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Story Notes:
Darkfic with rape and minor character death
Drusilla looked at the girl who was kneeling on the ground. Her red hair looked beautiful in the moonlight. Dru moved closer, wanting to touch her. She needed to know if she was dreaming. Her foot snapped a twig in half, causing the girl to look up.

Dru was caught by the green eyes. There was such emotion there. It was rather like the sea at night around the town where she was raised. Dark and stormy with despair mixed in. Dru cocked her head to the side as they studied each other. She saw tears on the girl's pale face. She leaned closer, running a finger over her face.

They exchanged words. Dru told the girl that she had been told to go to the park. Miss Edith had insisted that she go back to this town. She had said that she would find a nice prezzie in the park. Dru didn't like this town. She had lost her Angel here. Worse than that, she had lost Spike. She heard the girl's pathetic words and glanced at her in surprise. What had she done that was so bad? She was offering herself to Dru.

"Why should I punish you?" Dru asked, her eyes curious. She knew this girl. She was one of the slayer's pet. She remembered her daddy talking about her. She had a pretty name that escaped her at the moment.

"I deserve it. I hurt them all. They just want to ignore me. You won't. You can give me the punishment I deserve."

Dru found the idea intriguing. She had often been punished herself. Daddy always had found a reason to make her scream. Spike had even punished her. He would say it was out of love for her. She had never had her own pet to punish. She searched the girl's eyes and saw something that seemed familiar. She reminded her of herself many years ago. Before she had met Angelus.

"My own little pet to play with...." Dru said softly, a small smile crossing her lips.

The girl nodded, "Please? I can't live with the guilt any longer....I have to make up for what I did...."

Dru heard desperation in the girl's voice. Again she wondered what the girl had done. She knew she was begging a vampire. That made Drusilla hesitate. What if it was a ploy for the slayer to trap her? No. No one knew she was here. She had been in Brazil just a month before. Until she had been told to come back to Sunnydale. Spike had been here. She could still fill him though she knew he had left. She had missed him.

"Naughty pets have to be punished" Drusilla said softly, her fingernails running over the girl's face. So pretty. So untouched. She felt desire for the mortal. She ran her mouth over the girls cheek, tasting the tears. "Will you be my pet and never leave me?"

Hesitation as the girl looked confused. She slowly nodded, "Make me stop feeling. Please?"

"Can't stop feeling lovey. Have to feel to scream. Do you scream?"

"I can" the words were spoken with a hint of fear.

"You will." Dru assured her. "Come with me, pretty pet. Do you have a name?"


"Willow" the word rolled around Dru's mouth. She liked it. Weeping Willow. Such a pretty tree. "You may call me Mistress."

"Thank you" Willow said softly.

Dru smiled. Such a good little pet. This would be much fun, she decided. "Come along Willow-love."

Willow stood and followed Drusilla. She felt a slight hesitation at trusting the vampire with her life before shaking it off. No one else would punish her for what she had done. Drusilla was truly her only hope. She just hoped the woman wouldn't go completely insane on her. She didn't want to die...she just wanted not to feel guilt.

Willow fought with herself as she followed behind Drusilla. What was she doing? Sure, she felt terrible for what had happened. But, did she really want to put her life in this insane woman's hands? She still couldn't forget that the vampire had put her in the hospital the previous year. She felt that she may have been rash in wanting to free herself of the guilt.

Drusilla heard the soft breaths coming from behind her. The girl was getting nervous. She could tell in the breathing patterns and how they changed. She wondered why she had been sent back to Sunnydale. Spike had already left. There was no reason for her to be here without him. She led the girl to the warehouse that she had taken as her residence.

Willow looked around the warehouse and wondered what it was about this area that attracted vampires. It seemed most times they were after someone, they found them in this warehouse area. Didn't make any sense to her. If she wanted to be hidden, she'd choose a house in the middle of the suburbs. No one ever paid attention to what happened there.

Drusilla sat down, her brown eyes watching the girl. She smiled softly as the girl peered around, curiosity in her green eyes. She was a pretty little thing. Red hair and big eyes. Her blood sung of innocence. "Sit, Willow-mine."

