Burning Up

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Story Notes:

This is a bit different! *grin* Hope someone enjoys it! I'm pretty nervous about it so let me know what you think!
A/N: In response to the Quiet Ones August Theme & Kink Challenge
This was exclusive to the Community for two days.

Originally Posted: August 7, 2004

"More wine?"

Hermione looked at the pretty brunette opposite her and shook her head slightly, "No thank you."

"Draco?" Pansy asked the blond wizard, drawing his attention away from his wife. Her lips curved into a knowing smile when she saw the stormy gray of his eyes, recognizing Draco's desire instantly. She had seen it on a rare occasion during their sixth year at Hogwarts and the eight months they had dated to please their parents though, even then, they had wanted another. Knowing that they would only ever be friends because something was missing, there was no heat or passion or desire. It wasn't that Draco wasn't attractive.

He was actually a very handsome wizard. Pale blond hair that didn't quite reach the nape of his neck and kept long on top so he could tousle it in a sexy way and tempt a woman to run her fingers through the thick locks. His nose was long and narrow, not very fetching but suitable to the sharp angles of his face and cheekbones. It was his eyes that she had always found the most attractive, finding their pale gray that could strangely become darker depending on his mood entirely too fascinating. Despite his physical appeal, they were just too comfortable together. They had been friends since birth and kissing him had been akin to kissing her brother or favorite cousin.

Neither had been interested in a romantic relationship but, the summer following Lucius' imprisonment, Draco had suggested they become a couple. His Father had been disappointed in his refusal to take the Dark Mark early and dating her had been a means of appeasing the bastard he called Father. As for her, it had prevented her parents from suspecting that her heart had begun to lay elsewhere. Pansy had been intelligent enough to know that her Mum would not be pleased if she found out her daughter was not interested in marrying Malfoy and had, instead, become infatuated with a wizard from a family that, while Pureblood, was not as wealthy or powerful as the Malfoys.

So they had become a couple upon their return to Hogwarts. And, oddly enough, they had become much better friends during the process. Draco had problems trusting people, which wasn't surprising considering Luicus' teachings and training of the poor boy, but he had slowly opened up to her during their 'courtship'. She had confessed her feelings towards their Housemate and, though he had been extremely surprised, he had supported her and encouraged her to take a risk at obtaining that elusive emotion of love. True, he had done so in his own twisted and reserved way, not daring allow anyone to know that he craved love and longed for someone to accept him, to make him happy, to challenge him and force him to be the best person that he could. It had been no surprise to Pansy at all when he had drunkenly admitted to fancying Potter's Mudblood.

That had been during the summer between sixth and seventh term. They had lost their virginity to one another, the experience pleasant but a bit awkward and fumbling, neither one particularly in love and mostly performing the act so they would no longer be virgins and because they trusted each other. And, afterwards, Draco had gotten pissed on firewhiskey and told her that he considered her his only real friend but that he couldn't keep lying to her and to himself. He'd acknowledged that Granger had somehow gotten under his skin over the years and that, even as he wanted to hex her for being a prissy know-it-all, he also wanted her more than he'd ever wanted anything. That admission, especially considering Voldemort's rising power, had proved to her that he finally trusted her.

She hadn't told anyone his secret, the two of them going back to school and ending their relationship, keeping things platonic but continuing to give the image to those around that they were serious. She had pursued the boy she wanted and Malfoy had lusted after the Head Girl, who had become somewhat pretty over the years. Same bushy brown hair and average looks, but Pansy was a bit of artist and could see the natural beauty, the lovely curves and lines of her face, the graceful way she moved. Yes, Granger was quite lovely, especially considering her weak muggle blood and lack of social status, but Pansy personally found her annoying habit of being knowledgeable about every topic and having to constantly boss around everyone around her to be positively grating!

She had been perfect for Draco, though. The two of them having a heat between them even before they were old enough to understand why they constantly fought one another and sought each other out for debates or challenges or whatever silly reason they'd use to fuss and glare and let out a little of their passion. Pansy had little fondness for Muggles or Muggleborns, but she could admit that Granger was an exception to the standard of uselessness that most possessed. The girl was the brightest witch at Hogwarts when it came to her studies and responsibilities, doing far more as Head Girl than Terry Boot had ever done as Head Boy. Pansy had grudgingly respected her for rising above her dismal upbringing and proving that a Mudblood could be good at something, though the brunette witch still believed that Granger was just a rare exception since every other Mudblood she knew had been quite worthless and useless.

