The Favor

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Spike watched the redhead as she stole glanced at him. He kept his expression neutral, fighting the urge to make a face at her. What was so damn interesting? He knew he didn't have blood on his face. He decided to play with her a bit. He focused his attention entirely upon her, waiting for her to notice. Teach her for staring at him.

Willow felt his eyes watching her. She'd been caught. Damn it. She glanced at him and saw annoyance pass through those beautiful blue eyes. Stupid moron. What did he expect? He was gorgeous. And funny. And he was wearing those tight black jeans. How could she control herself? Well, that wasn't entirely true. There was another reason she was watching him. She needed a favor.

She knew from past experience that he hated doing anything to help any of them. She didn't have any money to pay him and was trying to catch him on a good moment to ask. It wasn't helping her case if he kept catching her drooling. She'd thought about it a lot though and he was her only hope. Xander had Anya. Riley was Buffy's. And the thought of Giles helping her made her nose crinkle in disgust. It had to be Spike.

"What the bloody hell is it?" Spike finally demanded, his irritated voice echoing through the otherwise silent apartment.

"Uh..what?" Willow asked, knowing he would never agree to her idea if he was pissed. Of course, when was he not pissed?

He just stared at her, his expression showing his impatience.

Willow sighed. "I have a problem."

Spike snorted, "I can see several. Would you like me to list them?"

"I'm serious" she said, growing annoyed with him.

"So am I pet." He smirked. "So, you have a problem. This concerns me how?"

"Well, uh...I'm the only one that is nice to you....I even heat your blood for you." She defended.

He blinked at her, his expression not changing. "So?"

"It's actually more of a favor....because of my problem."

He started to laugh, "You want a favor from me? What is it with you people? Hello. Evil vampire that wants you all dead here."

"If we were dead, you would be able to feed" she pointed out.

He skoffed, "Details, details. I'd trade it for the slayer's head. What's the fucking favor? Might as well get a laugh tonight." Willow turned away, whispering something. "Eh? What was that, luv?"

"I need you to pretend to be uh involved with me" she said, stressing the word involved.

Spike looked at her, saw her red face and heard her pulse racing. He started to chuckle before laughing outright. She sighed as she knew she had better do a good selling job or she'd still be stuck.

Willow waited until he stopped laughing, five minutes passed...ten minutes passed. Finally, she yelled, "It isn't that funny!"

Spike looked at her, a wide grin on his handsome face. He appeared almost boyish to her in those moments. He ruined it by opening his mouth, "Damn straight it is. Me? Involved with you? That's a laugh. Not even when I was human...."

Willow tried not to let his words hurt her, but failed. He was right. No one would ever believe someone like him wanted someone like her. She turned from him, "Forget I mentioned it. Sorry."

Spike's smile slid from his face. Something too close to guilt came over him. Bloody hell, I hate this damn implant. Makes me feel all sorts of humany things. He scowled. "Why?"

Willow shook her head, "Nevermind. It was a stupid idea anyway."

Spike groaned, "Pet, I hate to beg. You won't want to face me if I have to..."

Willow snorted, "Oh yeah, lick me to death. You know, threats work a lot better if the victim isn't aware of your problem."

"Red" his voice was low and menacing. "Why?"

Willow looked at him, bitterness in her eyes. "I told you, forget about it. You're right. No one would ever believe someone like you would want me. I'll deal with it some other way."

Spike closed his eyes and counted to ten. He hated humans. "Answer me. Now. Or I may decide a slight headache isn't bad compared to tasting your blood."

Willow had the sudden realization that he was speaking the truth. He would risk it to kill her. Damn. Her and her big mouth. "Fine. But you can't laugh and you have to forget everything I tell you."

Spike just looked at her steadily, his eyes darkening slightly at her almost threat. She sighed, "There is this girl, Tara. She's a friend...."

Spike nodded, "The ugly little blonde? Pasty skin and funky mouth? What? I pay attention." He defended. He wouldn't let her know he always watched her. Wouldn't help his situation any if she had any idea he wanted to shag her senseless.

"Yeah..her. I uh think she likes me." Willow made a slight grimace.

"Duh, Red. You're both friends" Spike said, still having no idea where he came into this.

"I mean, LIKES me. She's always watching me...I don't know. It is kind of creeping me out."

"She's threatened you?" Spike asked, having two ideas in mind about what she could be meaning.

"No. Of course not. I think she just has a crush on me, which really sounds stupid. I know I must be wrong."

