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Story Notes:

This is a response to the 30 Minute Challenge #2. It's a bit silly and fluffy. It also took longer than 30 minutes most likely because I wrote it in between getting some work done this morning! I hope it turned out okay! *nervously chews lip*
Challenge: Moon, Stolen Kiss, Love Letter, Confession, Sugarquill

Originally Posted: August 9, 2004

Hermione Granger ran a hand through her curly brown hair as she entered the crisp night air. She looked around to make sure no one was around to catch her breaking curfew and then she made her way towards the lake. The moon was nearly full overhead, casting the grounds of Hogwarts in a pale light, making it unnecessary to use a lumos charm. The Head Girl clutched several pieces of parchment in her hand, the paper all ready worn from the repeated readings since she had received them via a school owl throughout the day.

Hermione took great pride in being rational and logical, leaving romantic nonsense to the other witches and concentrating on her studies and helping defeat Voldemort. With the Dark Lord's defeat the previous summer, she had been left with her schoolwork and then the responsibilities of Head Girl. Thankfully, Terry Boot had proven to be an adequate Head Boy, not quite as serious as she was, but organized and enthusiastic. The letters in her hand were love letters, addressed to her. They spoke of unrequited lust and affection, quoting specific incidents when the writer had felt the urge to cross the Great Hall and snog her senseless, or more. She had blushed when reading the poetic and erotic words, believing it must be a joke of some sort. She was just not the type of girl to inspire such passion and desire.

She was reasonably pretty with a full figure and nice eyes, but she was not ravishing nor was she particularly beautiful. Average was the best way to describe her, with frizzy brown hair and plain brown eyes and a bit of a tummy due to her fondness for sweets. Since receiving the letter at breakfast, she had eaten three sugarquills, two chocolate frogs, and a package of Bertie Botts. Yes, she tended to eat sweets when she was nervous or deep in thought, two things that she had experienced since opening that first blasted letter at breakfast. After blushing terribly and putting the letter away quickly, convincing herself that it was just some cruel prank or another, she had tried to focus on her breakfast. Instead, she had removed the letter and read it again, not recognizing the handwriting at all.

Throughout the day, she had removed the letter from her pocket, reading it and tracing the words with her finger. There had been a look of longing in her eyes, a wish that it was true, that someone did feel such intense emotions for her, that she had somehow acquired an admirer without realizing it, but Hermione was practical and just didn't see that as a likely possibility. She had received another owl at lunch. This time the letter was a mixture of romance and eroticism. Again, the writer had woven a spell over her with the naughty images, her mind replacing the faceless image with the man that she had had a crush on since becoming his Potions partner that year or the man that she had desired for far longer than she wanted to admit, sometimes imagining both of them doing those naughty things in the letter to her. Needless to say, she had immediately gone to the restroom and splashed cold water on her face after those vivid images involving her and Blaise Zabini, the dark Slytherin that had been the subject of fantasies for the majority of the school year, and Draco Malfoy, the blond Slytherin that she couldn't resist wanting desperately.

Hermione had never paid any attention to the quiet Slytherin until their partnership. Then, she had worked with him and realized that he was bloody brilliant and witty and had the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen. He was tall and skinny and his face was long and his nose was just a bit wide and he didn't talk a lot but there was something about him that appealed to her. He was too good-looking, though, with his curly black hair and golden skin and indigo eyes and grace and elegance and everything. She found it odd that more witches didn't notice his appeal, believing that Blaise was much more handsome than Harry or Draco.

In a way, she was glad that he managed to remain overlooked, causing her to feel as if she had discovered a treasure that was entirely hers and didn't have to share him with anyone. It was really quite annoying, having a crush on a boy and feeling far too girly whenever he was around and having romantic ideas that could have come from her Mum's trashy romance novels. It was pointless really because he had no idea that she was attracted to him nor did he seem to return the feelings. They worked well together, having become study partners since they shared most of their classes and had a similar style of studying and working. She was nothing more than a study partner to him, not that she had ever been brave enough to flirt or even hint that she found him sexy and brilliant and would really love to kiss those beautiful full lips.

The Head Girl groaned at the direction of her thoughts, pushing Blaise from her mind as she got closer to the lake. She had received another owl at dinner, causing her friends to start asking who was sending her mail so often and forcing her to make up some silly excuse about it being a note from her Mum. She had read it privately, breathing ragged by the time she had finished. He had been watching her all day, knew her reaction to his letters and was pleased by it, wanting her to meet him after curfew by the lake.

