Double Trouble

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Willow sat on the library table, her green eyes looking curiously at the vampire in front of her. Today had definitely not gone as she had planned. She had imagined talking to Buffy, avoiding Cordelia and Oz and maybe finishing her research paper. Instead, it had all gone to hell. She moved her eyes over the vampire, taking in the differences with a practiced eye. She heard a throat clearing and her eyes flew up to meeting laughing green eyes. She had been caught.

"See something you like?" Willow drawled to her human self, watching with satisfaction as a blush covered the girl's cheeks. Had she ever been that innocent? She knew she had been, but it was a lifetime ago. She laughed, the husky sound resonating through the empty library as her hand pushed her thick red hair from her face. "Your breasts are bigger than mine. Guess we hit a growth spurt after I had died."

"They are not," Willow protested, looking down and then comparing without realizing it.

"Are too," Willow argued back, moving to straddle the chair they had left in the book room. She ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes eating her human self alive. Damn but she was cute. With those big green eyes and that aura of innocence. Willow could feel her nipples tightening just imagining what she tasted like. Did they share the same flavor as well as same face?

"I am not going to sit here and compare breast size with you," Willow said primly, scowling as her vampire self laughed.

"You're no fun," Willow pouted, smiling wickedly, "Bet I know what would make you fun....."

"What?" Willow asked without thinking then hastened to add, "I mean, never mind. I so do not want an answer to that. Not from you. I can't believe that I'm so skanky as a vampire."

"Skanky?" the amusement left Willow's face as her eyes flashed, "We are not skanky. Do you think this is easy for me? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Those clothes? They're horrid. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them. Oh, look, I made a funny."

"At least I don't look like I own stock in a leather company," Willow said, looking at her clothes and not denying that they were unattractive. Since she had been caught with Xander, she hadn't been trying to look pretty for anyone. More like invisible.

"Silk and leather are the most wonderful things to feel against bare skin," Willow said in return, eyes studying the redhead. "Have you ever slept nude on silk sheets?"

"Goddess no," Willow said, shocked at the idea of sleeping nude but intrigued despite herself. She found herself asking, "What's it like in your world, Willow?"

"Call me Red," the vampire said, laughing that husky laugh again, "Makes things a wee bit less confusing, wouldn't you say?"

Willow nodded, reluctantly smiling, "You're right."

"I'm right about a lot of things," Red said, her tone measuring. "In my world? It's hard to explain. Especially to you. You're human, all innocence and sticky sweet goodness. You wouldn't appreciate it, I'm afraid."

"Hey now," Willow protested. "Angel said that vampires are like their human counterparts. That means I'm not all goodness if you're my vampire self."

"Honey, I'm your vampire self at fifteen with no slayer having arrived to save you from the big bad evil," Red pointed out. "A vampire you now would be different, more mature in some ways, changed from the difference in the environment."

"You make it sound like something out of one of Giles' books," Willow said, shaking her head. "I want to know what it's like. What is your life like?"

Red put her chin on her hand as she thought, "In my world, I have power that you can't imagine. I'm one of the master's favorites, he allows me such freedom. Your friend Angel? He is my puppy. His only purpose in life is to please me. And while he says he hates me, he is always hard when I come visit and he always whimpers when I leave him. I was turned when I was fifteen, sired by the master himself. His strength runs through my veins even now. I sired my Xander, knowing what delicious evil he would get into."

"You're Xander's sire?" Willow whispered, snapping her mind from images of Angel tied up and whimpering for more to imagine Xander as her childe.

"Of course," Red said, smiling. "I could not enjoy my unlife without my Xander. He is such a lovely fuck, rough and always eager to please his sire."

"Goddess," Willow whispered, thinking her vampire self to be a bit of a tramp.

"You would have loved it there, mine," Red said, sighing as she thought back on it. "You and me and Puppy. He'd have not known what to do."

"Why are you sad?" Willow found herself asking as she moved to sit closer to the book cage.

"It changed," Red said, frowning at the emotion she felt. "That bitch slayer arrived. She took my Puppy away from me. Before you brought me here, I was about to die. It wasn't fun anymore."

"I'm sorry," Willow said then caught herself. Why was she apologizing? It hadn't been her. Besides, this was a sadistic evil vampire version of herself. Why, then, did she feel this strange bond with the redhead?

"Don't fret, love. Maybe when I'm sent back it will be before I'm killed," Red said with a smile at her human self.

"You care about them, don't you? Xander and Puppy and even the Master?" Willow asked.

"I love them," Red said with a shrug. "All on different levels of course. Xander is my life, he is my future. Puppy is something more, something that I cannot begin to describe. And Father is proud of me, he loves me."

Willow sighed, "That must be nice. To be loved. I thought I was in love for a while, but it just didn't feel right."

"With that scruffy thing from that little club?" Red asked, her eyes curious.

Willow nodded, "He's a werewolf. I lost him when he caught me kissing Xander. Even that didn't really feel right, you know? I'd wanted him for so long, but it just felt dirty almost. Like some big secret we had to keep from the people we loved."

"You didn't like kissing your Xander? My Xander did such excellent things with his tongue," Red remembered, growing wet as she thought about it.

"They weren't what I expected," Willow confessed with a small frown. "I don't know. I think I'm just jinxed. No one seems to want me."