Willow sat down hesitantly. She couldn't leave. She had let her big mouth and her guilt get her into this situation. What was she going to do now? She looked fearfully at Dru.

Dru waited, her gaze appraising the girl. She knew what the girl had asked. At the time, she had been interested in the idea. She had never punished anyone. She was always the one being punished. First Daddy then Spike. She thought of her blond haired love and smiled wistfully. His punishments were always nice. Daddy's hadn't been. She would feel pain for days after Daddy had gotten through with her. Her Spikey would make her see things his way then he'd make it up to her. She glanced around the warehouse wondering again why she was alone.

"Are...are you going to punish me now?" Willow stammered out.

Dru looked at her, bringing herself out of her thoughts and memories. She made a decision. Speaking softly, she asked, "Would you like some tea?"

"Tea?" Willow repeated softly.

Dru smiled. She leaned forward and began to pour out the tea. "I love tea. My dollies and I drink it all the time. Except when they're bad. Then, no tea for them."

Willow accepted the cup and tentatively took a sip. It wasn't that bad. She took another sip. "Why are you back?"

Drusilla spoke softly, "Spike."

"Oh" Willow said. "He left."

"I know. I missed him. He left me. Why did he leave me?"

"He said you told him to leave." Willow said.

Dru shook her head, her long hair falling from its pins, "No. I told him that but he wasn't suppose to leave me. I love my Spikey."

"Does he know that?" Willow asked. Suddenly she thought how odd it was that she was giving the vampire love advice.

Dru looked puzzled, "He should."

"He thinks your mad at him for going against Angel."

"No!" Dru said. "I love him. I didn't want the world to end....not really. It was what Daddy wanted."

"O.k." Willow said slowly. She still didn't understand the dynamics of that triangle.

"My Angel wanted the slayer to suffer. I wanted to make my Angel happy. I was naughty. Spike hates me." Her face crumbled as she set the cup down.

"No he doesn't. He went back to Brazil to win you back. Buffy said he was planning on torturing you and everything."

"Really?" Dru smiled. She then frowned, "I'm not in Brazil."

"I know." Willow said. She smiled suddenly. This was the best she had felt in days. Who would imagine that sitting around and having a strange conversation with Drusilla would make her feel almost normal again.

"I will wait for him" Dru decided. "He'll come back here for me. I can wait."

"That might not be a good idea. If Buffy or Angel knew that you were here it could get ugly....it could take him weeks to get there and figure out you are here."

"The slayer" Dru hissed. "She has my Angel. She can have him. He clouds her mind." She stopped suddenly at looked intently at Willow, "Why do you wish to be punished Willow-mine?"

Willow had hoped that she had forgotten that rash plea. She explained what had happened, how she had betrayed her friends. Dru listened as she sipped her tea. Willow was surprised that the woman seemed to follow all of her words, even asking questions. She remembered Angel saying how insane the vampire was. This woman may be a bit loopy but she wasn't close to insane in Willow's book.

"They should be punished" Dru finally declared. "How entirely mortal. A kiss. That was it. You feel guilty for that?"

"Yes...No...I don't know. I almost killed Cordelia."

"She didn't die. Why do they blame you and not the boy?"

Willow thought about it a moment, "Good question. I don't really know."

Dru shook her head, "You haven't been naughty. I can't punish you."

"Thanks" Willow said softly.

"Will you leave me now?" Dru asked, her eyes shimmering at the thought of being alone again.

Willow argued with herself. She should run and tell Buffy that Dru was back. But, she couldn't. Instead she said, "May I have some more tea?"


Willow made her way from the school to Dru. It was strange, but in the last week, she had spent more time with the vampire than she had any of her so called friends. They were still giving her the silent treatment, though it appeared that they had somehow found it easy to forgive Xander. Cordelia had even taken him back.

Dru was her saving grace. She could laugh now at the irony of it. She had been ready to kill herself a week ago. Now, she had something to live for. She had to take care of Dru until Spike returned. She smiled slightly. Dru was taking care of her too. Without the woman's friendship, Willow didn't know what she would have done. And they were friends, strange as that mean seem. They talked about their past, their lives, their mistakes. The woman wasn't nearly as insane as she appeared to be. Once you got past the cryptic sayings and babbles about the stars.

