Tis the Season

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"And when that blond guy started shooting the arrows like he was a machine? Man, that was so cool! I wish I could do that. Just bam, bam, bam, dead demons everywhere!"

Willow tried to hide a smile as Xander continued describing his favorite scenes from the film that they had just seen. She exchanged a look with Buffy and both girls gave in and laughed. "Well, I think he enjoyed the new Lord of the Rings."

"That's an understatement," Buffy said with a fond smile at the man that was one of her best friends. At the moment, it was a bit difficult to consider him a man. He was going on and on like one of Dawn's friends. In fact, her sister was the recipient of his enthusiastic retelling. "If I'm not careful, he'll have me wearing tights and shooting arrows."

"Tights might not be that bad," Willow said with a wink at her lover, watching as the slayer rolled her eyes, "but, no offense, you're no Orlando Bloom."

Buffy snorted, eyes narrowing at the impish grin that crossed the redhead's face, "Yeah, he's definitely prettier than me."

"Meow," Willow laughed, taking Buffy's hand as the group left the theater parking lot. "Don't worry, baby. I think you're prettier. Besides, it's the hair."

"What's the hair?" Dawn asked as she slowed down to wait for the others, only catching the last of Willow's comment.

"Elf Boy," Buffy said as she made a face.

"Oooo," Dawn smiled. "Yeah, he's definitely pretty. I wonder how they were able to cast such attractive guys. I mean, it's like a parade of hotties. That new guy, the one on the horse? Wow. I'd let him rescue me any day."

"I did think Gollum was cute," Buffy said in a teasing voice as her sister glared at her. "Dawn, it's simple. By casting good looking men, they get silly girls like you to go see their movie and buy their merchandise. Would you really want to sit through a three hour movie if they all looked like Carl from the gas station? I think not. They give the boys the weapons, the fights and death. They give us the beautiful eye candy. "

"Marketing according to Buffy Summers folks," Willow said as she laughed. "Hey, wait a minute. We're not supposed to be talking about boys."

"Why would I have looked at any of the women?" Buffy asked, "I have you."

"Aw, how sweet," Dawn said with a sincere smile, so glad that her sister and best friend had finally realized that they were meant for each other. "But, back to the hotties. Whose the guy on the horse? Someone wouldn't let me stay until the credits," she looked pointedly at Buffy, who had been more than ready to get out of her seat after three hours. "I may write him a letter asking if he wants to marry me. I can cook, sort of. He was so pretty."

Xander made a face, asking the sky, "Why? Why must I be surrounded by girls?" Turning to glare at the three amused girls, he said, "Men aren't supposed to be pretty. They're supposed to be big and hairy and macho. Like that dwarf guy. Yeah, he's a manly man."

"Well, we know that Buffy probably prefers Brood Boy. He seems more her type," Willow said cheekily, earning a warning look from her lover of her two months. Had it really been so short a time that they had been together? It seemed like forever, like they'd never not been together. In reality, it had just happened on Halloween. Well, if she were honest, it had begun the first time that they had met. The realization had just been two months ago. Remembering that night, all thoughts of cute blond elves fled her mind. She remembered heated kisses, soft touches, overwhelming passion, need, lust, and love. She licked her lips, her eyes catching the hazel ones of her lover. She watched Buffy smile, knowing that she was caught. Later, the slayer's eyes promised.

"Actually, he does sort of remind you of Angel, doesn't he?" Xander mused, comparing the two. "Dark, moody, good-looking, broody, big."

"Big?" Dawn looked at Xander, raising an eyebrow. "Hello? Minor present. If you're going to be talking about stuff like *that*, I'd better cover my ears!"

"Huh?" Xander frowned, his face flushing as he realized what she meant. Glaring at the three laughing girls, he muttered, "I so need some a man."

"That's what I've been telling you for months, Xan," Willow said with a laugh as he blushed even more realizing how he had sounded.

"As a friend. A man friend not a man-friend," he finally gave up, rolling his eyes as they laughed. "Fine. I'll remember this. See if I'm so nice next Christmas. I think there will be coal in the stockings of a few Sunnydale ladies."

"Can't take a joke, Harris?" Buffy asked, letting him know they were joking. She knew that they should try to remember that Xander was a man and that it might get a little difficult hanging out with females all the time, but not really caring when it was so easy to get him flustered. There were times that she found herself wondering if he protested so much because there *was* something in their teasing about him finding a good man. And then she'd find herself wondering if she sensed that because she had only recently figured out her own same sex preference and was so happy in the discovery that she wanted him to find the same happiness and then she'd end up confusing herself and deciding to go find Willow for some kissage and not worry about it.

"Some joke, Summers," he said with a glare.

"Xander, tis the season to be jolly," Willow reminded with a soft smile.

"Fa la la la la," he said before sticking his tongue out at her. He felt himself relaxing when she laughed, letting go of Buffy's hand to chase after him. He caught her, twirling her around before he hugged her.

"Quit groping my girl, Xander," Buffy warned as Willow laughed as Xander went from hugging to tickling.

"Come on, slayer. Don't be so greedy. Not like you ever let me watch," he said with a grin. "Ooooh, that would be a great present. Maybe next year. What do ya say?"

"Eew," Dawn said, laughing at the familiar exchange. Since Willow and Buffy had gone public with their relationship, Xander had been fascinated with the idea of watching them together. That was definitely something that she did not want to think about, especially on Christmas Day.

"Nice try, Sparky, but I don't think you'll be *that* good next year," Willow said as she rolled her eyes.

"What if I'm really naughty?" Xander asked with a leer.

"Then I'll have to call Angel and have him come punish you," Buffy said innocently, watching as Xander's face turned bright red.

"No fair, slayer," he said with a grimace. "Yuck, now I may just lose my lunch."

"Ah, poor baby," Dawn said with a smile as she took his arm. "Would some more pumpkin pie help your poor tummy?"

"It might help a bit," he said with a smile as he settled his arm around her shoulders. "And maybe some cake. Oh, and a turkey sandwich might be nice too."

As she listened to Xander give a list of food he intended to consume upon their return home, Buffy caught Willow's hand, bringing her lover to her as she brushed her lips against Willow's. Pulling back, she smiled, "Imagine that-could have sworn I saw mistletoe."

"I think I see it," Willow said with a wicked smile as she leaned over and whispered, "Tis the season, after all," before her lips caught Buffy's.