Proper Incentive

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Story Notes:
Originally posted November 27, 2004
Willow could feel his eyes on her, watching her. She tried to pretend that he wasn’t there, focusing her attention on the bare tree in front of her, but it was useless. With a firm scowl, she turned to face him and demanded, “What?”

“What what?” he drawled lazily, blue eyes flashing with amusement when her lips quirked as she fought a smile.

“Don’t even give me that innocent act, McDonald.” Willow threatened her lover, her hands moving to her hips to add extra emphasis to her words.

“What are you gonna do, Will? Spank me?” He teased the slender redhead, deliberately moving his eyes over her skimpily clad body to let her know that he wasn’t all that opposed to the idea of a spanking.

“There will be none of that distracting me with sexy leers,” she glared playfully. “I have to get the tree decorated before Dawn gets home from school.”

“I seriously doubt the world will end if the tree isn’t finished when she gets home,” Lindsey said dryly, a bit annoyed that she preferred decorating a tree instead of spanking him. “Besides, you don’t even celebrate Christmas!”

“We had this discussion last year,” Willow reminded him, rolling her eyes as she turned back to the box of decorations. “Christmas is important to Dawn. Besides, I’ve always been fond of the holiday and it doesn’t matter if I’m Jewish or Wicca. I love decorating and giving gifts so just hush up and let me finish this darn tree!”

“I’m sorry,” Lindsey sighed as he entered the living room, moving behind her and resting his chin on her shoulder. “I know this is only the second Christmas since Buffy’s death and that it’s important to you for Dawn to be happy. What can I do to help?”

“For one, you can stop looking at me as if you’d rather be in bed instead of decorating a Christmas tree,” Willow grumbled, though her lips curved into a slight smile. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes met his as she said, “It’s really difficult to concentrate on twinkly lights when you’re looking all sexy and lusty.”

“You know,” he grew thoughtful, blue eyes flashing with mischief, “if I help you with the decorating, you’d finish that much faster.”

“Lindsey, if you keep touching me like that, I may forget the decorating and have my wicked way with you right here beneath the tree!” Willow moaned softly as his hand moved beneath her shirt, debating whether or not it was possible to finished decorating the tree if they took a break. God, she couldn’t believe she was putting her own sexual satisfaction ahead of decorating the Christmas tree. She was a horrible person. She put her hands on his and pushed them out from beneath her shirt before giving him a stern look. “Tree first then sex.”

“I can’t believe you managed to say that without giggling,” Lindsey grinned as she stuck her tongue out at him. Looking at the tree, he slid into a more serious mode. “I’ll fix the lights. You start the ornaments. We should have this tree finished within an hour.”

“So you’re finally going to help instead of simply leering at me from the door?” Willow looked at him and smiled.

“With the proper incentive,” Lindsey drawled, “I will do just about anything, Willow.”

Before Willow could reply, he kissed her thoroughly, his hands moving along her body, giving her no doubt that he would focus on the task before them so that the tree would be decorated long before Dawn would be in from school. When he released her lips, he turned and began to work on untangling the lights. A crafty smile crossed her lips as she watched him, wondering when he‘d realize that she deliberately wore this particular outfit knowing he‘d be unable to ignore her and would end up helping her finish the decorating. Once he realized, she’d be the one in for a spanking. Willow began to sort the ornaments, humming softly to herself. Proper incentive, indeed.

The End