Willow clutched the bag of blood tightly. She didn't want Buffy to find Dru, so she brought blood each day that she visited. It was the only thing that would keep Dru inside the warehouse. She definitely didn't need Buffy staking her only friend.

"Dru, I'm here." Willow said, moving into the warehouse. She shut the door behind her, blocking the sunlight. Moving into the room, she smiled as she saw Dru watching the television.

"Willow-mine. Oh, you brought food. Smells delicious."

Willow handed her the food and sat down on the sofa. "What are you watching?"

"I don't know....that girl did something naughty with that man. Now, that woman wants to hurt to her. Oh, and that man came back from the dead" she looked confused, "But he can be in the sun."

"Ah...soap operas." Willow settled down to watch. Dru sat down on the floor, her long skirt pillowing around her. She leaned her head against Willow's leg as she lapped at her package of blood. Willow's hand began to stroke her hair as they watched the remainder of the soap opera.

Outside, Faith jumped down from the window. Little Red had a playmate of the undead variety. Faith smiled wickedly as she headed back to her new apartment. She wondered just what sweet little Willow would do to keep her pet vampire a secret from Buffy. Her mind boggled at the possibilities. The mayor did she say she could play with them just as long as they didn't find out about hers and his little deal. She laughed huskily as she decided what she wanted from Red....what she'd always wanted from Red. It was just that, now, she had the means to get it.



Willow jumped at the voice behind her. She turned, her eyes growing angry, "Faith. What are you doing?"

"Did I scare you?" Faith asked, a smug look on her face.

"You know you did. Is the whole silent treatment not enough? You all have to go around scaring me now too?"

"Ah, Willow. Didn't know you had it in you. Such fire...." Faith moved forward, stalking her prey.

Willow didn't like the look in the slayer's eyes. She moved backward until she felt the brick of the building behind her.

"No where to run now, Red" Faith taunted as she put an arm on either side of Willow.

"This isn't funny. What do you want?"

"You" the brunette said, her full lips curving into a smile.

"What? Faith, this has gone far enough. Ok. I'm scared. You succeeded. Now, let me go."

"Wonder how Buffy would like it."

"Like what?" Willow asked, growing tired of the slayer's game.

"Your little vampire friend....the one that killed Kendra." Faith saw Willow's eye widened and smiled wickedly, "Bet she's grab up good old Mr. Pointy and stake the bitch. What do you think?"

"You followed me!" Willow said.

Faith shrugged, "Not much else to do in this damn town. Saw your little hide out for your pet vampire. She seems rather weak minded, you know. Bet she'd go without a fight."

"What do you want? You haven't told Buffy yet, so there has to be something in that twisted mine of yours."

Faith leaned forward, running her tongue over Willow's face. She moved to the girl's ear, biting down roughly, "I told you once little girl. You need to listen. I want you. Or Buffy finds out about your little friend and ashes to ashes." She rubbed her body against the frightened girl as Willow realized that she was serious. "So, what's it going to be? Me and Buff using a dustbuster to pick up your friend or you in my bed, doing everything I can think up?"

Willow couldn't move. She knew she would anything to save Drusilla. The woman had been her own saving grace for the past weeks. "Please....no."

Faith pulled back and laughed, an evil gleam in her eye, "I love it when they beg. Come on Red. We both know your big old heart won't allow the insane bitch to get dusted."

Willow blinked away tears, "How do I know you won't tell everyone?"

Faith sighed impatiently, "I'll let you in on one of my secrets. You don't tell, I don't tell. If you tell B or the others, I have to spill both of yours. Deal?"

"I can't trust you" Willow said.

"About this you can. Trust me, I don't want that nosy blonde bitch messing this up for me. I can keep a secret Red. Now, are you in?"

Willow turned her head, hating the slayer with every bit of her being. She felt a finger on her face, wiping away a tear.

"Save the tears, my little virgin. You'll need them after I get done with you."

"One night. You don't tell about Dru and I won't tell your secret either."

Faith smiled, "Cool. We're five by five then. Follow me my little sex toy."

Willow cringed causing the girl to laugh, "I love it when they play hard to get. Makes it more challenging."

