Her Hero

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"No...Don't go in there!" Spike yelled at the woman in the movie.

Willow smiled as she and the others watched him. They were at Giles, relaxing after a long week of research by watching Scream and Scream 2. Surprisingly, Spike confessed that he had never seen either of them. According to him, he wasn't fond of scary movies. Real life was much better than anything fictitious.

"She went in there" he said, sighing at the woman's stupidity.

"I know" Willow said, patting his shoulder. She stopped herself. Why was she consoling him? It was just a silly movie.

He glanced at her, his eyes falling to her hand. Smiling slightly, he nestled closer to her. He knew she wouldn't be able to move without appearing rude. Willow would never want to be rude.

She was stuck. He had caught her hand behind his back, his arm resting on her leg now. She bit her lip as he began to draw lazy circles on her bare flesh. She tried to concentrate on the movie but found it difficult to breathe much less wait for the no longer shocking ending.

Spike had wanted the witch for months. Everytime he tried to get close, she would turn away. The damn wolf had a lot of damage to the poor girl. He really hoped that dogbreath would come back soon. He could use a new fur rug for his apartment. Werewolves were demons so he should be able to fight him just fine. He heard her breathing quicken and smiled slyly. She wanted him too.

"Hey guys. I have to go" Willow said, standing up. "Bye."

Spike watched dumbfounded as she left. He had been making progress. Damn silly chit. Did she think running would keep him away?

"Go after her."

"What?" he looked at the slayer, his face startled.

"Willow. Go after her. You know you want to. Damn, we've been making bets for months now on how long it would take. Go Deadboy, before I change my mind and stake you." Buffy said, her expression amused.

She had watched her friend fall for the vampire after Oz's desertion. She wondered if it would go against her slayer instincts if she just staked the damn wolf if he ever returned.

Spike was out of the apartment at a run. He couldn't believe he had received the slayer's blessing. Not that he needed it of course. He was his own man. He could have the witch if he wanted her. Just made things a bit easier.

Willow was standing in the rose garden off the park. She inhaled the scent, smiling softly. She loved this spot.

She felt someone behind her and turned, the smile deepening. "Spike. Why are you here?"

He shrugged, "Movie was boring. Besides, you're here."

"You came here for me?" she repeated.

"Yeah...never know what scary things are lurking in the darkness." He said ominously.

"My hero" she said, amusement in her eyes.

He looked at her seriously, "I might be...let me walk you home?"

"I'd like that."

They began to walk to her dorm, talking as they moved. Willow moved closer to him, his arm going around her shoulders. She smiled, content in the moment. Happy in his embrace. Maybe, just maybe, he could be her hero.