Their world had changed near the end of Seventh year. Voldemort and his followers had attacked Hogwarts, surprising even those with relatives amongst his Deatheaters. Pansy had been stunned when she'd seen the first flash of green light during dinner, watching in horror as Professor Snape had pushed the Headmaster out of the way, the curse hitting his arm. She had later learned that it had paralyzed his arm, made it completely useless and prohibited him from making another potion, though he still taught with the help of an assistant, Longbottom of all people proving to be quite adept at Potions once he got past his fear of Snape. Pansy had very few loyalties in her life. Growing up as a Slytherin caused you to be suspicious, guarded, distrustful, and to think only of yourself. However, she had always considered the rude and snarly Head of her House a favored uncle who was far too cranky but, beneath it all, very caring and protective. When she saw Snape fall, she had instantly reached for her wand and flung a familiar curse at the Deatheater who had sent it.

The next hour had passed by so quickly that, even now five years later, she couldn't recall everything that had happened. The air had been full of magic, so thick you could actually feel it. Suffocating, making it hard to breathe. Pansy had remained calm, she and Draco performing their duties as Prefects amongst the chaos. They had ushered the youngest children to safety, working with that Loony Ravenclaw girl and McMillan to get the students out of the line of fire. There had been Deatheaters everywhere, people that she had known since she was a child, giving no regard to the Slytherins who had either planned to follow their path to join the Dark Lord or had intended to remain neutral.

Curses had been flying all over the place, students falling to the floor dead, bodies of Deatheaters to crawl over. She had noticed a group of students led by Potter and Granger sending out curses and standing against the Deatheaters without showing fear. She had been a bit in awe of those students, realizing for the first time just what had been going on around them during the past years. Guilty that these students had prepared for this day while she had laughed and never imagined it happening or believing that she would be safely away from the battle. Without their preparations and training, the situation would have been a massacre. It was fortunate that Granger and Potter had insisted on such measures, preparing those they trusted for this battle that had come too early and without warning.

Draco had finished helping with the students before he'd given her a quick kiss and a wink and rushed off to join the unlikely students that were grouping together to protect Potter and try to defeat Voldemort. She would like to say that her next actions had been instant, but she would be lying. She had hesitated, considering the consequences, knowing that she could possibly escape if she remained where she was, but she had finally looked at Greg and given him the smile she reserved for the privacy of her rooms and she'd followed Draco. They had stood beside people they had considered their enemy for nearly their entire seven years at Hogwarts, protecting one another and saving themselves. When it was finally over, Voldemort was destroyed, over a hundred people had lost their lives, and another seventy or so had been injured.

Greg had held her as the reality had set in, the knowledge that she had instinctively defended the students she was responsible for and that she had gone against everything her parents chose to believe. Most of the Slytherins had followed her and Draco's example, fighting and dying to save their school and students they weren't even fond of. It had been the first selfless act of her entire life, risking her life for someone else, and she'd felt proud of herself. It had been as she'd been sitting with Greg, her lover kissing her softly as he had cleaned a wound on her cheek, that Granger had moved forward and looked at her with respect and admiration. They had shaken hands, finally seeing one another as equals without the politics of House rules and preconceived notions and upbringing.

The Gryffindor had then performed a healing charm on her cheek and that had been the beginning of their friendship. Pansy might have felt good about being a hero, but she had not forgotten her enjoyment at being attractive and was forever grateful to Granger from preventing a scar from ruining her attractive fresh good looks. Pansy had watched Draco stare at the pretty brunette witch with an intensity she'd never seen him display before. The Slytherin had watched her best friend cross the Hall to where Granger had been helping Longbottom, pulling the brunette's arm to swing her around, and claim her lips in a passionate kiss that had seemed to stun them both judging by the dazed expressions on their faces when they'd parted.