"One night Faith. Then, you forget all about seeing Dru."

"Follow me, Willow." Faith said, laughing softly. This was going to be so much fun. She hadn't had a virgin before. Her mind clouded with all the things she could do to Willow. Her panties were soaked already and they hadn't even started.


"Where are we?" Willow asked, looking around the apartment.

"My place" Faith said, smiling.

"What happened to the motel?"

"Red, this is my secret. I'm working with the Mayor."

"No...you've gone to his side?" Willow said.

"Fuck yeah. Look around this place. Besides, he likes me. It's nice not to be second best."

"You betrayed us" Willow said softly.

"Like you hanging around with the woman that killed the last slayer? Don't talk to me about betrayal Will. I'd say lately you were the Queen of that."

"Can we get this done" Willow said, hate in her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to run to Buffy and tell her that Faith was on the other side. She couldn't though. Faith had backed her into a corner. IF she told, she's lose Dru and they'd all find out about this night with Faith. She couldn't deal with that. Maybe Buffy would finally realize that she had lost the other slayer to the mayor.

"Eager, aren't you?" Faith said, pulling her tank top over her head. "Get undressed."

Willow closed her eyes as she began to remove her shirt. This wasn't happening. She was not being blackmailed into sex with another girl. It was a nightmare. It had to be a nightmare. She felt hands force her arm down painfully. She gasped as she looked at Faith.

"Let me" Faith said as she ripped the material from the frightened girls body. "Damn girl. Why do you hide that under those baggy sweaters?"

She roughly took the girls breast in her hand, squeezing hard. "Perfect fit."

Willow cried out in pain causing Faith to squeeze harder. "Bedroom is in there. Move it."

Willow scrambled to the bedroom. She was shoved onto the bed as Faith flipped her over. "Lovely. I've wanted your stuck up little ass in my bed since that first day. Always looking down your nose at me. Thinking you're better than me. That sweet innocent act only goes far toots. I'm going to fuck it out of you tonight."

Willow felt her jeans pulled down her body. She heard fabric tearing as her panties were pulled off by the eager slayer. "Smells good, Red. Wonder how it tastes?"

Faith ran her tongue along Willow's pussy, lapping at it. She shoved two fingers into her, wanting her to get wet. It wasn't any fun if the girl didn't enjoy it. "So tight...fuck. Haven't you ever had anything down here?"

Willow closed her eyes, ignoring the girls' taunts. Only one night. That was all it was. She could make it. Faith couldn't be that bad, could she? She felt another finger slip into her and cringed at the intrusion. For Dru, she could do this. The vampire needed her to protect her.

"You're not getting into it Red. I want you to scream my name when you cum for the first time." Faith twisted Willow's clit between her fingers causing the girl to scream and buck up. "That's it...there's my girl...this is just the beginning...."


Dru was nervous. Willow hadn't arrived yet. It was almost dawn. Willow always came before she went to school. She had insomnia and would come over for the hours before class started. She was always there before dawn.

She heard a noise and smiled. She was there. Turning, she smiled brighter, "Spike!"

"Hello, Princess" Spike came in, looking at her. "You look good. I got to Brazil...heard you came here for me....how did you avoid the slayer?"

Dru moved to him, hugging him. "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to leave me. I knew you'd be back. We waited."

"We?" Spike pulled back, looking at her.

"Willow-mine. She took care of me. Brings me food and makes sure the nasty old slayer doesn't find me. You'll love her. She's my most precious daughter."

"Willow? Isn't that slayer's little friend?"

"Not anymore. The slayer was mean to her. They all were. You're fault, Spikey. You left them together in the basement."

"The redhead. Her and that moron. Why is it my fault?"

"You left them. The others came in and saw what they shouldn't. But, she's mine now. That nasty slayer doesn't deserve her."

Spike sat down, not letting go of Dru. "The slayer's mate helped you. Brought you food. Why?"

"We're friends." Dru said simply. "I love her Spike. You will too. She's special. She helped me...told me that you'd be back for me....."

"Damn it. I leave for a few weeks and all hell breaks lose." Spike said, smiling. "So, you're friends with a human, pet?"