Spike smiled slightly, "So, where do I come into this?"

Willow rolled her eyes, "I thought if she thought I was involved it would put up a huge red stop sign and let her know I don't play her way.....I would ask Xander but she knows him and knows he's just an old crush and good friend. Giles is just ewww."

"So, I come after the watcher and the moron?" Spike said, a bit upset.

"Well, and Riley. I don't think Buffy would let me borrow him. Besides, he isn't really that threatening if she is falling for me. He's a bit....dopey."

"Moronic bastard with no taste." Spike ammended. "You choose me after those three? Am I suppose to be flattered?"

"Uh...yes?" she squeaked. "You were my first choice really...I just didn't think I could ever ask you."

"Oh, so now I'm first choice AFTER you discard the others. I can feel the love, Red" Spike said, enjoying watching her squirm. For entirely selfish reasons, he liked her idea. It would mean freedom to spend time with her and it would irritate the hell out of the slayer. The slayer. "What about the blonde bimbo? I wouldn't want to risk facing her nasty old stake."

"What?" Willow said, surprised he was even considering her idea. "I'd tell her of is my idea after all."

"I don't know....I don't really get anything out of all this." Spike said, wondering what he could talk her out of.

Willow nodded, "Angel said you wouldn't do it for free."

"Peaches? What the bloody hell does he have to do with this?" Spike asked.

"I was talking to him about it all. Anyway, don't worry Spike. He said he'd come to town and act the part for me. He doesn't mind having to kiss me or get Tara off my back of course." She said, nodding innocently.

"Fuck that. I'll do it. When do we start?" Spike said, angry at his sire for even thinking about touching his redhead. Kissing his redhead. "Kisses? There will be kisses?"

Willow nodded, "Yes. She has to know I'm completely in love and lust."

Spike smiled slightly, "Fine. I can bring myself to kiss you, if I must. All part of the favor of course. You know you're going to owe me big, don't you?"

Willow nodded, "Very big. Thank you Spike."

"Just don't take it to mean I like you or care or anything. I don't. I just want to avoid having to listen to Peaches whine if he comes to town" Spike said, turning the TV on.

Willow smiled slightly, hoping Angel would forgive her for bringing his name into this. Did Spike really think she'd call Angel of all people about this? She and his sire hardly spoke at all when he lived in town, why would they suddenly become bosom buddies?

She thanked her lucky stars she had remembered his hatred of Angel. It had been a small life, but it had worked. He had agreed. Now maybe Tara would go on back to being just a friend without the unwanted looks and casual touches. She really didn't want to lose her friend over something like this. She could only hope it worked. She watched Spike, her mind drifting with images of how he could help he filling her mind.


"You're joking, right?" Buffy asked, looking at Willow curiously.

"I wish...." Willow said, sighing. "Completely serious."

"And he agreed? Just like that." Buffy said, looking skeptical.

"With a little pursuasion, yeah. Don't go all freaky on me, ok?" Willow said.

"Me? Freaky? Why would you suggest something like that?" Buffy asked, smiling slightly. "Just because I find out my best friend is being hit on by some chick...and she's convinced one of our enemies to play nice and help her out....Why ever would I be upset?"

"Spike isn't an enemy...not anymore. And it's only until Tara finds someone else."

"Which could be how long?"

"I don't know...I didn't get that far in the plan" Willow said.

Buffy snorted, "That's an understatement. Why do you think she'll feel threatened by your dating Spike? I just don't see what good this is going to do..."

"I told you, I don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

"How are exactly did you get in this plan?" Buffy asked, noticing her friend's face turning slightly red.

"Uh...about to the part of Spike having to act like he's in love with me...."

Buffy's eyes widened as she realized what was happening, "Damn it. You like him, don't you?"

"Me? Like Spike? Not likely. He hates me." Willow said, sighing.

"Willow! When? Come on...Why didn't I notice it?" Buffy almost whined.

"Too busy with farm boy?" Willow said, smiling slightly as Buffy began to blush.

"The subject is not me and Riley. It's you and Spike." Buffy stopped, smiling. "You know what, I can see it. So, you're hot for his bod, huh?"

"BUFFY! Damn. I am not hot for anything." Willow said, rolling her eyes. "You're taking this a bit better than I imagined."

"What? The news that my best friend wants to fuck the walking dead? Hey, he's gorgeous. And, if he hurts you, I can turn him to ash. Couldn't do that to a human, could I?"

"There will be no ash of any kind." Willow said. "But, I know what you mean. And thanks."

