking how her Spikey is and asking if I'm taking care of you."

Spike smiled slightly, "She wants you to take care of me?"

"Yep" Willow said, "she doesn't trust anyone else except me. She thinks you need someone to watch over you."

Spike snorted, "Not bloody likely."

"I don't know....I think she might be right" Willow said, moving past him.

"What? You think I need someone to look after me?"

"I don't think you need someone...but I think you'd be happier if you weren't alone."

"And you're volunteering?" he asked, watching her curiously.

Willow shrugged, "I hate being alone. We both love Drusilla. I think we could be friends...."

Spike nodded, taking a drag from his cigarette. "I don't like being alone myself. Fine. We can try the friend thing...but I'm not making any promises. Don't usually hang out with humans unless I'm shagging them or torturing them."

"I can't promise either" Willow said, looking at him. "But, who knows? Maybe we'll have more in common than we think."

"Come on, Red. Why don't we leave them to their silly game? We can go to my place and you can tell all about you and Drusilla. I can't wait to find out how you two got together."

"How did I know you'd ask for details?" she asked, laughing softly as he pulled her close and his arm went around her shoulders. "Come on, friend. We can talk when we get to your place."


Willow sighed happily as she moved closer to Spike. She felt his arm around her waist and smiled. It had been just less than a month since their game at Xander's....since he had found out about her and Dru. She had managed to convince Dru to speak to him not two weeks ago. She knew it had helped him a lot to realize that the beautiful vampire had moved on and just wanted him happy. It hadn't taken him long to decide that Willow was what made him happy. Of course, Willow remembered smiling, it had taken him a bit longer to convince her that he would make her happy. She had finally relented though, knowing that he had taken over a part of her heart.

She felt his lips brushing against her back and giggled. She turned towards him, glaring. "Quit that. You know I'm ticklish."

"Oh really?" he responded, running his fingers over her ribs. He smirked as she giggled again. "I never knew that."

"You did too" she said, laughing as he continued to tease her. "I'm telling Dru that you're being mean to me."

Spike laughed, remembering his former love's threat. She had told him that Willow was hers but she would share with him on the condition that if he ever hurt the redhead, she would rip his cock off and force feed it to him and then slowly torture him to death with holy water and sunlight. The funny thing was, she had been completely serious. Spike still couldn't believe he had been so blind to his princess's feelings for this human back then. He had just assumed she was under Angelus' spell as he was for a bit. He was almost relieved to find out it was Willow. He had promised to take care of Red and received Dru's blessing. What a wanker he was, having to beg for permission to shag a bloody human from the former love of his unlife. And then feeling as if he had been given a golden key with Dru's approving words. He would never be able to face Peaches again, that was for sure. "Pet, if you tell Dru, she's promised to cut my cock off....."

Willow pouted, "Well, there's no fun in that." She brightened, "Maybe she'd just torture you with holy water or something for being mean."

"Why do I not like the gleam in your eyes when you say that?" Spike asked, laughing as he shifted on top of her.

"I would never torture you Spike" Willow said, sweetly. "But if you continue tickling me, I may have to invite the gang for a sleep over. Think about it, Xander and Buffy over here all night long talking and laughing...."

"Thought you didn't like torture?" he said, visibly shaking in disgust.

Willow smiled, "Oh, there are some forms of it I love...."

"Fine...ruin my fun." Spike said, smiling as she arched up against him, taking him inside part way.

"Sorry baby" she said, moving her hips just slightly, "I'll make it up to you though."

"How?" he asked, arching his brow.

"I'll think of something" she said, arching up and taking him completely inside.

"You're good at that....thinking that is" Spike said, thrusting into her and smiling as she practically purred. The damn dog boy seemed to have been rather a dud in the shagging department, a past that Spike was more than happy to make up for.

"Oh goodie" she said, her legs wrapping around his waist, "nice to know I'm good at something."

"Eh, there might be a few others things." Spike said, grinding into her. "But I'll have to investigate further."

"Of course" Willow said, moaning as he brushed against her sensitive nipples, "have to be thorough."

"Might require extensive research" Spike said solemnly, running his tongue over her pink nipple.

"Anything I can do to help" Willow said, breathlessly as he took her breast into his mouth.

"Doing enough already, luv" Spike said around her breast.

"Oh Spike" Willow said, tired of the teasing touches, "just shut up and fuck me."

"As you wish" he said smirking, roughly sinking into her.