"Bestest. She likes tea too. Oh, and we watch the tele and talk and just watch the time pass."

"I'll be interested to meet her, then. If she makes you happy. I owe her for not letting the slayer get you. I love you, Princess."

Dru smiled and kissed him. Suddenly, she pulled back. She sniffed the air and turned. "Do you smell that?"

Spike sniffed, "Smells like blood. Why?"

Instead of answering, Dru walked to the door. She opened it and gasped. "Spike!"

Spike was beside her instantly. He looked down at the bloody figure and cringed. The girl was laying against the building. He could see the blood where she had tried to open the door. Her face and body were covered with knife wounds and bites. He looked closer. Human bites. She was almost nude, tattered clothes hanging from her form, blood covering her small body. He pushed his demon aside at the smell of the sweet blood. Who the hell did this?

"Bring her inside" Dru commanded. She watched Spike pick the girl up and walk into the warehouse. She locked the door, fear making her demon show. She knelt by the bed, brushing the tangled red hair from her face, "Willow....do you hear me?"

The girl opened her eyes, surprising Spike with the strength he saw there. "Dru" she said softly, clutching the woman's hand. She hadn't noticed Spike standing back watching, "Got to get you out of here...Faith knows...I made a deal to protect you....she's crazy and evil and she doesn't know I'm here...had to warn you.....go somewhere safe please...until Spike comes for you...Oh...it hurts so bad...." she held her stomach as silent tears fell down her bruised face.

Spike recognized the name. Faith was the other slayer. She had done that to the girl? His mind caught on something. The girl had made a deal with the slayer to protect his Dru. He looked at her with new respect as Dru began to talk softly to her.

Spike lifted the girl from the bathtub. Carrying her warm body into the bedroom, he laid her gently on the bed. His eyes raked over her as he took in the marks that the blood had concealed. Bites and cuts were the least of it. He noticed burns that had been made by a lit cigarette. Marks from a whip. The palms of her hands had small rips that had to have been made by some sort of pins. He couldn't imagine what she had lived through.

He had seen worse tortures, sure. He was a master vampire after all. He'd done worse tortures. But this had been caused by a human girl, a slayer that was suppose to protect the innocent. He let he gaze wander to the juncture between the girls' legs. She had been raped with something big. He could still make out the rips of skin. She had clutched her stomach most of the way to the motel where he had rented a room. He feared that more damage had been down there than they even knew.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at his princess. He brushed her face and smiled softly, "She's sleeping."

"She hurts inside. I can feel it. I want the slayer dead, Spike."

"Luv, we can't just kill a slayer. Not and get away with it."

Dru sat on the bed, running her hands over the marks on the human, "She hurt something that belonged to me. Willow said that she is evil...working opposite the others. Look what she did to my Willow."

"I know pet. I'd love nothing more than to go find her and show her what real torture can be. But, we can't face the other slayer. Not now. Worry about helping this one through it all first. Then we can decide on what to do about Faith."

"I want her blood. I want her to suffer a hundred times what Willow endured."

"Then, you shall have that. Don't I always give my Princess what she wants?"

"Yes." Dru smiled as she curled up beside Willow. She continued to run her hands over the wounds, trying to take a little of the pain. Spike looked at the both, a feeling of possessiveness sweeping through him. His ice and fire. They were his, he knew suddenly. The bitch slayer would pay. She had threatened and hurt what was his. Dru would have her head, of that he would guarantee.


"Where the hell are we?" Buffy asked looking around the dark building.

Angel frowned, "Be careful. All of you."

Xander and Cordelia shifted around, their eyes watching for things in the shadows. Oz and Giles just stood waiting patiently.

"Why are we meeting him again?" Buffy asked.

Angel caught his patience and counted to ten. "He said he had something to tell us. It has to be important if he came to us."

"That is, Peaches" Spike said, moving into the lighted area.

"Spike" Buffy said, "Back so soon. Did you miss me?"

Instead of responding, he just looked at her. "This is serious."

"What is it?"

Spike looked at his sire. "Follow me".

They glanced around hesitantly before following. They were led into a brightly lit room in the back. Chair had been seated around a table.