"You're my best friend, Wills. If he can give you a happy, then I'm cool with it. So, you devious minded redhead, is there really any situation with Tara?"

Willow shook her head slightly, "No...we're just friends...and she does have a slight crush but she's in love with someone from her hometown. She agreed to go along with it though. She knows I Spike."

"Well, you have my help if needed. We can call it Operation: Shag Spike." Buffy said, allowing her friend the slip. She had noticed Willow almost saying love. She was trying to deal with this as best she could, but she knew she would be talking Riley's ear off that night. Willow loved Spike. She wondered if Spike cared about Willow at all. Strangely, she thought he just might.

"Shag Spike?" Willow said, a smile crossing her face. "I rather like how that sounds...."

"What first?" Buffy asked, looking eager.

"Well...." Willow began to give a rough outline of the plan. Buffy just laughed as she realized that Spike didn't stand a chance.


Willow looked at Spike, a slight frown on her face. "This is so not going to work."

Spike glanced at her, "Why's that luv?"

"You hate me. How are we supposed to convince her that we're in love if you can't even look at me?" she whined, hating to have to resort to all these games.

"I'm looking at you now, pet" he pointed out dryly. Typical female. All hysterical over something stupid and silly. Sometimes she reminded him of Dru. Maybe that's why he fancied the chit.

"Yeah, like you could kill me. Not like you're in love with me. Hell, not even like you like me." She said. Maybe this was a bad idea. She could always stop it.

Before Spike could reply, Buffy came into the room. She looked at Willow and smiled, humming the theme from Mission:Impossible. "Hey Wills. Ran into that friend of yours. The blonde girl? Man, she gives me the wiggins. Anyway, she said she hopes to see you there something about her I should know?"

"Buffy. We've already talked about this" Willow said, rolling her eyes.

"Stupid bitch." Spike cursed Tara softly. Didn't she know Willow was his? After tonight, she would. He'd make sure of that.

"I know. I just wanted to let Romeo here know what he's in for" Buffy said, winking at Willow. She was rewarded as Willow's face turned red. This was rather fun. So far, it didn't appear that Mission: Shag Spike was going well. She thought he might need a kick in the ass. Rather cute ass, she had to admit. Down girl. Riley. Think Riley. "The act better be VERY convincing. She doesn't look like she's going to take no for an answer...."

Willow groaned. What the hell was Buffy doing? She wasn't even suppose to say anything. "I doubt she'd force anything, Buffy."

"I don't know, Wills. She is a witch and all. What if she put you under a spell or something?" Buffy asked, wide eyed.

Spike's eyes took on a glint, "There will be no spells around my Red. The little bitch will find out what's mine stays mine."

"Spike. Tone down the possessive thing a bit. She won't buy that at all" Buffy said, smiling satisfactorily.

"Good because I'm not selling anything. Come on Red. We have an act to get together. Stupid chit doesn't know who she's up against." Spike said, taking Willow's hand. "You want devoted lover? I can be a devoted lover."

"Have fun you two" Buffy called out, catching Willow's wide eyed stare. She chuckled as the door shut behind the redhead. Serves her right, in a way. She didn't have any idea what she was messing with when she got Spike involved in the plan. But, Buffy had to acknowledge that they were perfect for each other. Who would have guessed that Willow and Spike would make a great couple? She wished them luck, moving to call Tara and let her know what was happening so far. She and the blonde had a few surprises of their own in store for the redhead and vampire. She smiled, amusement in her eyes. Willow wasn't the only one who could think up plans. She chuckled as the witch answered. "Phase one complete. Operation: Shag Spike is in effect. Are we ready?"


"This isn't going to work" Spike muttered, echoing Willow's earlier words.

"I know" Willow said softly. "We are completely uncomfortable around each other. We don't look like we even know each other, much less are in love."

"If you'd quit looking at me like I was a killer, it might help luv" Spike said dryly.

"You are a killer" Willow pointed out. "Besides, that's not how I'm looking at you. I don't think of you as a killer. I'm just not really sure how to act."

Spike chuckled, "Like we're in love, Red. Like we can't keep our hands and eyes off of each other. Like the mere thought of touching is enough to make you wet. Like you can't wait to get me alone so we can shag like wild animals."

Willow gulped at his description. She noticed his finger brushing against her hand and felt heat spread over her. She licked her lips, "Oh" was all she could squeak out.