Within six months of the Final Battle, she and Greg had been married. The ceremony was simple and only attended by a chosen few, mostly Slytherins and a few family members that had remained neutral and were not dead or in prison. Hermione had attended, the two girls having become friends over the months since that harrowing experience, not exactly close and personal, but they respected one another and actually had several things in common once they finally had a conversation that did not consist of insults or rude comments. Draco had been Greg's best man, his eyes on Hermione during the entire wedding. Pansy had been the one to recall his speech to her about going after what she wanted and taking a risk for love, shoving his bony arse towards Hermione and insisting they dance. Since that kiss in the Great Hall after the Final Battle, they had both been acting foolish and entirely too silly for such intelligent individuals and Pansy had been tired of watching them dance around their attraction.

It had been over four years since that dance and they were still together, having been married two years ago. She had been the Best Woman, as Draco had drolly called her with a wink, insisting that she be at his side when he married the woman he loved. Potter had been Hermione's Man of Honor, Weasley a Bridesman. Trust Malfoy and Granger to have an entirely unconventional wedding complete with a loud row midway through the banquet that had resulted in the Bride declaring that her new husband was an arrogant Pureblood snob. With said husband amusingly calling his new wife a bossy know-it-all with control issues before they'd come together in a very passionate kiss that was quite the norm around them.

Pansy was accustomed to her friends' antics by now. Personally, she didn't understand their constant battle for control that changed from Hermione to Draco and back again so quickly that she couldn't even keep up with who was in power at any particular moment. She also didn't understand the art of arguing as foreplay, but there was no denying that those two had more passion in their pinkies than most people had in their entire bodies so she assumed it was something they enjoyed, debating then shagging. Perhaps it made them excited in the same she got excited from Greg's lips on her shoulders. Regardless, they all met for dinner once a month, alternating between one house and the other. Tonight was hers and Greg's turn to play host, the four having just finished a delicious meal of chicken and vegetables.

It was a very hot night in July, the temperature steadily becoming warmer from her husband's hand moving up her inner thigh as he carried on a conversation regarding a recent Quidditch match with Draco. Who was staring at his lovely wife hungrily as she moved an ice cube along her neck and collarbone in an attempt to cool off. Pansy was certain her face must be flushed from the natural heat as well as having Greg touch her so intimately when their friends were right across them. She slapped his hand and gave him a warning glare as she put the bottle of wine back on the table. Looking at Hermione, she smiled, "Can you believe this heat?"

"It's awful, isn't it?" Hermione shook her head, "I'm burning up and you've even used cooling charms on the patio!"

"Perhaps we should go for a swim?" Greg suggested as he glanced at the swimming pool, "I've been maintaining the water at a very cool temperature. It might be refreshing and exactly what we need this evening."

"Great idea, mate," Draco declared as he stood up and gave Hermione a leer as she started to protest, "no need for suits, my dear. I highly doubt we have anything they've not seen before."

"Skinny dipping?" Hermione gaped at him, her cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as she nervously smiled at an amused Pansy and Greg before glaring at Draco and hissing, "Draco! Damn it, I'm not comfortable just walking around naked. You know that."

"Why not?" he arched a brow, "You have a beautiful body. If we were not meant to show ourselves, we would have been born wearing clothes, would we not?"

"You just like to strut around naked," she grumbled affectionately, "but I'm not going to strip naked in front of our friends and take a swim."

"I may have a suit we can charm to fit you," Pansy spoke up, earning her a glare from Draco. She smiled innocently as she purred, "Don't let that stop you from stripping, Draco darling. It looks as if you could use a cold shower so I think you need this swim."

"Bitch," Draco smirked at his ex-girlfriend as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Thank you, Pansy," Hermione told the dark-haired witch as she stood up. "I'll come in with you to see if you have anything."

"No, you stay here," Pansy insisted, knowing that look in Draco's eyes well enough to know that the brunette witch would not be worried about swimsuits for much longer. She winked at him before saying, "Greg will help me look, won't you, honey?"

"Certainly," the tall wizard stood up and took his wife's hand in his, leaning forward to whisper, "we'd better get out of here before he simply shags her on the table."

