Getting to Know You

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Willow moved across the campus, one purpose in mind. She had to find Buffy. Her roommate had mistakenly taken her History book instead of her own algebra book. Now, Willow couldn't go to class until they had traded. Trust Buffy to grab the wrong book.

Willow knew that her friend was with Riley Finn, the new man in her life. Willow liked Riley, she really did. She just sometimes thought that things were moving awfully fast between the slayer and the TA. She was lost in her thoughts as she walked towards his dorm house.

"Ooomph" she cried out as she fell backwards. She landed on her butt, her bag and books falling beside her. "Damn it. Just what I need to make today choice. Can't you watch where you're going?" She glanced up, and froze.

"God. I'm sorry. I'm just so clumsy. I didn't even notice anyone in my path. Let me help you" Graham Miller kneeled down and began to pick up her scattered books.

"You're Riley's friend" Willow said softly, recognizing the handsome man.

He smiled, "Graham. You know Riley?"

She nodded. "He's dating my best friend."

"Oh" Graham said, acting as though he didn't already know that. "I'm sorry I ran into you like that. As I said, sometimes I get so into my thoughts that I'm a big clumsy oaf."

"Not an oaf" she corrected softly, taking her books from him. "Thank you."

"Are you hurt?" he asked, his eyes scanning her body for any rips or tears.

"I'm fine. Do you happen to know where Riley is?"

He looked at her curiously, "Why do you want Riley?"

She smiled, "Buffy took my book my mistake. I have that class next and need it. Where Riley is...."

"Buffy is." Graham finished. "Sure, he's at the house. I think she's there too."

"Thanks" she beamed at him, moving away and towards the house.

His followed her as she entered the building. What his life come to? Having to act like an idiot just to meet a beautiful girl? Now she thought of him as clumsy. He'd intentionally run into her when he had seen his chance. He'd been wanting to meet her since he had noticed her weeks ago. Sighing, he ran a hand through his dark hair. Well, he'd blown any chances with her. Shaking his head in disgust, he headed off to his next class.

From upstairs, Buffy and Riley exchanged knowing looks. Buffy laughed as she said, "Pay up."

"Come on. That doesn't prove anything. He just bumped into her."

"And Graham became a lumbering idiot when?"

"Good point. That sly devil did it deliberately. Fine. I'll pay up. I can admit defeat."

"I told you he was interested. We women know these things."

"And here I thought it was the endless amount of questions he asked you about her. Silly me."

Buffy started to respond but was stopped by a soft knock on the door. She smirked at Riley as she opened it, admitting a dazed looking Willow.