Till You Love Me

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Willow looked at Spike. He was looking at her, curiosity in his eyes.

"Flowers pet? What's going on in that mind of yours?"

"I love you."

His eyes widened then he laughed, "No you don't. I listened to you after the wolf left. Gratitude not love."

"Don't tell me how I feel. You have no idea. It's you. I need you."

"Horny I can handle. Not love. Not me. You're friends would kill you if they knew what you're saying."

"My life. My decision. Why won't you give me a chance?"

"You're human, luv. I admit, you're a nice girl and all, but it would never work. Look at your friend and Peaches."

"That is different. She's the slayer. I'm just Willow. We can make it work. There have been cases of it working."

He shook his head, not listening to her. "You're a good kid. You can find yourself a nice breathing bloke. Someone that can see you in the sun. You deserve that."

"I want you."

"Can't be." he said softly, his eyes looking at her seriously.

"You say that but your eyes say anything else."

He looked away, "Willow, please. Don't push this. As soon as this damn implant gets out, I'm going to be back being the enemy. What then? Whose side would you choose?"

"I love you" she said simply.

He looked at her and saw the honesty in her answer. "I'm not what you need."

"Quit telling me what I need. I need you. Trust me, I've thought about this. I know what this will mean. Chances are, I'll lose my friends. I don't care. You made me fall in love with you. I can wait if I have to. But, I'm not leaving. I can see in your eyes that you care."

He sighed loudly, "I do. I never wanted to but it happened. Seeing you survive your broken heart. Seeing you every day. It can't work. I'm sorry."

She pulled him to face her. "You love me."

He ran his hand over her face, "You love me."

"Why can't it work?"

"So many reasons, luv. So many reasons."

"We can make it work" she said softly.

He smiled softly, "We could try, I suppose."

He leaned over and caught her mouth in a gentle kiss.