"Take a seat. We can get started." Spike said, not sitting down.

"Spike. What did you want to tell us?" Giles asked.

"One of you is missing" Spike said, glancing around. He saw them nod.

"Willow. She ran away or something. Been missing a week."

"Ran away or something...." he repeated. "Thought she was the little friend. You hadn't looked for her?"

Buffy shrugged, "Some things happened. She wasn't exactly who we thought she was."

"A lot of that seems to be going around" he said, smiling.

"Spike, get on with it" Angel demanded.

"Your other little slayer. You didn't tell her anything about this did you?"

"No. You said we couldn't" Giles responded, still puzzled by that request.

"Good. She's playing you."


Spike rolled his eyes, "Playing both sides. She's the Mayor's enforcer. Ever wonder why she wasn't around as much?"

"Not Faith" Buffy denied, doubt in her voice.

"The little bitch is mine." Spike said.

"Why?" Angel asked.

"She hurt something that belonged to me. I want her blood. Don't want to go up against you silly twits too. My argument ain't with ya....it's with her."

"Dru?" Giles asked.

Spike snorted, "No. Though she threatened my Princess. The gal's nuts. A loose cannon if I ever saw one. If I were you, I'd stay away from her."

"You're lying. Faith wouldn't go to the Mayor."

"456 Marks Lane. Apartment 35." a soft voice spoke from the side of the room.

They turned and gasped when they saw Willow, her head bent looking at the floor. Dru stood beside her, her dark eyes glaring at them with hate.

"Willow." Spike said softly. He glanced at Dru, "She's suppose to be in bed."

"Don't blame Dru. I wanted to be here. I had to be here." Willow said quietly, begging him to stay.

Spike scowled. He moved a chair out, "Come sit down. You're not to be walking around."

"Willow! What the fuck are you doing here?" Buffy demanded.

Dru growled but stopped when Spike looked at her. She helped Willow move to the chair.

"What happened?" Giles asked softly. He could see the struggle the girl was having just walking that short distance.

Willow looked up at them, her eyes angry. "Ask Faith."

Cordelia gasped as she looked at the girl's face. It was covered in bruises. She could see a deep red scar across one cheek. Another red mark ran along her throat.

"Faith....did that?" Giles said, knowing in his heart that Willow wouldn't make it up.

"Some slayer huh?" Spike said, glancing at Willow. "You take your medicine?"

Willow looked at him, her eyes softening, "Yes, Dad. Mom made sure I did."

"All of it. Right down." Dru said, smiling as she gently brushed Willow's hair.

"Medicine?" Angel asked, not believing what he was seeing.

Spike looked at them, his eyes cold once again. "That slayer bitch roughed her up. Almost killed her. If she hadn't made it to us, you'd have found her in the streets."

"Faith beat you?" Xander said, looking at her for the first time in weeks.

Willow shook her head slightly, "At the least. I was wrong. I can't do this...not yet. I need to go back...."

Spike swept her up in his arms. "We'll get you settled in bed, luv. The doctor told you not to overdo it. You shouldn't have tried at all."

They watched him leave, confusion on their faces. Dru sat down, her dark eyes staring at them with contempt.

"You want to know what she did? What your little slayer did to my Willow?"

"Your Willow?" Angel asked softly.

She looked at him and nodded, "My Willow. She took care of me until Spike came back. She brought me blood...became my friend. That slayer bitch found out. Threatened her. Said if she didn't go with her, she'd have the nasty smelling slayer kill me. Willow did."

"What did Faith do?" Angel asked, keeping eye contact with Dru. He didn't know what she might be capable of doing.

Dru started to cry silently, "Terrible things. So much blood. So much pain. Deep inside. She raped her....raped my Willow. Forced things in there...tore her up real bad. No babies ever for my Willow pet. She'd be good with babies....marks. cuts. whippings. bites. Willow-mine can barely walk."

Angel closed his eyes at the images of what Willow had gone through. "Did Willow tell you this?"

"Nah, mate. Dru searched her mind. Willow wouldn't talk about it." Spike strode back into the room. He lit a cigarette as he sat down. "She's taken something. She'll sleep for a bit." he told Dru.

"No nightmares tonight" Dru said softly.