Pansy laughed as they walked into their house, leaving Draco and Hermione on the patio by the pool. They entered their home when she heard a sharp squeal followed by laughter. Turning around, Pansy looked through the glass doors and saw Draco holding Hermione against him, their mouths meeting in a heated kiss. She licked her lips as she watched them kiss, rubbing her thighs together as she saw his hands moving beneath the curvy brunette's shirt.

"They're good together," Greg observed softly, his head lowered and his voice a whisper in her ear. "So sexy and wicked. When they get like this, I sometimes feel as if they're just going to burn us all up. You like watching them don't you, Pansy?"

"Of course not," she stammered, able to tell Greg about most of her thoughts and fantasies but never sharing her secret most fantasy of watching their two friends make love. It was naughty and perverted and, while she found both Hermione and Draco attractive, it was more about seeing them pleasure one another than about enjoying their own physical beauty. He was right. They were so hot, even during their gentle and loving moments, the chemistry and heat was undeniable.

"I like watching them," his voice lowered as he pressed his obvious erection against her bum.

"Greg," she whispered as his hand came up to envelope her breast through the thin material of her shirt.

"Watch them Pansy. Tell me what you see," Greg urged quietly as he moved his lips against her neck.

"They're kissing," Pansy spoke softly, breathlessly, more aroused than she'd ever been as she watched Draco and Hermione as her husband touched her. "He's nibbling on her bottom lip, his hands moving over the curve of her ass and pulling her against him. He's aroused, has been since dinner when he watched her eating her chicken. He likes to watch her eat. Have you noticed that? He gets aroused when she's licking her lips and her teeth are nibbling on her food. He likes to have her lips on his cock, to feel himself buried into her wet mouth as his fingers tangle in her hair. Draco is a very oral person. He likes to taste her, to lick her entire body, to lap at her juices as she screams out his name."

"Merlin," Greg muttered as he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the ground, his mouth moving across her shoulders, urging, "tell me more."

"Oh God," Pansy moaned as she watched her friends, "he's moved her against the wall of the house. He just ripped her shirt, tore it right up the front. She's flushed and moaning, I can see her mouth open slightly, her hands gripping his shoulders. She has gorgeous breasts. They're full and larger than mine."

"I love your breasts," Greg informed her sincerely as his head moved to lap at one of her perky but small breasts. She moved her hand into his short brown hair as he licked her nipples.

"Draco loves her breasts. He enjoys just holding her naked body against him and spending hours teasing her dark pink nipples and caressing the mounds of flesh. He's licking them now, his thin lips wrapped around her left breast. She likes it. Her nipples are sensitive, she can come just from having him suck her breasts. She's got a tummy but Draco likes it, he likes her curves and is pleased that she isn't skinny and unhealthy looking but it bothers her a bit, more than she wished it did since she tries not to care about how she looks. He makes her forget that she wants to lose a little weight because he sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world despite the flaws and she loves him even more for that."

"He's wrong," Greg looked up at her and smiled, "*You* are the most beautiful woman in the world. Hermione's just second."

"She loves him even though he's an arrogant ass and she finds his nose charming and accepts everything about him and that devotion and love eases his insecurities. It dispels his belief that he's not good enough after hearing that bastard Lucius tell him that constantly as he grew up. It helps him realize that he doesn't have to be perfect to be loved, that he is worthy of affection and devotion," Pansy said quietly, her hand moving along Greg's cheek, "she completes him just as you complete me."

"What are they doing now?" Greg asked with a wicked smile as he moved his head beneath her skirt, his lips against her thigh.

Pansy gasped as Greg's tongue moved along her soaking lips, her hazel eyes looking back outside. She braced her hand against the glass door as she huskily said, "He's naked, his pale ass gleaming in the moonlight. She's stroking his cock as they kiss, her shirt open and her skirt pushed up around her thighs. He's removed her knickers, his fingers moving inside her pussy. She's so wet I can see the juices gleaming from here."

"Like this?" Greg asked as he thrust two fingers into his wife's cunt, twisting them as he lapped at her clit.