Spike heard her breathing change and the scent of her arousal wafted to him. He groaned, his pants suddenly tighter. The loud music pulsing from the stage changed and a softer, more romantic tune came on. Standing, he pulled her to her feet. "Let's dance. We need to be comfortable in each other's arms."

Willow gasped as she was pulled into his hard body. She joined her hands behind his neck as they began to dance slowly. She felt at home in his embrace. She laid her head on his shoulder as they let the music and their desire move them.

Tara smiled craftily as she saw Willow on the dance floor. The blonde must be Spike. For a guy, he was gorgeous. She saw the way he was holding Willow and knew Buffy had been right. Those two did belong together. Well, she wasn't about to stand in the way of true love. She liked Willow a lot. The redhead reminded her of her girlfriend back home. She would even admit to having a slight crush on the girl.

But, she knew Willow wasn't that way. It was fine with her. She had a lot of straight friends back home. Just not very many in college. She wasn't about to lose her only one. She caught the content expression on Willow's face and knew it wasn't going to take much to push these two together. She glanced around the Bronze, looking for Buffy. The slayer was suppose to show up with her boyfriend to help set things into motion. The two girls figured it would just take a nice shove to Spike to realize he cared for Willow. Tara moved to sit down, getting herself ready to play her part. A nice gentle shove was all it would take. She smiled as she watched them dance.


Willow noticed Tara before Spike. She felt a wave of apprehension pass over her. She was going to do this. Once it was started, there was no turning back. She reluctantly pulled away from Spike.

"What?" Spike asked, surprised that he was almost growling.

"She's here" Willow said, gesturing to the table where her blonde friend sat, waiting.

"Guess this means it's time to act." Spike said, putting his arm possessively around Willow's shoulders.

"Come on. We can do this" Willow said, trying to convince herself that it would work.

"Hi Tara" Willow said, smiling politely at her friend. She hoped the girl remembered what she was suppose to do.

"Willow" Tara purred, letting her eyes rake over the girl.

Surprised, Willow moved back into Spike. This was not part of the plan. "Uh, this is Spike. Spike, Tara."

"Charmed" Tara spat out, glaring openly at the man who had his arm around Willow.

"Likewise" Spike said, seeing what Willow had meant about the bitch.

"Sit. I ordered you a drink. Got you little friend one to" Tara said, not looking at Spike.

Spike sat, pulling Willow between his legs. He smirked as the blonde watched with narrowed eyes. He downed the drink, making a satisfied sound. "Hit the spot."

Willow was confused. This was not the plan. She didn't like the way Tara was looking at her. Sure, she knew the girl had a slight crush, but this was blatant desire. She moved even closer to Spike, seeking his protection. This was not going well. She sipped the juice, glad to see Tara had ordered her favorite. "So, what are you up to tonight?"

"Same old" Tara said, smiling as Willow finished the juice. "Saw your friend Buffy today. She said she'd probably drop by."

"Really? That's strange. I thought she had plans" Willow said, curious as to why the slayer would come to the Bronze.

"She does...with us" Tara said, making sure the vampire heard the way she said Us. He did. She saw his eyes darken as he tightened his grip on Willow. She glanced at her watch. Only an hour. She could keep them occupied that long. Then, her and Buffy's plan would go into effect. She began to talk to Willow, pointedly ignoring Spike. She almost laughed as he began to pout at being ignored by the redhead. Yes, he had it bad. That was obvious. She saw Buffy come in and winked at the slayer. Things were going perfectly.


"Will, you ok?" Buffy asked, looking at her flushed friend.

"The world's spinning" Willow said, a goofy smile on her face.

"Uh huh" Riley said, exchanging a look with Tara and Buffy. He mouthed 'Is she drunk?'

Tara smiled and shook her head in the negative. "Willow, listen to the music. Isn't that a great song?"

Willow looked at Tara and blinked, "Song? Oh, song.'s great. I want to dance."

Spike smiled at her, his arm still around her shoulders, "Let's boogie pet. Before we stop spinning."

Willow got up, taking his hand. They moved to the dance floor, their bodies molding together. They began a seductive swaying, their bodies moving in rhythm. They didn't take their eyes off each other as the air around them heated up.

"What did you do?" Buffy asked, a knowing smile on her face as she looked at the slightly guilty witch.

"Just something I cooked up" Tara said innocently.

"Ahem..." Buffy said, waiting.

Tara sighed, "An uninhibitor with a bit of a lust spell added. They won't be able to keep their hands off each other."

Riley had to laugh, "You two know that this could backfire don't you?"

" saw the way they have been looking at each other. They'll thank us in the end." Buffy said.