"Spike" Buffy said softly.

Spike glanced at the girl. He was surprised to see tears in her eyes, "What?"

"Kill the bitch. Promise you'll make her suffer."

"Buffy!" Giles said softly.

Buffy looked at him, "What? You saw Willow. My God....she can't have kids. All because she was too scared to let us know that Dru was back. We were bad to her.....I didn't realize how bad. Faith has to pay!"

"I agree with Buffy." Cordelia said quietly. "Willow went through a worse hell than I did. God, she was a virgin, Giles! Faith took that. Almost killed her...."

"I'm with Buffy and Cordy. Will's my best friend. The bitch has to go down."

Giles glanced at Oz. "She dies, violently."

"You know they're right, Giles. Faith can't get away with it. The council will just slap her hand and send her someplace else. Let Spike and Dru have her." Angel said, his words truthful.

Giles sighed, "You're right. Faith can't move on after that." He looked at Spike. "We'll help you get her. What do you need us to do?"

Spike smiled, an evil gleam in his eyes as he began to lay out his plan. Dru looked at them seeing how they cared about her Willow. She decided she wouldn't kill them after all.


Faith strode into the library. She sat down, putting her feet up on the table. "So, what's the 411?"

Buffy bit down on the hate that ran through her at the slayer's nonchalant tone. She looked up, a smile forced on her face, "Hey F. Giles wanted to meet us for something. Don't ask me what."

"Cool. So any word from Red yet?" Faith asked, wondering where the girl had crawled to die. Silly bitch. Did she really thing that she'd be told about the Mayor and then just walk away? Naive little idiot. Of, but she'd been a screamer. Faith got wet thinking of all that she had done to her.

"No" Buffy said, gritting her teeth. She saw Xander, Cordelia and Oz walk in. They avoided looking at Faith as they sat at the table.

"That's too bad" Faith said mockingly.

"Oh good. You're all here. It seems we have a new master in town."

"Who?" Buffy asked. She felt Angel come into the room.

"His name's Ellieon. He's old and very strong. Already has most of the vamps in town bowing to him." Angel said as he took a seat.

"We know where this Elli is?" Faith asked, blowing a bubble.

"Faith, I'd appreciate if you'd take this seriously." Giles said, a warning in his voice. The others glanced at him, reminding him to back off.

"Damn, don't get all upset. We go, we slay, we party. Not a lot of thought in it."

"He's at the old Marshlands." Angel said.

"Ok. I'd say we split up and move out." Giles said.

"Cordelia, Oz and I will go through the front. Provide the bait, if you will." Xander said.

"Well, B. Guess that leaves you, me and Deadboy." Faith grinned.

"Yes, it does" Buffy said, her tone cold. She felt Angel squeeze her hand. She had asked to be included in Faith's torture. She knew she wouldn't stay until the end, but she needed to show Willow that she was sorry...that she's been wrong. Besides, she wanted to see the bitch get what she deserved.


Faith walked ahead of them. Buffy gripped the piece of wood she had in her hands and called out, "Hey, Faith."

Faith turned, "What?" Everything went black.

Faith came to and began to struggle. She looked and saw that she was chained to a alter of some sort. She was nude. "Let me up. God damn it."

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Spike asked, drawing her attention.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Name's Spike."

"The loony bitch's man. How is your whore?" Her head flew to the side as he hit her. She tasted blood in her mouth.

She struggled. She saw Buffy and Angel walk up behind Spike. "Damn it B. Stake the bastard."

Buffy laughed, "I don't think so." She looked at Spike, "You got her. Now what?"

Faith felt real fear spread through her. Damn it. She's been double crossed. She began to swear at them. She felt something against her neck and looked. "You're dead...."

Willow smiled playfully, "Nope. You're not that good, Faith. But, I want to play. Do you want to play?"

Faith felt a blade slide across her shoulder. She groaned at the pain. "God damn it. Let me up."

Spike moved behind Willow. He kissed her neck, his eyes on Faith. He saw her watching angrily. "Did you think she'd want you? She's mine. Has been since that night in the basement."

"You're lying. She was a virgin."

"Sorry, bitch. She wasn't. You hurt her though. For that, you pay."