"God yessss," Pansy mewed as she arched against his large hand. She rested her forehead against the door, her eyes on Hermione and Draco. "She's licking his nipples, her tongue lashing against his hard nipples as she moves her hand along his erection. He's average in width but he's rather long. She can't suck his entire cock into her mouth without gagging but she's getting better at accepting him into her throat. She enjoys sucking his cock because she knows he likes it, that he enjoys seeing her lips around his length. But he likes to lick her pussy more, preferring to spend hours with his face buried between her legs, licking her into orgasm until she's too hoarse to beg him for more, than to having her suck his cock because he knows it hurts her throat and jaws. He's considerate, wants them to both find pleasure, loves to make her beg and plead for her orgasm, just as she likes to make him beg. Their competitiveness extends into the bedroom more often than not, passionate and intense and consuming."

"He likes her taste," Greg added as he licked Pansy's pussy, "thinks it is the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. Sweet and slightly bitter and simply Hermione. I love tasting you, feeling your essence on my tongue. I know Malfoy loves that too, to devour his pretty little wife until she can barely breathe."

"He's pushing her against the house," Pansy whispered excitedly, "Oh God, he's about to fuck her. He's really going to shag her on our patio without caring that we could be back any time. He has to have her now. Besides, the danger of getting caught is arousing to them. Hermione is scratching his back, her fingers digging into his muscles as he lifts her off the ground. He's just entered her. Merlin, he's stretching her, thrusting in completely. He's so deep, her eyes are closed as she's crying out his name softly as he pulls her down against him. Oh!"

Pansy cried out as Greg stood up suddenly and lifted her off the ground, her legs going around his waist as his cock entered her. His hands held her arse as he moved them against the wall. She turned her head to keep watching Draco and Hermione, finding it erotic to be fucking her husband while watching her friends fuck. Merlin, she was more twisted than she'd realized, her body consumed by desire, burning up with need. Pansy moved against Greg, his lips on her neck as he raised and lifted her hips so he could penetrate her deeper, faster.

"What now?" he hoarsely demanded as he fucked her against the wall.

"Uh," Pansy tried to focus, "he's licking her breasts, nibbling on her nipples, fucking her hard. She's taking it all, likes it when he gets a little rough because it means he's losing control. She likes to make him lose control. Her legs are around his waist, her heels resting on his firm ass. She's gasping for breath, her hair free of the clip, wild and untamed around her face. He likes to feel her hair on his naked flesh, loves how unruly the locks are, finds it a lot like her, uncontrollable and wild. They're kissing again, gentle but urgent. They love each other so much, appreciate each other, know they might never have found each other and realize how lucky they are. She's coming. Her face is twisted with pleasure and she's pushing against him as she whimpers. He's moving faster, his own release near. Her muscles are clenching his erection and he knows it won't be much longer."

"Not much longer," Greg confirmed as he thrust into her, his hand moving between them as he balanced her against the wall, twisting her clit as he kissed her neck.

"Yes," Pansy keened in pleasure as she came, her orgasm washing over her as she panted, her head rolling slightly as she stared Hermione and saw a very sated expression on the Gryffindor's pretty face. Greg thrust deep into her and came with a grunt, his lips on hers as they kissed. When he released her lips, they both turned their heads to look outside. Draco was still pumping into Hermione, the wizard sending her against the house with each thrust. Finally, they watched him sink deep into her, his head thrown back as he gave a silent cry of release, his body releasing his seed into her pussy.

"Damn," Greg whispered as he watched them, feeling only slightly perverse.

"Yeah," Pansy echoed breathlessly, moving against the wall and adjusting her position on Greg's softening cock. She watched Draco slide out of Hermione and help his wife stand, kissing her as his hands moved along her body. When the kiss ended, the blond picked up the remains of their clothes before moving his arm around Hermione.

Just then, Draco turned his head slightly and looked right at them. A smug smile crossed his thin lips as his eyes met Pansy's. She watched as he winked and blew her a kiss before laughing softly and pulling Hermione against him before they disapparated home. Pansy laughed as she looked at Greg, "Uh oh. We got caught."

"Conceited prat probably got off on it," Greg shook his head, "Merlin, I can't believe we got caught perving on him and Hermione. He's not going to let us forget this, you do realize?"

"I think it was worth it," Pansy grinned impishly as she wiggled against him. She kissed him before ruffling his hair and asking sexily, "Now how about that swim? Me, you, naked in the swimming pool? Greg! Greg! Put me down! You'd better not throw me in!"

*the end *