She had originally assumed it was a joke of some sort, then the second letter arrived and she had begun to wonder if it could possibly be true. By that third letter, she was no longer sure what to think. If it was a joke, it was rather extensive and somewhat cruel. Not even Malfoy would go to such lengths to play a prank on her, and she certainly knew that the blond wizard hadn't written such passionate and intense words of longing and desire and need. Not that she would have particularly minded receiving a love note from the handsome blond, a nagging voice in her head whispered, causing her to frown as she got closer to her destination.

Draco Malfoy was no longer the annoying prat that constantly teased her and fought with her. Oh, they still argued about nearly everything, but it was no longer a cruel and vindictive battle of words. During sixth year, following his Father's death in Azkaban, he had changed. Not much, still being an arrogant and condescending prick the majority of the time, but he had stopped calling her Mudblood and had been almost polite on a few occasions. He was also Blaise's best friend and would usually join them for their study sessions since he took the advanced classes also so she had become accustomed to his spoiled behavior and conceit, finding him to actually be rather intelligent and cunning. He was also one of the most handsome boys at Hogwarts, the object of desire of most the witches and some of the wizards.

Personally, she didn't quite understand his appeal. He was not much taller than her, though he did have a nicely muscled frame with great shoulders and arms and a tight arse, not that she looked at those sort of things. She had just overheard her female friends discussing his attributes. She definitely had not spent time in her more boring classes looking at him with his pale blond hair that he no longer gelled back and framed his angelic yet sharp features. And she certainly didn't want to run her fingers through the soft locks that fell to his neck nor did she want to feel his large hands on her body or feel his thin lips kissing her naked flesh. And she didn't want his gray eyes consumed with desire for her or his pale cheeks flushed with arousal and she definitely did not want to hear him begging her for release and grunting her name as he came. Nope, not at all.

Draco Malfoy was an annoying prat who deliberately provoked her as often as possible so that he could smirk and make some comment about her attitude or lack of social life, taking a perverse pleasure in asking her during every study group whether or not she'd decided to trade books for shagging. He would then flirtatiously volunteer his serves in tutoring her on such intimate subjects since he could surely make the sacrifice of shagging a bushy haired know-it-all as his good deed of the year, enjoying the way she would blush and glare at him for discussing such things with her. If she had even remotely thought he might be serious about his many offers, she might have shocked him and accepted. She was infatuated with Blaise but she had to admit that she wanted Draco, too. Either Slytherin would satisfy her physically and intellectually, though she had a feeling that life with Draco would a constant battle while life with Blaise would somewhat more gentle and romantic. Unfortunately, he had no serious intentions towards her and Blaise didn't seem to realize that she was even a girl, usually scolding Draco for such a flirt before he'd start discussing their projects.

She actually got along well with Draco despite their constant bickering, their very tentative friendship surprising many as they would sit together in the library and sometimes study for hours without arguing. Then he'd start in on her romantic life and embarrass her or make her feel insecure because she'd be reminded that no wizard had really ever approached her for a date and she'd make soe rude remark about his revolving bedroom door, having heard the rumors of the many witches and a few wizards that Malfoy had entertained in his room. He'd then glare and tell her not to believe everything she heard and they'd start arguing until Blaise interrupted and played mediator. Hermione smiled slightly at the idea of Draco's stunned expression if she turned the tables next time and flirted like a wanton hussy and made plans to meet him for a tutoring session. He'd leave her alone after that, she decided, wondering if she'd be brave enough to do such a thing to just surprise the insufferable git.

The brunette witch reached the lake and moved to the clearing mentioned in the letter. She was glad that there was enough light to see, not fond of being out this late alone, especially to meet someone who had sent her naughty love letters. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all, she realized as the logical part of her mind finally woke from its stunned stupor at receiving love notes and told her how foolish it was to be by the lake alone after curfew to meet a stranger with decidedly wicked thoughts. She hesitated, turning to look back at the castle and debating whether or not to just go back to her dorm and believe that this was just some elaborate prank.

"You're here."

The words were said softly with a bit of amazement. Hermione looked back in front of her, eyes widening as she saw Draco looking at her with surprise and a smug smile. "Bloody hell," she sighed, shaking her head as she laughed weakly, "I should have known that it was a joke. Damn it, Malfoy! Why? I thought we were getting to be friends."

"It's not a joke, love," a husky voice spoke from behind her, two hands moving over her shoulders and causing her to gasp.

"What?" she looked up into Blaise's intense indigo eyes before looking at the smirking blond wizard who had moved close enough for her to see the vulnerable and nervous expression in his eyes. "What's going on?"

"I do believe you read the letters," Draco said dryly, "what do you think?"

"But," she protested, "both of you? Merlin, I'm confused."

"We fancy you, Hermione," Blaise confessed with a soft smile as he moved his fingers along the curve of her cheek, "have for a while. We wrote the letters to tell you how we felt."