Faith looked at Willow, "You whore. No wonder you and his bitch were so chummy. Bet I wasn't your first woman either then."

Willow laughed, "No. And Dru is so much better than you. Makes me cum just by touching me. But, that's not why you're here."

Buffy came up. "You betrayed us." She hit the slayer hard in the stomach. "You lied to us" she hit her in the jaw. "You tried to kill Willow, my best friend." This time she broke her nose. "I hope your death is long and painful."

Willow looked at Buffy as she turned. "Thank you."

Buffy smiled, "Consider it the first in repayment of my debt to you. Angel and I are going now. If the council asks, we were surprised and they got Faith. I'll call you."

Willow smiled, "Give me some time."

Spike whistled, "Boys."

Faith watched as twelve men walked up to the blonde vampire. She listened in horror as he spoke.

"Boys, this is the slayer. Slayer, meet your death." Spike laughed at the expression on the girl's face. Looking at his minions, he smiled, "I want you to fuck her as hard and as rough as you want. With anything you want. The more painful, the better I'll reward you. Don't worry about her getting free. A certain watcher friend made sure the chains are magically enhanced. She won't go anywhere and we have all night and day. Now, get to it."

Spike sat back with Dru and Willow to watch.


Twelve hours later

Willow walked to where Faith was hanging. The girl had been beaten and raped nonstop for half a day. She had passed out through most of it, the pain unbearable. Willow saw her eyes open, watching her. She took the knife and put it to the slayer's throat.

"Did you like the game? It isn't as fun when you're on the receiving end is it?"

Faith couldn't speak. Her tongue had been bitten out by one of her attackers. She closed her eyes as she felt the blade thrust into her heart.

Willow felt Dru step behind her, Spike on the other side. Their hands joined hers as they pushed the blade in deeply. She heard Faith's heart stop and sighed in relief. She leaned back against Dru, thankful that the nightmare was over.


"Does anyone else think that was rather..." Cordelia drifted.

"Anticlimactic?" Buffy volunteered.

"Much fun though" Spike said, grinning.

"You just liked the blood part" Willow said, rolling her eyes.

"He also liked the crushing of bones parts" Dru added, sharing a smile with her lover.

"I just can't believe it only took a few minutes to kick the Mayor's ass." Xander said.

"Well, it's done. Graduation is in a few weeks. I'd say we were on a roll." Buffy said smiling.

"It's cool" Oz commented, setting his sword down.

Giles looked around the room and fought a smile. It had been three months since Faith had disappeared while patrolling. Another slayer had been called, so everyone knew she had died. It had taken awhile, but Willow had healed. Physically. She was still working on emotionally.

The others had felt so guilt in their treatment of her that they had not rested until she had forgiven them all. Now, she and her two lovers assisted with the slaying duties. Giles couldn't believe that the girl was living with Spike and Dru, but they treated her like a queen. He knew that they would never hurt her. Their ridding the world of Faith had shown that much. After the others had come to terms with unlikely threesome and seen that the vampires were devoted to their friend, they had easily accepted their help.

"Graduation? Don't remind me. That color is awful. Besides, it makes me look fat." Cordelia complained.

"Nothing could make you look fat" Xander told his girlfriend, kissing her lightly.

"I think I may be nauseous" Spike muttered loudly to Willow, causing her to giggle.

"Willow-mine, are you ready?" Dru asked, standing.

"Yes. All that fighting today has made me starving."

"Me too. How about Chinese? We can get it delivered. You can have the food. I'll the take the delivery man." Spike suggested, smirking as she hit him.

"Just for that, you have to cook." She said, putting her arm around Dru.

"Spike's cooking? Room for one more?" Buffy asked. The vampire might be a pain in the ass, but he cooked like a dream.

"Make that three more?" Xander asked, glancing at Oz and receiving a nod.

"Of course. Come on." Willow said, kissing Spike on the cheek. "Giles, you hungry?"

"Actually, yes. I could use a bite."

Spike grumbled, "You owe me Red."

"I know" Willow said, speaking of past deeds and future promises. She kissed him again before smiling at Dru. They kissed softly before walking out into the night air, the gang of humans following.