"I do," Red said, her eyes serious.

"Oh, um, thanks, but I'm not like that," Willow stuttered, her face red. "I like boys."

"So do I. Doesn't mean girls can't be fun too?" Red said, moving to sit on the floor across from Willow, the bars the only thing separating them. "Doesn't it excite you, Willow? The thought of being with someone that could be your twin? Being with someone that knows what turns you on because they were you at one time."

"Actually, it is rather creepy and a bit spooky," Willow said, shuddering.

"Such a pretty little girl," Red laughed, her eyes serious as she continued to study Willow's face. "I could teach you such things. With me, you could learn who you really are, what you really want."

"Um, no," Willow said, shaking her head. "I mean, I'm sorry you lost your puppy in your world and that you might die, but I am not going to have sex with you."

"You're just no fun," Red said pouting, though her green eyes were lit with amusement. "What can it hurt, Willow? Just one time. Before they came in here and send me back. No one would ever have to know if you didn't want."

"You're crazy. I can't do that with you," Willow said, looking at Red with surprise.

"Actually, since I'm you, it would be a bit like masturbation wouldn't it? You'd be fucking yourself in a way," Red said, openly smiling now.

Willow couldn't help it, she laughed. "That's really bad. Bad and desperate."

"I am desperate. Your friends are coming in here in the next hour or so to send me back to a world where my Puppy is dead, my Xander is about to die and where I will die myself. So I want to taste you, to compare the flavor of our skin and juices. Have I not earned that after your mistake bringing me here?" Red asked, watching the guilt cross Willow's face. Poor child, so easy to predict. She must be a rug for her friends to walk over. That thought made her angry. She felt protective of this girl, of this human version of herself.

Willow was wavering, the danger of the unknown paired with the need in those familiar green eyes was doing things to her. She stood, moving to the lock, "You're not just doing this to get away are you?"

Red looked at her in surprise, "Why would I want to stay in this world? It's boring. You're the only good thing I've seen. Even Puppy is not the same, though I see some similarities. And your Xander? My Xander would eat him alive then toss out the remains all while giving me the fuck of my unlife. No, it is not a trap, my pretty. I want you."

"Really?" Willow said, finding it odd that someone so beautiful could want her. She didn't find it odd that she considered this vampire version of herself beautiful yet found herself to be plain and rather blah.

"Do you trust me?" Red asked, her voice silky and sensual as she watched the redhead gulp.

Willow unfastened the lock, looking around to make sure no one was lurking and watching. Somehow she didn't think she could come up an explanation for this very easily. She deliberately left the cage door cracked open, to let Red know that she did trust her. "What do I do?"

Red smiled a triumphant smile as the girl turned herself over to her. "Just let me take care of you, darling," she said as she held out her hand to Willow.

Willow paused a moment, catching the green eyes of the vampire, shivering from the desire she saw in their depths, "Willow, no biting."

Willow just smiled as the warm hand joined her cooler one, pulling the human flush against her body as their lips found each other. They tumbled to the ground as hands caressed flesh and clothes were torn away.

Nearly forty minutes later, Willow sat up and stretched, her eyes seeing that her human self did indeed have slightly fuller breasts. She looked at the opened cage, a smile crossing her pretty face. She looked back down into Willow's face, her fingers caressing the flesh almost identical to her own. There was a slight stirring but Willow did not open her eyes. Red smiled, knowing the girl was tired. It had been a very busy forty minutes. She found herself looking around the library, a pensive statement on her face. She wondered about this world's Xander, wondered if he was like her Xander underneath it all. She thought of Willow's Puppy, the strong, powerful Puppy that still did those naughty things to her with just his eyes. He wasn't weak like her Puppy. In fact, this Puppy would be a lovely challenge. She paid no thought to the slayer, not caring one or the other about the little blonde bitch. No, her thoughts were centered on Puppy and Xander, the only things that made her life worth living had been taken from her in her world. If she did somehow survive, there would be no reason to continue living.

In this world, though, they were both still alive and untouched by her. And in this world, there was Willow. Her sweet Willow, the other half of her being. Green eyes moved to the sleeping redhead, a smile crossing full lips. After tasting the intoxicating juices of the human redhead, Willow had made a decision. Together, they could do wonderful things. They completed each other in a way that she had never felt. She thought of some jingle, double your pleasure or something like that and had to smile. She and Willow could double the pleasure or double the pain, depending on the toss of the coin. She leaned over, moving her tongue over the deep bite on Willow's neck. She watched through loving eyes as her childe stirred, green eyes opening and looking at her, flashes of yellow as the demon made itself known. "You look beautiful, daughter."

"Mother, I'm hungry," Willow said softly, licking her lips as she moved against her sire.

"All in good time, love," Willow said, smiling a sincere smile. "Get dressed then we'll go explore this town. Let people know who's in charge."

"It will be such fun, won't it?" Willow asked the younger version of herself with a wicked smile.

"Just wait, lovey," Willow said, kissing her daughter roughly. "We'll get into such trouble."

"Oh goodie," Willow said, moving to get dressed and scowling at the pink sweater. "Shopping first?"

Willow laughed, "Dinner first, then shopping," a speculative look entered her eye as they finished dressing. "Then I think it's time to remind Xander and Puppy who they belong to."