"What's with all the talking?" Draco rolled his eyes, "She can read and she's smart enough to figure it out."

"Was that a compliment, Malfoy?" she arched a brow, finding that as unbelievable as receiving love letters from the two Slytherins that she had fantasies about.

"Of course not," he said smoothly, his gray eyes flashing with amusement, "Malfoys do not give compliments, especially to bushy-haired know-it-alls."

Before Hermione could respond to his comment, she felt fingers in her hair and full lips against hers as Blaise stole a kiss. She whimpered as she opened her lips to his tongue, her hand tangling in his silky black hair as she moved against him. There was no doubt in her mind that he was sincere about what he had written, his kiss deep and tender and his erection pressing against her tummy. Merlin, Blaise really wanted her. Just when she had begun to accept that, a hard body pressed against her back, lips on her neck and an erection against her bum. Blaise released her lips and then another pair caught them, Draco kissing her passionately and thoroughly, claiming her mouth with his tongue, his hand moving to caress her breast as they kissed. It was too much, being between the wizards she had wanted for so many months.

Hermione broke the kiss and moved away, stumbling slightly as she breathed heavily, her eyes gleaming with desire as she stared at them. "I can't handle this. It's just too much. You're both too overwhelming. I don't understand what's happening."

"We wanted to tell you together because, well, we both want you," Blaise smiled slightly at seeing the brunette flustered and a bit wild.

"Do you want us or not, Granger?" Draco asked impatiently, his cock pressing against his trousers after finally tasting the pretty witch he had been aching for since longer than he cared to admit.

"Us?" she repeated as she looked from one to the other, clearly confused but curious.

"We're best friends, Hermione. We know how to share," Blaise said simply, watching her eyes widen as a blush crossed her cheek.

"Oh God," she whispered, shaking her head, "I'm only eighteen. I've never even had a date much less a boyfriend and now you want me to invite two of the sexiest wizards at Hogwarts into my bed?"

"*The* two sexiest wizards," Draco clarified arrogantly, "think of it this way, Hermione."

"You said my name," she interrupted, gaping at him in a way she knew must be entirely unattractive and not at all sexy.

"Very observant," he snorted, rolling his eyes, "as I was saying, think of the possibilities of having two wizards devoted to you, ready to shag you with a crook of your finger, being the envy of the school because you have the two most handsome and intelligent wizards as your boyfriends."

"Why don't we go to Hogsmeade together tomorrow?" Blaise suggested, seeing that Hermione was clearly astonished. Knowing her well enough to know she'd have to analyze every single detail of this relationship before agreeing to it, wanting her to be comfortable because neither he nor Draco intended this to be just about sex. "You can think about everything and make your decision."

"Zabini!" Draco glared at his friend, having little doubt that Hermione would run back to her room and come up with any number of reasons why she shouldn't become involved with them both.

"You really want me," Hermione said softly, remembering the letters and realizing now that both of their thoughts and desires for her had been written. That was why it had gone from gentle to rough from tender to passionate. The two wizards were best friends but they were different in many ways, including the way they kissed and made love. Her lips curved into a shy smile as she looked from one to the other, knowing that this could be the stupidest thing she'd ever done but not caring. Being with them felt right, their bodies against hers and their lips on hers, it had felt good and she wanted to feel that way all the time. She didn't care what anyone said, didn't care that it was unconventional for a witch to have two wizards as lovers, didn't care about anything except the feelings she had for these two handsome men and the way they were looking at her as if she was the most beautiful creature in the world.

Hermione confessed, "I want you both. Have for most of this year. I know that it won't be easy and I know that I might have some problems adjusting to a relationship with the both of you, but I want to try."

"Really?" Blaise smiled as he moved towards her, his lips brushing hers as he promised, "You won't regret it, Hermione. We're going to treat you like a Goddess and."

"Shag you into exhaustion every night," Draco finished with a pleased smile before he kissed her.

"We should get back to school now," Blaise decided, his hands moving along her face and shoulders, touching her because he couldn't believe she'd agreed, thrilled that he and Draco would finally have their witch. "We'll go to Hogsmeade tomorrow and talk about everything. I know you're surprised by all this and you'll probably have some questions about how this will work between the three of us."

"Just a few questions," she admitted with a sheepish smile, her lips red from their kissed, her eyes lusty and her face flushed with arousal. They began to walk back towards the school, each taking a hand and proceeding to tell her exactly what they had planned to do with her once she was ready to be physical with them. Judging from her body's reaction to their words and the lack of inhibitions she felt regarding making love to two men at the same time, they weren't going to have too long to wait. She smiled as she looked from one to the other, knowing that she would happily adjust to having these men in her life.

*the end *