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Willow saw their faces in her mind. Cordelia's look of shock and hurt. Oz and the look of hatred and betrayal. Xander who had run to Cordelia and looked at her with disgust. Giles shaking his head and not speaking to her. Buffy who had simply asked her why and not said another word. Faith thought she was a slut. Even Angel was disappointed in her. She had hurt them all with her behaviour. She looked at them sitting around the table in the library. They didn't need her. Cordelia would barely speak to anyone though Xander was trying desperately. Willow turned and ran.

She felt tears on her face as she ran through the darkened streets of Sunnydale. She was awful. She had let her desire for Xander hurt everyone she loved. The worst thing was that it had meant nothing. There had been no great fireworks between them. They were friends and that was all. It had just been a passing curiosity. Now, Cordelia had almost died because of her. They couldn't even look her in the face anymore. She was a terrible terrible person.

She ran. She ran so hard and so fast. Anyone looking would have thought she were running from a demon. In actuality, she was running from herself from her past. Her red hair shone in the moonlight as she ran.

She made it to the park before collapsing to the wet earth. She felt the dew seeping into her jeans. She cried for what she had lost in those few moments of time. She would have been happy if they'd yelled at her. Any sign of emotion. She deserved that. She deserved so much more. Nothing they could do to her would be bad enough to make up for her hurting them all. She would have at least been acknowledged if they'd yelled. Instead, they ignored her. No words. No yelling. Just a look of disgust.

She laid her head on the ground as she cried. She could hear no noise coming from the street surrounding the part. The residents of the town were getting smarted. No one ventured out at night alone. She wasn't thinking clearly. She just had to get away from them. Why couldn't they forgive her? They had forgiven Angel and he had killed Jenny. All she had done was steal a kiss or two. She knew she deserved punishment for her actions, but couldn't they see how much she was hurting?

She heard leaves crackling. Startled, she sat up. She saw her atonement in front of her. They wouldn't do it for her. She'd find someone else to make her pay for her actions. A finger reached out and ran down her cheek.


"You've been naughty" a lilting voice said softly.

Willow nodded, her eyes watching the dark haired vampiress. "Yes I have."

A smile, "I was told that I'd find a surprise here. That would be you, lovey." A frown, "Everyone left me. Will you leave me?"

Willow shook her head, her red hair covering her face. She looked into dark eyes, her green eyes begging. She softly made her demand. "Punish me."