"Well, I admit I've seen the attraction but this is magic. I mean, spells and potions. That isn't real. If they find out, it could be used as an excuse." Riley pointed out.

"Oh, pooh. Quit worrying about it. They'll never know." Buffy said.

"They willingly drank it or else it wouldn't be working" Tara added, with a smile. The lust spell was definitely working she noticed. Spike's hands were up the back of Willow's shirt and she noticed the redhead's hands on his ass.

"Yeah right. As if they knew it was in there." Riley said, rolling his eyes. He saw the satisfied smile on both the girl's faces as they watched their friends do everything decently possible on the dance floor. He couldn't believe them. Women. Who would ever understand how they thought.

"Maybe we should get them to go home" Buffy said, her eyes widening as Willow began to move against Spike very suggestively. "Uh...that's a bit..."

"Wow." Tara said softly. "The spell was only suppose to make their true lust undeniable....again, I say, wow."

"Uh, patrol. Yeah, patrol. Not in a public place...good grief! Is he doing what I think he's doing?" Buffy said, leaning forward trying to see where his hands had disappeared.

"By the starled yet pleasurable look on Willow's face? I'd say yes" Tara said, shaking her head. "I think it would be wise to get them somewhere private. Now."

"Going in. Watch my back" Buffy said, smirking at them both. She moved onto the floor to seperate the two lovebirds before they were arrested for public indecency. She didn't mind them doing what they were doing. She just wanted them to be alone when they did it. Tara had been right. The magic was useful. Smiling, she tapped Willow on the shoulder. The redhead looked at her, her face sweaty as Spike's hand still rested in the waistband of her jeans. "Come on, you two. Patrol time."

"Uh huh" Willow said, leaning her head against Spike. She felt his fingers brush against her again before he winked at her. He removed his hand, kissing her deeply.

"We'll finish this after we dump the slayer" he said, his voice allowing no argument. His eyes twinkled with promised naughtiness as Willow took his hand, her juices still on his fingers.


Willow woke up, her head pounding. She felt something cold on her breast and glanced down. She froze when she saw the large hand covering her. She followed the hand up to a long arm...past the shoulder...past a graceful neck....past killer cheekbones to laughing blue eyes. She gulped as she realized that she was laying in bed with Spike. Memories of the night before washed over her, causing a flush to cover her face and body.

"Morning pet" Spike said lazily, his arm tightening around her as he saw the look of panic in her green eyes. He couldn't remember how they had ended up at his place, but he wasn't planning on arguing with fate. No siree. He had shagged Willow, several times, and had no apologies for it.

"Morning" she said softly. " did we end up here?"

"You don't remember? I'm hurt pet" he said, laughter in his eyes.

"I remember dancing...then drinking...then feeling really loopy. The rest is rather a blur. I remember you watching me...touching me...tasting me...." she broke off, the words disappearing as her body reacted to those memories.

"I think the witch drugged us" he said simply. "Not asking...not caring. I finally got you in my bed, so who am I to complain?"

"Finally?" she noticed him saying.

"I've wanted you for months, Red" he said, brushing his lips over her cheek. He heard her pulse quicken and smiled as he drifted ever slightly lower.

" have?" she stuttered, forgetting what they were discussing as his mouth found her breast. She whimpered as she arched against his hard body.

"I will never lie to you, luv" he said, sliding into her wet passage. He began to move, his mouth claiming hers.

"Wait...Tara drugged us? That wasn't part of the plan" she said suddenly.

"Plan?" he stopped moving, his cock buried deep inside her.

"Uh well....I sort of faked the whole thing. I wanted you and well...I didn't know..." her words were captured by his mouth as he continued to move. She assumed that meant he was ok with the deception. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she moved up to meet his thrusts. She was going to have to thank Tara and Buffy for whatever they had done...right after she killed them both. She cried out as her orgasm over took her.

Spike sunk deep several times, her muscles contracting around him. He groaned as his seed was spilled inside her. He hadn't forgotten the looks the slayer and the witch had shared. It had been a set up between those two. He hated to feel in debt to either of them, so he decided to forget their part and concentrate on Willow. "Will, luv?"

"Yeah?" she said breathlessly.

"Thanks for thinking of me" he said smiling slightly.

"Huh?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

"For the favor," he replied, kissing her deeply. He had no plans of letting her go now that he had her. She was his as he was hers. He smiled as she kissed him back completely. They belonged to each other. Life in Sunnydale was looking up.